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CakePHP is an open source web framework that's similar to other PHP frameworks like Laravel or Symfony. It was started in 2005 by a Polish programmer and uses many of the same concepts as Ruby on Rails, such as a model view controller. Because it’s a popular programming language, there is a large library for CakePHP developers.

CakePHP has the ability to integrate your front end with your back-end systems very seamlessly for database calls. It’s especially helpful if you have a lot of back-end data that needs to interact with your front-end design.

CakePHP developers are very much in high demand and many of these developers know several programming languages. If you're working on many different projects, it may make sense to find a developer who can use who has front-end and back-end experience. With Developers For Hire, you can skip the messy search process and take our quick questionnaire to find personalized recommendations for CakePHP developers. Get budget estimates and a wide breadth of sites to find the right CakePHP developer.

In this next section, we will list the top 15 places to find a Cake PHP developer.

Here are the top 15 places to find a CakePHP developers:

Based on the facts publicly available as of 01.01.2019

1. Toptal

Toptal is one of the best places to find a Cake PHP developer, an engineer or any other type of coder. They only select the top 3% of all freelance CakePHP developers that apply, ensuring that you only get the very best. Plus lots of large organizations like Priceline, Motorola, Bridgestone and other notable companies use and trust Toptal to source their talent. Toptal is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world, giving you access to CakePHP developers across the globe. Toptal can definitely provide you with the best talent for your next PHP project.

2. Hired

Another large freelance marketplace is Hired. It has lots of skills and platforms available like Android CSS, Nodejs and PHP. They don't always break out their different types of developers. For something like CakePHP, you will also want to explore PHP developers which is another open source software that is very similar to Cake. Hired is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the industry and have lots of talent, especially in the U.S. If you work in the Bay Area, Seattle, Austin, New York or Los Angeles and need a local hire, this could be a very valuable site for you.

3. Value Coders

Value Coders is a marketplace that's based primarily in India. They have many key Cake PHP developers that you can use for your business and they offer hourly or full-time developers for your projects. They have a very high retention rate and their agreements also include a non-disclosure agreement so that you can always be assured that your project will have the strictest confidentiality. Also, consult with them about Cake PHP cloud solutions, API development, plugins and many other enterprise applications that may benefit you in the future. If you're looking to do your project easily and quickly, than you may want to consider Value Coders.

4. Upwork

The great thing about Upwork as a freelancer marketplace is that you can get quick profiles of developers right away. You'll see a photo of the developer, their hourly rate and then their ratings from other companies. Looking at the Cake PHP skills, you'll see lots of other technologies that these developers can do, including Laravel, Ruby on Rails Django, Drupal and many other ones that you can use in addition to CakePHP.

It may make sense for you to hire a developer with many different skills. Upwork makes it easy to process payments and to find a developer that fits your needs; however you will have to interview the developers yourself. These developers aren't screened as heavily as some other sites like Toptal.

5. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a little bit different than other sites in that it is not a freelancer marketplace. Instead, it is more of a library and gathering place for top developers to share their ideas and work. Stack Overflow features a job board where you can post a specific job. In viewing the listings for Cake PHP developers, you'll see that the specifications include many different types of programming languages. Many of them have a salary information and locations, so you may want to think about that when posting your job on Stack Overflow. Overall it's a great place to post the position because many developers read and consider Stack Overflow as a top authority in their field.

6. Guru

Another top site to find a freelance developers is Guru. Guru makes it very easy to find a developer and you can create a free employer or freelancer account very quickly. As an employer, you can post a position and then freelancers will respond and submit their own estimates for how much it would cost to do the job. It's a great site for finding talent on a project-by-project basis. You will work together with the freelancer on how the agreement will be set up. Use tasks, milestones or by the hour. You’ll find many Cake PHP developers with a wide selection to choose from. The workers on Guru are not necessarily vetted and screened, but you can see the satisfaction ratings for any freelancer that you would choose.

7. X-Team

X-Team is very selective about not only their developers but also the brands they work with. You'll be joining top brands like Twitter and Dell when you sign up for X-Team. They go through a very rigorous process to develop a great fit between the company and the developers. They look for developers who are interested in new and exciting projects which would include CakePHP. X-team handles the financial end and they will give you a quote on how much it would take to to work with them. X-Team is a great option if you're looking for high-end talent, but it could be difficult to work directly with the developers. You're probably going to be interfacing more with their team rather than the individual developer.


Similar to X-Team and Toptal, if you're looking for a long-term relationship with a freelancer marketplace you may want to consider They review and assess their developers and implement multiple types of tests including a professional review, technical assessments, character assessments and reference checks.

You know that you'll be working with expert people and they will match you with a developer within a few days. If you need to move someone from a freelancer to full time, can provide that on ramp. They have a lot of engineers and software developers even though their selection may be a little bit smaller than some of the bigger sites.

9. Dice

Dice is a very well-known job board with millions of people registered. It's where developers go and find jobs all across the country. You'll be posting a job here which may not necessarily be the best bet if you're just looking for a freelancer. However, they do get a lot of traffic and a lot of interest. Tt does cost to post a job but you'll be accessing a lot of top talent and it may be worth it. You also may want to expand your posting on Dice to include PHP or web development for a wider net of applicants.

10. Freelancer

With you would set up an auction for your project that would include posting all the details in a sample file so that a freelancer could view it and then decide how much they would bid. You can set up a project around a Cake PHP specific development project and then receive bids. You can even live chat with a person as they're working on your project. also provides time-tracking tools and a mobile app to follow the progress of your work. This is a very broad site so you'll get a lot of people with many different skills. If you're building at your project from start to finish and need CakePHP, front-end web design and even graphic design or a virtual assistant, you could find all those people within

11. Arc

Arc is formerly known as CodeMentor and they have a lot of developers to hire. The site emphasizes front-end, back-end and mobile, though they have quite a bit of CakePHP developers also. Their selection includes very top-notch developers and clients like Chegg and Product Hunt. Many others turn to Arc to finish projects quickly and as another option if their current developers are immersed in a project. Arc has thousands of pre-screened senior PHP developers and engineers for hire. Review their profiles and contract with them to start.

12. Arka Software

If you lack the internal expertise to manage your CakePHP web development project on your own, you may want to consider an agency like Arka Software. They are an experienced development company that is familiar with flexible databases that Cake PHP allows. They will have the capability to build features and tools like input validation, form tampering protection and other sought-after features for a secure site. Arka is great especially if your design team or your software team does not have the requisite experience for your project. Adding an agency like ARCA could help with that.

However, with an agency, you will have to go through the estimate process with them and can't immediately see how much it may cost. But you will be able to get several developers at one time instead of only hiring one developer which may make your projects go faster.

13. Xtreemsolution

Xtreemsolution is an agency/freelancer hybrid that allows you to scale up or down depending on your project needs. You can bring a CakePHP developer on to your team to help you finish your project already in progress or you can give them the information and specifications and they can finish the project for you. They have completed more than 4,500 projects and are familiar with a lot of integrations. Xtreemsolution will be able to work on your PHP project or your custom CRM project. You get high-quality solutions with a well-rated company.

14. Hidden Brains

Hidden Brains is an award-winning a development company that has a lot of CakePHP developers for you to choose from. Use them on a project-by-project basis or for a complete application. They offer a lot of security, they offer 24/7 technical support and have a strict NDA that ensures confidentiality. They can also quickly scale up or down depending on you or needs.

15. Fiverr

Fiverr is a very broad marketplace--think of any creative need you may have. They also have low prices, which also means lower skill levels. However, if you need an extra hand or a quick review of your current CakePHP code, they have a lot of experts on their site. Thoroughly review their ratings and review their offerings before engaging with a Fiverr candidate, especially with something as important as your codebase.

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