Top 15 Developer Job Boards



If you are a developer looking for the right developer job boards to list your services and find work, you should check out the following 15 developer job boards.

During your job search as a developer, it’s wise to turn to online developer job boards, hiring websites, and staffing platforms that will understand your unique talents and help you connect with meaningful projects and the right employers.

Here is a list of 15 developer job boards that can help you find employment as a developer.

1. Toptal

Founded in 2010, Toptal is widely regarded as a leading talent matching service. Recruiters use Toptal to hire skilled and qualified freelance developers for their diverse projects. Toptal is trusted by several leading brands and startups like Airbnb, Bridgestone, Shopify, to name a few.

However, Toptal’s stringent hiring techniques and high level of scrutiny ensure that only 3 percent of top developers make it through. This makes Toptal one of the best developer job board platforms for recruiters but makes it increasingly challenging for developers to make the cut. Once in the network though, Toptal gives you the possibility to work on exciting projects and provides competitive compensation for that.

2. LinkedIn

Although LinkedIn is pegged as more of a professional social media platform, it also serves as an effective developer job board. With hundreds and thousands of recruiters and companies looking for talented developers on LinkedIn, it pays to hunt for companies actively and apply to open positions.

LinkedIn is also a great place to network with HR representatives and build connections that may eventually help you land an interview or even a job!

LinkedIn’s mega database of job seekers makes it a competitive space but it is a promising platform search for developer jobs. LinkedIn’s secure messaging functionality, easy-to-use search filters, recommendations feature, and premium version make it one of the best developer job boards.

3. is an exclusive platform for experienced developers to find challenging work at great companies. With a mission to connect businesses with talented developers, happens to be one of the best developer job boards for programmers looking for work and for employers looking to hire developers.

Founded in 2011, is trusted by leading brands like Amazon, Cisco, Tesla, among others, and vets every new opportunity before sharing it with you. connects developers with a client base of innovative companies looking to hire long-term developers at competitive compensation.

4. Hired

Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Hired is a dedicated developer job board that helps you connect with compelling opportunities without the need for submitting resumes or cover letters. While Hired helps recruiters save an average of 45 hours of sourcing tech talent, the developer job board is entirely risk-free for developers.

In fact, Hired guides developers on negotiating offers and comparing offers side by side. Trusted by noteworthy businesses like Thomson Reuters, ThoughtWorks, Udacity, and more, Hired is a developer job board to list your skills.

5. Dice

Dice is a developer job board geared towards helping you to find the perfect job match. With Dice, you can set personalized job alerts and control who sees your profile to get noticed by top tech employers. As a dedicated developer job board platform, Dice boasts of over sixty million tech professionals. This makes competition fierce.

The upside is that Dice offers developers a free profile and access to advanced data tools, salary information, and data insights to level up your tech career. Whether you’re a web developer or a full-stack developer or an android developer or game developer, etc., you can find the right job with Dice.

6. Upwork

Upwork is an enormous freelance platform with over 12 million freelancers and is trusted by over 5 million companies like Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Airbnb, to name a few. Founded in 2015, Upwork helps developers browse jobs posted on the platform or to jump in and create a free profile to find the work that you love to do.

Upwork helps developers find work that matches their financial goals faster with ambitious startups and well-known brands. Upwork also helps developers create and foster lasting relationships with their employers by building a dependable pipeline of projects through strong connections.

7. X-Team

Since 2006, the world’s leading brands like Fox, Sony, Intel, Twitter, etc., trust X-Team’s high-performing teams of developers. X-Team provides developers with the opportunity to work on full-time, long-term projects with professional teams and senior developers.

Developers get paid on time, every two weeks, via a bank wire transfer. High-performing and talented developers also have the chance to get paid full-time in-between projects. As an X-Team developer, you’ll gain access to an exclusive community of developers from over 50 countries that will help you learn, grow, and explore different facets and passions.

8. Guru

Guru is a premier platform where professional developers go to connect, collaborate, and get work done. Founded in 1998, Guru is a renowned, secure online platform free for developers looking for opportunities. A strong profile will attract potential employers and vastly improve your chances of getting hired. Keyword-rich services and portfolios tend to do better.

Guru’s Paid Membership helps developers unlock exclusive benefits, including more bids, discounted job fees, search boost, and more! Guru offers developers four payment terms. Guru’s SafePay and AutoPay ensure that you will receive payments on time after completing the work. These attributes make Guru a good developer job board.

9. Truelancer

Truelancer is a leading online platform for employers to hire professionals and for freelancers to search for jobs and projects with real clients across the world. Truelancer doubles up as a developer job board for developers of all skillsets to find relevant and meaningful jobs by top employers. offers developers top-quality freelancing jobs, work from home jobs, online jobs, and all types of developer jobs by authentic employers. Finding Jobs on is 100 percent safe as it provides money security to developers.

10. FlexJobs

Founded in 2007, FlexJobs is home to millions of members and is designed to help job seekers find flexible and remote jobs. Simply put, if you are a developer looking for suitable opportunities, FlexJobs is a good place to start your hunt.

FlexJobs’ expert team works round the clock to find and screen the best remote and flexible jobs for you. The platform works like a developer job board to provide information on each employer to help you decide if you want to apply.

While FlexJobs charges freelancers to apply for jobs, it also offers a 30-day money back guarantee. Employers in the likes of Dell, PWC, Apple, Salesforce, SAP, among other noteworthy businesses, trust FlexJobs’ developers.

11. Turing

Turing is founded by Stanford University alumni and serial A.I. entrepreneurs Jonathan and Vijay. Several well-known and industry-veteran investors, such as Facebook's first CTO (Adam D'Angelo), executives from Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Foundation Capital are also part of Turing.

Turing works as a developer job board to connect exceptional software developers from across the world with top U.S. and Silicon Valley employers.

As a developer you can apply to full-stack, frontend, backend, mobile, DevOps, UI/UX, Machine Learning, Data Engineering, and other software engineering jobs. Based in California, Turing’s stringent screening and onboarding system ensures that only 1 percent of the best software developers are onboarded.

12. PeoplePerHour

Founded in 2007, UK-based PeoplePerHour helps freelance developers match with meaningful projects. Developers need to complete an online application to join the PeoplePerHour freelance community. The platform reviews and evaluates every application which is approved by a moderation team and helps freelancers match with relevant projects.

Once your application is approved, you’ll get access to a suite of projects from PeoplePerHour’s international pool of clients. PeoplePerHour’s artificial intelligence system helps to match you with the most suitable projects based on your skillsets. You can use PeoplePerHour as a developer job board to submit a compelling proposal to win projects that interest you. While you can send 15 proposals per month for free, you’ll have to buy additional credits for reaching more projects.

13. Fiverr

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces and serves as a great job board platform for developers. Fiverr enables freelance developers of all skill sets and backgrounds to connect with companies and employers from across the world. As a developer looking for gigs, Fiverr can be a great opportunity to land new projects quickly.

Fiverr allows you to post your skills as a freelance developer and then employers and clients can find you based on whether you have the skills they’re searching for. Fiverr’s platform is straightforward and easy to use. The best part is that it’s free to make an account!

14. Freelancer

Founded in 2009, is an Australian-based freelance marketplace website that developers can use as a job board to find relevant projects. Developers from a range of backgrounds and skillsets like PHP, Java, Python, iOS, Android, C++, C#, among others, can connect with employers and businesses to find work.

Ten-time Webby award-winning has its headquarters in Sydney, Australia, though it also has offices in Vancouver, London, Buenos Aires, Manila, and Jakarta. is trusted by Amazon, NASA, Facebook, Deloitte, Airbus, and others.

15. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a resource center and a community-based space to find and contribute answers to technical challenges, and is one of the most popular websites for developers in the world. Stack Overflow offers projects to developers that focus on skill-sharing and software development.

Stack Overflow is perfect for sharing new developer job postings, or getting the best advice or even finding the perfect project. Stack Overflow is a highly trusted platform that serves as a reliable job board for recruiters and job seekers alike. Thousands of organizations around the globe like Microsoft, Bloomberg, Logitech, and more use Stack Overflow for their Teams.

How To Choose The Right Developer Job Board

Working on meaningful projects and for the right clients is the dream of every developer. This is why it is necessary to choose the right developer job board to find projects and clients. Keep the following parameters in mind when choosing a developer job board.

1. The reputation of the developer job board: Check if the job board has won any awards or accolades or if it is renowned in the developer community.

2. Screening tests: Check if the job board requires you to clear any entrance tests to qualify as a candidate on the platform.

3. Payment schedule: Check if the platform offers some sort of safe payment method or guarantee to ensure you are compensated without delays or issues.

4. Clients: Check which brands or businesses actively use the job board to hire developers.

5. Reviews and feedbacks: Check third-party platforms like Google or Glassdoor to get an idea of how helpful the job board is for other developers.

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