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Magento is one of the most popular e-commerce platforms in the world -- and for good reason. The open-source PHP platform is available with both free and paid versions to anyone who wants to start an online store.

Despite its versatility, this enterprise-grade software is notoriously difficult to learn if you are a complete beginner. After all, you're responsible for getting it up and running -- a task on its own -- as well as installing plugins and themes, managing your products, and getting third-party hosting. In these cases, you may wish to hire Magento programmers to set up and maintain the platform for you.

But even if you are an expert in Magento, finding appropriate, high-quality help is just as important for you. Locating expert-level developers to aid in your projects is imperative and being relegated to sorting through endless applications on non-specific sites like -- where it's extremely difficult to find qualified Magento experts -- is not exactly how you need to spend your valuable time.

Not sure how to find Magento developers? If you're unable to head out to an Imagine eCommerce conference, you've come to the right place. Listed below are the best sites to hire specialists for your next e-commerce project. You're sure to find someone who can take care of your website and bring your idea to life.

Top 15 places to hire a great Magento developer

Based on the facts publicly available as of 01.01.2020

1. Toptal

Searching for only the brightest of online talent? Toptal's extremely rigorous vetting system, which leaves only 3% of candidates standing, ensures you'll receive nothing less than the best.

Once you're connected to a Magento specialist who's suited for your project, you're given a no-risk trial period. If you hire them, you have someone who will work with you as long as you need them -- you can even bring them into your company if they agree. While Toptal does offer on-site hiring, it's only a temporary arrangement.

The downside to all this is obvious: hiring a top 3% developer is not cheap. Toptal is most suitable for large-scale projects and established businesses.

2. Magento Partners

Magento has its own list of certified partners to pick from. Many of these are aimed at large-scale enterprises, but there are quite a few for small- to medium-sized companies as well. Along with site creation, you can also find marketing services, extension creators, and business optimizers, if needed.

Just keep in mind that these are agencies. This is not the place to go if you just want to hire individuals. You'll be working with a large company, and while that makes the process somewhat more reliable, it will also cost extra.

3. CodementorX

Codementor was established as a website for helping novices get off the ground with one-on-one programming help from an expert. Its offshoot, CodementorX, allows you to hire those same masters as well as hundreds of thousands of other rigorously vetted freelancers.

Once you sign up and submit your project, you'll be given a shortlist of candidates as well as a free trial. You don't need to pay any platform fees -- only the hourly or retainer fees, which range from $60-$100 per hour. Unlike similar platforms, this is great for long-term engagements, and you can even get an on-site developer if requested.

While it's on the costly side for small stores and startups, CodementorX is perfect if you require senior Magento experts.

4. Upwork

It can be difficult to hire Magento freelancers for short-term contract projects. Upwork seeks to make this easier; it's one of the most elegant, trustworthy, and easy-to-use job board you can find. Besides giving you a shortlist of job candidates, potential applicants can find you, and you can search for them.

Upwork's basic plan is free. No need to pay for job postings. However, anyone can join Upwork, so interviewing and testing candidates is a must. Qualification testing is a must. If you want full control over the hiring process, Upwork is the correct choice.

5. Zaptech Solutions

Zaptech is a USA- and India-based software company that hires and trains Magento specialists. You'll have a chance to hand-pick and interview the people they suggest, and hire either individuals or a team. Their goal is to provide a long-term relationship, so it's great for projects that need an ongoing solution and can use remote developers.

However, they work in Magento 2, so Magento 1 users may need to look elsewhere unless they want their site migrated. In addition, prices aren't listed anywhere on the site -- but as you're hiring from an agency, expect higher costs.

6. Magentax

Magentax is an all-in-one development and designing agency for Magento. With 250 experienced developers to choose from, and an in-depth analysis of your project and business ideas, you're sure to receive a quality website. Along with the site, you can also pay for theme and extension development. You give your idea, and Magentax makes it a reality.

7. GeeksPerHour

Small businesses searching for an adept Magento freelancer: GeeksPerHour has just what you're looking for. GeeksPerHour uses an expedited hiring process where you simply post your job and have someone suitable assigned to you.

You have a five-hour, fully refundable and discounted trial period to test things out. But with a stunning 98% repeat business rate and nearly 3000 jobs, it's likely that you'll be pleased with the results.

8. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a community of dedicated developers of all skill sets, who are constantly exchanging knowledge and advice. The job board is a great place to locate a serious and well-educated Magento expert. And its high popularity means a fresh and constantly evolving list of applicants.

9. Hired

Hired upends traditional freelancing job boards by having the employer come to the employee. You can use Hired's amazing search tools to narrow down potential candidates. Certain cities have local hiring services, but relocation and remote jobs are available as well.

Hired also prices per business, so you won't go over budget. If you're willing to spend a few extra minutes a day searching for Magento developers, this is a great platform to use.

10. PeoplePerHour

Much like Upwork, PeoplePerHour lets you browse through users and post your own job listing. It's completely free to use and its Hourlies allow you to find ready-to-hire Magento freelancers for a smaller project. From agencies and small businesses to contractors of all caliber, you can find any sort of person for the job here.

11. Freelancer

Every single feature that other freelancing job networks have? Freelancer has those, and more. Post your project or find users directly. Watch as the Magento experts bid on your job, easy as that. Pay a fixed or hourly rate, in milestones or all at once. Have someone hand-pick people for your project, or sort through the applicants yourself. You can even hire locally.

If you want ultimate control over your project and the hiring process, Freelancer is definitely the way to go.

12. Guru

Millions of proficient programmers, all at your fingertips. Guru gives you this, and a robust payment system with four different options: pay by milestones, tasks, hourly, or recurring. Short or long-term projects, local or remote -- anything is possible. Guru's goal is to make hiring a freelancer as streamlined a process as possible.

13. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular websites for professional networking, so of course it's a great place to begin a search for an established Magento developer. You can search for users who've listed Magento as a skill and reach out to them, as well as posting your job. Per-click pricing means you'll only have to pay if your ad generates interest.

14. Honorable Mention: Twitter

Twitter actually has a surprising force of Magento-proficient candidates. From experienced developers looking for work to companies posting job offerings, many people have established a business relationship through social media.

Of course, there's no guarantee of reliability, background checks, or experience like if you'd used a hiring site, but you may still want to try it out. Try using #MagentoJobs and #Magento.

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