The 15 best sites to hire Apple Pay Developers in 2024

Updated on July 12, 2024
Platforms to find talented Apple Pay Developers

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Apple Pay developers typically work with iOS, iPadOS and watchOS mobile apps and sites in Safari to integrate a simple and secure payment method. In 2022 alone, Apple Pay produced $1.1 trillion in sales through the app store, so the demand for skilled developers is hot. Here is a comprehensive guide to hire Apple Pay developers so your company can thrive. 

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Apple Pay Developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

When you need a team of reliable, expert freelance app developers, turn to Toptal. They have a comprehensive and strict screening process to find the top 3% of the talent pool. Their team works with you to find the right combination of drive, skill and work ethic to give you remote or on-site workers.

According to reviewer RI, “The pre-work and pre-selection done by Toptal helped us make the selection quickly, and more importantly, we got a great resource for our project.”

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Turing

Turing is a leading partner for businesses looking to hire new developers for their teams. Because they recruit people without making them pay membership fees, they have a larger talent pool. Their model uses AI to match companies with freelance or full-time developers within four days.

  • Turing’s database of developers includes more than 3 million users.
  • The automated vetting process uses algorithms to evaluate people applying for positions.
  • Candidates and businesses can choose their own rates and pay based on a developer’s experience and skills.

3. Codementor

Codementor is a freelancing platform that focuses on coding professionals and software developers, including freelance Apple Pay developers. One way they differentiate themselves from other platforms is how they use mentorship. Their team of experts offers your software development company mentorship services with a skilled coder.

  • A benefit of Codementor is its unique approach to software development that allows a custom way to get assistance.
  • Codementor provides live, instant services for when your company needs a mobile app development project.

4. LinkedIn

You can find Apple Pay developers on the juggernaut hiring website LinkedIn. LinkedIn Recruiter is a tool companies can use if they want a more personalized approach to hiring developers. The Recruiter tool provides premium features, such as messaging, advanced search filters and matching.

  • LinkedIn is the most popular platform for recruiters, with more than 77% of hiring managers using it as their preferred job-matching platform.
  • The pros of LinkedIn are that it allows for easy reference checks and collaboration in the process with other colleagues on your team.
  • The platform also provides template messages for recruiters for more efficiency when reaching out to potential developers.

5. Freelancer

Freelancer’s model has developers bidding for your company’s projects. Its vast network of skilled freelance Apple Pay experts helps companies find exactly what they are looking for. Companies post a job, development freelancers bid on it and hiring managers browse profiles and choose the best option.

  • The site takes a percentage of the developer’s payment after the project ends.
  • Freelancer gives a business a flexible way to bring in new talent without investing in expensive human resources or benefits packages.
  • The management team at the site provides comprehensive customer service and works to make sure hiring managers get what they need.

6. Arc.dev

Arc.dev employs AI to help companies hire Apple Pay developers. Instead of spending hours, days or weeks looking for the right candidate, the AI system condenses the process and speeds things up, taking 72 hours or less. There is a free two-week trial period, so there is no risk in seeing what the site can do for your team.

7. Dice

Dice is a freelancing job board that has more than 6 million users, 65% with more than 10 years of experience. Your group gets a dedicated recruiting team during the development process to help you choose the best developers. Dice’s specialty is recruiting for the IT industry.

  • They have custom packages to post one or multiple jobs for an ongoing project.
  • The company also uses marketing techniques, job fairs and sourcing tools to assist with your recruiting needs.

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is another useful tool to find freelance Apple Pay developers. Like many other online recruiters, PeoplePerHour uses an AI tool to assist hiring managers. A bidding process allows talented developers to compete for each job.

  • Freelancers on this platform have reviews that are independently vetted and verified.
  • Clients do not have to worry about substandard work with PeoplePerHour’s payment workflow, which only pays the freelancer upon successful completion.

9. Fiverr

Hiring Apple Pay developers is much easier with Fiverr’s project management and recruiting tools. Business clients have the option of using Fiverr Business or the standard tool to recruit new developers. Fiverr Business also brings a streamlined quality assurance process to its clients.

  • Clients and freelancers work together through Fiverr’s proprietary interface.
  • Freelance developers who have advanced qualifications get singled out with a “Pro” badge.

10. Bark

Bark is a business-to-business marketplace platform that connects companies with professional developers. The site offers professional services from freelancers in all different industries, including IT. Freelancers take on more of the lead to find and seek projects that businesses post.

  • Companies get access to free quotes from developers looking for new projects.
  • Freelance IT workers have to purchase credits to contact project managers.

11. Upwork

Upwork is a popular platform that freelancers use to connect with new clients. First, you post a job when you need to hire freelance Apple Pay developers. Posted jobs include the freelancer’s fee, so developers can select the work that fits their skills.

  • Upwork’s system creates a designated user interface to manage projects.
  • Clients may have to sift through numerous proposals from freelancers to find the right fit since Upwork has a large user database.

12. Guru

Since 1998, Guru has been matching contract workers with companies. They have a massive online network, giving companies extensive resources in their search for top talent. They advertise themselves as having lower fees than comparable freelancing marketplaces.

  • Clients have the option of using the Guru Enterprise edition if they need to recruit and manage a team of Apple Pay freelancers.
  • Guru has a dedicated team of customer service agents for user satisfaction.
  • It may take some trial and error to find the right combination of talent and knowledge in its search process.

13. Beon

Featuring talent from Latin America, Beon is a newer entry in the tech worker recruiting industry, arriving in 2018. A big focus of the company is on retaining the best developers and preparing them for complex projects with a solid onboarding process. Candidates must demonstrate strong English proficiency, a limited language barrier, high academic achievement and excellent teamwork skills.

  • Freelancers benefit from being able to earn bonuses with Beon, which may help them attract candidates skilled in core functions.
  • Beon takes care of the management roles for human resources, such as tax forms and international administrative tasks.

14. Lemon.io

Startups finally have a platform that has their specific needs in mind with Lemon.io. Lemon is a job marketplace for developers and the companies that work with them. They have a simple system for recruiting IT workers for companies where they take a flat 20% commission.

  • Lemon has a culture of trusting professionals, so it does not use any type of key or time-tracking software for developers.
  • They do offer a 100% replacement guarantee if the developer assigned to the project is not meeting expectations.

15. Proxify

Featuring personal matchers and a risk-free week trial period, Proxify is revolutionizing contract software development. Proxify aims to link companies up with talented tech freelancers. Their hourly pricing is straightforward without extra fees or complications.

  • Proxify will orchestrate a client and freelancer meet and greet as part of the matching process.
  • Their team offers support with expert HR personnel who can help companies navigate contract work.

Guide to hiring great freelance Apple Pay Developers

Apple Pay enjoys its status as the most popular digital wallet payment option and has a market share of 92%. The payment tool processed $6 trillion in transactions worldwide in 2022, and that number should continue to grow. Merchants around the globe, mobile applications and online stores need qualified software developers with skills in implementing Apple Pay to keep up with the demand for this payment method.

Retailers, both online and brick-and-mortar, have seen huge benefits when adopting Apple Pay and other online payment systems in their business model. Small, independent shops have also made gains from incorporating Apple Pay in their transactions. Companies can see higher conversion rates, more customer loyalty and sales increases when adding Apple Pay.

Zin Home, an online home store, had its mobile sales increase by 20% when it added Apple Pay as part of its checkout process. “In the time since we implemented Apple Pay, we have seen a 10-20% increase in sales on mobile devices.

Finding capable software developers is a task that continues to get more challenging in today’s evolving tech marketplace. Every year, more new technologies emerge, making it difficult to find talent possessing the required skills.

The talent shortage for developers and other workers in the IT industry is one of the top five risks to companies looking to grow and compete. In the next 10 years, nearly 77% of jobs will require technical skills, and there is concern about companies being able to fill future positions. Hiring managers have to learn how to hire Apple Pay developers to keep up with the industry’s changing needs. 

Working With Freelancers

Hiring a Freelance Apple Pay Developer

If you need to hire a freelance Apple Pay developer for the next big project, you have more options nowadays than bringing in a regular, full-time employee. In the current business marketplace, there are more flexible possibilities for hiring. Other than full-time staff, you could recruit contractors, part-time workers or freelancers.

By hiring freelance developers, you can enrich your team’s perspective with more diversity and innovation. Besides saving money on onboarding costs, you will also benefit from more flexible work hours, creative solutions and higher-caliber remote talent.

Contract Best Practices

What Does an Apple Pay Developer Do?

If you wonder what does an Apple Pay developer do, this type of professional software engineer builds apps for iOS and implements the Apple Pay mobile payment solution.

Why hire Apple Pay developers? They work with e-commerce tools to integrate Apple Pay into a mobile app, retail point of sale system or website. Bringing an Apple Pay developer onto your team can leverage their skills for your retail applications.

Apple Pay is a leading mobile payment solution that allows for easy and fast transactions for services and products. Retailers prefer Apple Pay and recruit Apple Pay developers for hire because it is simple and secure, and customers love being able to use their iPhones to instantly make a purchase. Apple Pay works seamlessly with many iOS apps and retail store locations.

An example of an Apple Pay success story comes from the iconic sports organization the NBA. During the 2019-2020 basketball season, the Sacramento Kings worked to add Apple Pay as a payment option at the Golden 1 Center. The arena is home to the professional basketball team and sees tens of thousands of fans at each game. The payment solution had to be able to keep up with the center’s fast-paced flow of transactions in retail stores and concession stands.

In the post-pandemic world, Apple Pay allowed “users to make in-store purchases while avoiding touching buttons or exchanging cash.” The Kings paired the Apple Pay integration with a marketing push and a promotion discounting bottled water to $1 when using Apple Pay.

The promotion lasted for nine games and was a resounding success. After deciding to hire dedicated Apple Pay developers to implement Apple Pay throughout the arena, the Kings saw an 18.5% boost in retail shop sales and a 9% increase in concession receipts.

How To Hire Apple Pay Developers

Before hiring a developer, you need to define what capability you want with Apple Pay as your mobile payment system. Your team should work together to map out your vision for Apple Pay and how it will work with your current business model. Once you have a clear plan, create a solid hiring strategy to get talented developers.

The next step is to ask about other companies’ mobile payment processes to learn the pitfalls and benefits. If your company has an IT team or a technical side, collaborate with your staff to understand more about how integrating Apple Pay could do more for your business. Examine your current sales and point of sale system to see trends and concerns.

Consider that developers come in many different shapes and sizes regarding their skill level and time in the industry. Senior developers with experience in Apple Pay have a long track record of working with iOS and other applications. They typically have a portfolio of successful work to show off. Junior and entry-level developers should have the necessary technical skills for the job and the enthusiasm that comes from being a newcomer to the industry.

When you do not have time to take on the responsibilities of a human resources pro, you should reach out to a recruiter who can fill that role. Recruiters and job marketplace boards help busy leaders delegate this responsibility without sacrificing quality. Professional recruiters have the time and expertise required to look through developer portfolios and assess their technical skills.

What Skills To Look for When Hiring Apple Pay Developers

When you start the process of hiring a new software developer, there are specific soft and technical skills you should seek. Apple Pay developers are computer software engineers at their core through the Apple developer program, so review these general developer skills and also prioritize these capabilities:

  • Strong communication skills - Apple Pay developers work on complex projects that require collaboration and a lot of moving parts. Candidates must demonstrate an ability to communicate deadlines and feedback with others effectively.
  • Capable of staying calm under pressure - Software developers often have to navigate difficult problems that require unique solutions. Creating payment applications can be a challenge, so the ideal candidate will stay calm in tough situations.
  • Strong problem-solving abilities - Another key part of Apple Pay developer skills is problem-solving. This line of work necessitates creativity and critical thinking.
  • Ability to manage time effectively - Time management is another key ingredient to being a successful software developer. When you have tight deadlines and limited turnaround time, you need someone who manages time and understands how to prioritize.

Generally, most professional software developers also have credentials from a university or another program. Degrees in computer science are in demand for this industry. Other majors, such as business, finance, math or engineering, may also connect to the duties that this job demands.

Technical skills are also essential for someone working with Apple Pay and mobile app development. Here are specific technical skills that your team should look for in potential freelancers:

  • Experience with Swift
  • Scrum or SAFe skills
  • Understanding of 3rd-party SDK integrations and other open-source libraries
  • Objective-C or Swift programming language skills
  • Knowledge of JSON, REST APIs and GQL
  • Expertise with iOS framework
  • Knowledge of mobile pay applications

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Apple Pay Developers?

The salary for a developer with skills in mobile technology payment solutions and iOS is an average of $106,901 per year. This is for someone in a full-time role, so freelancer developer rates may be much less on average per project. Senior developers may make more depending on how many jobs they take per year. The average hourly rate for a freelance developer is about $60 per hour

Apple Pay Developer Career LevelAnnual Salary Average

Tips for Writing an Apple Pay Developer Job Description

A strong Apple Pay developer job description helps attract the best talent to your team. You should write a job description that highlights the specific skills and qualities you are looking for in a candidate. You should also aim to write an Apple Pay developer job description that gets the attention of the most talented people.

The goal during the hiring and interview process is to effectively assess applicants. Your team needs a way to conduct fair and unbiased assessments. A recruiter may have the tools you need to evaluate technical skills through an online assessment. Personality tests, group interviews, working interviews or trial periods could also help find the right candidate.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire an Apple Pay Developer

During an interview for a developer, you need a set of relevant questions that give you a better idea of the person’s capabilities. Interview questions should be a mix of technical problems and character assessments. You may also want to try the team approach to an interview where you use a panel to ask questions and listen to the answers.

Starting with technical skills, consider asking a question like: What is your knowledge and skill in implementing Apple Pay or other mobile payment applications? Someone skilled in mobile payment applications should answer with details including specific projects where they added that capability to a mobile app, retail store or some other establishment.

Another question to ask is: What experience do you have with managing secure payment systems such as Apple Pay? The ideal answer will show careful considerations of how mobile app payments control security. The candidate should have knowledge of secure socket layer systems or other encrypted technology.

You may also ask the candidate: How do you improve the user experience for Apple Pay? The developer should have an answer that discusses decreasing lag time. They should also mention details about reducing the number of steps required to submit a payment through Apple Pay. Listen for a careful, measured approach to mobile payment integration and a clear problem-solving method.

How To Find Freelance Apple Pay Developers for Hire

There are a few different ways to find Apple Pay developers. Consider spreading out your search for top-notch developers by looking for leads in places you would not expect. Hold recruiting events at coding boot camps, check out university programs, network with other companies in your industry and look at the best sites to hire Apple Pay developers.

When you work with a team at a recruiting site or through an online freelance marketplace, think about the pros and cons of the site. Consider their hiring speed, vetting process, ease of use and management tasks the company takes care of. With Toptal, you get a comprehensive hiring experience for freelancers, and your management team does not have to do much beyond wait for the best talent to join your team for app development services.

Hiring Apple Pay Developers - FAQs

Where can I hire Apple Pay developers?
Hiring starts by following the recruiting site’s lead and posting a job board. You want to give plenty of details about your project’s requirements, including technical core data. This helps you attract the perfect candidate to tackle your company’s mobile app development project and Apple Pay solution.
How much does it cost to hire Apple developers?
Freelancers tend to cost much less overall for mobile app development services. Instead of investing in benefits, perks and an annual salary, you may offer your contractor an hourly rate based on the amount of time invested into the project. Hours vary for these types of projects, and the rate you pay may also be dependent on several factors, such as the professional’s level of experience.
How to hire Apple Pay developers
If you want to work more effectively and get more bang for your buck, think about choosing a recruiting tool, such as Toptal, to assist with your search for a freelance development team. Experienced developers are much easier to find if you have a dedicated hiring team working for you.
Why should you hire an Apple Pay developer?
An Apple Pay developer gives you a way to increase your profitability for the development of mobile applications, wearable applications or desktop applications. Adding the most popular mobile payment system helps your app development company realize its ultimate business vision.
Are Apple Pay developers in demand?
Because mobile payment solutions are becoming more convenient and popular, the demand for this skill is rising. This makes it more difficult to find exactly what you need for your company’s goals. It is vital to use whatever tools necessary to find the best and most skilled development freelancers.

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