Top 15 Freelance PHP Developer Jobs



Are you a PHP developer looking for your next PHP developer job? If you are, then you’re at the right place. As a PHP developer, you should check out the following 15 job boards. Online PHP developer job boards make it easier to find the right clients and meaningful projects. It’s wise to turn to online PHP developer job boards to find work that challenges you and doesn’t hamper your creativity.

Here is a list of 15 PHP developer job boards that can help you find your next PHP project.

1. Toptal

Toptal is a professional talent matching service initially created with only tech talent in mind. Toptal helps remote freelance PHP developers match with top global clients. As a freelance PHP developer, you'll have the freedom to pick PHP developer jobs of your choice with notable Fortune 500 companies and startups. You will also enjoy the flexibility to work remotely on your terms.

Toptal’s screening and vetting process allows only the best and most talented developers to join their community. According to Toptal, only 3% of applicants make it through their long list of technical tests and their stringent vetting process.

2. LinkedIn

While LinkedIn is positioned and used as a social media platform for people and businesses to grow their professional network. It also serves as an effective board for PHP developer jobs. With hundreds and thousands of employers and companies looking for talented PHP developers on LinkedIn, it’s wise to apply to companies actively looking for PHP developer jobs to be filled.

LinkedIn is also a great place to make new connections and grow your network with HR representatives that may help you eventually land a job. LinkedIn’s secure messaging ecosystem, easy-to-use search filters, and recommendations feature to make it a promising platform to get work.

3. Dice

Dice is one of the best sites to list your PHP skills as it connects PHP developers with a unique and diverse set of employers. Dice is a developer job board pegged towards helping you to find the right job and the right employer. Dice publishes an annual tech salary report for developers to get an understanding of their salary expectations.

As a dedicated job board for back-end and front-end developers, Dice boasts of numerous PHP developer jobs. Dice allows you to set personalized job alerts and control your profile visibility to get noticed by top tech employers. Dice also enables you to set up a free profile and offers advanced data tools that give you access to personalized salary information and insights to level up your tech career.

4. Hired

Hired uses a unique combination of technology and human empathy to create rich, meaningful connections within teams. Founded in 2012 and headquartered in San Francisco, Hired is a dedicated developer job board perfect for PHP developer jobs. Hired does not need any applications or cover letters. Once your profile is approved, companies will reach out with a job description and salary upfront.

Hired ensures that you’ll only hear from employers that match well with you. Hired is entirely risk-free for developers. Leading brands like Thomson Reuters, ThoughtWorks, Udacity, and more trust Hired as a PHP and web developer job board.

5. Guru

Guru is a renowned platform for professional developers to find meaningful work. PHP developers can use Guru to connect, collaborate, and find work with influential recruiter brands. Founded in 1998, Guru is a secure online platform free for PHP developers looking for new challenges and opportunities.

While Guru is free for freelance PHP professionals, their Paid Membership includes exclusive benefits, like more job bids, discounted job fees, search boost, and more! Guru’s WorkRooms helps developers to work efficiently, collaborate with coworkers, and communicate with employers. Guru’s SafePay and AutoPay payment management systems ensure timely payments from employers.

6. Upwork

Upwork is a massive freelance platform that boasts over 12 million freelancers from across skill sets. Upwork is trusted by over 5 million companies like Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Airbnb, to name a few. Founded in 2015, Upwork is a great platform to find the best PHP developer jobs.

Currently, there are more than 5,000 PHP developer jobs posted on Upwork. Using Upwork is simple. Simply browse PHP developer jobs posted on the platform and jump in and create a free profile to find the work that gets your spirits going.

7. X-Team

Since 2006, the global stalwart brands like Fox, Sony, Intel, Twitter, etc., trust X-Team’s highly motivated teams of developers for their projects. With X-Team, you have the opportunity to join an energizing community of PHP developers and get access to long-term remote PHP developer jobs with leading brands.

X-Team’s PHP developers must have ample experience with PHP and MySQL, along with Symfony or Laravel. Additionally, experience in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and jQuery and the ability to build and consume RESTful web services will help you to join X-Team. As an X-Team PHP developer, you will get paid on time, via a bank wire transfer, every two weeks.

8. Truelancer

Truelancer is a leading talent hunt platform for employers to hire professional PHP developers and freelancers to search for PHP developer jobs and projects with companies worldwide. Truelancer serves as a curated marketplace and an efficient developer job board for PHP developer jobs.

Whether you’re looking for remote jobs, work-from-home jobs, or to get hired by an employer full-time, Truelancer helps PHP developers find gainful and meaningful projects by proper authentic employers. is a safe platform as it provides money security to developers.

9. PeoplePerHour

Founded in 2007, UK-based PeoplePerHour helps freelancers of various skillsets find meaningful projects. Upon completing an online application, PHP developers can join the PeoplePerHour freelance community. Every application is evaluated, reviewed, and then approved by a moderation team that helps developers match with the right PHP developer jobs.

Approved applicants get access to a slew of relevant projects from PeoplPerHour’s international pool of clients. PeoplePerHour uses an artificial intelligence system to match you with suitable projects based on your experience and skillsets. Developers can submit compelling proposals to win projects that interest them. Up to 15 proposals per month are free, and you’ll have to buy additional credits for reaching more projects.

10. Turing

Turing is founded by Stanford University alumni and serial A.I. entrepreneurs Jonathan and Vijay and Facebook's first CTO (Adam D'Angelo), executives from Google, Amazon, Twitter, and Foundation Capital. At Turing, remote PHP developers get access to long-term and full-time opportunities at Top US & Silicon Valley companies.

Based in California, Turing’s stringent and rigorous screening and onboarding process ensure that only 1 percent of the best PHP developers are onboarded. Senior PHP developers, engineers, and tech programmers have access to even more opportunities at Turing.

11. Flexiple

Flexiple is a great place to find PHP developer jobs. Flexiple is a network of top PHP developers, engineers, and architects available at hourly rates ranging from $30 to $100. Flexiple onboards PHP developers through a 6-stage screening process. As a result, all PHP developers at Flexiple boast an average of 5-years of industry experience.

PHP developers are reviewed on their experience and complexity of products built and their ability to communicate articulately. PHP developers are also tested for their mental agility, and problem-solving abilities, and each

12. FlexJobs

Founded in 2007, FlexJobs has millions of members and caters to job seekers looking for flexible and remote jobs. As a PHP developer, FlexJobs helps you find suitable opportunities on a contract, freelance, flexible, part-time, and full-time basis.

FlexJobs’ dedicated expert team works relentlessly to find and screen the best remote and flexible jobs for you. FlexJobs provides information about each employer to help you decide if you want to apply and work for them. While FlexJobs charges freelancers to apply for jobs, it also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. Notable brands like Dell, PWC, Apple, Salesforce, SAP trust FlexJobs’ developers.

13. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow serves as a resource center and a community for developers. Stack Overflow is a public platform that caters to 100 million people every month, branding it as one of the top 50 most popular websites in the world. Founded in 2008, Stack Overflow also helps developers find jobs.

Coders and programmers can use Stack Overflow Jobs to search for suitable PHP developer jobs. Numerous leading organizations around the globe like Microsoft, Bloomberg, Logitech, and more use Stack Overflow for their hiring needs. Stack Overflow is a highly renowned and trusted platform that works as a trusty PHP developer job board.

14. Fiverr

Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Fiverr is one of the largest online marketplaces and is an effective platform for PHP developers looking for projects. In fact, Fiverr is a great place to land new projects quickly and find the right PHP developer jobs.

Fiverr is a simple, straightforward platform that is easy to use. The best part is that it doesn’t cost anything to make an account with Fiverr! Fiverr withholds 20% of every transaction and works like a middleman guaranteeing both parties satisfaction with the end result.

15. Freelancer

Founded in 2009, Australian-based is an online freelance marketplace that PHP developers can use as a job board to find relevant projects. Ten-time Webby award-winning Freelancer boasts of some of the best freelance PHP developers so the competition is fierce. is home to PHP developers with a large variety of skill sets including Wordpress, Joomla, Magento, Zencart, Drupal and more.

If you’re looking for PHP developer jobs, it’s free to sign up and free to bid on PHP jobs! Developers from a range of backgrounds and skill sets like PHP, Java, Python, iOS, Android, C++, C#, among others, can connect with employers and businesses to find work.

How To Choose The Right PHP Developer Job Board

Finding the right PHP developer jobs is easier said than done. This is why you need to choose the right PHP developer job board to find suitable projects and the right clients. Refer to the following checklist when choosing a PHP developer job board.

1. Reputation: Check the reputation of the developer job board to see if it has won any awards or accolades or if it is renowned in the PHP developer community.

2. Screening process: Check how stringent or easy it is to clear the entrance tests to qualify as a candidate on the platform.

3. Payment terms: Check if the job board offers a guarantee or security when it comes to payment disbursements.

4. Clients: Check which businesses, brands or businesses trust the job board.

5. Reviews: Check what other clients and developers have to say about the platform.

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