How to hire freelance GPT-3 Developers in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented GPT-3 Developers

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Finding qualified and skilled GPT-3 developers can be a complicated process. We aim to make the task easier with a guide to hire GPT-3 developers that includes a list of top hiring sites, guidance on what to look for, developer costs, and interview questions to ask.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance GPT-3 Developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

This marketplace allows you to find freelance GPT-3 developers in the top 3% of their field. The company puts applicants through a rigorous vetting process before including talent within its pool. Toptal matches you with the best GPT-3 developers for your needs within 48 hours instead of the typical months-long hiring process.

Key points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

“Toptal understood our project needs immediately. We were matched with an exceptional freelancer from Argentina who, from Day 1, immersed himself in our industry, blended seamlessly with our team, understood our vision, and produced top-notch results. Toptal makes connecting with superior developers and programmers very easy.” —Jason Kulik, co-founder of ProHatch

2. Freelancer

Freelancer is one of the leading talent pool sites for various industries, including technology. To find freelance GPT-3 developers, you post a project or contest, and interested candidates submit bids. Freelancer’s mobile app and chat functions simplify communication between you and the developer you hire. The company also lets you pay talent hourly or by the project.

Key points:

  • Freelancer allows you and the developer to establish milestones for your project that determine when you pay the hire for their work.
  • Freelancer is a good option for a wide range of budgets, with talent fees starting as low as $35 per hour.
  • Freelancer does not vet its GPT-3 developers, so you must do that during hiring.

3. Gigster

Gigster offers a fully managed tech team hiring solution. If you hire GPT-3 developers through this company, they handle your project from development and integration to model training and deployment. Gigster works with more than 600 developers, pulling together talent with the specific skillset you require for your project.

Key points:

  • Interested talent must submit to a written and phone screening process.
  • Gigster teams complete 95% of their projects on time and within budget.
  • Gigster puts together a team based on your requirements rather than allowing you to choose who you hire.

4. Guru

Like Toptal and Freelancer, Guru is a marketplace that lets you hire freelance GPT-3 developers. You can sign up for the service and post your project for free. Talent creates a free profile and bids on posted jobs, allowing you to evaluate proposals and qualifications before choosing a GPT-3 developer.

Key points:

  • Guru provides tools such as its Workrooms that let you easily collaborate with the developer and manage and track your projects.
  • Guru offers an enterprise solution allowing you to hire and work with multiple developers simultaneously.
  • The company leaves the vetting process to you.

5. Upwork

Upwork has a global network of GPT-3 developers. While the company has ways for employers to determine talent qualifications, it specifically vets those who wish to work on OpenAI projects involving skills such as GPT-3 development. You can narrow the list of talent by selecting experts in creating a chatbot, integration APIs, or AI application development, allowing you to tailor your search to meet your needs.

Key points:

  • You can schedule consultations or message developers to discuss your project details.
  • Upwork also lets you post your project on the marketplace and uses an algorithm to narrow candidates to those most suited to the project requirements.
  • It has hourly and fixed-price payment options, including ways to track the developer’s progress.

6. Hired

Hired’s platform focuses on tech and sales hiring needs, providing a curated talent pool with diverse skills. Find freelance GPT-3 developers by searching for candidates with the skills required for your project, and the algorithm provides you with a list of matches. You can vet the most promising applicants by sending them customized skills assessments at no extra cost.

Key points:

  • Talent profiles include salary requirements and candidate preferences for job or project parameters.
  • Hired pre-vets its tech candidates but allows you to assess their skills further using live-coding playback and remote skills assessments.
  • Hired is dedicated to diversity, inclusion, and equity in the tech industry.

7. X-Team

The X-Team offers on-demand developer teams to handle your GPT-3 projects. The company does not provide fully managed services, so you maintain the management aspects of your project. The teams can scale up or down to suit your needs over time. When hiring GPT-3 developers from the X-Team, you know the talent working for you has at least a few years of experience.

Key points:

  • X-Team vets candidates using a questionnaire of relevant open-ended questions based on talent skills.
  • The company offers flexible contracts and monthly billing, allowing you to scale services to suit your needs.
  • The X-Team’s hiring managers put forth recommended candidates, and you can either accept them or ask for alternates.

"Since starting with X-Team six years ago, we've been able to build an entire line of products that now serve every division of Kaplan. X-Team's provided us a team of incredibly dedicated and intelligent developers. It's helped us avoid the inevitable team turnover from hiring on our own. This lets us spend 100% of our time working at maximum efficiency." —Danielle Chircop, Kaplan, Inc.

8. RemoteBase

RemoteBase promises to assemble a team of experienced developers within 24 hours of learning your project requirements and company needs. In addition to submitting details online, a RemoteBase representative discusses your developer needs in a phone call. The company vets its talent for technical and soft skills and trains them.

Key points:

  • RemoteBase offers a two-week, no-risk trial period when you hire GPT-3 developers, allowing you to pay at the end of the trial if you are satisfied with performance.
  • The company’s talent pool develops, integrates, trains GPT-3 models, and optimizes performance.
  • Your GPT-3 development team will come from a region with no more than a four-hour time zone difference.

9. Netset

Netset lets you find GPT-3 developers and consultants who can help you build a project from scratch or upgrade an existing program. The company’s talent can take you from discovery to deployment for a wide range of GPT-3 projects and products. Netset developers have worked for real estate, healthcare, e-commerce, travel, fintech, and e-learning companies.

Key points:

  • Netset offers dedicated non-disclosure agreements to safeguard your business’s information and intellectual property.
  • The company specializes in custom AI solutions.
  • Netset’s average team-assembly time is 48 hours.

10. Slashdev

Slashdev is a network of tech talent that lets you find freelance GPT-3 developers at affordable rates, making it a viable option for companies of any size. Slashdev guarantees that their developers come from the top 1% remote software professionals. Talent go through an extensive vetting process before listing their services with Slashdev.

Key points:

  • Slashdev offers freelance and fully managed GPT-3 development solutions, giving you the flexibility to meet your needs.
  • The company provides a one-week, risk-free trial with flexible contracts.
  • Slashdev matches companies with talent within four days.

11. ScalaCode

Scalacode’s OpenAI developers have experience and skills in GPT-3 project development and design, coding reviews, and integrations. Once the Scalacode team knows your requirements, you receive a selection of resumes to review, create a shortlist of candidates, and conduct interviews before hiring GPT-3 developers. The developers you hire can work as in-house employees for as long as needed.

Key points:

  • You choose the level of engagement you desire from your GPT-3 development team.
  • Scalacode utilizes a fixed-pricing model based on your project’s specifications and the talent you hire.
  • Scalacode is ISO 9001:2008 certified.

12. Contra

Contra is a tech industry marketplace with talent skilled in GPT-3 programming, integrations, and deployment. Post your job to the site, and the system matches you with qualified talent. Contra also offers the option to provide your project details and hiring requirements to company hiring experts, who will then give you a shortlist of candidates to consider.

Key points:

  • Contra utilizes built-in contracts that also let you manage your projects.
  • As of October 2023, Contra does not charge employers or freelancers for its services but anticipates charging for premium services in the future.
  • Contra does not have a vetting process.

13. Bacancy

Bacancy has a network of more than 650 skilled tech professionals. The company claims to provide access to the top 1% of the world’s IT talent, including certified developers. Bacancy works with businesses from 12 countries and matches talent to employers from compatible time zones. The company provides services to businesses of all sizes.

Key points:

  • Bacancy has six global offices, making it easy to contact the company during your business hours.
  • The company’s GPT-3 talent includes full-stack consultants, engineers, and architects.
  • Bacancy offers hourly and monthly pricing models.

14. CronJ

CronJ offers both end-to-end and on-demand GPT-3 development services. Startups and enterprise companies hire GPT-3 developers through CronJ. The company uses AI to vet its talent and indicates that the platform is ethical. It trains its IT staff using scrum events to build agility, quality, and efficiency.

Key points:

  • CronJ assembles the GPT-3 developer team you need within 48 hours and has a rapid onboarding process.
  • The company offers a flexible pricing structure with hourly, monthly, and fixed-rate options.
  • CronJ talent signs NDAs and the company provides secure tools for managing your projects.

15. WorkGenius

WorkGenius focuses on simplifying your search for GPT-3 developers. Once you input your project and talent requirements, the company’s AI-driven technology will provide you with three to five candidate matches. Matching criteria include talent salary specifications, skill test results, past experiences, and previous employer evaluations and feedback.

Key points:

  • WorkGenius had more than 350,000 freelancers from various backgrounds and industries registered on the platform.
  • The company provides one monthly invoice regardless of how many freelancers you hire.
  • WorkGenius utilizes skills tests to vet its freelancers.

Guide to hiring great freelance GPT-3 Developers

Of the many types of software development categories out there, GPT-3 developers are among the newest specializations. Generative AI is an emerging technology, making finding GPT-3 experts with the right skills and experience challenging. These specialists have unique talents but must also understand common programming languages, website frameworks, and data structures.

Generative AI applications are exploding and have the power to significantly and positively impact businesses. A McKinsey and Company study analyzed 63 use cases for GenAi and estimated that the technology could provide value of up to $4.4 trillion to the global economy, impacting a wide range of industries.

Implementing these technologies requires determining which applications benefit your company, designing the product, building it, and integrating it within your system. However, many programs also need training to respond to your business’s information and structure.

Hiring a GPT-3 developer using traditional hiring methods is time-consuming and inefficient. Tech-savvy talent often utilize tech solutions to get their names out there and find the right employer and project matches. While some look for permanent positions, others prefer to freelance. We’ll walk you through how to hire GPT-3 developers and where to find skilled talent that meets your specific hiring and project needs.

hire GPT-3 developers

Hiring a Freelance GPT-3 Developer

GPT-3 software development projects tend to be highly specialized and time-limited. Though you can find skilled talent in this field looking for full- or part-time employment, you might discover more benefits if you hire a freelance GPT-3 developer.

Freelancers often work through job marketplaces and networks, which provide you with a larger talent pool than you could get locally or through an agency. Additionally, working with freelancers gives you the flexibility to utilize their services as much or as little as you need.

What Does a GPT-3 Developer Do?

A GPT-3 developer utilizes a combination of traditional technology skills and well-honed creative muscles when building applications for businesses. The specific role of a developer in your business depends on what you hope to do with the technology. If unsure, a GPT-3 consultant can help you determine how to improve your company’s functions.

Use cases are numerous and constantly growing, and typical business applications include:

  • Chatbots
  • Virtual assistants
  • Automated customer service
  • Language translation
  • Writing or correcting code
  • Website content creation
  • Learning assistants

In addition to building the program, GPT-3 developers need to implement safeguards that limit some of the potential pitfalls of this technology, integrate it into existing technologies, and train it to work for your business.

Why Hire GPT-3 Developers

If you’ve wondered why hire dedicated GPT-3 developers instead of working with a traditional backend developer or your in-house IT team, we understand the appeal. However, programming with this technology uses natural language processing and large language models, which requires an additional skillset not utilized for other software engineering projects. Though generative AI is relatively new, searching for GPT-3 developers for hire ensures you find those with relevant experience and expertise.

“Programming with GPT-3 can feel like a much more creative process compared to traditional coding because of the natural language prompts. I believe AI will be integrated into every product in the future, and it’s been a pleasure working with developers of all experience levels from across the world who are creating innovative apps through the API.”

Natalie Pistunovich, Lead Developer Advocate at Aerospike, Founder of Women Techmakers Berlin.

How To Hire GPT-3 Developers

Before beginning your talent search, you need to know what you want your GPT-3 developer to do for you. If you only know you want to find ways to utilize the technology to improve your company’s efficiency, you will need someone who can help you generate potential use cases. On the other hand, if your project is already well-defined, you can search for and hire GPT-3 developers with the skills and experience that match your particular project and business requirements.

Hiring a freelancer provides you with the greatest flexibility and range of candidates. Utilizing freelance marketplaces specializing in the tech industry and including candidates with GPT-3 engineering skills can significantly reduce the time and effort it takes to find the right talent. Some hiring sites offer additional services that help you narrow your choices to a few candidates. If you need a team of GPT-3 developers for end-to-end services, you may want to consider a fully managed service.

While you can hire junior GPT-3 developers, we don’t recommend it for most business applications. Effective programming with the technology requires a significant time and training investment. The more experience a developer has with GPT-3, the better the outcomes for you. Though they might charge a higher rate, you will likely save time and money in the long run and end up with a better product.

What Skills To Look For in a GPT-3 Developer

To find the most qualified candidates, you need to know the most desirable GPT-3 developer skills. Developers in this arena should have strong soft skills and the right technological experience, as they will likely work closely with other staff in your business. Additionally, since many work remotely, they must have excellent communication skills, be highly motivated, and be capable of working independently and with a team.

Technical skills should incorporate the breadth of the GPT-3 developer’s job to ensure you find talent with relevant experience. Skills to consider include experience with:

  • Programming languages such as JavaScript, Python and C++
  • Programming and development using APIs
  • Large language models, natural language processing, and machine learning
  • Writing algorithms for GPT-3 programs
  • Working with various frameworks and platforms

If your business deals with sensitive data, such as financial information, you will also want a GPT-3 developer with security protocols and systems. Additionally, it’s important to find developers with experience working in similarly sized businesses and like projects. Finally, make sure the person you hire is a good fit for your company’s culture.

Technical Skills Soft Skills
Programming languages, such as Java, Python and C++Strong grasp of natural language for prompting AI
Strong background using APIs Strong written and verbal communication skills
Training generative AI modelsAbility to collaborate with a team
Integrating multiple technologies Ability to work independently, Self-motivated and accountable
Working with large language models Strong problem-solving skills
Developing with natural language processing and machine learning Time management skills, Ability to adhere to strict deadlines
Data processing and analysis of big data, both structured and unstructured Capable of adapting to new environments and changes in plans

How Much Does It Cost To Hire GPT-3 Developers?

The cost of hiring a GPT-3 developer varies according to the professional’s experience, the project's scope, the talent’s location, and the hiring source you use. For example, Slashdev advertises developer rates of $28-$38 per hour, while Bacancy advertises a $40 hourly rate and a $5,600 monthly rate for 160 hours.

Tips for Writing a GPT-3 Developer Job Description

Competition for experienced GPT-3 developers can be high, with more employers seeking talent than qualified candidates available. You will want to craft an engaging job description that highlights the value your company brings to the candidate, such as the types of projects the developer will get to work on, opportunities for creativity, and your company culture.

When writing your GPT-3 developer job description, clearly describe the required skills, education, and experience. While some platforms, such as Toptal, thoroughly vet talent before allowing them to utilize their site, you must determine whether you will require additional assessments and include them in the description. Technical assessments, pair-programming exercises, and behavioral interviews allow you to gather data on candidates’ specific skill sets, including soft skills. However, they can be time-consuming and potentially lead to lost opportunities to hire strong candidates.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a GPT-3 Developer

When interviewing potential GPT-3 developers, you will want to ask questions that reveal the candidates’ qualifications for the project you need them to complete, along with standard interview questions. Examples of common questions and desirable answers include:

  • How much experience do you have in GPT-3 programming? Since OpenAI only released GPT-3 to the public in 2020, even the most experienced candidates won’t have been working with it for long. However, they should be able to tell you how deeply they’ve engaged with it.
  • What kind of projects have you worked on using GPT 3? Ideally, candidates will have sufficient experience with the type of project you need them for, as well as additional projects, displaying versatility and adaptability.
  • What programming languages are you proficient in? Candidates should be proficient in multiple programming languages, including Java and Python.
  • How do you troubleshoot programming issues? Candidates should provide multiple troubleshooting methods and examples of times they’ve implemented them.

While these suggestions are enough to get you started, you should ultimately fine-tune them and add your own to reflect the depth, breadth, and complexity of skills needed for the job.

Where To Hire/Find GPT-3 Developers for Hire

You can find GPT-3 developers for hire through multiple sources, including freelance marketplaces, outsourcing agencies, and job boards. When exploring sites to hire GPT-3 developers, consider factors such as talent experience, costs, number of developers needed, and hiring speed. A company like Toptal combines personalized services that help you find the right talent for your project with a pool of highly skilled and vetted GPT-3 developers, allowing you to connect with the ideal candidate quickly and with little effort.

Why Strategically Hiring a GPT-3 Developer Is Crucial

Strategically hiring a GPT-3 developer ensures you find talent capable of building applications for this emerging technology. Understanding the technology, identifying your needs for a GPT-3 developer, determining critical technical and soft skills, and conducting focused interviews can speed up the hiring process and connect you to qualified developers so your company can embrace tools to spur growth and success.

Hiring GPT-3 Developers - FAQs

Are GPT-3 Developers in Demand?

GPT-3 is an emerging technology and developers are in high demand as more businesses incorporate generative AI into their processes. For instance, Gartner research indicates that GenAI will create 30% of all outbound messages for large industries by 2025, up from 2% in 2022.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a GPT-3 Developer?
The cost to hire a GPT-3 developer varies significantly, depending on your project’s complexity, the developer’s skill and experience level, and the route you use to hire. You can find a developer on Slashdev for $28 per hour or hire a senior GPT-3 developer from Bacancy for $5,600 monthly for 160 hours of work.
Where Can I Hire GPT-3 Developers?
Numerous services help you find GPT-3 developers, but the top five are Toptal, Freelancer, Gigster, Guru, and Upwork. You can explore a complete list of options in our guide and learn what each offers.
How Do You Hire GPT-3 Developers?
Understanding what you need from your GPT-3 developer is critical to ensuring you find talent that matches. Define your project, desired technical and soft skills, budget, and timeline. After clearly outlining your parameters, decide whether to hire a freelancer, managed services, or full- or part-time staff, and choose your recruitment methods. If you use one of the many online services available, research your options and pick one that provides access to the right talent for your project. Most services will need you to create a job description. You may also need to interview candidates before making any offers.
Why Should You Hire a GPT-3 Developer?
Incorporating GPT-3 technology into your business can give you an advantage, with increased efficiency and improved customer and user experiences. Though the technology is new and rapidly evolving, implementing it effectively requires skills in natural language processing and large language models that most developers aren’t yet proficient in.

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