The 15 best sites to hire DevSecOps Engineers in 2024

Updated on February 15, 2024
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Strategist and entrepreneur, with experience in hiring developers across various industries. Kelly has established herself as a trusted expert in identifying and recruiting top tech talent. She shares advanced tips on how to identify the right talent, create hiring strategies, develop your tech teams and much more.

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In the software creation cycle, the DevSecOps team works to develop a seamless process. DevSecOps is a term that refers to software development, security and operations. Our guide to hiring DevSecOps engineers will show you tips and tricks for recruiting expert professionals with this expertise.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance DevSecOps Engineers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

If you want to find the best DevSecOps engineers , Toptal is a good place for your team to start. Toptal prides itself on recruiting only the top 3% of the software developer talent pool. They get the strongest candidates for jobs because they put applicants through a multi-step, rigorous vetting process.

  • Toptal has a full-service system for helping you hire freelancers with a team of dedicated account managers and tools to find capable software engineers.
  • After you submit your requirements to Toptal’s team, the turnaround time may be as quick as 48 hours.
  • Toptal client Zak David states, “Toptal found the perfect candidate for our needs. He was the best DevOps specialist we've ever worked with. We couldn't have launched without him.” 

2. Arc.dev

If you want the flexibility of a freelance marketplace site for the IT industry, look at Arc.dev next. Arc.dev helps you hire DevSecOps engineers for full-time or contract roles. The site provides a full-service approach to recruiting and gives you more options for talent in specialized positions, such as software development or operations.

  • Arc.dev’s database of workers includes more than 300,000 developers with advanced knowledge from all parts of the world.
  • Their average hiring timeline for freelancers is 72 hours. If you want a full-time person to join your team, the turnaround time is 14 days on average.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a freelance marketplace site dedicated to building connections between contractors and companies that hire them. Find DevSecOps engineers, design pros, software developers, marketing freelancers and much more on this site that features more than 18 million workers and aspirational projects. Their pricing model is flexible and competitive, with freelancers setting their own rates and Upwork taking a bite out of the cost.

  • Upwork does not do the vetting for you, instead relying on a review-based feedback system that helps freelancers build their reputation.
  • Flexibility is a huge benefit to Upwork’s model. Freelancers offer hourly rates or fixed prices for projects.
  • Upwork’s platform allows you to recruit, hire, onboard, manage and pay your freelancer all in one easy place.

4. Mindtrust

The next source for freelance DevSecOps engineers is the business solution development venture MindTrust. MindTrust offers small businesses or startups a way to access talent without breaking the bank. They have put together an impressive team of contractors in the IT industry with experience from companies like Sony, Activision, Booking and Microsoft.

  • Their model of on-demand talent-hiring may save your company development teams up to 53% in recruiting costs.
  • MindTrust features a subscription-based service that gives you access to their expertise in creating a team of developers.
  • Their company offers a free demo of their services so that you get an idea of how their deployment processes work.

5. Contra

It is always a challenge to find freelance DevSecOps engineers who have the specific coding skills your project demands. Contra hopes to conquer that challenge for employers and highlight people with the most specialized skills front and center. Contra’s model uses automated software solutions that give employers the power to pinpoint remote talent and manage projects.

  • Contra does not charge a commission for freelancers, which may attract more talent to their database.
  • They also feature a network of expert business leaders and freelancers to help companies and talent connect more organically.

6. Fiverr

If your development of project timelines includes tight deadlines, you may want to visit Fiverr to find a contractor quickly. Fiverr is a project-based freelance platform that allows you to hire freelance DevSecOps engineers if you have a limited budget. There are different tiers of service with Fiverr, including the basic user interface design, the Pro version and the Business platform.

  • On Fiverr, you will need to do most of the research about your freelancer yourself by reading reviews and checking out portfolios and resumes.
  • You need to be cautious of freelancers who sound too good to be true and potential scammers on the site.
  • Businesses get freelance talent by either posting a job or a project and waiting for bids or browsing contractor services.

7. Remoteok.com

Remote OK is a job board that primarily focuses on remote work opportunities and independent contracting positions. This job board, founded in 2015, features a simple user experience design for workers and companies that need talent and remote teams. A majority of the jobs featured on the site are in the IT industry.

  • Posting a job on Remote OK costs businesses a flat fee of $599.
  • Freelancers like the fact that you do not need to create an account to use the site and access remote work opportunities.
  • Remote OK does not allow you to manage or pay your employees or contractors on their platform.

8. Truelancer

Truelancer is next on our list for fast and easy hiring solutions, such as Google Cloud Platform developers, writers or graphic designers. This site is similar to other general freelance marketplace platforms. Truelancer has a variety of services for employers looking for talent, including AI matching or full-service project coordinators who tackle the heavy lifting in the recruiting process.

  • Truelancer promises to match and hire freelance talent for you within a three- to seven-day period.
  • They have a premium recruiting tool called Truelancer Prime if you want a customized experience on the site and the mobile app.
  • According to reviewer Joseph, “Truelancer has to start with many many users from all over the world, thus providing a wide variety of jobs. This means there is something to do for everyone.”

9. Experfy

The talent focus on Experfy is the top 2% of contractors with complete knowledge of programming and complex infrastructure. Companies have the option of posting a job for freelancers to respond to or accessing Experfy’s proprietary TalentCloud service. Experfy has a detailed vetting process that utilizes expertise from people in the industry.

  • Experfy also provides a learning and training platform for companies to help boost their current staff’s technical skills.
  • Their platform combines AI matching with your company’s specific needs to build a customized talent pool.
  • The site also allows your team to create a branded recruiting page to attract the best freelancers to apply to your opportunities.

10. Turing

Turing is your next site to try when you have countless projects on your workflow and need developers. Their platform uses AI throughout the entire process of recruiting, onboarding and managing tasks. Turing claims their freelancers rank in the top 1% of the talent pool in IT and other related industries.

  • Turing mostly focuses on IT workers, so the recruiting tools and project management platform have features customized for developer review.
  • Their site includes access to more than three million software engineers from various parts of the world.
  • Turing’s vetting is completely driven by their AI recruiting tool so that you do not have to spend hours reviewing resumes and checking each candidate’s qualifications.

11. Gun.io

Gun.io’s origins began as an open-source site that advocated for developers to seek out new opportunities. Today, it is a full-service outsourcing agency that specializes in freelance developers. Because of their team’s expertise in IT and software development, companies that use Gun.io get access to the site’s comprehensive vetting process, which includes skills testing and background checks.

  • Gun.io’s matching service is more than just vetting for talent. It also includes connecting clients to freelancers who are a good culture fit.
  • The site has a 14-day engagement-free trial and a 100% satisfaction guarantee on their freelancer’s work.
  • Customer service is more robust than other sites on this list. Gun.io has account managers and dispute resolution staff to help navigate speed bumps.

12. Relevant Software

Relevant Software is a company that provides technical solutions for teams, including end-to-end development and staffing. Your business may procure freelance software engineer services from its in-house development team or through its network of outsourced freelancers. Relevant’s main offices are in Poland and Ukraine, and their talent pool features untapped experts from Eastern Europe.

  • They feature an industry-low 20% turnover rate with their freelancers.
  • Relevant Software is a smaller business with about 200 clients, but it offers more attentive service to organizations.

13. Chetu

Chetu is a Florida-based software development company that offers on-demand staff. Since their only focus is on software engineering, the talent pool has the necessary skills and experience for DevSecOps. Their expertise also allows your company to get custom recommendations for your app’s development.

  • Businesses in the U.S. Eastern time zone can reach out to Chetu’s team in real-time.
  • Their business model includes free quality assurance and project management tools for freelance workers.
  • Previous clients include Microsoft, Oracle, AWS, SAP, IBM and Autodesk.

14. Capital Numbers

Capital Numbers is a software development staffing agency located in India. This company works with your team to help you save up to 50% on your app development costs. They have flexibility for hiring solutions, such as using hourly freelancers, employing their in-house team or recruiting a permanent worker.

  • Capital Numbers promises satisfaction and offers a free one-week trial for their services.
  • They recruit the top 1% of freelancers with DevOps knowledge and expertise.

15. Onsiter

The last site on the list for hiring DevSecOps engineers is Onsiter, another organization that connects IT contractors with clients. Onsiter has its headquarters in Denmark and offers prime access to the top talent in Scandinavia and other parts of the world.

  • Freelancers get free access to Onsiter, but clients have to pay the site’s 5% commission fee for projects.
  • The site has an automated contract drafting process for projects to protect your intellectual property and ensure satisfaction.

Guide to hiring great freelance DevSecOps Engineers

Our guide shows you how to hire DevSecOps engineers and some of the pitfalls and challenges of recruiting for this highly specialized skill. DevSecOps engineers are some of the most in-demand IT professionals in the world. The market for this service continues to explode, with a value of 5.15 billion in 2023 and a projected value of 16.2 billion by 2030.

The reason why DevSecOps workers are necessary is due to the evolving role of security in app development and release management processes. DevSecOps tools help companies build security into their applications and reduce their risk of potential cyber threats. A poll by Deloitte shows that almost half of C-Suite and other executives expect cyber attacks on essential systems to increase in the future.

IT professionals who have the combination of skills and engineering design analysis that DevSecOps requires are also rare and hard to come by. Engineers with this specialty need to know how to code, navigate application security, utilize the cloud and deploy an application successfully. With most businesses switching to a focus on cloud technologies, professionals in this realm also need experience building and working with cloud-based systems.

Integrating software development, security and operations has worked out positively for many organizations. One example of a success story comes from the Pokemon Go mobile app, a gaming application primarily designed for children. The company successfully prioritized children’s data privacy and security without impacting the game’s design and user experience.

John Visneski - Director of information security and data protection officer at the Pokemon Company International

According to John Visneski, director of information security and data protection officer at the Pokemon Company International, “You have to raise the security culture of your entire organization. Eventually, people become privacy and security experts and they won’t even realize it.”

The future of software development is in this approach that combines all of the essentials. Hiring DevSecOps team members may push your company towards greater efficiency and maximum impact.

Hiring a Freelance DevSecOps Engineer

When you are ready to hire a freelance DevSecOps engineer, you have to figure out your staffing strategy. Some companies that focus on software development in their architect solutions may want a full-time team of developers. For smaller startups, medium companies and other organizations that only need a proprietary app, it makes more sense to outsource with freelancers.

A group of freelance software developers helps you scale your cross-functional teams and match your specific day-to-day needs. Working with on-demand talent gives you more options with flexibility with hours, project scope and skills needed for your tasks. This model also saves you in recruiting and payroll costs.

Hiring a Freelance DevSecOps Engineer

What Does a DevSecOps Engineer Do?

Within the IT industry, there is some confusion about this question: What does a DevSecOps engineer do?

Steven Zimmerman - DevOps security solutions manager with the Synopsys Software Integrity Group

One expert, Steven Zimmerman, DevOps security solutions manager with the Synopsys Software Integrity Group, explains the importance of DevSecOps like this, “Now we’ve got new software components, containers, infrastructure-as-code, templates, serverless functions, all of which present new attack vectors for cybercriminals,” he said. “So now we need to layer on the tests that help identify security risks within those.”

A DevSecOps engineer’s primary focus is on application security. Unlike other data security professionals, a DevSecOps pro includes security best practices during the development and operations stage of software creation. They are responsible for the audit processes and software integration for security. 

What is the process of DevSecOps engineers?

Why hire DevSecOps engineers? Any company that uses software applications in its business processes may need developers with this expertise. Instead of thinking about data security after your app creation and going back and fixing problems, DevSecOps engineers have a more intuitive and time-saving approach.

DevSecOps engineers have to be familiar with all different aspects of computer programming, coding, security analysis, cloud computing and risk management strategies. They have to work seamlessly with other professionals in your organization and understand regulations and principles of data privacy for different parts of the world. DevSecOps engineers for hire have to align with your corporate culture and also understand your deliverables and project management style.

Because of their specialized skills and knowledge, it makes the most sense to hire dedicated DevSecOps engineers. Having a team of engineers available to you may help you protect your company’s proprietary data and information about customers or stakeholders.

How To Hire DevSecOps Engineers

Whenever you need to hire a new team member, there should be a process your organization follows to acquire the best talent. First, consider the duties you want a DevSecOps engineer to do in your organization and the scope of the project. You will need to define the professional’s role within your team to figure out what your hiring goals will be.

Then, you and your leadership team need to find sources of talent with this skill. There are multiple avenues you could use to find strong candidates, such as LinkedIn, Indeed, ZipRecruiter or freelance marketplace sites. To hasten the process, consider reaching out to agencies that focus on top IT developers.

The next place to find capable engineers for your needs is by looking at individual organizations within the IT industry. Software development companies in Silicon Valley or other tech centers may have talented professionals looking for a career change. Additionally, coding clubs, universities and hackathons are also potential sources.

Hiring for DevSecOps could be time-consuming and tedious. You will need to understand the role of DevSecOps in your organization and be able to spot talent. If you are not up to the task of evaluating coding skills and understanding how DevSecOps works with your applications, you may need to use an expert hiring resource to help you source strong candidates.

What Skills To Look For When Hiring DevSecOpsEngineers

Hiring experts need to define the DevSecOps engineer skills when looking for new people to join their projects. DevSecOps engineers have many essential technical skills, but they also have several important soft skills that make them more successful. Here are the most in-demand general skills:
Soft SkillDescription
Critical Thinking SkillsDevSecOpsEngineers must make complex connections between software problems and potential solutions.
Time Management CapabilityDeveloping applications and integrating security systems require excellent time management skills and the ability to meet tight deadlines.
Teamwork AbilityPeople working in this field have to work together on teams and must navigate coworking relationships effectively.
Strong Written CommunicatorDevSecOps engineers have to author software systems and use written communication to document.

DevSecOps engineers also have to demonstrate mastery of some technical skills. Here is a list of common hard skills needed for this job:

  • Experience with risk assessment and threat modeling
  • Knowledge of DevOps tools and scripting applications
  • Experience with IaC tools
  • Knowledge of privacy and security regulations, such as PCI-DSS, HIPAA, and GDPR
  • Understanding of cloud security tools
  • Expertise in container security, such as Docker and Kubernetes

How Much Does It Cost To Hire DevSecOps Engineers?

DevSecOps engineers command competitive salaries because of their necessity in software development. The average salary for a full-time engineer is $101,752 per year, according to ZipRecruiter. The average hourly rate for a standard employee is $49. DevSecOps engineers may make more or less than the average depending on the number of years of experience they have, their geographical location and their reputation within the industry.

Tips for Writing a DevSecOps Engineer Job Description

Many job sites and freelance platforms require you to write a job posting. If you master writing a strong DevSecOps engineer job description, you will increase your chances of hiring someone who is a good fit.

Your team needs to understand what you want the DevSecOps professional to do within your organization before writing the posting. In your DevSecOps engineer job description, include plenty of specific skills you want the candidate to possess to allow for AI matching.

The next stage of the recruitment process is checking out resumes and evaluating skills. You can use written assessments to check technical prowess and character evaluations to check if someone is a good corporate culture fit.

When you are ready to interview, consider different interviewing techniques, such as behavioral, panel or case interviews. Having an open mind to different candidates could bring diverse, new ideas into your organization.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a DevSecOps Engineer

An effective interview strategy for this role is to evaluate your candidate’s technical knowledge and comprehensive experience. If you do not have an IT background, consider holding a panel interview with experts by your side. Another tactic is to have a recruiting team handle your screening and interviewing for you.

One question to open your interview with is, what strategies do you use to prioritize security during software development? When answering, the candidate should emphasize how the security development should happen during the software creation process. They should talk about running security audits through application building, testing and operations.

Next, ask the person you are interviewing to explain the difference between DevOps and DevSecOps. Listen for an answer that demonstrates a clear difference between the two practices. DevOps promotes collaboration and communication between departments working on applications, but DevSecOps focuses more on implementing security practices throughout the development stage.

Finally, make sure you also ask this essential question: what are the DevSecOps tools you use on a daily basis? The candidate should explain that they use various security tools. Look for details about their experience with Static Application Security Testing (SAST) tools, Web Application Firewalls (WAFs), container applications, Dynamic Application Security Testing (DAST) tools and applications to manage the organization’s vulnerability.

How To Find Freelance DevSecOps Engineers for Hire

Businesses struggle to find DevSecOps engineers who can do what they need because of how competitive the market is for this skill. To save time and money, look at our recommended sites to hire DevSecOps engineers, reach out to your network and try some nontraditional hiring methods to find great talent.

Toptal is an excellent hiring site to start with. Toptal provides quality developers who can complete your project and improve your application development. Their team takes on the technical side of the recruiting process so you can focus on running your company.

The future of software development is with the DevSecOps process. Your business model may not be feasible if you do not employ an integrated approach to designing software applications. Data security is a priority, no matter what industry your business is in, so recruiting talented DevSecOps engineers is a must.

Hiring DevSecOps Engineers FAQs

Are DevSecOps Engineers in demand?
Since so many companies now need to rethink their software development process for the new generation, there will be a higher demand for DevSecOps. The industry will grow significantly in the next decade, and there will be more security practices to learn, making this role more valuable. There is a shortage of skilled professionals in this field, and companies may have to compete with each other to land the most talented people.
Where can I hire DevSecOps Engineers?
Skilled DevSecOps engineers are available across all industries. The most common spot to find them is in the top IT organizations and coding companies. There are also millions of freelance software developers who have the skills required for DevSecOps. Freelancers who work remotely may be in other parts of the world, such as India, Latin America or Eastern Europe. Freelance marketplace sites, outsourcing agencies and tech hiring firms are great ways to find skilled DevSecOps engineers.
Why should you hire a DevSecOps Engineer?
Hiring DevSecOps engineers helps streamline your software development cycle. With these professionals on your team, you can effectively incorporate security systems within your applications as they get developed. You do not have to backtrack and add things after the fact and lose precious time and efficiency.

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