The 15 best sites to hire ABAP Developers in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented ABAP Developers

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Are you trying to find the best people for your team? If you want the top talent without spending hours sifting through resumes and holding interviews, check out our guide to hire ABAP developers. Learn how to use different resources to get freelance talent skilled in ABAP programming languages for your team.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance ABAP Developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

When you need the best people with the most specialized skills for your technical projects, Toptal is where you should start. Toptal features the best ABAP developers because of their intense vetting and assessment process. Only 3% of the applicants make it through, so you can count on getting the cream of the crop in the IT industry.

According to one business customer, “Toptal has been a wonderful experience for our company -- they have provided one of the sharpest, agile, and best talents we've ever worked with in our startup journey.”

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Upwork

Upwork boasts one of the largest freelance marketplaces on the internet. It is also incredibly cost-effective for business clients looking for freelance ABAP developers. You start by posting your job and then wait for freelance workers with technical knowledge to bid on your project with their custom proposal and pricing.

  • You will do more of the legwork of vetting yourself with Upwork’s business processes.
  • Business leaders can message, video chat and review candidates’ previous work through the platform.
  • Upwork has a secure payment platform that takes the guesswork out of freelancer invoicing.

3. Arc.dev

Arc.dev is among the leading hiring marketplaces for software developers and engineers. With HireAI, Arc.dev’s AI recruiting service, business clients get more specific job matching and resume analysis. According to the site, only 2.3% of the applicants pass its vetting process.

  • Clients get automatically matched to a pool of candidates who have specific skills for the role.
  • HireAI charges a custom fee for each job placement instead of a flat fee for the service.

4. WorkGenius

Another source to find ABAP developers is through WorkGenius, a site that describes itself as a freelance management portal. WorkGenius uses an automated approach to help its business clients recruit and manage freelance workers. After bringing in freelancers, the platform takes care of compliance, time-tracking, payment and quality assurance.

  • WorkGenius provides a one-stop shop for clients who want to streamline how they partner with freelance developers.
  • The platform also offers personnel management for traditional staff, including full–time employees.

5. Skuad

Next on the list for finding developers is the global recruiting entry Skuad. This service sources developers from locales that are traditionally underrepresented in the tech industry, such as Africa and Southeast Asia. It also prioritizes retention in its contractors, offering benefits, higher pay and perks to freelancers

  • Customers have access to Skuad’s secure global payroll system in Nigeria.
  • Skuad has a reputation for employing a strong team of responsive customer service representatives for business clients.
  • Developers are part of an instant onboarding process that makes recruitment a snap.

6. Turing

Turing is one of the most respected remote developer recruiting sites in the industry. Their focus is on recruiting software engineers and using data to create the top teams. Customers have a two-week trial period for new developers and a risk-free guarantee from the site.

7. Guru

Guru offers contract workers to companies in the IT industry for web development, software engineering and support. They help businesses hire ABAP developers through their database of more than 2 million freelancers. After onboarding, they provide a project management platform to make invoicing relatively easy.

  • While corporate users like the results, there is a learning curve to mastering the system in Guru.
  • Guru is free to use for freelancers, which helps cast a wider net for potential talent.
  • They advertise as having the lowest fees for freelance recruitment in the industry.

8. Lundi

For a more inclusive and slowed-down approach to vetting, consider going with Lundi to find freelance ABAP developers. Lundi has a personalized approach to its recruitment for each type of developer and seeks valuable technical and soft skills from each applicant. They have locations across the globe and look for talent in almost every corner of the world.

  • Lundi’s strength is connecting to local communities and navigating different cultures, which is a must for international recruiting.
  • Their process for finding a developer takes about one week and includes a free trial period.

9. Sourcebae

Sourcebae, another key player in the freelance world, provides solutions to hire freelance ABAP developers in one day. They have created an efficient process of finding skilled developers and look for specific technical acumen, such as extensive knowledge of SAP cloud platform integration and object-oriented programming language.

  • Sourcebae has its headquarters in India, with a strong showing of local talent from the country.
  • They are one of the newest listings on the guide, starting up in 2020.
  • They take on the responsibilities of interviewing each candidate and record sessions for clients to review.

10. Supersourcing

Supersourcing is an outsourcing firm in India that provides developers on a monthly contract. They make it simple and easy to add to your team of developers or scale down if your project starts to slow. Supersourcing has a two-step vetting process that starts with complex AI and ends with a technical team that assesses each potential hire.

  • Supersourcing provides each contractor with an NDA to protect company confidentiality.
  • They provide vetted candidates for business clients within two days of interviewing.
  • Clients get a dedicated account manager to help navigate the process of working with freelance developers.

11. Revelo

With Revelo, hiring ABAP developers could be much easier and less of a hassle. Their talent pool is primarily located in Latin America. They provide a talent management solution, which starts with searching for the right applicants for a company’s needs.

  • Candidates get tested in English language proficiency, soft skills and technical knowledge like ABAP and Fiori Leader.
  • Their user database features more than 300,000 pre-vetted developers looking to expand their project portfolios.
  • Business clients must conduct their own interviews after Revelo pinpoints a short list of potential new hires in three to five days.

12. Workana

Workana is another outsourcing company that focuses on Latin American software developers. It gives customers a little more control in the process by prompting managers to post a job on their freelance marketplace to get started with hiring. Freelancers respond with their bids, and Workana provides vetting and payment protection.

  • While a majority of Workana’s team provides remote services, there are also options for on-site workers.
  • Workana relies heavily on its feedback and rating system from its clients to provide quality control for current freelancers.

13. Fiverr

Fiverr is well-known in the world of freelancing and is a respected brand in the IT industry. Since launching in 2010 in Israel, Fiverr has grown its network of contractors to more than 4 million clients and 830,000 freelancers. It recently expanded its customized business hiring resource, Fiverr Pro.

  • Fiverr takes 20% of each freelancer’s earnings as its service fee.
  • Fiverr has offerings in many other industries, so it may take some time to find an exact fit without using the Pro service.

14. Freelancer

Freelancer helps put business clients in the driver’s seat when hiring and working with freelance developers. Clients post their project’s scope and evaluate each freelancer’s response and proposal. Freelancer lets clients process payments through a milestone approach that does not release funds until the project is adequately completed.

  • Clients have access to a live chat customer service system through Freelancer’s mobile app.
  • Freelancer boasts more than 70 million unique users in its network across multiple continents.
  • Projects can be any size, even small tasks that take an hour or less.

Guide to hiring great freelance ABAP Developers

Abap programming language

Advanced Business Application Programming is a programming language created by SAP for business applications. Since the 1980s when ABAP first became mainstream, developers skilled in this object-oriented programming language have been heavily recruited and in demand.

SAP, the software company that developed the ABAP language, has a value of $69.01 billion. Since 2010, SAP started shifting its priorities from ABAP to cloud-based solutions. Despite this shift, there is still demand for ABAP coding language in the cloud. ABAP for SAP Fiori is the reinvented programming language that SAP’s business model now prioritizes.

Developers with specialized programming knowledge and skills with ABAP and other languages are in demand. As more companies integrate technology into their business model, the need for developers will continue to rise. The existing talent pool cannot handle these demands.

According to surveys from workers in the tech industry, the developer shortage is a big concern, with more than 37% of IT professionals citing difficulty with finding talented developers. The problem continues to be locating individuals who have a combination of strong technical knowledge and important general skills.

HR professionals may know how to hire ABAP developers, but some smart startups and growing small businesses may not have a dedicated human resources department. Finding quality talent can sometimes be a full-time job, and busy business leaders may not have enough time in their schedule to look for developers who know ABAP and other cloud-based programming languages.

5 Reasons why it is hard to find and hire abap developers

Hiring a Freelance ABAP Developer

If you need to hire a freelance ABAP developer, you may want to tap into the world of freelance talent. In today’s ever-changing workplace, looking at freelancers to fill your software developer roles could open your company up to more flexibility and innovation.

With freelance workers, businesses get much more convenience, with workers adapting their schedules to meet the needs of the organization. Your team benefits from discovering new types of creativity and new ways to get your projects done more efficiently.

What Does an ABAP Developer Do?

ABAP developers for hire write code for applications and programs using ABAP and SAP languages. The code they write in ABAP is for business processes, such as inventory management, data analysis, accounting tasks, customer service database management or website server information.

Why hire ABAP developers? A skilled ABAP programmer could create a proprietary business software application that makes a company more efficient. They may also help automate a series of tasks and reduce the manpower required for certain situations. This could translate to saving time, money and resources, giving businesses more bang for their buck when they hire dedicated ABAP developers.

One organization that has seen benefits from ABAP and SAP business applications is the National Hockey League. Developers have built software for the NHL that has elevated the game and improved the experience for players, coaches, fans and analysts. SAP and ABAP technology have used data to take gameplay to the next level.

According to David Lehanski, EVP, Business Development and Innovation of the NHL, “At a high level, from an innovation standpoint, the NHL is focused on expanding and enhancing the game of hockey. For a big portion of that, we need to capture a tremendous amount of data. We need to process that data, distribute that data and turn it into meaningful experiences.”

With the new approach, teams have gained a greater understanding of their players’ strengths. The facilities in the NHL have also benefited from a move towards more sustainability from data integration.

How To Hire ABAP Developers

Before hiring, you and your team should understand the scope of the project your company needs for SAP software integration. Once you pinpoint the specifics of your software development project, you should choose a timeline for completion. If your company has had similar projects in the past, look back at project management timelines to see personnel requirements and compare.

Since ABAP developers work across all industries, you could network with nearly any other type of company that has experience with SAP software implementation. Sometimes your team could reach out to other companies and get recommendations for the top developers in your region. If you have an IT department, you could try to link up with people in the tech industry at network events or conferences.

Something else to think about is experience. The senior ABAP developers who have seen it all may be looking at retirement. Mid-level ABAP developers may have a wealth of knowledge of different types of SAP applications and could be useful. Junior or entry-level ABAP developers may only have experience with the newest programming languages through the cloud.

Talented software developers usually have a strong showing in their portfolio of work from previous clients. Managers wanting to hire a new developer should investigate their portfolio to make a judgment call about their quality of work. Keep in mind that the most sought-after freelance ABAP developers tend to have their schedules booked up months in advance.

What Skills To Look For When Hiring ABAP Developers

When you hire a new person to join your company, either full-time, part-time or freelance, they should possess a combination of ABAP developer skills and character skills that make them a good fit for your organization. Here are the top behavioral skills most ABAP developers should have:

  • Interpersonal Skills - Developers should be able to communicate effectively with other people on their team. They should also be able to get along with other people and appropriately navigate disagreements or conflicts.
  • Creative Thinking Process - Creativity and innovation are also a must for ABAP developers. Often they will need to consider unique ways to solve problems.
  • Ability To Take Responsibility - Sometimes things go wrong in a collaborative environment. A professional should be able to own up to their mistakes and take responsibility when they make a mistake so it can get fixed.
  • Analytical Thinking - Programming and writing business application software demands an analytical mind. Developers have to analyze complex issues and look for opportunities to improve and streamline.

A software developer should also have an undergraduate degree in computer science or a field that is similar, such as math, engineering or science. Candidates without college degrees may substitute experience or certifications from comparable programs.

The technical skills that an ABAP developer needs to know are quite specific. Here are examples of technical skills that a software developer with expertise in ABAP and SAP should know:

  • SAP Fiori
  • ABAP Core
  • ABAP RESTful Programming Model (RAP)
  • Java and JavaScript
  • Business processes and documentation
  • Consulting experience

How Much Does It Cost To Hire ABAP Developers?

An ABAP developer in a full-time role makes an average of $104,432 annually and $50.21 per hour. In addition to salary, full-time ABAP developers may also receive incentives such as medical benefits, retirement accounts and profit-sharing.

Senior developers and employees in expensive states like California and New York could see even higher salaries. If you go with remote workers through a freelance outlet, you could save on the costs of hiring a developer significantly.

Tips for Writing an ABAP Developer Job Description

To get better applicants for your position, you need to master the art of writing an ABAP developer job description. A well-written job description accomplishes two goals. The first is attracting strong candidates to apply. Next, it must describe the position accurately so applicants understand your project’s requirements.

In addition to a solid ABAP developer job description, your team also needs a hiring process that identifies and evaluates candidates fairly and equitably. Instead of relying just on technical aptitude, your team also needs to consider other essential skills, such as teamwork, communication and problem-solving approaches. Include these details in a job description:
Job Title DutiesRequired Qualifications Preferred Qualifications
ABAP DeveloperSummarize the daily responsibilities for the positionGive a bulleted point list of required skills and credentialsList additional qualifications that your ideal candidate should possess

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire an ABAP Developer

If you decide to interview candidates yourself, you need good questions to ask during the process. Pick questions for the interview that evaluate the candidate’s technical know-how and general character so you have a clear vision of what their work would look like.

One great topic to ask a potential employee about is: What does your typical workday look like? A strong candidate should answer with specific details about their process with ABAP and SAP software. They should be able to give plenty of examples of specific tasks they typically do throughout the day.

Then you want to go into technical knowledge questions like: Tell me your knowledge of the ABAP data dictionary. The developer should be able to explain their knowledge of this essential database in the ABAP language.

Another question to ask is: What is Web Dynpro? Look for an answer that gives evidence of extensive knowledge of ABAP’s role with Web Dynpro. The candidate should understand how this user interface platform interacts with back-end SAP R/3 applications.

How To Find Freelance ABAP Developers for Hire

Hiring quality workers is one of the top challenges in today’s business marketplace. You and your team have to be creative and resourceful to get your vacancies filled. That means thinking outside the box to find ABAP developers.

Consider looking in places you may not have first considered, such as recruitment events at local colleges, coding boot camps, science and technology clubs or outsourcing firms. There are more sites to hire ABAP developers now since many people opt to work in a freelance role. You may find exactly what you need through the sites on this guide.

Help your company grow and thrive by hiring the top ABAP developers for projects. Be creative when looking for hiring solutions and look to gain an understanding of the climate for recruitment in today’s hectic IT industry. Once you have mastered this concept, work with expert recruiters and outsourcing teams to build a new roster of knowledgeable talent so your projects will advance to the next level.

Hiring ABAP Developers FAQs

Are ABAP developers in demand?
ABAP developers, like many other roles in software engineering, are in demand in the modern business world. Since many companies use SAP software for business operations and management, the need for ABAP experts does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon.
How much does it cost to hire an ABAP developer?
Hiring a new ABAP developer is an investment into your business setup and organization. Full-time developers will cost you annual salaries, benefits, employment taxes, onboarding and other expenses. Depending on your company’s needs, this could stretch your budget. A cost-friendly alternative is working with freelance developers. Freelancers take care of their own employment taxes and other expenses, so you only have to worry about their hourly rate.
Where can I hire ABAP developers?
The best way to recruit new ABAP developers is to use some of the resources listed in this guide. There are many sites where you can find outsourced developers from different parts of the world. Working with remote freelance developers makes it easy to get expertise and efficiency for software solutions added to your team.
How to hire ABAP developers
To find and hire talented ABAP developers, you have to resort to different strategies. Look in your professional network to talent spot professionals who have experience with code analysis, SAP and high-level programming language. Attend industry events, join online social media business sites and keep in touch with former contacts to make it easier to find skilled people for your project.
Where can I hire ABAP developers?
The best way to recruit new ABAP developers is to use some of the resources listed in this guide. There are many sites where you can find outsourced developers from different parts of the world. Working with remote freelance developers makes it easy to get expertise and efficiency for software solutions added to your team.
Why should you hire an ABAP developer?
Businesses that want to customize their software solutions for operations purposes may benefit from having ABAP developers on their teams. A developer with extensive technical knowledge could help your company be more streamlined, cost-effective and successful.

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