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Top 15 places to hire a great blockchain developer:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2020

1. Toptal

Toptal is a network of highly skilled specialists and freelancers from around the globe. Only those who can pass the stringent tests are promoted here, leaving just the top 3% of the most talented applicants. A project that requires only the top blockchain talent from around the world needs a Toptal developer backing it.

Candidates include those who have been around since blockchain's birth in 2008, smart contract specialists and developers who are willing to tackle any challenge. It's a diverse pool, and you're sure to find the expert you need, on one of the most reliable hiring platforms online.

2. BountyOne

BountyOne is a freelancing and crowdsourcing board that connects blockchain freelancers to companies. It's primarily for companies that pay freelancers in cryptocurrency, so if you want to pay in USD, you should use a different board.

Just post your job and get connected to the best developers. Interview, pick the best fit, and start work. The platform has various tools to help you communicate and work with your developer. Once everything is done, the developer is paid through the Smart Contract system, and you're good to go. Simple and effective.

3. X-Team

If you're looking for dedicated developers who make up a company that cares, X-Team is the way to go. Scalable and flexible teams, motivated and disciplined workers, and a simple billing system. X-Team connects you with passionate developers who are willing to work with you to get any project done, and done well.

4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow knows more than anyone that it's hard to find developers -- especially blockchain developers. They want to help you optimize your hiring process and build your brand more effectively, all while connecting you to a pool of millions of talented freelancers.

If you use Stack Overflow Talent, along with all the extra optimization, your job will be posted to their popular job board and you can create a candidate page. Your jobs are targeted to the developers most likely to click on them, from the areas you're hiring in. Candidate search allows you to go out and find job-seekers who are best for your project.

5. CodementorX

It's difficult to congregate blockchain developers in one place, as they're known for working on all sorts of projects across dozens of websites. CodementorX has managed to gather 60 talented senior blockchain experts, available for any project.

CodementorX has a simple hiring and payment process. There are no platform fees, just the developer's payment when you hire them. Send in your job, interview the suggested candidates, and choose one for a risk-free trial. If you really need a local developer, CodementorX can work with you to arrange that.

6. Blocktribe

Blocktribe is a blockchain job posting platform that's free to use for up to ten job posts. Signing up is easy and your job and company are posted to the site for job-seekers to find. You can also search for qualified developers. You can also purchase premium service that sends CVs to your emails and advertises your job on the homepage.

7. Gitter

Gitter is not a traditional job search website, but a chat/networking platform designed to unite people with common interests. Blockchain enthusiasts are known to frequent Gitter, so you could try to approach people this way. You could also start your own community dedicated to your project and market it on social media. If you have a large, open source project, Gitter might be a good platform for you. If not, you can still find talented devs to work with privately through the site.


Large projects or one-off contracts, DREAM has a quality blockchain freelancer for you. Browse freelancers from around the world and post a project for free, at fixed price, hourly, or full-time payment in Bitcoin. Only 6% of applicants are approved on DREAM, and they have a 97% success rate. You can also invest in DREAM tokens to pay for talent you hire from the website.

9. We Work Remotely

As many blockchain developers are strictly remote workers, targeting them on sites like this one seems like a good idea. The system is simple: post your job, pay monthly, and your post is moved back to the top. The posting cost is pricy for smaller projects, but with 1.5 annual visits, you can be sure that your post will get enough traffic. Many large companies trust this site to connect them with the remote workers they need.

10. Hired

The goal of Hired is to connect great people with innovative tech companies. If your business fits that description, this platform is perfect. Get matched with qualified developers, or use their advanced search to find exactly who you're looking for. Custom pricing means you'll never pay more than you need to to locate the top blockchain talent.

You can hire remotely, full-time, or for contract work. In addition, it's possible to find local developers in certain areas. The platform is extremely easy to use; just find candidates, send an interview request, and get started recruiting blockchain specialists.

11. Crypto Jobs List

For your blockchain or crypto-related needs, Crypto Jobs List can bring you to the best developers out there. Posting a job is free, but you only get three free applicants. Paying gets you priority and unlimited applicants, Twitter and Reddit marketing, and much more.

You can post a remote or local listing, engagement type for one-time contractors or long-term employees, and specify whether you pay in cryptocurrency or not. Crypto Jobs List's great sorting options help people find your job easier. In short, a great board to connect you to blockchain developers.

12. Coindesk Career Center

Coindesk is a popular bitcoin and cryptocurrency news website. It provides up-to-date news on crypto development, as well as explaining the currency in a way inexperienced people can understand. They created the Coindesk Career Center so that their readers, many of them experienced blockchain developers, could find a job at a great company. They also host Consensus, a job fair for blockchain and cryptocurrency opportunities.

13. Space-O

Space-O is a software company that primarily specializes in mobile app development. Its Android and iOS developers hail from around the globe and are all extremely skilled at what they do.

The company is very transparent, explaining clearly what blockchain is and the tools they use in its development. If you're building a blockchain application, mobile wallet, or open-source blockchain program, hiring a Space-O developer might be your best bet.

14. Coinality

Are you paying with cryptocurrency? Coinality is a board for any job that pays in it, but this means that blockchain developers will flock there looking for opportunities. You can post a job or look through resumes entirely for free. Posts are reviewed, and the only strict requirement is that you're creating a real opportunity that pays in Bitcoin or another digital currency.

15. Reddit

Reddit, while filled with talent, can be a mixed bag. If you have no experience with social media or with Reddit's unique culture, be wary when job posting on this website. Unwanted promotions are not appreciated in most communities. Your approaches will be better received if you've built a reputation for yourself, however small, by making meaningful, non-promotional contributions to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other tech-related communities on Reddit in the past.

That said, there are many job posting boards on Reddit suitable for your endeavor, including blockchainJobs, blockchain_jobs, Jobs4Crypto (if you're paying in cryptocurrency), Tech Jobs, and possibly BlockChain. Make sure to carefully read the rules before you post on any subreddit.

Honorable Mention: GitHub

GitHub itself has nothing to do with job searching. It's simply a development platform, extremely popular with open-source programmers. And where there are open-source enthusiasts, there are blockchain programmers. If you can find the projects they've contributed to and approach with an offer and a challenge they can't turn down, you might just have a loyal team member.

You can also post on GitHub Jobs if you're looking for a more formal solution. GitHub is an extremely popular platform, so while posting a job there is expensive, you may find it more than worth the money.

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