Top 15 Remote Web Developer Jobs in 2022



Web developers are professionals who design and develop websites and web applications. They have a strong grasp of a variety of programming languages and web technologies and they use this to develop web applications. Some of their job responsibilities involve site functionality, implement application features, and integrate security measures.

With the world slowly adopting the remote culture, there are many remote web developer jobs available today on some of the top freelance platforms. Listed below are 15 freelance platforms where you can find your next gig.

Best 15 Remote Web Developer Jobs

1. Toptal

Toptal is one of the fastest-growing talent marketplaces and has served major Fortune 500 clients. Known for its extensive vetting process, Toptal has an acceptance rate of only 3 percent. Developers seeking to gain entry into the Toptal community are put through technical tests before working with clients.

2. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff Talent offers freelance web developers jobs from across the globe. You could be based in any time zone in the world; New York, San Francisco, or Europe. As long as you have talent and qualifications, you can get a job. Businesses review the profiles available on the platform and get in touch with someone who they think fits the bill. You can discuss your project with them and if there’s a good fit, you can join them.

3. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is one of the largest job boards that post millions of job listings every day from over 700,000 unique employers. The platform operates similarly to a job search engine in 24 countries and 12 languages. Whether you’re a software developer or a front end developer, Simply Hired collects good job listings from across the web so you’ll definitely find something you like here. Find the remote web developer job that speaks to you and apply.

4. Upstack

Upstack is a perfect all-in-one remote work solution. You can find remote web developer jobs for a specific project or for the long term. If the company likes you then they can retain and nurture you for all their projects. As a platform, Upstack has its unique way of functioning. To find a job, you need to register on the platform and the account managers on the platform understand your skills and expertise such as great knowledge of react.js, angular, python, AWS, CSS, HTML, PHP, javascript, WordPress, and more and they connect you with the right company.

5. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform that also acts as a job board for professionals such as full-stack web developers, backend/front end web developers, software engineers, and more across different industries. It’s a great platform to engage with people, share updates, search for remote jobs, and stay connected with your colleagues. Users on LinkedIn build a detailed profile highlighting the work they do, what they’re good at, their academics, accolades, and much more. You can use the platform’s job board to find and apply for jobs or reach out directly to the companies and talk to them.

6. Topcoder

Topcoder is a global crowdsourcing platform for designers and web application developers. The platform was birthed as a community for coders who wanted to build algorithms. However, it eventually evolved into a global community that boasts of talented web developers who build amazing digital solutions. Businesses post jobs on the platform that you can apply to by sharing the best way to execute the project. If the business likes your idea, they can strike a conversation with you, build a relationship, and get started. You can even find companies and job types for the long term.

7. Workana

As a platform, Workana specializes in offering remote jobs in the tech and design industries. Companies post jobs where they highlight project details and other specifics such as timelines, expertise, experience, and more. You can search for projects and bid on them. Companies shortlist and interview the ones that they like and hire a web developer that best fits the bill. To find remote web developer jobs on Workana, you need to carefully build your profile highlighting your expertise, years of experience, rate, skills, and more so that you can find the right kind of organizations to work with.

8. Krop

Krop’s has an intuitive search mechanism that allows you to find web developer jobs whether that’s freelance, full-time, or part-time. Krop offers a portfolio-building tool that you can use to build your profiles highlighting your skills, work, experience, projects, and more. Some of the world's most respectable brands and professionals are a part of Krop. Krop gives businesses access to its large database of over 100,000 resumes and portfolios that they browse through and finds the right candidate. So, to find a job, make sure you build a solid profile highlighting all the important details.

9. Flexjobs

On Flexjob, you can find remote job postings for almost all sorts of projects under the sun such as healthcare, javascript developer, senior software engineer, senior web developer, and more. The candidates, as well as the organizations, on the platform, are thoroughly screened giving both parties peace of mind about their legitimacy. As a freelance web developer on the platform, you’ll have to participate in various skill tests that add to your overall credibility and validate your knowledge and expertise on the subject.

10. Nexxt

Nexxt boasts of over 85 million members and more than 27 million resumes making it easy for you to find your next remote web developer job, an all-in-one, easy-to-use platform. As a platform, Nexxt offers customizable solutions ranging from enterprise to small/medium-sized businesses and agencies. The company has a vast and diverse database and tons of businesses on the platform looking for their next candidate making it easy for you to find your next gig.

11. RemoteOK

RemoteOK is one of the most popular job boards to find remote web developer jobs. It is trusted by some of the world’s leading brands such as Amazon, Microsoft, ESPN, Starbucks, and more. The platform sends out a newsletter to you highlighting all the newly added jobs. Build a strong profile, find a job that speaks to you, apply, and get hired.


Founded in 2019, gives you the option and the resources you need to build your remote lifestyle. The company itself is a hundred percent remote from the day it began. It only has businesses that are serious about finding the right candidate. Being remote, you get a chance to work with international companies and clients on projects both big and small. You can get hired as a contractor and work with the company full-time or part-time.

13. Fiverr

Fiverr is another popular and large freelance job board where you can find your next gig. To get hired on Fiverr, you must build a strong profile and start by working with whatever clients you can get (big or small). Businesses look at profiles with customer reviews, ratings, and their range of quotes. Companies can either select one of your set packages or send you a private message explaining the task and ask you to send them a custom order.

14. Outsourcely

If you are looking for long-term gigs, then Outsourcely can be a good platform to consider. Businesses across industries choose Outsourcely for their remote hires. The platform allows you to manage your work with the company through real-time communication including email, private chat, phone calls, and live video. Before getting hired, you’ll be vetted by a third party.

15. Dice

Dice manages more than 9 million profiles in the United States. As a tech-focused freelance marketplace, you can find a great remote web developer job with a tech company. Being a popular freelance marketplace, Dice also offers its talent insights, data, and career opportunities so that you can stay up to date. Dice also gives you access to some state-of-the-art tools that help make your search of finding a job that much more effective. It’s one of the best sites to find jobs in the tech space.

How To Choose The Right Developer Job Board

Choosing the right developer job board is winning half the battle. It’ll allow you to find great opportunities and give you a chance to work on big projects helping you build your portfolio. Here are a few things you should keep in mind when choosing a job board:

  • What kind of clients do they have?
  • Do they have a vetting process?
  • How many years have they been in business?
  • What is their success rate?
  • What do the testimonials say?
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