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Here are the top 15 places to hire great Salesforce developers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2020

1. Toptal

Toptal is full of the greatest talent to hit the online industry -- only the top 3% make it through. Your project needs experts, and this is the place to find them. You can find freelancers who have worked with Salesforce for over a decade, and are certified by as one of their top specialists.

Along with having only the best, Toptal makes the hiring process efficient and easy. There's no recruiting fee, you get a trial period with your developer, and it's relatively cheap for what it offers. If all that sounds perfect, all you have to do is apply to Toptal as a client and you'll be on your way.

2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular boards for freelancers, where you can find Salesforce freelancers of all skill levels. You even get an automated shortlist of the best candidates when you post your job. The downside is that anyone can join Upwork and apply to your jobs, so you need to screen and test all applicants yourself.

If you need to hire Salesforce developers that are experienced, try Upwork Pro or Enterprise. While these come with more features and more of a quality guarantee, unlike Upwork, they're not free. The standard service is best for companies looking for Salesforce freelancers with little to medium experience, and individuals rather than teams.

3. Guru

Experts and small companies from around the world come to advertise their services on Guru -- over three million of them. With the website's flexible payment system and extremely simplified hiring process, it's no wonder that so many people use it when they need a job done quick.

Whether you just need a Salesforce developer to help you set up your CRM and learn the ropes, or one who will help you develop applications and optimize the platform, Guru can help you find the right freelancer for the job. Many agencies that specialize as Salesforce consultants are also available on Guru.

4. Qubit Labs

Ukraine-based Qubit Labs can help you build a small team of Salesforce developers for your next project. You can hand-pick your remote team and work with them directly as they help you build your application.

Qubit is ideal for long-term engagements. You can even create an offshore development center, complete with project managers, consultants, and designers. This company wants to help you design a dream team that will get the job done efficiently, at a lower cost, and with finesse.

5. Freelancer

If you have a tight deadline, Freelancer is the site to go to for getting your Salesforce project started immediately. It claims that you'll receive bids minutes after posting your job. With live chat, a time tracker, and a mobile app, staying in touch with your Salesforce developer is a cinch.

Not to mention, it's free. But hiring an expert to hand-select the best fit for the job is fairly cheap as well. You can also buy tags that will further increase exposure. Freelancer also has constant support up in case you have a question or problem. This is a solid place to search for Salesforce specialists.

6. CodementorX

CodementorX is home to senior Salesforce developers, some with nearly a decade of experience and knowledge in many related programming languages and techniques for the service cloud. While anyone can apply to be a freelancer, they're screened carefully to ensure that they have the skills necessary to work on large, high-maintenance projects.

After submitting your project, you'll have customized results within 48 hours, and a trial period to test out the developer you chose. There are no platform fees except for what you pay the person you hired, which is a huge plus. CodementorX will even work with you to hire a local developer if necessary.

This is a professional and flexible platform that will work for any larger projects regardless of team size, local or remote, and other requirements.

7. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a popular job board that allows you to post for free and connect to skilled developers and freelancers. If you really need a quick job done in your Salesforce project, you can post a fixed-price, hourly.

The site also includes WorkStream, a tool that lets you pay for projects, manage your posts, and connect with people you hired all in one place. PeoplePerHour is all about optimization and effortless hiring. If you've struggled with this in the past, it might just be the platform you're looking for.

8. ZipRecruiter

ZipRecruiter makes things easy for its freelancers, allowing them to apply to jobs with just one click. Requesting to join a project is easy, and for the job poster, this means more applicants and more potential prospects.

Posting a job is free, and it's sent to over a hundred different job recruiting sites. Any suitable candidates are asked to fill out an application. You can add pre-screen interview questions to weed out unqualified developers, reuse job slots when you're finished, and use the Candidate Dashboard to screen and rate freelancers. ZipRecruiter's system is super easy to work with and makes the whole process of hiring a Salesforce expert that much simpler.

9. Github Jobs

GitHub jobs is a simple and to-the-point job posting board. You pay a deposit, and you post your job for 30 days. No frills or unnecessary addons. GitHub is one of the largest development platforms in the world, and talented freelancers use it to manage projects and code. It's extremely popular in the development community, and its job board exposes you to that talented collective.

10. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is a free platform that allows you to post to a network of 100+ job boards. It's owned by Indeed, an extremely renowned employment search engine, so your post is sure to get plenty of exposure. By signing up, you get access to a dashboard where you can manage resumes that were sent to you. For no cost at all, this is a pretty good deal.

11. Remote

Remote uses AI-powered matching tools to connect you with the perfect Salesforce developer. Specify skills, experience, and location, and you're on your way. You can hire freelancers for temporary jobs, or find people to integrate into your company. And with its strong incentivized referral system, Remote is a great platform if you're having a hard time getting enough exposure. It also has many talented Apex developers, a good portion of them familiar with Salesforce.

Hiring remotely allows you a full opportunity to find the best talent -- not just the local talent. If you decide to hire remotely, Remote is a great place to start. It vastly simplifies the process and eliminates many downsides associated with remote hiring, such as lack of communication or difficulty with project management.

12. Geeks Per Hour

Geeks Per Hour takes the hassle out of the hiring process. All you do is post your job, and sit back as the company chooses a developer for you. Perfect for smaller development projects, Geeks Per Hour specializes in getting the job done fast and with as little inconvenience as possible. Got a tight deadline? You've come to the right place.

If you do want control over the freelancers you hire, then this is not the site you're looking for. You won't have a chance to pick or interview the developer. If you at least want the chance to hand-pick a Salesforce specialist yourself, or have full control over screening and hiring applicants, you're better off elsewhere.

13. CRM Coders

Other job boards are too vague and generalized. CRM Coders specializes in CRM platforms, including Salesforce, so that your job is seen only by qualified individuals. Their portal allows you to communicate, monitor, and collaborate with the Salesforce developers you hire. You pay when you're satisfied with the job done. It's as simple as that.

14. XPlace

XPlace is a simple freelancing board welcome to developers of all skills. Development jobs are especially popular on the site, so freelancers' skills aren't quite as random and diverse as Upwork and similar websites. This means you're more likely to find a Salesforce freelancer quickly and painlessly.

Posting on the site is free, and you can purchase tags that will grant you extra exposure, mark your project as urgent, or add an NDA contract at a low price. Freelancers are plentiful and jobs go fast here, so you won't be left waiting.

15. Dice

Dice is a high-end tech freelancing board. While it's fairly expensive compared to other job boards, your job is advertised across 3000 partner sites and to two million candidates for a month.

If you want to take it even further, you can also get a recruiting package that will give you access to even more candidates, a two-month premium post, targeted advertising banners, and much more. If your needs are very specific and you're struggling to find just the right developer, Dice is definitely a great choice.

Honorable Mention: Salesforce Forums

If you want to get started immediately, and not have to deal with non-Salesforce websites, it's possible to put out a request for help on Salesforce's forum. You can also find people who are looking for a job and offer directly to them.

This is somewhat risky as you have no company to fall back on if things go sour, no quality guarantee, and all screening must be done by you. But where better to find Salesforce developers than on the company's very own website?

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