How to hire freelance Agile developers in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented Agile developers

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  • 98% Hiring Success
  • Fast Matching within 48 hours
  • Risk-Free Trial for up to 5 Days
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Agile is not a programming language or platform. It is an approach to the development process, and identifying the best Agile developers available can be challenging. That is why we have combined a list of top sites, skills to look for, hiring tips, and more into this guide to hire Agile developers.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Agile developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal’s talent-matching service compiles a shortlist of compatible, highly qualified candidates with a 98% success rate. Most clients receive this list in 24 hours and begin hiring Agile developers in 48 hours.

Toptal uses a 5-step vetting process to assess personality, language, and technical skills. Only the top 3% of developers applying to Toptal make it through the rigorous vetting, leaving only the best Agile developers.

Key Points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Upwork

As a top freelance marketplace, Upwork hosts global Agile developers with varying skill levels. Developers set their own prices.

Upwork does not focus on screening or vetting its freelancers, leaving those tasks to you. However, the platform recognizes top performers, awarding talent badges or Expert-Vetted status to help you find Agile developers who earn consistently favorable client feedback.

Key Points:

  • Talent Specialists can identify developers who worked on projects of a similar nature.
  • You can purchase pre-packaged services, search profiles, create job posts, or utilize talent matching to source and hire freelance Agile developers.
  • Many powerful platform tools are free to use without a subscription.

3. Arc.dev

Arc boasts a Silicon Valley-caliber vetting process that eliminates all but 2.3% of developers who apply. Arc’s AI matches you with skilled, compatible candidates.

This platform offers permanent, full-time developer placements and freelance Agile developers for short- or long-term projects. Each hiring method has a risk-free guarantee and pricing options.

Key Points:

  • Arc’s fast candidate matching lets you hire freelancers in 72 hours, while hiring full-time developers typically takes two weeks.
  • You will get a no-risk trial period to gauge each developer’s fit and performance.
  • Although Arc’s talent pool has a global reach, each developer is fluent in English.

4. Turing

Turing’s AI-powered vetting and talent-matching services help you to find and hire freelance Agile developers, often within four days. Your team starts working on your project during your two-week no-risk trial period. If you prefer, hire a fully managed development team through Turing.

Turing’s client list includes 900+ companies, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. There are no upfront hiring costs.

Key Points:

  • Turing’s vetting accepts only 1% of developers onto the platform, letting you hire Agile developers with confidence.
  • At least four hours of every workday will overlap with your time zone.
  • In-depth developer profiles outline strengths and weaknesses for transparent hiring.

5. Gigster

Gigster’s focus is providing fully managed development teams. These teams use modified Agile processes as part of their protocols to produce high-quality deliverables quickly.

The number of members on your team and their skill sets may vary as project requirements evolve. Gigster serves startups and enterprise-level companies with project-based pricing.

Key Points:

  • Gigster completes 95% of its projects within budget and meeting completion deadlines.
  • In-depth vetting eliminates 99% of the developers who apply, allowing Gigster to staff your team with only qualified developers in approximately two weeks.
  • Discuss your project with Gigster experts who create a no-obligation, free technical proposal outlining pricing and planning.

6. Ideamotive

Ideamotive matches you with vetted individuals or teams of freelance Agile developers. You can also select end-to-end services, choosing fully managed services to develop your software products. Request custom quotes.

Registered in Poland, the award-winning Ideamotive platform sources top European freelance talent and trusted contractors to provide services to companies of any size. Ideamotive offers a money-back guarantee.

Key Points:

  • You can often find Agile developers in 48 hours with Ideamotive’s fast matching process.
  • Your team’s work schedule will overlap with your time zone for at least three hours to facilitate communications.
  • Platform benefits include simplified invoicing, enhanced business support, and fast, flexible scaling.

7. X-Team

X-Team provides highly skilled on-demand development teams, or you can contact your dedicated account manager to hire an individual Agile developer. Each applicant undergoes rigorous vetting before X-Team accepts them onto its global platform.

You will receive a single monthly invoice for X-Team’s scalable services; pricing varies with project parameters. Building a team can take a few days or weeks.

Key Points:

  • X-Team only accepts contracts lasting for 90 days or longer.
  • Platform vetting considers English proficiency, personality, technical skills, and other vital areas.
  • You can request a replacement if a particular Agile developer does not perform to your standards.

8. Hired

Hired connects top tech talent to companies searching for those skills. Hired’s freelance Agile developer profiles feature vital insights, such as desired salaries, years of experience in specific roles, work preferences, and the results of multiple role-based skill assessments.

Pricing options include paying per hire and an annual subscription that allows unlimited job posts and unlocks benefits, including a dedicated account manager.

Key Points:

  • Hired offers a technical sourcing option for clients who prefer talent-matching services.
  • You can find Agile developers for short- and long-term projects.
  • You can send Hired’s customizable technical challenges to selected developers to assess specific skills.

9. Gun.io

Headquartered in Nashville, TN, Gun.io has a worldwide network of strictly vetted developers. Whether you need a single freelancer or a team, Gun.io simplifies hiring Agile developers by curating a list of skilled candidates who suit your requirements best.

Gun.io provides a dedicated success manager for every client. Choose from multiple pricing tiers and hiring options.

Key Points:

  • You should receive your developer shortlist within five days, potentially hiring selected candidates within 14.
  • Gun.io is best suited for longer-term projects, but flexible hiring allows easy scaling.
  • Senior-level tech experts administer vetting interviews and tests to ensure accurate results.

10. Dice

Dice has almost 6 million U.S. members, with almost 2 million tech professionals visiting the site monthly. AI-powered tools identify the most relevant candidates for your posted positions, eliminating the need to search through profiles blindly. If you prefer customized sourcing, use Dice’s recruitment services.

Flexible pricing addresses filling only a few positions or building substantial teams.

Key Points:

  • This job board caters to tech talent, so your job posts reach your target audience.
  • Dice leverages multiple sources to locate and identify the most suitable candidates for your open role.
  • Dice reviews praise the platform’s user interface, accuracy, and robust tools.

11. Remoteok.com

Many remote Agile developers are available for hire through this tech-focused job board. Search filters include location, desired salaries, and required skill sets. Whether you need part-time, full-time, or freelance Agile developers, you will have a global talent pool to choose from.

Posting open jobs is simple, but you can also peruse profiles to find Agile developers with various skill levels.

Key Points:

  • You can select multiple add-ons to increase the exposure of your job posts.
  • Take advantage of deep discounts when you purchase multiple job posting packages.
  • Detailed developer profiles provide vital insights that help you narrow your search for qualified candidates.

12. Coders.Dev

Hire one Agile developer or build a team using this highly rated platform. Find junior or senior skill levels and choose dedicated, offshore, or remote hiring options to best fulfill your project’s requirements. Coders.dev vets its talent, but you can test shortlisted candidates as well.

Your Agile development team will schedule work to match your time zone. Coders.dev serves 3,000+ global clients, including many enterprise-level businesses.

“Coders dev is an ideal match for your technology staffing demands. Their groundbreaking system is straightforward, effective and budget-conscious. In just seven days, we discovered a new specialist through their procedure. It is a must-try for finding tech-talent efficiently.”

Kenny Williams , CEO, Klein Inc.

Key Points:

  • Choose contract-to-hire, part-time, or full-time hiring at competitive prices.
  • Customers praise Coders.dev for on-time, on-budget, high-quality deliverables.
  • AI power supports this platform, enabling many ways to save time and money with on-demand hiring.

13. ValueCoders

If you need a pre-vetted Agile software development team or Agile consultants, check out ValueCoders. This software development company provides 24/7 customer support, competitive pricing, and transparent communication, using the latest technologies to build customized solutions.

After you submit a free consultation request you can expect a guaranteed response within eight business hours. An account manager will provide recommendations and estimates.

Key Points:

  • Only highly qualified developers will work on your project during times that are compatible with your preferred time zone.
  • A developer’s skill level and years of experience impact your project’s pricing.
  • Fast scaling keeps your team optimized as project needs evolve.

14. Authentic Jobs

Based in the U.S., Authentic Jobs connects global tech talent with the companies needing their services. You can hire Agile developers for internships, part-time, full-time, and freelance positions. Developers with various skill levels may work remote, on-site, or hybrid schedules. Globally known companies regularly use Authentic Jobs for sourcing.

Key Points:

  • Approximately 65% of developers are U.S.-based, with the remaining 35% located in over 100 countries worldwide.
  • Subscription-based job listings are active for 30 days and have different price points, optional extras, and a 100% satisfaction guarantee.
  • Utilize the on-site dashboard to organize your posts, manage payments, and review applications.

15. PeoplePerHour

You can find and hire freelance Agile developers quickly and easily using this U.K.-based talent-matching platform. Build a team or hire a single pre-vetted developer with varying skill levels and years of experience. Choose hourly rates or project-based pricing.

You can post jobs of any size and duration, with applicants submitting custom proposals for your review.

Key Points:

  • On-site tools include project streams that allow you to organize and consolidate project information and communications.
  • PeoplePerHour benefits include a money-back guarantee, payment protection, and dedicated support 24/7.
  • This platform holds developer payments in escrow until you are satisfied with the completed deliverables.
Job Market Trends
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Data sources: Indeed.com, GitHub

Guide to hiring great freelance Agile developers

Hiring Agile Developers

Agile developers are uniquely equipped to emerge on top of today’s ever-changing technological landscape because Agile is an approach to creating software solutions that focuses on adaptability.

However, sourcing the right developers for your project can present challenges, especially if you rely solely on local talent markets. This hiring guide shows you how to hire Agile developers and what are desirable skill sets, the value they add to organizations, and other crucial information for these professionals.

Top 3 freelance talent platforms
Freelance PlatformTrustpilot scoreKey pointVettingGuaranteeFee to post projectsTalent statusRate & Share
1Toptal4.8High-profile clientsTop 3% Talent. Rigorous VettingPay only if satisfied$500 as a credit for the first projectFreelancersYes
2Upwork3.9Large freelancer marketplaceAdditional Expert-Vetted programPayment protectionNone, client pays commissionFreelancersYes
3Arc.dev4.0All-in-One Remote Hiring SolutionYesRisk-free GuaranteeFee per hire, Retainer or HourlyFreelancers, Fill-timeYes

From 2023 to 2030, the global market for Agile software development should grow at a compound annual growth rate of at least 7%. Unlike other, more traditional software development methodologies that use linear steps, Agile projects typically utilize multiple development teams, with each working on a separate project stage simultaneously. Called iterations or sprints, these stages enable continuous adjustments and changes.

The Agile management style requires flexibility, collaboration, communication, and seamless adaptation to fluctuating project requirements. This approach promotes a faster time to market and allows for real-time revisions to address specific issues, feedback, and results.

signatory of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development

“Agile is an attitude, not a technique with boundaries. An attitude has no boundaries, so we wouldn’t ask ‘can I use agile here’, but rather ‘how would I act in the agile way here?’ or ‘how agile can we be, here?'” — Alistair Cockburn , signatory of the Manifesto for Agile Software Development

Agile developers and other Agile experts have specialized areas of expertise, such as mobile apps, databases, websites, and AI. Whichever attribute you identify first, you will need a high-caliber team to produce a top-quality digital product.

Agile PrincipleBenefits
1. Our highest priority is to satisfy the customer through early and continuous delivery of valuable software.Programmers sometimes “get lost” in coding. By focusing on client goals, teams stay on track and are more productive.
2. Welcome changing requirements, even late in development. Agile processes harness change for the customer’s competitive advantage.Changes will happen regardless. A positive attitude toward them results in better handling and you will often find a “silver lining.”
3. Deliver working software frequently, from a couple of weeks to a couple of months, with a preference to the shorter timescale.Measurable progress is important to everyone. Customers see tangible results, and Agile teams check off goals, producing a sense of accomplishment and motivation.
4. Business people and developers must work together daily throughout the project.Product owners can provide real-time insights and feedback. In addition, they realize a real stake in projects. Developers can address issues promptly, and back-and-forth conversations may spark new ideas.
5. Build projects around motivated individuals. Give them the environment and support they need, and trust them to get the job done.When each person has a designated responsibility, do not micromanage. Instead, be available to assist if needed.
6. The most efficient and effective method of conveying information to and within a development team is face-to-face conversation.Written words and those spoken over the phone are easy to misinterpret. Face-to-face communication, even through video conferencing, provides access to the full scope of information available.
7. Working software is the primary measure of progress.Agile development does not award participation trophies; it only rewards wins.
8. Agile processes promote sustainable development. The sponsors, developers, and users should be able to maintain a constant pace indefinitely.“An object in motion stays in motion…” Traditional workflows often have significant lag times, making everyone lose their levels of interest and motivation.
9. Continuous attention to technical excellence and good design enhances agility.Because the Agile mentality is to identify, remedy, and test software issues in real-time, teams create better products and minimize potential roadblocks.
10. Simplicity — the art of maximizing the amount of work not done — is essential.Work smarter, not harder. Prevent larger problems from happening by addressing small ones as they emerge.
11. The best architectures, requirements, and designs emerge from self-organizing teams.When several great minds work toward a common goal, everyone contributes ideas that tend to feed off of each other to create optimal solutions.
12. At regular intervals, the team reflects on how to become more effective, then tunes and adjusts its behavior accordingly.Complacency and hubris have no place in Agile. With honest reflection, you can spot strengths and weaknesses. With an honest desire for improvement, you will implement necessary adjustments without objections.

Hiring a Freelance Agile Developer

You can choose part-time, full-time, or remote and freelance Agile developers, but which hiring structure is best? When you hire a freelance Agile developer, you:

  • Have more flexibility without the commitment of hiring employees
  • Can source hard-to-find niche skills that are not readily available locally
  • Do not have overhead, benefits, or payroll tax costs

Many freelance platforms offer risk-free trial periods to assess a developer’s fit.

What Does an Agile Developer Do?

Coaching Agile Team

“‘Take it to the team.’ Take any perceived problem to the team. They know what’s really happening and what to do about it. Everyone can rely on the cadence agile gives them to consider such problems. It’s called the retrospective.” — Lyssa Adkins in Coaching Agile Teams 

The Agile methodology utilizes teamwork to outline and achieve goals, requiring regular participation by the product owner. Each team has a specific responsibility, which provides accountability and encourages optimum performance.

Agile development teams use four core concepts as outlined in the Agile Manifesto:

  1. Individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
  2. Working software over comprehensive documentation.
  3. Customer collaboration over contract negotiations.
  4. Responding to change over following a plan.

Following these practices, your Agile team can design, build, test, and deploy various software products faster.

Scrum is an Agile framework that teams frequently use for project management and structuring. Combined with Agile’s core concepts and principles, Scrum enables teams to separate tasks into iterations with attached deadlines. Each sprint typically lasts for two weeks, although it may extend to one month. At the end of each sprint, the team has produced working software. 

Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

“If a bug was addressed on the day it was created, it would take an hour to fix; three weeks later, it would take twenty-four hours. It didn’t even matter if the bug was big or small, complicated or simple — it always took twenty-four times longer three weeks later.” — Jeff Sutherland in Scrum: The Art of Doing Twice the Work in Half the Time

Why hire Agile developers? The Agile software development method is particularly useful to businesses when:

  • You expect project requirements to change often and unpredictably.
  • You must provide frequent feedback to clients or stakeholders.
  • Your project is complex or involves significant risk.
  • You need to meet short deadlines.
  • Your project must deliver value.

Many industries have adopted Agile practices to produce better outcomes when managing various interconnected tasks. Agile developers for hire are highly sought after because of their can-do mentality.

Hiring dedicated Agile developers provides measurable benefits, such as:

  • Better-quality digital products
  • Faster development and launch times
  • Cost savings and increased returns on investment
  • Project performance visibility and predictability
  • Improved customer satisfaction
  • Reduced risk
  • Better reactions, adaptability, and solutions to inevitable project changes

Regardless of the nature of your software development project, Agile teams are an excellent option.

With an understanding of the Agile software development methodology and other vital information contained in this hiring guide, you can use these top 15 sites to source the best Agile developers available. Together, you can create successful digital products.

How To Hire Agile Developers

As with any project, the first step in the hiring process is defining project parameters:

  • Budget
  • Nature
  • Scope
  • Preferred start and completion timeline
  • Goals

You must also decide if you will hire employees or utilize freelancers. Because the Agile method focuses on teamwork, consider hiring teams who have worked well together on previous projects. Toptal, Gigster, and X-Team are examples of hiring platforms that offer teams.

Although Scrum is the most widely used Agile framework, it is not the only one. Kanban, Crystal, XP, Feature-Driven Development, and Dynamic Systems Development Method are other top choices. Your project’s nature helps a development team decide which framework to use. Look for developers with experience using one or more of these frameworks.

Other required technical skills will vary depending on the type of software product you want to develop. Skill levels range from junior to senior, with years of experience being the main differentiating factor. Senior-level developers may have management experience or more in-depth knowledge of a particular skill set, but they cost more to hire.

You do not necessarily need a team composed of only senior-level talent, though. Bright rising developers may produce similar quality work for less money.

It is often difficult to choose the best developers for your team. How do you identify the right candidates? Look for:

  • Exceptional technical skills with experience working on projects like yours
  • Passion for, and the ability to explain, Agile methods
  • An active interest in keeping up with emerging trends and technologies
  • Experience developing software for your industry
  • Personable individuals with whom you can develop a good working rapport

No developer is the right fit for every job.You can source your team through sites like Toptal that offer risk-free trial periods that give you time to change your mind.

What Skills Should You Look For in an Agile Developer?

Agile development projects may require diverse technical skills, determined by the type of product you will produce. Look at the other hiring guides on this site to learn more about each specific skill set.

Many employers are not comfortable judging a candidate’s technical skills, and there is nothing wrong with that. Utilizing talent-matching services that vet developers is an excellent option if you would prefer to leave technical assessments to experts. Toptal is our top pick. Hired applicants take various role-based skills assessments and you can view their scores; you can even request that a particular candidate take custom skill assessments.

Impeccable technical credentials do not always identify the best candidates for your project. Soft skills are arguably as important as technical skills, particularly when teamwork is a vital element in your development process. Necessary soft skills include:

  • Excellent written and verbal communication, including English (or your preferred language) proficiency
  • Active listening
  • Critical thinking and innovative problem-solving
  • Time management, work ethic, and self-motivation
  • Collaboration and a team mentality
  • Performing well under pressure
  • Positive attitude and confidence
  • Flexibility

You should also consider cultural fit and personality. Other necessary Agile developer skills, such as leadership abilities, are role-specific.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Agile Developers?

Agile developers in the U.S. earn average annual salaries of $105,659 or $51 per hour. Yearly wages range from $70,500 to $147,000. Factors like skill sets, years of experience, skill levels, and location impact these amounts.

Tips for Writing an Agile Developer Job Description

You will select and interview top applicants, but each candidate must also decide if they want to join your team. Attract top talent with friendly language, company achievements, cultural highlights, and exciting projects you have completed or that are in the works.

Your job description should include:

  • Project description
  • Role-based duties and responsibilities
  • Required and desired qualifications
  • Hiring method
  • Project longevity (if you are hiring freelancers)

Companies need to consider diversity and inclusion to promote unbiased hiring. Create consistent interview questions, skill assessments, and scoring models for fair selections.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire an Agile Developer

The candidates you interview have qualifications that look great on paper (or screen). While you should require a real-time coding test to assess programming expertise, interviews let you evaluate soft skills and how well you expect each candidate to integrate into your team.

Pose open-ended situational questions, intentionally leaving out some critical details. This is an ideal way to:

  • Learn about the developer’s thought processes
  • Gauge communication skills
  • Experience their problem-solving skills

The candidate should ask for the missing details because it is impossible to answer the question accurately without them.

Along with typical interview questions, include the following:

  • Describe Agile development and why you prefer it. Candidates should demonstrate in-depth knowledge of this methodology and be able to communicate their knowledge clearly. You will also gain personal motivation insights.
  • Tell me about instances when you worked well with a team and when you faced challenges. Hearing more about accomplishments is good, but learning how someone reacts to adverse situations is even more useful.

By using a consistent scoring scale, you can fairly tally each candidate’s interview results and select those with the best scores.

How To Find Freelance Agile Developers for Hire

Although you can leverage professional networks to find developers, freelance marketplaces, outsourcing agencies, and job boards often produce better results in less time. Compare the benefits of the top 15 sites to hire Agile developers in this guide and ask yourself:

  • How quickly do I need to hire my team?
  • Do I want to screen and vet applicants, or do I prefer to use talent-matching services?
  • What is my hiring budget?
  • Is a no-risk guarantee important?

You can find Agile developers on every site listed, but Toptal features 48-hour hiring, seamless scaling, vetted developers, a risk-free trial period, and world-class talent, with no sourcing effort required from you.

To ensure the best project outcomes, build your team using the strategic hiring practices outlined here. By using this information and utilizing these 15 sites, you will position your company for success.

Hiring Agile developers - FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Agile Developer?

Whether you are paying by the hour, using project-based pricing, or purchasing complete solutions, a few consistent factors impact how much it costs:

  • Skill sets and levels
  • Years of experience
  • Location
  • Project complexity and timeframe

You will typically pay less to hire freelancers without sacrificing quality.

How To Hire Agile Developers?

There are a few vital steps in the hiring process:

  1. Define your project’s parameters.
  2. Decide if you will utilize part-time, full-time, or freelance Agile developers.
  3. Craft an enticing job post.
  4. Compare the benefits of using each top site to source qualified candidates.
  5. Choose the site(s) you will use and initiate your search.
  6. Interview shortlisted candidates using the tips in this guide.
  7. Make your selections and begin onboarding your new team members.

You can save time by using talent-matching services that only admit vetted developers to their platforms.

Where Can I Hire Agile Developers?
Toptal, Turing, Arc.dev, Upwork, and Gigster are excellent sourcing options if you need to hire Agile developers. Explore them or the other options provided in this guide, then choose the site that works best for you.
Why Should You Hire an Agile Developer?
While there are other development methodologies, Agile provides clear advantages. Hiring an Agile development team equips you to adapt easily, shorten development times, launch fully tested products faster, reduce costs and risks, and collaborate on high-quality finished products. Agile is a state of mind that produces a can-do attitude, an invaluable attribute that enhances performance, motivation, and teamwork.
What Does Agile Mean in Software Development?

Agile refers to a specific methodology based on four core concepts, upholding 12 stated principles. Agile is about “uncovering better ways of developing software by doing it and helping others do it.”

Are Agile Developers in Demand?

The Agile methodology is in high demand because of its effectiveness, its measurable benefits and the improvements it facilitates. During 2021, Agile development experienced an astronomical 232% growth rate, going from 37% to 86%. This demand should continue to increase.

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