Top 15 Sites To Find Remote Freelance Salesforce Developer Jobs



Are you a Salesforce developer looking for a freelance job in the field? This article highlights what it takes to be a great Salesforce developer and where you can find remote freelance salesforce developer jobs.

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What is Salesforce?

Salesforce Inc. is a popular American cloud-based software organization that provides Customer Relationship Management (CRM) services. It’s a high-demand tool for marketing, sales, and support teams across the globe.

Salesforce services allow companies to use their cloud technology to better collaborate with their partners, existing and potential customers. Using the Salesforce platform, companies can track market to new customers, track existing customer activity, and engage with them better.

As a software, a CRM platform helps you go deeper with all your metrics and data. It gives you access to a dashboard that shows you your data visually. Additionally, it also allows you to do personalized outreach with automation. Another very strong benefit is that a CRM platform gives you the tools necessary to improve customer service and help your sales team’s outreach efforts.

What is a Salesforce developer?

A Salesforce developer essentially is a programmer who builds Salesforce applications across different PaaS (Platform as a Service) platforms.

What do you do as a Salesforce developer?

Ideally, a Salesforce developer has an understanding of how the platform and its technology work. The developer is hired by a business/client for the purpose of customizing Salesforce to suit the specifications of their company. Salesforce developers use tools such as Apex and Visualforce, as well as frameworks like Lightning Component in order to develop apps.

How to find the best Salesforce developer jobs?

There are various freelance platforms where you can register yourself to find remote developer jobs. You can build your resume and profile on these platforms highlighting your skills and past projects. Most businesses visit these freelance websites to hire their next Salesforce developer both part-time and full-time.

Are Salesforce developers in high demand?

The short answer is: Yes. Over the past few years, Salesforce has grown as an in-demand job which essentially means that the demand for Salesforce developers across the globe is increasing rapidly. According to a survey conducted by the International Data Corporation (IDC), there has been a significant increase in the number of occupations that require salesforce expertise in cross-functional teams, with the salesforce ecosystem expected to generate 3.3 million new jobs and $850 billion in revenue by 2022.

How much do remote Salesforce developer jobs pay per year?

A position that demands a high level of skills and expectations comes with its fair bit of compensation. According to Glassdoor, a Salesforce developer in the United States earns an average of $87,000 a year. Apparently, there are also opportunities for extra bonuses and such, weighing in at about $8,000 as an annual average.

How to become a freelance remote Salesforce developer?

With remote work almost being the latest norm, becoming a freelance remote Salesforce developer isn’t tough. You can look for jobs on platforms such as LinkedIn,,, or register yourself on one of the many freelance platforms (listed below). Build a strong profile highlighting your skills, experience, projects, and recommendations and businesses looking to hire remote freelance salesforce developers can get in touch with you to join their high-performing team.

What are popular job titles related to remote freelance Salesforce developer jobs?

Listed below are some of the popular job titles related to remote freelance Salesforce developer jobs:

  • Salesforce developer
  • Salesforce architect
  • Salesforce support and developer
  • Lead Salesforce developer
  • Salesforce admin and developer

Skills required to find remote freelance Salesforce developer jobs

There are various technical and soft skills that make for a great Salesforce developer. Here are some of them:

  • Salesforce
  • Apex
  • Visualforce
  • Java / C++ / OOP (Object-Oriented Programming)
  • JavaScript
  • JQuery/AngularJS/Bootstrap
  • SQL/SOQL (Salesforce Object Query Language)
  • Web services

Some of the soft skills required to become a great Salesforce developer include:

  • Strong communication & team collaboration skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Effective writing (to give updates)
  • Project management
  • Great organization capabilities

Job responsibilities of a Salesforce developer

Most of the job responsibilities of a Salesforce developer are similar to most professional developers. However, for the sake of clarity, here are some of the most common job responsibilities of a Salesforce developer:

  • Analyze and understand the user needs and business requirements and then test and develop software that meets those needs.
  • Create project plans to design and execute Salesforce solutions. This involves definition, development, and deployment.
  • Study the client’s current software and suggest upgrades to existing apps, programs, and systems.
  • Keep themselves updated with the latest changes in the business and technological landscapes of Salesforce and other associated platforms.
  • Design every part of any needed application or a system and plan how those parts will work together.
  • Find possible inconsistencies in the existing quality of data and create solutions that will overcome any potential system defects.
  • Ensure that all programs continue to function smoothly through routine software maintenance as well as testing.
  • Document every part of the company’s entire inventory of applications and systems for future reference, especially in the context of upgrades and maintenance.
  • Collaborate with other specialists for the purposes of creating the best software.

Top 15 remote freelance platforms to find Salesforce developer jobs

Here’s a list of 15 freelance marketplaces where you can find remote freelance salesforce developer jobs.

1. Toptal

Known to be one of the best, Toptal has created a solid remote marketplace that boasts of some of the best programmers and developers including experts in Salesforce, java, javascript, PHP, CSS, react, front-end and back-end development, and more. As someone looking to find remote freelance salesforce developer jobs, Toptal can help you get matched with suitable clients that work with your skill set, interest, and rates. The platform’s model and thorough screening and testing process are designed to ensure you are accepted on the platform only if you’re an expert in Salesforce. This also ensures you get great gigs that boost your career.

2. Upwork

One of the first and most popular freelance marketplaces, Upwork has more than 17 million experts and almost three million jobs posted every year. The platform offers freelance professionals with skills and talents of all kinds. Whether you’re a software developer or are a Salesforce architect, you can definitely find great work on this platform. With its long history and experience, Upwork gets requests for freelance talent from businesses across the globe. If you’re looking for remote freelance salesforce developer jobs, be sure to build a profile here.

3. Fiverr

Back when Fiverr started freelancers on the platform used to offer their services for as low as $5. However, today that has changed and the price point depends on the length and breadth of the project. You can charge a lot more depending on your profile, reviews, comments, skills, and experience. Fiverr boasts of almost 830,000 professionals spread across 160 countries. The platform has over 200 service categories and most businesses do a simple search to find the expert they need. To get hired on Fiverr, you need to create a profile that could also include an introduction video detailing who you are and what you offer.

4. Guru

On Guru, businesses start by posting a job description detailing their project. The freelance platform then looks through its database of Salesforce developer profiles based on categories, location, rating, rate, and more and gives a list of potential candidates to the businesses. Aside from experts, Guru also offers collaboration and project workspace called “Work Room” where both parties can discuss deadlines, project details, milestones, progress, or do any simple communication. As a member of the platform, you get paid through Guru Safepay once the project is complete and the client approves it.

5. Freelancer

Similar to Upwork, Freelancer too, is one of the oldest and largest freelance marketplaces. Whether you’re looking for part-time project-based work or something that eventually becomes full-time; looking to work at a startup or a Fortune 500, Freelancer can help you with it. Businesses post their project and to work with them you have to bid on the project. Unlike Toptal, Freelancer isn’t a matching service so to find a job here you’ll need to build a detailed profile and will need to be constantly active on the platform to find the best job.

6. Workana

Freelancers who specialize in tech and design tend to find great gigs on Workana. Similar to most other freelance marketplaces, businesses post a job/project description highlighting all the details, timelines, skills and experience required, and more. You can then bid on the jobs that you like and if the business likes your profile then they can hire you for the job. To get started on Workana, you start by creating your profile highlighting everything including your expertise, rate, experience, and more so, potential businesses can get an idea of what to expect when they reach out to you.

7. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is another freelance platform to consider to find remote freelance salesforce developer jobs. The platform is completely remote and some of the world’s top brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, ESPN, Starbucks, have hired developers from this platform for their mission-critical projects. Being a Salesforce developer on this platform will give you access to their regular newsletter that has a list of all the new jobs and projects that you can bid on. Begin by building a strong profile and start looking for a job that interests you, apply for it, and get hired.

8. PeoplePerHour

A UK-based freelance platform, PeoplePerHour’s (PPH) key audience is small businesses based in the European market. The freelance platform offers its own internal project management tool called “Workstream” which gives you a space to manage the job between you and the business. One thing to note here is if you have strong English communication skills then you can get an upper hand on those developers who don’t speak fluent English. On PPH, you set your per-hour rate called “Hourlies” and businesses can use this feature to find a Salesforce engineer that fits their budget.

9. Simply Hired

If location is important to you then on Simply Hired you can find remote freelance salesforce developer jobs that are based in a specific geography. Businesses looking for developers can contact you to talk about their project, deadline, expectations, budget, and more. The platform also maintains a very detailed blog where it offers tips and tricks to freelance professionals on what it takes to be successful as a freelance Salesforce developer.

10. Flexjobs

Flexjobs offers various categories to find your niche as a Salesforce developer. On this platform, the candidates, as well as the businesses, are vetted giving both parties peace of mind about their credibility. To get on the platform, you’ll have to complete a few skill tests that stand as proof of your knowledge and expertise on Salesforce as a subject. Businesses post jobs on the platform that you can browse and apply to the ones that interest you.

11. Krop

Among all the freelance marketplaces listed here, Krop offers one of the best portfolio-building tools that you can use to highlight your skills on the platform. Some of the world’s most popular brands and experienced developers are a part of Krop. So, if you’re looking to find remote freelance salesforce developer jobs then you should consider registering on Krop. You could start with freelance and also find a full-time position later.

12. LinkedIn

With more than 575+ million users, and more than 260 million monthly active users, LinkedIn should definitely be on your list to find remote freelance salesforce developer jobs. Users on the platform engage with each other daily and it could be the place for you to build a strong network. You can start by building a detailed profile highlighting your specialization, past work, any accolades, and recommendations. Look for jobs or connect with recruiters to find your next gig.

13. Topcoder

Topcoder is a global, crowdsourcing platform for the best developers. The platform began as an exclusive community for coders who used to focus primarily on algorithms. However, years later, today it is a global tech community of people who believe in building great digital solutions. Every new project on Topcoder is visible to its global audience, so you can reach out to the business with the best possible solution and get the job.

14. Gigster

Gigster was designed to serve as a bridge between freelance developers and organizations and till today it’s one of the most solid bridges. Some of the freelancer developers on this platform are amongst the ranks of top experts who have worked with some of the world’s top tech brands globally. For example, some developers have founded startups while some have graduated from top schools such as Stanford and MIT. And then there are some who have created apps that have won awards from Apple.

15. Hired

To be a part of Hired you’ll have to undergo a thorough vetting process to establish your credibility. To find remote freelance salesforce developer jobs on Hired, you need to have a strong profile showing all your skills and experience. Businesses on the platform create a job listing the skills and experience they are looking for. Hired then connects the businesses with appropriate developers who they can interview and get started.

How to choose the right job board for Salesforce developers?

Becoming a freelancer comes with a ton of benefits. For example, you can work with companies across the world, you can start working part-time and if the relationship is good then you can join the business full-time. To get remote Salesforce developer jobs, start by building a strong profile on all the freelance platforms and stay active on them to find the right gigs. Once you have done that consider the following points to find Salesforce developer jobs:

  • Highlight your budget so you get relevant proposals.
  • See if you want a matching service like Toptal or do you want to pitch like Upwork.
  • Get as many reviews and recommendations as you can to get more clients.
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