The 15 best sites to hire Automation Developers in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented Automation Developers

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A big challenge for many businesses in the IT industry today is hiring great people. We have compiled the top 15 sites to find skilled and capable software engineers. With our guide to hire automation developers and the tips we have put together, you can recruit the next great talent to your team.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Automation Developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

When you need flexibility and the highest caliber developers for your project, turn to Toptal. This service makes hiring automation developers essential for your firm’s goals easy and fast. Toptal focuses on finding the very best developers in the industry, with stringent assessments of each candidate’s technical aptitude, communication skills, creative thinking output and years of experience.

Customer service for clients is a priority. According to one client, “What I like the most is that they are crystal clear about the entire process, and if you have any questions, you can easily talk to your account manager.

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Arc.dev

Launched in 2019, Arc.dev helps companies link up with knowledgeable web developers. Their corporate clients include Spotify, FiveStars and HubSpot. The vetting process for automation developers includes several rounds of interviews, including a one-hour technical skills interview, a phone interview with open-ended questions and a computer-assisted interview checking English proficiency and character.

  • Clients have the option of using an AI tool to recruit new talent.
  • Arc.dev also gives your team the power to browse and evaluate profiles on your own.
  • Business customers choose to recruit freelance developers or regular full-time automation testers.

3. Upwork

In 2013, Upwork came onto the scene, changing the landscape for freelancers and businesses that work with them. Today, Upwork is the biggest online space for freelance workers, hitting $618 million in revenue last year. Upwork’s platform and large user base make it easy to hire freelance automation developers.

  • Upwork features an escrow system for paying freelancers to ensure satisfaction and security.
  • Companies provide detailed reviews of freelancers to help new clients make hiring decisions.
  • For business clients needing a custom approach, there is an upgraded experience, Upwork Enterprise.

4. Riseup Labs

Rise Up Labs originally came onto the scene in 2009 as a game development company. They eventually started to expand their offerings to project management and staff recruitment for developers. They provide skilled developers on a full-time, part-time or hourly basis.

  • Their database of developers includes professionals with more than a decade of experience.
  • Rise Up Labs works with you to design a project management timeline and scope that helps you and your team of freelancers stay on task.

5. Insight Global

In just two days, teams could have new, talented automation developers from Insight Global. The company is a staffing agency based in Atlanta, Georgia, and has been providing recruitment solutions, such as Java developers, since 2001. They are the second-largest IT staffing company in the United States.

  • Insight has experience bringing all types of hires to teams, such as off-shore, near-shore, full-time, temporary and freelance.
  • They have a large network of more than 3,000 recruiters offering their expertise to find your staffing solution.
  • Businesses that work with them get a dedicated hiring partner who walks them through the interview process, onboarding and hiring.

6. Turing

Stanford graduates founded the successful freelance site Turing and focused its offerings on helping companies find freelance automation developers and other IT talent. They have strict requirements for freelancers that join their user database, such as having at least three years of experience, strong English proficiency and an ability to work during U.S. time zone business hours. Turing is a site that does most of the vetting for professionals, so you will not have to sift through resumes and profiles to find good matches.

  • Turing relies on AI to help match potential workers with companies and individual projects.
  • Developers who work for Turing commit to at least four hours of work per day.
  • You get high-level tools to manage your team of freelancers, such as Turing Workspace and Turing Virtual Machine.

7. Thinkitive

The outsourcing company Thinkitive primarily focuses on staffing U.S. companies with developers working remotely from India. Your organization starts the process by connecting with one of Thinkitive’s managers, who can write up a quote for you after learning about the details. After you approve the budget, their managers work to find automation developers that meet your requirements.

  • Thinkitive offers a risk-free trial for their developers’ work, including 80 hours guaranteed or 15 days.
  • They mostly work with industry executives in healthcare, retail, e-commerce, software and IT.
  • After booking freelancers, you will get 30 days of support from the team at Thinkitive to navigate any potential pitfalls.

8. Contra

Another option for companies to get automation developers is with freelance marketplace newcomer Contra. Still finding its footing in the saturated marketplace of online freelance sites, this site has a smaller user database than more popular choices. Business clients have the flexibility to try Contra for free when connecting with freelance developers.

  • Contra gives its freelancers more freedom when it comes to showing off their portfolios and working with different types of clients, which may help attract the top freelance developers.
  • They have a vetting system designed to highlight the most talented software engineers in the industry.
  • Clients use Contra’s project management system to send payments and monitor freelance hours and work results.

9. PeoplePerHour

Like Contra and Upwork, PeoplePerHour is a massive freelance platform that helps independent contractors network with business clients. They act as the middleman for this type of relationship and take a cut of the pay as a commission. Since 2007, they have slowly added more features to their site, such as an escrow service for payment protection and AI tools to help create better matches.

10. Fiverr

Fiverr is a competitor to PeoplePerHour’s business model for hiring convenient freelance talent fast. It also works to help hire automation developers for specific tasks or short-term projects. Fiverr has lots of convenient automated tools for clients to track a freelancer’s hours and boost productivity.

  • Clients have to vet mostly on their own by reading reviews, looking at portfolios and checking out examples of a freelancer’s work, which could take time.
  • Besides posting jobs and waiting for freelancers to bid, clients also can get custom quotes for more complex projects.
  • Freelancers have to turn over 20% of their payment as a commission to Fiverr, which could act as a deterrent for some talent.

11. Coders.Dev

Coders.dev is a staffing firm that connects companies with developers in IT and other industries. Your team could find freelance automation developers and options for full-time permanent employees through the site. They have multiple locations around the world, including New York, California, Texas, the United Kingdom, Sweden, Japan, Denmark and France.

  • Because of their vast network, companies can choose either offshore workers or local developers to work on their projects.
  • They test their automation developers’ knowledge of generating clean code before allowing them to join their site.
  • Coders.dev spotlights their mobile app developers and works to bring expertise to hundreds of partners around the world.

12. Truelancer

Freelancers have to bid for projects and prove their value to clients in Truelancer’s business model. This platform for freelance workers has been around since 2014 and started in India. Now the site boasts more than 35,000 freelance workers and a top-tier talent database called Truelancer Prime.

  • Truelancer offers an easy-to-use comparison tool that gives clients the power to identify each freelancer’s strengths and weaknesses.
  • They offer promotions for new clients periodically, such as free credits to post jobs and interact with their user database.
  • They use a Safe Deposit feature when payment is due to keep things secure and ensure client satisfaction.

13. Guru

The best automation developers may also be on Guru, one of the first freelance marketplace sites. Since 1998, Guru has helped independent contractors secure professional assignments in freelance roles for clients. Freelancers in all types of roles, not just developers and software engineers, are part of the user database.

  • Guru has a unique feature called WorkRooms, which allows business clients to work closely with freelancers and monitor productivity.
  • Freelancers have to bid for your projects and compete to get your business with low rates and polished portfolios.
  • Guru also includes AI assistants to help clients and freelancers maximize their time on projects and accomplish more.

14. Swyply

Swyply is another contender in the freelance market, but this site only offers software developers. Their developers come from all around the globe, but they focus on recruiting staff for clients in English-speaking countries. Swyply also offers a dedicated team of in-house developers for hiring on an as-needed basis.

  • Their team of hiring experts matches you with a set of developers and presents blind resumes for you to review.
  • After hiring, you will work with their freelancers on a monthly contract with an option to renew each month.
  • Swyply stands by a two-week trial period and a guarantee behind their developers’ work.

15. UpStack

Upstack is a New York-based company that employs cloud services in most of their business model. They offer a comprehensive vetting system that evaluates developers for technical skills, cultural fit and other essentials. Most of their developers have a set hourly rate, so there are no big surprises with pricing.

  • Clients have a secure platform to manage and collaborate with freelance developers through UpStack.
  • Clients have 14 days to trial each developer and then can decide if they want to commit to hiring the freelancer.

Guide to hiring great freelance Automation Developers

How to Hire Automation Developers

The Bureau of Labor Statistics shows the demand for software developers should skyrocket by 25% in the next decade. The aging workforce of baby boomers and older Generation Xers will start retiring soon, creating lots of vacancies in this role. Additionally, there will be more opportunities and new jobs created for automation developers due to the world’s increasing reliance on AI and automated systems in the IT world.

In 2023, U.S. News and World Report named software developers the best job on their list of top jobs. This number-one ranking was due to the high demand, with more than 370,000 positions available in the country, the high salary and the job satisfaction rate. Despite the perks of being a developer, there still are not enough skilled experts in this field.

Developer jobs have become more complex as technology for web applications and other types of software programs has evolved. Employers need automation engineers to keep up with the changes, maintain their knowledge and increase their capabilities. Newcomers to the industry may not have the required technical skills necessary to keep up with industry standards.

Incorporating automation technology could be a game-changer for a company. One example comes from the healthcare industry. Dexcom, a manufacturer of glucose monitoring systems for diabetes patients, turned to this technology to achieve a higher level of success. They used automation to push their robotic manufacturing process to its limits, increase their volume and limit their overhead.

Automation frameworks have the potential to help companies reduce costs, increase production and boost profits. In this guide, we will show you how to hire automation developers so your company can benefit from this revolutionary technology.

Benefits of Automation

Hiring a Freelance Automation Developer

The status of today’s workforce in the IT industry is changing from traditional work hours to more flexible schedules. Employers can still hire full-time developers or permanent part-time workers to fill their vacancies, but more companies have started to consider working with freelance talent.

Because of the unique nature of this job and the specialized skills and required work output, it may be more beneficial to consider remote freelance staff in this role. When you hire a freelance automation developer, you get access to a global database of the most talented IT professionals. You also get more flexible hours, top-quality work, savings on labor, tax benefits and a more custom approach to your project.

What Does an Automation Developer Do?

An automation developer assists companies with creating automated systems for business processes. Generally they work on automating software and testing, writing programs and testing protocols that act as quality assurance on software and manufacturing processes. They may also work to streamline a business’s operations and improve the way a company uses robotic technology or AI.

Why hire automation developers? One example of success in business automation comes from telecom giant AT&T. The team at AT&T “implemented more than 3,000 bots, developed an automation center of excellence, and realized a 20x return on investment.” Their decision to hire dedicated automation developers helped improve the workflow at the company and made employees' lives easier and the work less tedious.

The future looks bright for automation. If more companies invest in this technology and use resources to find automation developers for hire, they could revolutionize their business model and transform the global setting for workers in all industries.

How To Hire Automation Developers

The hiring process for automation developers starts with understanding what your business needs. Your company’s management has to work together to define the specific goals of your projects for automation and how an automation developer could create solutions for this project.

Then, determine the number of manpower hours you will need for an automation developer. If you do not have an in-house human resources department or an IT team, you may need to work with an outside consultant to figure out the scope of an automation developer’s work and how long certain tasks could take. Most of all, your decisions should be data-driven and rely on smart solutions.

The next step in the hiring process is to look for ways to source your talent. There are different places to find quality developers, but this is the part that may be the most challenging. Start with your local network to see if anyone has the skills you are looking for. Then, reach out to sites that specialize in freelance workers or staff augmentation to get a wider reach.

Depending on the type of product engineering you are doing with your project, you may need a developer at a specific career level. Junior developers are more numerous and easier to find in the hiring landscape. Senior and mid-level developers are more knowledgeable and rarer to source. Using a developer hiring solution site may be a smart choice.

What Skills To Look for When Hiring Automation Developers

Automation developers should have a variety of soft skills and technical skills to be successful at their jobs. Here are the basic requirements for an entry-level automation engineer:

  • College degree in computer science or related field
  • Certifications as Certified Software Test Engineer or equivalent
  • Knowledge of Java/Python

Here are recommended automation developer skills you should look for in a mid-level or senior candidate:

Soft Skills Technical Skills
Ability To Troubleshoot - Automation testers have to constantly work to solve complex problems with software, code and web technologies. Candidates should have strong troubleshooting skills.Experience creating test scripts and manually operating testing tools
Collaboration Skills - Testing code and software programs is a collaborative job, so a developer needs to work well with other team members.Knowledge of Configuration Management software and source code programming
Attention to Detail - The details matter in this role, so look for applicants who demonstrate a strong attention to detail.Expertise with programming language and Agile Methodologies
Stellar Communication Skills - Communication, both written and verbal, are also important in a developer’s role. They have to communicate project details and schedules to other team members.Application Programming Interfaces skills and Containers and Kubernetes experience

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Automation Developers?

The average annual salary for an automation developer is $108,312. Some areas that have a higher cost of living may pay more for this role. Additionally, more experienced developers may make more. Hourly, freelance developers earn on average $52, but the negotiated rate through a specific contract may be more or less.

Tips for Writing an Automation Developer Job Description

Next, you need to know how to write a succinct, compelling job description for an automation developer. The description is the first thing that candidates look at about your company, so you want to make it specific, realistic and detailed. Your job description also needs to attract skilled developers and motivate them to apply for your project.

After you get interested candidates, review their resumes for your most desired skills. Consider using different styles of assessments to evaluate each developer. It is smart to have a diverse pool of talent, so look for underserved populations and avoid biased evaluations. Group interviews, technical skills assessments and personality tests may also be helpful.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire an Automation Developer

When it is time to interview your candidates, you need a set of questions that quickly assess their skills in automation and software testing. You also need to know what the expected answers are to your questions so you have an idea of what to listen for.

The first question should be something like: What is your skill with automated testing frameworks? In the answer, listen for a candidate who mentions specific testing frameworks, such as Selenium or Robot Framework. Look for specific details about the nuances when working with these frameworks.

Next, ask a question along the lines of: Can you tell me about a time when you worked on an automation or testing assignment and you had to troubleshoot? The candidate should explain the process of an assignment, walking you through the different steps they used to troubleshoot. They should describe how they solved the issue and fixed the problem.

Lastly, ask the candidate a variation of: What is your process for data-driven testing? The candidate should have a good understanding of how data is part of the automated testing process. They should explain different sources they have used for data-driven testing and specifics about how it works.

How To Find Freelance Automation Developers for Hire

Finding good talent in the IT industry requires a lot of resources and creative thought. Your company should reach out to job fairs, hold recruiting events, connect with industry experts, recruit through coding camps and use freelancing sites to help augment your staff.

Toptal makes it simple, fast and convenient to have talented staff join your team. It and other sites to hire automation developers could give you and your team a way to fully employ automated practices into your business model. On any of these sites, you could find automation developers that make your job easier and improve your company.

Operating a successful business requires creative use of your human capital. With a team of dedicated automation developers, your business can soar to new levels by saving money, improving productivity and reducing waste.

Hiring Automation Developers FAQs

How to hire automation developers
There are several strategies you should employ to hire new developers. Posting job ads, partnering with university internship programs, attending job fairs and working with staffing agencies and freelance sites can help you get the staff you need.
Are automation developers in demand?
This is one of the top in-demand jobs in the current marketplace. Skilled developers with experience are even more in demand than entry-level software engineers. The industry does not appear to be slowing down anytime soon, so the demand should remain robust.
Where can I hire automation developers?
Use some of the sites we have listed in this guide to start your search for a knowledgeable developer. Writing a strong description of your project can get people excited about working with your team.
Why should you hire an automation developer?
Hiring developers with experience in automation scripts could give your company the boost it needs to harness the power of AI and other next-generation tasks. Automation is the future for most business processes, and recruiting top developers helps you get there faster.
How much does it cost to hire an automation developer?
Hiring developers on a full-time basis will cost you their annual salary, employment taxes, benefits and other expenses. To save money, consider hiring people in a contract role. This way, you get the expertise on your own terms and without extra costs.

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