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Top 15 places to hire a great Unity developer:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2020

1. Toptal

Toptal comprises the top 3% of Unity developers; only those few who can pass their stringent tests can make it through. Those freelancers you find on this site are the best of the best, most of them with raw development skills and years of experience.

Many Toptal Unity experts are proficient in mobile design, so if you're making a mobile game, you'll definitely find the perfect hire here. With a no-risk trial, pricing significantly lower than you'll find on similar sites, and a quality guarantee through a reliable platform, Toptal is one of the best places from which to hire Unity 3D developers.

You can also hire app developers and software developers through Toptal to round out your development team and to help with all of your projects.

2. Unity Connect

In the past, Unity simply had a forum board where you could post your jobs, but they decided to expand this approach into an entire network. Unity Connect is a social media-like board for Unity game developers where employers can post jobs, search for talent, and talk about your latest game project.

The site is still in beta, so it's far from perfect, but there's nowhere better to find Unity developers than right out of the company's website. You won't have to deal with freelancing sites that may not have people skilled in Unity 3D.

3. Hired

Whether you need remote, local, or contract Unity developers, Hired can connect you to a platform of hundreds of thousands. Each applicant is familiar with the development process and carefully vetted to ensure qualification with a demanding job, and you can find freelancers yourself or wait to get matched to the perfect fit. Whether you require a teams or an individual, Hired can help you find what you're looking for. And the flexible pricing means you won't pay more than you can afford.

4. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance contracting site designed for short, quick projects. Unity developers run the gamut from those with ten years of experience to new freelancers just breaking into the business. Just post a job for free, or contact someone who catches your eye, and you'll be ready to go.

If you have a really small project, you can post Hourly with a fixed down payment. You could use this system to have a developer complete a simple task, and if you're satisfied with their work, bring them into the full project.

5. CodementorX

CodementorX brings you senior Unity developers, over a hundred to choose from and all with years of experience on the platform. Get a hire within three days, and only pay the developers' fee; no costly deposits or extra charges. You can get short-term contracts or even contract-to-hire and bring someone onto your team. Local developers can be found as well. CodementorX is extremely flexible and will help you connect with the Unity expert you need.

6. Freelancer

This is one of the largest freelancing job platforms online, so you're sure to find a Unity developer that meets your criteria. Freelancer is all about getting the job done quick. You can get bids on job posts in seconds, and find talented and qualified freelancers by browsing past work samples or live chatting with them.

Small or large jobs, fixed or hourly prices, you're in control of your project and can outline your exact needs. A mobile app ties it all together, making communication and project management a simple task.

7. Unity 3D Work

United 3D Work was created as a way for developers and companies to get in contact with each other. It's straightforward and gets right to the point; no more wading through freelancers from outside the Unity profession.

Posting a job is free and posts go through a short approval process. You'll need a company domain email, so if you're a startup rather than an established business, this isn't the board for you. Other than that, Unity 3D Work is open to all kinds of jobs.

8. Guru

With over three million members, Guru is certainly a great site for freelance developers. Besides optional features, it's free to use and has a solid payment system with four different options. Pay by hour, milestones, tasks, or recurring for those long-term game projects. SafePay keeps both the employer and employee safe, so freelancers know their work will be compensated, and you can release the funds when you're happy with the work. The system is simple but effective, so try Guru if you want access to a diverse pool of Unity freelancers.

9. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancing network where people of all skill levels congregate to search for jobs. Brand new Unity developers and seasoned veterans can be found together on Upwork. This makes organizing a team a bit more difficult, but if you know what you're looking for, the site is great for finding individuals.

You get an instant shortlist, but you can also wait for freelancers to contact you or find them on your own. Upwork Pro gets you access to talent search assistance, premium freelancers, and other helpful features.

10. XPlace

XPlace is a free service designed to connect you with top talent across the world. It simplifies the process; just post a job, review your bids, and pick the most qualified person. Along with freelancers, there are also small studios and teams to choose from, if you want a more cohesive group of people.

If you need an NDA or want to promote your project with hot or urgent tags, the option is available for a low price.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a job network and social media website all in one, making it easy for professionals to connect and collaborate. With LinkedIn jobs, you can make a post and the company will email and display advertisements to those who meet the requirements.

It runs on a pay-per-view system, so you only need to pay when someone actually shows interest in your listing. You also get 50 shortlisted candidates and analytics so you can see who's viewing and who's applying.

12. Hubstaff Talent

Hubstaff serves as a free resource to connect job seekers and employers. It's all about control; you choose the team you like, negotiate your terms, and start working on your platform of choice. There are both freelancing individuals and agencies available for hire, so you can find exactly the workforce you need.

Hubstaff itself is a time tracking software, so if you wish, you can use it to help keep your project organized -- but it's not required if you use Hubstaff Talent. You can use whatever platform you choose.

13. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow Talent connects you with a community of learners and go-getters who are ready to remotely join your project. While the site is better known for assisting with web-based programming languages, there's a place for game developers and plenty of freelancers looking for work.

The talent search will both help you reach and understand the developers you're working with. They'll even assist you with optimizing and streaming your talent search, so you really get the whole package.

14. Daxx

Are you looking to build an offshore team of Unity specialists? Ukraine-based Daxx takes care of all the costs and problems related to remote hiring and lets you focus on development. You can interview the people they select, go over their resumes, and choose the best fits. You have full management over the team and can use whatever tools you want to.

Putting the team together takes up to a month and a half, and you can scale your team size at any time. In addition, there's no risk; you don't have to pay unless you choose to go through with recruitment.

15. Truelancer

Built for small businesses, Truelancer is great for finding remote talent, especially from Asia. Posting a project is free, and you can easily check past work and feedback of the people you hire. Once the work is done to your satisfaction, you'll release the funds and the work will be done!

There's also a tagging system that will let you hide your project from search engines and people who aren't logged in, feature your post, get freelancers hand-picked, or sign an NDA.

Honorable Mention: Reddit gameDevClassifieds

While there's no guarantee of quality when you use a site like this, this subreddit is very popular and sees a constant influx of job posts and programmers. Whether you need a single piece of code or want someone to work on the whole game, you'll find someone here.

Just be ready to interview and vet applicants, as you won't have easy access to their resume or past work like on other websites. Also have an online messaging program such as Skype or Discord, as Reddit isn't a suitable option for communicating with your developer. Also expect a more informal environment compared to other websites.

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