How to hire freelance Jenkins developers in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented Jenkins developers

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  • 98% Hiring Success
  • Fast Matching within 48 hours
  • Risk-Free Trial for up to 5 Days
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Jenkins is one of today’s technologies that enable the automation of essential tasks. Jenkins developers deliver real value, but finding them can be challenging. This guide to hire Jenkins developers includes top sourcing sites, developer skills and salary information, and hiring and interviewing tips to simplify your search.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Jenkins developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal provides talent-matching services, presenting you with a candidate shortlist of world-class developers in 24 hours. Only the best Jenkins developers make it to Toptal’s roster; five-step vetting admits only 3% of site applicants.

Although Toptal’s accuracy earns a 98% success rate anyway, the platform also offers a risk-free trial so you can assess each developer’s fit and performance. Companies of all sizes rely on Toptal’s global talent pool.

You will pay a refundable $500 deposit, and developer rates vary.

Key Points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Coders.Dev

If you are looking for pre-vetted freelance Jenkins developers, multiple hiring options, and cost-effective pricing, consider Coders.dev. You can connect with talented professionals at all skill levels and hire them for small gigs or long-term partnerships.

Over 200 startups and 3,000 small and midsize enterprises, including ZipRecruiter, GoDaddy, and Uber, trust Coders.dev for their sourcing needs.

Key Points:

  • Your development team matches its work schedule to your preferred time zone.
  • Hire Jenkins developers on a part-time, full-time, or contract-to-hire basis.
  • This highly rated platform strives to provide on-budget, high-quality deliverables within designated timeframes.

3. Proxify

With Proxify, a personal matcher discusses your needs, then handpicks the best Jenkins developers for your consideration, typically within one week; some clients hire in only two days. Based in New York, this talent-matching platform vets site applicants extensively, only accepting the top 2%. Frequent reviews ensure ongoing quality.

Proxify serves over 1,000 clients in 35 countries with a 94% success rate.

Key Points:

  • You will have a one-week, risk-free trial period to evaluate developer fit.
  • Transparent pricing options for part-time and full-time talent start at $33.90/hour, and you can switch between plans as needed.
  • Although Proxify’s talent pool is worldwide, all its Jenkins developers speak English.

4. Arc.dev

Arc.dev uses AI-powered talent matching to provide a candidate shortlist, whether you are interested in finding a full-time, permanent addition to your team or hiring freelance Jenkins developers. Any hire you make through Arc has pricing options and a no-risk guarantee.

You can find Jenkins developers from around the world using Arc, but every candidate is fluent in English.

Key Points:

  • Arc’s Silicon Valley-caliber vetting process eliminates all but 2.3% of site applicants, so you can trust each developer’s qualifications.
  • Interviewing and hiring Jenkins developers in as little as 72 hours for freelancers and two weeks for full-time developers is possible with Arc.
  • Jenkins developers are available for short- and long-term hires.

5. Turing

Out of over 2 million applicants, Turing’s AI-powered vetting accepts only the top 1%. Many clients receive a candidate shortlist, compiled through Turing’s talent-matching service, within four days. Each developer’s profile includes their weaknesses and strengths.

You can find freelance Jenkins developers or hire a fully managed team with no risk; you will not pay anything if you discontinue services within two weeks.

Key Points:

  • Over 900 startups and Fortune 500 companies turn to Turing to source IT talent.
  • The developers you hire will overlap at least four hours of their workdays with your preferred time zone.
  • You can hire Jenkins developers based on their location or skill sets.

6. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most widely used freelance marketplaces, making it a great place to find Jenkins developers. Upwork freelancers possess various skill sets and levels, but this site only vets top performers, designating them as Expert-Vetted. Developers who earn consistent positive customer reviews receive talent badges.

If you would like to find Jenkins developers who completed projects similar to yours, utilize Upwork’s free Talent Specialists.

Key Points:

  • Sourcing options include searching profiles, purchasing posted services with designated pricing, utilizing Upwork’s optional talent-matching service, and posting jobs.
  • The platform is global, but many of its Jenkins developers speak English.
  • Upwork offers a robust toolkit to assist with your candidate search, and many features are available at no charge.

7. LinkedIn

Many job seekers and employers utilize LinkedIn as a way to connect. In fact, 86% of small businesses that post jobs receive an application from a qualified candidate within 24 hours. This platform offers multiple hiring products to improve your process and results, but you can also post free job listings.

Key Points:

  • Site tools notify job seekers whose qualifications match your job description.
  • You will need to screen and vet Jenkins developers you find on LinkedIn, but you can attach skills assessments and screening questions to your job posts.
  • To reach a broader audience, you can pay to promote your job post and edit your budget at any time. You will only pay for engagements with your listing.

8. Dice

Almost 2 million IT professionals visit this site every month, so your job posts should reach the right audience. Dice identifies suitable Jenkins developers for your open position using multiple sources, and AI-powered tools compile a shortlist of the best Jenkins developers for your project. Dice talent advisors can assist you with your sourcing needs.

Key Points:

  • Find Jenkins developers by creating job posts, searching resumes, participating in virtual career events, or using Dice’s recruitment services.
  • Dice offers flexible pricing options for single or multiple posts and a recruitment package.
  • Vetting Jenkins developers sourced through Dice is your responsibility.

9. Guru

Guru’s worldwide talent pool includes many qualified freelance Jenkins developers. Guru’s 99% customer satisfaction rate, an extensive variety of available skill sets, and a 24/7 dedicated support team make it a great resource for hiring Jenkins developers.

Guru’s WorkRooms help you organize and manage your development team. Choose free job posts or pay for increased exposure.

Key Points:

  • Guru verifies freelancers and publishes each developer’s transaction data and feedback scores.
  • Guru offers multiple sourcing and hiring options, along with flexible payments.
  • Guru claims to have the lowest fees in the industry, and you can avoid the 2.9% invoice handling fee by using specified payment options.

10. Techify

Techify provides automated API, CI unit, and functional testing services using Jenkins. Junior- and senior-level developers are available to serve clients across multiple industries. Techify uses the Agile development methodology, so you will work closely with your Jenkins team. QA experts verify each project after completion. Your Jenkins team will work in accordance with your time zone.

Key Points:

  • Technify offers multiple engagement models with no hidden costs to best suit your needs.
  • If you are not satisfied with a developer’s work, Techify will replace them quickly.
  • Expect on-time deliveries, open communications, 24/7 emergency assistance, and end-to-end security.

11. Reintech

As a tech recruitment service founded by an engineer, Reintech provides experienced Jenkins developers to augment your team. Reintech performs customized vetting based on your project requirements and presents two or three candidates for your review. It may take two to four weeks to onboard your Jenkins developers. Reintech’s primary talent pool is Eastern Europe, but the developers you hire speak English.

Key Points:

  • Reintech charges a separate, fixed management fee for each developer; this fee covers sourcing, vetting, contracting, payroll services, and HR support.
  • You will negotiate compensation amounts with each developer directly; average requested compensation is $6,300-$7,300 monthly.
  • Reintech’s Jenkins developers have an average of 10 years of experience.

12. Full-Stack Techies

With offices in four countries, Full-Stack Techies offers a full range of Jenkins services. Every client hiring a full-time team has a complementary project manager. This company partners with AWS, Microsoft, and Google Cloud. Each developer must successfully complete a two-month screening and vetting process, which includes technical skills assessments, English language, consistent quality, personality traits, mock projects, and timely delivery.

Key Points:

  • You will have a risk-free trial to evaluate the provided services; 90% of these trials convert to projects.
  • Only three out of 1,000 site applicants pass a two-month screening process,
  • Your Jenkins developers will sync their work schedules with your time zone.

13. Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs offers multiple Jenkins development services and software experts with many competencies to over 30 industries. Engagement models include Agile teams, staff augmentation, hourly, offshore or on-site dedicated teams, and managed services. This award-winning company has offices in New York and Bangladesh.

Key Points:

  • Describe your project, schedule a consultation, and receive a custom proposal.
  • Resource hiring models offer part-time, full-time, and hourly options for Riseup Labs’ in-house IT experts.
  • Ask for a free quote if you are interested in ongoing maintenance, support, and updates.

14. SkillDB

SkillDB is a talent marketplace focused on providing technical skills to clients. This platform handpicks pre-vetted developers from reliable companies and matches you with the best candidates for your open Jenkins developer roles. SkillDB has fulfilled over 500 projects for more than 260 clients with on-demand hiring of top technical talent. Developer profiles list years of experience, skill sets, and skill levels.

Key Points:

  • As of September 2023, SkillDB earned a 4.6/5 rating through 3,583 reviews.
  • You may be able to hire Jenkins developers within one hour.
  • Begin your developer’s contract period with a no-risk trial.

15. FlexJobs

Colorado-based FlexJobs is a leading platform focusing on freelance and remote work. Job seekers and employers worldwide trust this job site because of its verification processes, resources, and transparency. An employer membership grants unlimited resume searches and job posts, dedicated account support, activity and data reporting, and many more benefits.

You can post jobs and search Jenkins developer profiles.

Key Points:

  • Employers can choose from multiple pricing options, with discounts for 3-month and annual plans.
  • Member upgrade options provide multiple methods of boosting your posts, expert consulting, and the chance to participate in virtual job fairs.
  • Cancel your membership within seven days and receive a full refund.

Guide to hiring great freelance Jenkins developers

hiring great freelance jenkins developers

The world is coming to expect instant results and automation, especially from technology. Software developers need the right tools to produce those outcomes, and Jenkins is a powerful tool. Tools are only as good as those who wield them, though, so you need highly skilled developers to utilize Jenkins to its best advantage.

However, sourcing top Jenkins developers can be challenging if you do not know how and where to find them. Learn how to hire Jenkins developers with the information in this guide.

In a two-year period ending with June 2023, the number of jobs defined on Jenkins grew by 45% to an incredible 73,746,418 jobs monthly. That dramatic increase, coupled with continued demand, means that hiring top Jenkins developers is becoming more difficult.

As the potential uses increase, the talent pool will decrease. Building a strong development team now puts you at the forefront and makes it much more likely that the world will beat a path to your door rather than your competition’s.

Learn more about Jenkins developers, then check out the top 15 sites in this guide to hire your team.

Factors To Consider When Choosing a Site To Hire Jenkins Developers
VettingIf you are trusting a site to vet Jenkins developers, be sure you understand the vetting process, assessment areas, and how exclusive vetted candidates are.
GuaranteesSome platforms offer risk-free guarantees. Verify the terms, duration of the trial period, and how the site fulfills its guarantee.
TimeframesSome sites allow for faster hiring than others, so be sure that the site’s timeframe matches yours.
PricingSome platforms submit pricing proposals that include fees, while others might charge additional fees. Be sure that you know the entire cost of hiring Jenkins developers through the site.
Tools and FeaturesMost platforms offer features and tools to assist you throughout the hiring process. Find out what they are and how much they cost to utilize.
Talent-Matching ServicesIf you choose this sourcing option, find out how accurate the site’s service is, if there’s an additional charge, how quickly you can expect a candidate shortlist, and what methods determine the best matches.

Hiring a Freelance Jenkins Developer

Your project’s requirements help determine how many developers you need and for how long. There are many hiring options, including contract-to-hire, part-time, full-time, hourly, and freelance workers. In many cases, your best option is to hire a freelance Jenkins developer because of the many benefits:

  • You will have access to a worldwide talent pool, making it easier to hire developers quickly and find those with unique skill sets that are unavailable locally.
  • Freelancers work on a contract basis, providing flexibility and eliminating the indefinite commitment that comes with hiring employees.
  • Freelancers usually do not charge as much per hour, plus you will not have associated payroll taxes, overhead, or benefits costs.
  • It can take several weeks to fill open roles using traditional hiring models, but it is possible to identify, interview, and hire freelancers in only 48 hours.

Some freelance hiring platforms provide additional flexibility by offering no-risk trial periods that allow you to evaluate a developer’s performance and fit.

What Do Jenkins Developers Do?

Even the best programmers need to test their coding. Prior to Jenkins, developers had to manually test daily builds before adding them to a repository.

Kohsuke Kawaguchi worked for Sun Microsystems as a Java developer; in 2004, he designed an automation server for and written in Java. Originally called Hudson, Jenkins became an open-source software used for automating processes. This system enables developers to combine almost every source code repository with any language in a continuous integration or continuous delivery environment using pipelines.

Although using Jenkins still requires developers to provide instructions through scripts, it enables them to quickly build and integrate test, build, and deployment tools in a structured, robust environment. Automating processes saves time and money while reducing errors and improving quality.

Developers can use over 1,800 plugins to automate a wide variety of development tasks. Plugins are available for build management, administration, platforms, source code management, and UI. These tools:

  • Confirm stable coding, which provides value to clients
  • Enhance predictability through identifying and solving problems promptly
  • Reduces the likelihood of faulty code creating conflicts when merged

CI servers automatically alert developers about changes and generate reports.

Along with other cloud tools, Jenkins is widely used to support DevOps, which is a popular software development methodology. DevOps encourages collaboration, transparency, continuous communication, visibility, and integration to increase product reliability through automation and acceleration.

What does all of that mean to business owners, and why hire Jenkins developers? When you hire dedicated Jenkins developers, they can use automation to:

  • Work faster and more efficiently, which reduces expenses
  • Build resilient and reliable software products
  • Decrease development time, allowing you to launch your product sooner
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce errors and maintenance requirements

Higher-quality software with faster delivery times can increase sales, improve operations, and strengthen your brand’s value.

Sr. Lead DevOps Engineer at Nisum
“Jenkins is a highly customizable CI/CD tool with excellent community support. One can use Jenkins to build and deploy monolith services to microservices with ease. It can handle multiple "builds" per agent simultaneously, but the process can be resource hungry, and you need some impressive specs server for that. With Jenkins, you can automate almost any task. Also, as it is an open source, we can save a load of money by not spending on enterprise CI/CD tools.”
Muhammad Arsalan Niazi , Sr. Lead DevOps Engineer at Nisum

Jenkins developers for hire can utilize Jenkins automations in conjunction with many platforms to build and test a wide range of software products. Businesses just need to find the right hires.

How To Hire Jenkins Developers

Before you can bring on professionals for any role, you need to clearly define the project and the purpose for the position. Determine your project’s:

  • Budget
  • Goals
  • Nature and scope
  • Timeframes
  • The number and types of hires you will make

What roles will your Jenkins developers fill? Will they focus only on Jenkins-related tasks, or will they be responsible for other areas of your development project? Larger projects likely need bigger teams, with each person bringing specialized skill sets. If you will hire only a small team or single developer, each person probably needs to wear multiple hats and possess a more diverse skill set.

Next, you need to decide if you will hire part-time, full-time, or freelance Jenkins developers. You may choose to use a combination. Will you require your team to work on site, or will you allow remote work? Businesses in many industries benefit from utilizing remote workers, and today’s technologies provide many ways to collaborate from multiple locations.

When you begin your search for candidates, you will find junior-, mid-, and senior-level developers for hire. One skill level is not necessarily better than another. Many junior developers have the required skills and knowledge to perform reasonably advanced tasks.

As with most businesses, people in entry-level positions often receive more mundane assignments due to their lack of experience. Senior-level developers likely have management skills or a broader knowledge base gained through years of experience.

Your budget might not allow you to hire senior-level candidates, and your project might not require them. Choose candidates with the requisite skills, a solid understanding of your project and goals, and who have the right attitude and personality to mesh well with you and your team.

Sites like Toptal allow you to hire freelancers on a trial basis with no risk so you have time to see if you made the right choice.

What Skills Should You Look For When Hiring a Jenkins Developer?

Depending on the scope and responsibilities of each developer’s role, they may need multiple skills in addition to their Jenkins skill sets. For more information about specific technical skills, see our other hiring guides.

Business owners do not always have the in-depth knowledge to accurately gauge a developer’s technical skills. Toptal and many of the other sites on our top-15 list vet developers thoroughly, judging technical and soft skills and accepting only those who pass. Hired includes role-based skill test results in each developer’s profile.

At minimum, your Jenkins developers technical skills should include:

  • Extensive knowledge about Jenkins and its integration processes
  • Proficiency with Java and other relevant programming languages
  • Experience using DevOps and applying various technologies
  • Thorough understanding of software development processes

They may need various other technical skills, depending on the scope of their role and the type of project you are undertaking. It is often advisable to hire developers who have experience working on projects similar to yours.

Technical skills and knowledge are vital for any developer, but they must also possess many crucial soft skills, such as:

  • Active listening and communication skills
  • Proficiency in written and spoken English (or another language of your choice)
  • The ability to perform well when under pressure
  • A strong work ethic and self-motivation
  • Flexibility and adaptability
  • Time management and prioritization skills
  • A teamwork mentality
  • Creative problem-solving and critical thinking skills
  • Confidence and a positive attitude

Cultural fit and personality are also key factors when you are assembling a team.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Jenkins Developers?

The average annual salary for Jenkins developers in the U.S. is $115,265 or $55 per hour. Yearly wages range from $41,000 to $170,000, depending on factors like location, skill levels, years of experience, and project complexity. You often will not pay as much if you hire freelancers.

Tips for Writing a Jenkins Developer Job Description

Since the demand for Jenkins developers is high, you need to write a compelling job description that entices candidates. Include company and brand details such as cultural environment, achievements, and your mission statement. Role-based information should highlight:

  • A description of your project, including timelines
  • Desired and required technical qualifications
  • Crucial soft skills
  • Work location
  • Responsibilities
  • Hiring classification (freelance, etc.)

Companies need to use fair hiring practices that ensure diversity and inclusion in the workplace. Decide how you will score and weigh each applicant’s technical and soft skills during interviews to achieve unbiased decision-making.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a Jenkins Developer

It is understood that a candidate’s technical qualifications likely landed their interview. When you source candidates through sites like Toptal that pre-vet talent, you know those qualifications are valid. However, it is still advisable to require each applicant to complete an exercise to demonstrate their Jenkins and other development skills.

Most hiring managers use interviews to gauge soft skills. Compose a list of questions that you will ask every candidate; also create a consistent scoring model to ensure impartiality.

Soft skills are intangible, so accurately evaluating them is challenging. An excellent method of gauging multiple soft skills simultaneously is to create an open-ended scenario and ask the candidate how they would handle it. Purposefully omit at least one crucial piece of information, making it impossible to craft a satisfactory response without filling in those details.

Candidates who do not ask for clarifications before presenting an answer are probably not the right developers for your team. This method also allows you to assess communication and problem-solving skills, technical knowledge, and work practices.

Be sure to ask about topics such as:

  • Explain Jenkins processes and what drew you toward them.
  • What are your strengths and weaknesses?
  • Do you prefer to work independently or as part of a team?
  • Describe your contributions to a recent project.

Candidates should provide knowledgeable, straightforward answers. Look for clear communications and personality traits as well.

How To Find Freelance Jenkins Developers for Hire

Our comprehensive list of the 15 best sites to hire Jenkins developers includes job boards, freelance marketplaces, talent-matching services, and outsourcing agencies. How do you know which option to choose?


  • Hiring speed
  • The amount of work you will need to do to find Jenkins developers
  • Screening and vetting practices
  • Quality assurance
  • Risk-free trial periods
  • Pricing options
  • Sourcing methods
  • Flexibility and scaling

Toptal is our top choice because you can find and hire vetted talent quickly, its talent-matching service takes care of the legwork, and you get a risk-free guarantee.

Jenkins developers make valuable contributions to any software development project, and sourcing the best developers for your team is vital. Use our strategic hiring tips and the sites listed in this guide to simplify the hiring process so your team can begin your project.

Hiring Jenkins developers - FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a Jenkins Developer?

If you choose to hire part-time or full-time employees, you will have to pay benefits, overhead expenses, and payroll taxes in addition to salaries. Salary calculators typically consider:

  • The complexity of your project
  • Hiring and completion timelines
  • Developer skill sets and levels
  • Location

You will usually save money by hiring freelance Jenkins developers.

Why Should You Hire a Jenkins Developer?

Hiring Jenkins developers is a wise investment for many reasons. Utilizing the Jenkins methodology provides value through:

  • Reductions in time spent, costs, risks, and effort
  • Improved productivity, efficiency, and quality
  • Faster product launches

Jenkins developers are well-versed in automating various development functions. They understand which technologies to deploy for each task and how to achieve measurable goals.

Where Can I Hire Jenkins Developers?
Toptal, Coders.dev, Proxify, Arc.dev, and Turing are excellent sites for hiring Jenkins developers. Check out the other 10 sites in this guide for more options.
Are Jenkins Developers In Demand?

As of September 2023, Jenkins holds a 47.34% share of the continuous integration market. This market includes 55 competitors, with Jenkins ranking at #1.

The top industries utilizing Jenkins are software development, machine learning, and big data. Each of these industries continues to expand. Combined, this data indicates that the high demand for Jenkins developers will continue to grow.

How To Hire Jenkins Developers

Follow these steps for simplified hiring:

  1. Define your project and the Jenkins developer’s role.
  2. Determine the hiring structure you will use.
  3. Create an appealing job description and listing.
  4. Choose which site(s) you will use to find qualified candidates.
  5. Create your own shortlist or receive one if you are using a talent-matching site.
  6. Interview top applicants and make your hiring decisions.

Talent-matching services like Toptal save time and money while reducing stress.

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