The 15 best sites to hire Go developers in 2024

Updated on July 12, 2024
Platforms to find talented Go developers

What we liked the most:

  • 98% Hiring Success
  • Fast Matching within 48 hours
  • Risk-Free Trial for up to 5 Days
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What we liked the most:

  • Developer mentorship community
  • On-demand marketplace
  • Remote learning platform
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What we liked the most:

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  • International team
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Looking to hire top-tier Go developers for your project? Our guide has got you covered. We’ve curated a list of the best platforms to find and hire talented Go developers quickly and easily.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Go developers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Access the top 3% of Go developers with the perfect mix of skill and experience to turn your ideas and specifications into live software. Most Go developers on Toptal's network are both backend and frontend experienced. You won't have too many gaps in the software functionality of your Go applications.

Getting listed as a freelancer on Toptal is not a single day process. They screen each applicant based on actual Go projects completed. This upholds the quality standards that customers have become accustomed to.

Surround your Go projects with the right individual (or build out a team) hired on Toptal for high success rates.

Key points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Codementor

Codementor or since recently Arc platform is a good place to hire developers that specialise in Go programming language.

You can hire competent Go developers from Arc at an average of $101 per hour in just 72 hours from reading their profiles.

If your project spills into other languages, Arc presents a good window through which you can hire other kinds of developers to cover backend and frontend requirements with their knowledge in Java, Python, iOS, Api and web development.

Key points:

  • Codementor vetting keeps only the top 2.3% of site applicants.
  • Hire one or more qualified freelancers in 72 hours.
  • You can use Codementor to quickly make permanent, full-time hires.

3. Polygant

Polygant currently has a fixed working rate of USD50 or EUR45 per hour set for its pool of Go developers. Most of which are European nationals. They also provide supporting services through AI, Fintech, and Mobile developers.

Perhaps sticking out is their option to call back, or get in touch with them via Telegram. Both contact options suggest a personal approach to getting projects started. Polygant support services options are provided through offices in Russia and the United Kingdom.

Key points:

  • Hire a single developer or entire development teams.
  • Polygant requires paying for a technical specification before development begins.
  • Your custom technical specification outlines your project timeline, cost, and development plan.

4. Upwork

This is a freelancer marketplace on which you publish your Go programming language project. The capable and interested talent then place bids to work with you. It's that simple. Except they also have NDA and project management tools you can optionally include in the terms of your engagement.

Because they work on commission for each milestone you award your freelancers, most of the payments and communication are strictly held on the platform.

Key points:

  • Talent Specialists and Scouts can identify compatible developers.
  • Screening and vetting developers is your responsibility in most cases.
  • Expert-Vetted status and talent badges highlight Upwork’s top developers.

5. X-Team

The team behind X-Team are culturally diverse programmers. They have expertise in Go software development and come on to projects on a team-package basis.

Flexible contracts and account managers are part of the engagement approach adopted by X-Team. Fox Broadcasting is among the team's client showcase and website project portfolio.

They also have the promise to integrate with your existing team if you're looking to scale your projects. This option potentially adds multi-language proficiency and experience together with the Go developers you're in search of.

Key points:

  • You must agree to a contract length of 90 days or more.
  • Exhaustive vetting admits fewer than 1% of applicants to X-Team’s network.
  • Onboard teams quickly and scale up or down on-demand.

6. Evrone

The team at Evrone takes a holistic route to the provision of Golang developers to their clients. Commitment from them comes as a team to engulf your entire project. Their areas of especially are; Kernel, frontend, web apps, and mobile apps development using Go programming language.

Expect a project costing model based on your scope, along with the promise to keep things simple and affordable. If you're not too sure how the project idea you have should turn out, they also provide consultation and writers to tell your story in a good light.

7. Ideamotive

If you're looking for a pool of talent that not only focuses on Go but also comes equipped with complementary skills, try Ideamotive. They make sure that each developer attached to your product possesses the framework of knowledge and stack competence to guarantee success.

They base their HQ in Warsaw, Poland. However, they have direct support centers in London, Berlin, and New York. The first step to getting all the benefits they promise is to share your project's talent requirements.

8. Mobisoft

The primary focus of Mobisoft is the development of enterprise apps using Google's Go language. Depending on your requirements, they can provide both on-site and remote Go developers. Their base headquarters are in India, yet still, their network of professionals enables the deployment of Go talent worldwide.

The engagement models Mobisoft uses are hourly and retainer. With simple suggestions on their platform, you opt for the latter with a long-term project, and hourly for momentary contact relationships. Post-transaction support is available through their India direct line, or one in the USA.

9. ValueCoders

ValueCoders provide Go language developers from India to the rest of the world. Their sales pitch talks about no contract lock-ins, quick delivery, and in-depth experience creating applications with Go programming language.

They basically present three solutions to the range of Golang developer requirements. Dedicated attachment with one or more developers, custom engagement, and cloud solutions development. All of which they have listed current toolkits that are used by their teams to create Go apps.

10. Concetto Labs

To turn your ideas into blocks of code, Concetto Labs provides full time on flexible contracts. Some of their company values include confidentiality sealed in by NDAs while contracting developers hell-bent on a constant growth curve for your projects.

They're based in India, but provide support services with nodes in Canada, the USA, and the UK.

11. Codism

Codism prides itself on solving specific problems that often plague Golang projects. These include scaling projects already published to their latest versions and making projects perform faster.

Based in the USA, they also provide programming help with languages other than Go. The domains they have experience in include eLearning, e-commerce, ERP, and CRM development.

When you approach them, you can contract a team of web (and graphic) designers, mobile (native and hybrid), along with the Go talent to make for comprehensive project help.

12. Upstack

Paired with the promise of connecting you with their network of the top 1% of Golang developers, Upstack also provides a free trial and 25% off any contract you enter with developers recently added to their network.

During a 14-day onboarding phase, you can discuss your projects with an Upstack consultant. They then connect you with the best matching developer(s) for the project. Each of the Go developers you're exposed to will have undergone an 8-step vetting process to reduce project failure chances.

13. Mobiloitte

Mobiloitte focuses its development efforts along the following verticals; Healthcare, eCommerce/ Retail, Fintech, eLearning, and Streaming services. For these, they either start fresh Golang custom projects or help you scale for more users.

All engagements with Mobiloitte have a minimum of 1-month, with 160hrs set as the maximum working time at hourly rates paid either monthly or bi-weekly.

To get started with client projects, they follow a hybrid waterfall model. Gaining your project scope is the first stage, with setting technology roadmaps being the second before you're presented with potential hires' resumes for review. This process takes anywhere between 72 hours and a week.

14. Manektech

Manektech follows the business approach towards providing you with capable Go developers.

Based out of India, they follow both onsite and offshore hiring models.

The first step to getting connected with their pool of Go developers is to submit your project requirements. Thereafter, an analysis process begins, culminating with a handful of CVs coming your way. Whether you're in search of industry-specific experience, or entry-level talent, the engagement framework integrates Go specific knowledge into your projects.

15. GeekyAnts

GeekyAnts partners the company's provision of Go developers along with a project manager for each project. Each team is scalable depending on your requirements.

Included in their model of engagement is a daily stand-up session made possible through the use of flexible and cost-effective communication tools such as Slack. If you're looking to hire an end-to-end developer to help you with new and scaling projects, they have clear promises to make that possible.

Guide to hiring great freelance Go developers

Guide to hire Golang developers

Software programmers and engineers are typically in short supply. As a result, it can be difficult to find and hire Golang developers.

Unfortunately, the situation does not seem like it will get better any time soon. Market intelligence firm IDC predicted a global shortage of 4 million developers by 2025. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects 153,900 annual openings for software developers, analysts, and testers between 2022 and 2032.

Searching for Golang specialists in particular only adds to the difficulty. As a relatively young programming language, Go does not yet have as many experts as Python and Java.

Still, recent surveys uncovered that knowing the Go language is one of the most in-demand skills for software engineers. However, JetBrains reports that there are only about 1.1 million developers who primarily use Golang. Another 1.6 million utilize it as a secondary language.

Plus, because developers are in high demand, they are more likely to feel satisfied with their current jobs. A recent Stack Overflow survey found out that 79% of developers are not actively seeking a new position.

This does not mean you should give up on finding developers with Go programming skills. Many businesses that grow rapidly and stay competitive do so by hiring Golang developers or other software engineers.

Software applications are now critical for driving more business or increasing operational efficiency. For example, mobile apps can increase engagement and sales. Case in point: Starbucks’ customer app led to 15% growth in revenue.

Uber is a famous example of using mobile apps to enhance the efficiency of service. One of the languages it has used to achieve this is Go.

Likewise, you can hire Golang developers to be valuable assets to your team. With this guide, learn more about the benefits when you hire Golang freelancers. You will also find out how to attract top talent to your team.

What Golang Developers Do

Go is a favorite among developers who focus on cloud computing. Early on, Dr. Donnie Berkholz, Ph.D., proclaimed that Go was “the emerging language of cloud infrastructure.” Therefore, it makes sense to hire dedicated Golang developers if you are creating a cloud-native application .

Google developers created Go to solve specific problems they faced while scaling the biggest search platform. The Go language is perfect when implementing modularity for both mobile and web application projects. Coupled that with fluid concurrency when executing application modules and you have a young, yet powerful programming language.

Rob Pike, one of the language’s creators, confirmed this. Years later, he said, “It was gratifying and important to see Docker, Kubernetes, and many other components of cloud computing written in Go… Go has indeed become the language of cloud infrastructure.”

What do Golang developers do once you hire them? They:

  • Write, maintain, debug, and fix Go code in software

  • Design and architect applications using Golang

  • Collaborate with other developers

  • Test and deploy applications for you

As they handle these assignments, they must also stay current with the latest Go language features and best practices.

Like other software developers, freelance Golang experts can create software for various platforms. However, an advantage when you hire Golang engineers is that they are using a compiled language instead of an interpreted one like Python or JavaScript.

As a result, Go functions seamlessly on all major operating systems, including Windows, Android, iOS, macOS, and Linux. If you want to create applications that work across all types of devices, hiring a Golang developer may be the way to go.

Plus, Golang programmers work across various industries because the language is quick, efficient, and versatile. Research by JetBrains discovered that the fields of finance, sales, distribution, retail, entertainment, media, and publishing are all aggressively seeking Golang developers for hire.

Working with such diverse industries means Go developers need strong communication and collaboration skills. These complement their technical abilities to design and develop high-performance, scalable apps.

Advantages of the Go Language code
Advantages of the Go Language speed
Golang co-creator
“It was gratifying and important to see Docker, Kubernetes, and many other components of cloud computing written in Go… Go has indeed become the language of cloud infrastructure.”

Why Hire Golang Developers?

Bespoke software applications can optimize your operations. Additionally, developing a branded app is an excellent way to serve your client base.

Golang is code that is faster to program and runs faster on various devices. This provides an excellent reason why you would hire Golang developers.

As proof of its effectiveness, note some of the successful brands that are using the language:

  • Google

  • Netflix

  • Twitch

  • The New York Times

  • SoundCloud

If you are thinking of building any kind of software, do not simply settle on hiring any developer. Consider the advantages of hiring a Golang developer.

How To Hire Golang Developers?

Most Go developers are only just getting started absorbing the language as it grows. Therefore, the amount of projects they have experienced is more valid than the number of years they have actually used the language.

Making sure the Go developer you settle for has some supporting Javascript framework skills, database scripting experience, along with some Agile project experience makes for a better hire overall.

Go developers are dotted all over the globe. This makes it possible to hire an off-shore developer based on their skills profile. You don't have to settle for local talent unless your project restricts geographically. This works perfectly with most developers' personalities. Besides, the more diverse your Go development team, the more angles from which they can approach tasks.

Have you found the Go developer network that works best for your project needs and resource budgets yet? It could be well worth taking the first steps and getting the right attention to your projects.

Skills To Look for When Hiring Golang Developers

Being an expert Golang developer is about more than knowing the syntax and commands of the language. Other essential technical Golang developer skills include:

  • An understanding of the concepts of concurrency, parallelism , and multithreading: The Go language’s concurrency capabilities allow it to perform multiple tasks simultaneously. Your programmers must know how to write efficient code that executes various operations at the same time.

  • Knowledge of Go’s standard library : This is a set of packages of pre-written code. They allow developers to write applications more quickly instead of doing everything from scratch.

  • Experience developing RESTful APIs: These programming interfaces permit the secure exchange of information. They are a key feature for structuring backend systems and services.

  • Comprehension of package management : Go’s package management and module system is important for managing dependencies and versioning. This skill also aids in organizing a program into smaller independent modules, permitting easier scaling.

  • Knowledge of cloud services and platforms: Go is especially suitable for use with cloud computing, storage, and databases. An understanding of AWS, Google Cloud, Platform, and AWS is important for Golang developers.

Before you hire a Go developer, also check that the candidate knows about systems design and architecture, versioning tools, Go templates, Godoc documentation, and Goroutines.

Soft skills will be vital, too. It can take many attempts to get software right. Consequently, a freelancer in Golang must be patient, detail-oriented, and responsive.

Also, creativity is a must. Instead of quickly giving up on requests as impossible, skilled developers search for unique possibilities and out-of-the-box solutions.

What It Costs To Hire Golang Developers

Recent data from ZipRecruiter puts the average salary for Go developers at just over $120,000 annually. This equates to an hourly rate of $58 .

However, the top Golang developers bring in closer to $84 per hour. The low end is at $12 an hour.

Tips for Writing a Golang Developer Job Description

One thing that sets Golang programmers apart is their appreciation for clear and concise text. You can attract and hire Go coders by keeping this in mind as you create your Golang job description.

Additionally, developers who specialize in Golang are more likely to be forward-thinking and innovative. That is why they opt for Go over more popular codes.

A good Golang developers job description will also highlight the exciting and impactful projects you have done in the past and plans for the future. Insert bulleted lists of what your team has achieved. Do not hesitate to tell a brief story or two that clearly illustrates your company culture and environment.

Common Interview Questions To Ask and Tactics To Use When You Are Looking To Hire Golang Developers

When you hire Golang developers, the interview should take you beyond the surface-level information in the application. One way to find the best Golang developers is to use tech assessments. These can provide a better idea of a candidate’s technical abilities beyond a portfolio.

Consider using project simulations and coding tests that are relevant to the role. However, you likely only need to design tech assessments if you are in an environment that requires workers to think on their feet and adjust rapidly to changing circumstances.

Likewise, you can use pair programming exercises to see in real time how a developer works with others. These collaborative coding sessions put two programmers together at a workstation. These interactions let you see how good an applicant is at giving and receiving feedback before you hire a Go developer.

Of course, such tests are a significant investment in time. If your human resources or hiring team is not capable of designing these assessments, a service such as Toptal accurately vets candidates quickly.

You can evaluate soft skills for teamwork, communication, and collaboration with behavioral assessments. The following questions are effective for determining a culture match:

Interview Question/Request:Goal:
How do you overcome communication and collaboration challenges when working in a remote or distributed team?Understand how the applicant ensures timely teamwork, especially if working in a different time zone.
Describe the last project that did not go as you planned and how you adapted.Find out how the candidate responds to setbacks or failure.
Give an example of how you prioritize your work when you have simultaneous projects or deadlines.Discover how the individual stays on target with projects and manages time, especially if you are hiring the person as a part-time independent freelancer.
How did you resolve a recent disagreement with a team member?Learn how the candidate deals with interpersonal conflicts.
How would you explain [mention a complex coding concept] to teammates with little or no coding background?Find out how the person communicates and if it would complement your team’s style.

Be sure to eliminate any aspect of your interview that would encourage an implicit bias. Train the hiring team to address this potential issue. Also, standardize questions and use an objective scoring system to fairly evaluate qualifications.

How To Find Freelance Golang Developers for Hire

You may be able to find Golang developers from various sources. Keep your eyes and ears open for potential candidates from:

  • Freelance marketplaces and job boards

  • Outsourcing agencies

  • Your professional networks and industry events

You could also partner with coding boot camps to find fresh talent who are eager to prove their newfound skills.

What if you are still struggling with where to find Golang developers for hire? Check out our concise list of the best sites to hire Golang developers.

Compare services by the speed and ease of hire. Also, consider their process for matching you with candidates by skill set and personality. Fortunately, Toptal covers all bases and makes it easy to find world-class freelance developers with minimal work on your end.

Bringing in a Golang programmer can be an excellent way to build and improve internal operations and customer-facing apps. Start by getting a good view of the evolving developer landscape. Then, design effective hiring strategies to locate the top talent. By doing so, you can hire a Golang developer that propels your team to greater success.

Hiring Go developers - FAQs

Are Go Developers In Demand?

Go is rapidly becoming one of the most widely used programming languages, and the already high demand for skilled Go developers should continue to rise. The projected job growth rate from 2021 to 2031 is 25%, much higher than the U.S. national average.

Where can I find Go developers for hire?
  • Toptal
  • Codementor
  • Polygant
  • Upwork
  • X-Team

Explore more sites in our comprehensive list of top companies.

How Do I Hire Go Developers?

Go is a relatively young programming language, so Go developers won’t have decades of experience; instead, consider how many Go projects they have completed. If you decide to hire a Go developer, plan your project first by determining:

  • Budget

  • Nature and scope

  • Start time and duration

  • Desired developer skill sets and experience

Use top sites to find one or more skilled Go developers who meet your requirements. You can select from part-time, full-time or freelance developers by posting your job opening, browsing developer profiles or utilizing talent-matching services. Some sites vet candidates and list only top-tier developers.

Why Should You Hire a Go Developer?

Developed by Google engineers and released in 2012, Go (Golang) is a higher-level programming language. Designed to run efficiently on multi-core processors using high-speed internet, this valuable software development tool offers many advantages:

  • Automatic memory management and minimal memory usage, resulting in high speed and performance

  • Goroutines that can run concurrently and independently

  • Versatility for many types of projects: i.e., on-demand services, e-commerce and mobile apps

  • A comprehensive toolkit

  • Scalability

Businesses with high traffic, such as Uber, PayPal and Netflix, utilize Go. Talented Go developers can build highly responsive software products that improve user experience and increase functionality.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Go Developer?

The average annual salary for Go developers in the U.S. is $119,704 or $58 hourly. Yearly compensation can range from $11,500 to $176,000 depending on skill level, location and experience. You can save money without sacrificing quality by hiring freelancers.

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