15 Best Sites To Hire Remote Developers



Whether you’re a small business or a large conglomerate, hiring talented programmers and a great development team is often at the top of your list. Now, you can do it remotely.

In today’s world, you have the option to either hire full-time programmers or choose to work with a remote freelancer. Employers today are recognizing the level of expertise that they can get by hiring remote developers.

Whether it’s front-end development, designing web applications, or a mobile app--there is a pool of amazing talent around the world that you can use for your business.

In this article, we’ll explore 15 best sites to hire remote developers.

1. Toptal

Toptal is one of the world’s top marketplaces for hiring high-quality remote developers, programmers, coders, architects, and freelance consultants. From some of the biggest brands to start-ups, businesses across the spectrum choose Toptal to hire react native freelancers who are experts in some of the top programming languages such as Javascript, Node.js, and more. The team at Toptal understands your project requirements and offers you some of the world’s top talent for a remote development team.

  • Top site for remote software developers and freelancers
  • Try for free; pay only when convinced
  • Advanced screening process for developers

2. Guru

Guru’s objective is to connect freelance developers and employers both locally and globally. If you’re looking for a remote developer in a specific geography, you have the option to post a region-specific job.

You can shortlist programmers on this site by their expertise and level of experience. Each developer’s profile has all this information making it easy for you to make a choice. Guru’s dashboard allows you hassle-free communication and their 24x7 support and multiple payment options makes the whole process of hiring a freelancer to completing a project seamless.

  • 24x7 customer support
  • Option to post region-specific job
  • Simple dashboard for easy communication

3. Gigster

Gigster is another great tech-focused marketplace that connects freelance developers and programmers to companies. The individuals on Gigster have some sort of experience working in tech companies, so they’re accustomed to the processes.

Some of the developers listed on the website are startup founders while most others have degrees from some of the top academic institutions such as MIT and Stanford. A lot of them have even won awards from Apple for their creations. The Gigster Talent Network fills digital roles in under 10 days on average.

  • Tech-focused marketplace
  • Award-winning developers
  • Find developers in under 10 days

4. Fiverr

Headquartered in Tel Aviv, the platform gets its name from its core idea—every gig starts at $5. However, over the past decade, Fiverr has grown significantly and attracts organizations of all shapes and sizes to hire remote developers across the world.

The platform highlights the rating and reviews of each individual next to them along with their rates and other information allowing you to make an informed selection. The 24x7 support is the cherry on the top.

  • Access to developers from across the world
  • 24x7 customer support
  • One of the most popular freelance marketplaces

5. Upwork

Upwork has over dozens of categories and over 12 million professionals for you to browse and choose from. The platform attracts businesses and remote programmers for both short-term and long-term projects.

It is one of the best platforms for you to find specialized remote developers for your business or project. Top brands such as Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Airbnb hire professionals from Upwork for their projects. The platform shares the developer’s job success rating and the hourly rate for you to find the perfect fit.

  • Large pool to choose from
  • Platform chosen by top brands
  • Popular freelance marketplace

6. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour uses an advanced artificial intelligence system that does the finding for you. All you have to do is fill a form detailing your project and requirements to ensure you get the best selection of remote developers for hire.

The candidates respond to your posting with their proposals that you can review. As soon as you find the one, you pay a small deposit and get started. Their feature “Offers” is a pre-set bundle determined by freelance programmers. It gives you the option to test out the developer and build lasting relationships with them for long-term projects.

  • Advanced AI-based system
  • Option to work on a trial basis
  • Developers get back to you with proposals

7. Topcoder

Topcoder is a global, crowdsourcing platform that’s perfect for finding remote developers for hire. At its inception, the platform was a community for coders with its core focus on creating and experimenting with algorithms. However, over the years, Topcoder has transformed into a global technology community with talent that is building world-class digital solutions for brands such as Microsoft, IBM, Harvard Medical School, and more.

Sharing your project on Topcoder gives it global visibility that allows developers from across borders to see it and offer their creative solutions on how to best execute it.

  • Global visibility
  • Strong technology community
  • Platform chosen by big brands

8. Freelancer

Based out of Australia, Freelancer.com is one of the world’s biggest marketplace to hire remote developers. Whether your project involves JavaScript, Redux, Angular, API, HTML, or a simple iOS and Android mobile app, you’ll find the expert on this platform. Trusted by brands such as Microsoft, PWC, Boeing, and more, you can rely on Freelancer.com to find your perfect fit--be it full-time or part-time.

  • Trusted by top brands
  • Pool of experts to choose from
  • One of the world’s biggest freelance marketplaces

9. Hired

Hired works on a similar model as most other freelance marketplaces except it offers a few more layers of tests to ensure you hire remote developers that are perfect.

The process of finding a programmer on Hired is simple - you start by sharing your project details, and other specifications such as geographical restrictions, experience level, language, etc. The platform then uses its special algorithm to shortlist the best remote developers for you. The only caveat here is that this whole process can take up to almost a month. If you have the time to spare, then Hired is a good choice to find and hire remote developers and simplify the interview process.

  • Takes around a month to find developers
  • Access to candidates globally
  • Thoroughly vetted candidates

10. Codementor

Founded in 2013, Codementor is an on-demand marketplace for remote developers. It’s one of the few platforms that offer real-time one-on-one help from expert developers. All you have to do is share the details of your project, timeline, and budget.

Based on this information, Codementor recommends its top freelance developers with whom you can discuss your projects and see if they’re a good fit. Once you find the right fit, you can hire them and get started. Codementor also offers an escrow system that makes payments secure and fast.

  • One-on-one support
  • Escrow system for easy payments
  • On-demand marketplace

11. X-Team

Founded in 2004, X-Team is another great website to find talented remote developers for hire. The platform vets its applicants to ensure that they’re qualified enough to handle your requests.

X-Team also supports its developers where they fund their learning and growth and offer them a remote work environment that helps them do their best work.

They boast an impressive clientele with some of the big brands such as Kaplan Inc., Coinbase, Google, Twitter, Beachbody, and more.

  • Strong clientele
  • Thoroughly vetted candidates
  • Learning support for their developers

12. Gun.io

Gun.io’s primary objective is to ensure that you find the best remote developer for your project. Every single candidate on this platform is carefully vetted, verified, and ready to work.

To find your perfect developers, start by registering your account as an employer, explain your project, set the time scale between 1 month to 1 year and narrow down on a rate. The team at Gun.io will start sending you candidates based on this information.

  • Top-quality remote developers for hire
  • Thoroughly vetted candidates
  • Find developers across borders

13. Dice

Dice is an IT and tech career board. The platform brings in professionals from all walks of tech such as programmers, developers, software engineers, and more. 92% of candidates on Dice are actively looking for new and exciting projects to work on. So, you can be sure that your job posting will definitely receive a lot of relevant responses. Posting a job on the website will cost you a few hundred dollars but the returns will be well worth the investment.

  • IT and tech career board
  • 92% of their candidates are looking for opportunities
  • Job posting costs a few hundred dollars

14. Codeable

The remote developers on Codeable and properly vetted to ensure you get top-quality work. To find the perfect fit, you have to tell the team what your project is and who would be an ideal candidate.

The team then gets back to you with a list of the top profiles that would suit your project. The small number of profiles allows you to study each candidate properly and hire someone in 24 hours. You can work with your remote developer on the platform’s shared workspace and their Escrow system ensures secure and fast payments.

  • Limited number of profiles ensures fast hiring
  • Escrow system for secure and fast payments
  • Shared workroom for easy collaboration

15. Remoteok.io

Given the plethora of developer skillsets that RemoteOK is home to, finding talented front-end developers is a very convenient task. RemoteOK boasts of numerous professional and experienced front-end developers from across countries and business sizes. Many front-end developers at RemoteOK have experience across frameworks along with additional skills such as UX design proficiencies and online marketing hacks.

Since Remoteok.io offers flexible pricing and a host of additional add-ons that make the hiring process a lot easier, using the remote job board to hire front-end developers is a wise choice. Several leading brands trust RemoteOK in the likes of Microsoft and Stripe, among others. If you are looking to hire a team of front-end developers, then RemoteOK offers a better deal for multiple postings.

  • One of the world’s largest communities
  • Millions of developers available

Which Freelance Site Is Best For You To Hire A Remote Developer?

In today’s age, it’s impossible to build a strong online presence without the skill set of a great developer. However, the hiring process can be challenging and not finding the right web developer could put a strain on your resources.

Therefore, it’s crucial that the remote developer you hire is thoroughly vetted and brings with them the guarantee of being one of the best. This is where matching services such as Toptal can help--not only do they take away most of your hiring stress but all the candidates in their talent pool are some of the tech industry’s crème de la crème.

You could also consider some of the more general marketplaces such as Upwork and Fiverr if you want to save costs but are comfortable investing more time and energy finding, vetting, and interviewing potential hires.

In the end, finding and outsourcing to the perfect remote developer for hire will depend on multiple factors such as:

  • Which programming languages and technical skills do you need to hire for? (Such as PHP, Python, JavaScript, Java, or React Native?)
  • How quickly do you need to hire for your development team?
  • How much does a time zone difference matter for you?
  • How experienced or qualified should the developer be
  • What is your project management and onboarding process?
  • Are you qualified enough to assess their software development skills and experience for a remote team?
  • What are their communication skills, especially in the development process?
  • How will they impact the work of your team members on non-remote employees?
  • How important is quality to you
  • How much time are you willing to invest
Thank you for your feedback!