The 15 best sites to hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers in 2023

Updated on May 26, 2023
Platforms to find talented Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers Toptal
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Are you in search of talented Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers but finding it overwhelming to choose the right fit for your specific requirements? With a plethora of options available, it can be a daunting task to identify the most suitable developer. In this comprehensive guide, we will walk you through the step-by-step process of finding and hiring Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers, accompanied by an extensive list of reviewed and recommended companies, ensuring that you can make well-informed decisions for your business.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

1. Toptal

Toptal offers a unique solution for companies that need to hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers. In 2020, they became the world's largest fully remote company, boosting over 30,000 talent engagements and increasing that number to over 55,000 by 2022.

2. Upwork

Upwork offers three ways to find freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers. Businesses of all sizes can use Upwork to pinpoint talent, browse a catalog of preplanned projects, or post a job opening and scout professionals. Find talent worldwide or limit your hires to within the U.S.

3. Hired

After signing up with Hired, you can access a pool of pre-vetted, qualified talent with proven skills and experience. Their sophisticated algorithm narrows the search, saving hours of talent sourcing. Hired is a leader in hiring for the tech industry.

4. Guru

Hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers through their profiles, where you find performance stats, feedback from other companies, and work portfolios. Browse more than 2 million experts and manage your freelancers through the website.

5. Gigster

With over 900 members from the top schools and companies in tech, Gigster allows you to find freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers you can trust. Leading brands trust the platform for their projects, reducing the risk of traditional IT endeavors by 60% and improving budget and time management.

6. X-Team

X-Team creates teams of top-performing developers based on your needs. If you have long-term projects, you can assemble the engineering department you need and hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants. Create diversity with access to experts in over 55 countries.

7. SignalHire

Sign up for free and hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers by email. SignalHire applies predictive intelligence to individual applications to gather data and promote informed decisions in talent acquisition. Reduce your time-to-hire with their automated recruitment process and interactive performance insights.

8. Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a Ukrainian-based company with a talent pool of development teams for businesses in all industries. With over 12 years of experience and more than 200,000 employees, Mobilunity has global recognition as a top B2B services company. Find Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers to manage the complexities of B2B relationships.

9. Belatrix

Belatrix, a division of Globant, outsources tech talent to businesses by learning your project needs and finding a match from their pool of more than 25,000 tech experts worldwide. They can adapt to any client process, making it easy to find skilled freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants.

10. Freelancer

Find skilled freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers at competitive global rates through a safeguarded payment process. Freelancer is the largest crowdsourcing marketplace by projects and user numbers, connecting over 65 million employers and freelancers around the world.

11. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a social media platform for professionals. It has over 900 million users across 200 countries, making it an ideal place to hire freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers. Job seekers and businesses alike use LinkedIn's extensive database to connect daily.

12. Turing

Vet SFCC developers using Turing's carefully chosen database of engineers. The profiles you see are the top 1% of more than 2 million applicants. Turing allows you to make decisions based on the developer's availability, years of experience, and level of expertise.

13. Jarvis Cole

Hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants through Jarvis Cole allows you to access niche talent. The company specializes in eCommerce recruitment, measuring company success in customer satisfaction over profit and providing 20 years of experience in global recruitment.

14. Fiverr

Fiverr's business platform allows companies to access a catalog of verified talent when hiring Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers. Skip the interviewing process and streamline your freelancer hiring system. Manage your projects through the website using Fiverr's trusted vetting system.

15. FlexJobs

FlexJobs drives serious candidates to your job listing by guaranteeing legitimate offers and pre-screening. Advertising your position opening ensures all candidates are interested in remote work.

Guide to hiring great freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers

If you are unsure how to hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers, this guide will help you overcome some of the challenges. Freelancers commonly work remotely, requiring you to trust online sources to vet them adequately and fast-track the hiring process. We created this list of the best sites to hire Salesforce Commerce cloud developers, evaluating each for hiring speed, talent availability, and the amount of work required from your end.

As of 2020, Salesforce Commerce Cloud continues to score high in machine learning and artificial intelligence. These are hallmarks of the $3.4 trillion global eCommerce industry poised to reach $6.5 trillion by 2024. In addition, large brands, such as Adidas, Calvin Klein, and Under Armour, use SFCC to manage orders, leverage revenue, and better understand customers. This is the future of the consumer experience, creating a demand for SFCC developers and consultants.

You can find thousands of SFCC job openings on Indeed, many requesting contract employees. Toptal, Upwork, Guru, and the other sites on our list find the talent for you, many using sophisticated methods to filter out the top talent in a growing niche pool. Learn more about what SFCC developers do and how they can benefit your curated customer experience. We even offer tips for drafting a job listing and insight into the cost of a qualified SFCC developer.

What Does a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Do?

According to Gaurav Kheterpal, Commerce expert and consistent Salesforce MVP,

"the adoption of Salesforce eCommerce solutions is gaining momentum." 

The world's leading brands use freelancer Salesforce commerce Cloud developers to design, code, test, and review eCommerce sites. Common responsibilities include:

  • Identifying and translating business requirements into website architecture for design solutions that benefit the business and the customer

  • Inspiring continuous improvement of your system performance to ensure quality and stability

  • Working with technical and creative design stakeholders

  • Monitoring eCommerce trends consistently to identify advantages and disadvantages

  • Developing system interfaces and data integrations

Remaining up to date with releases relevant to Commerce Cloud is critical. However, Commerce Cloud is only a component of the Salesforce platform. Therefore, developers must be up to date on all changes to this CRM technology.

A skilled Commerce Cloud developer will improve and maintain best practices when documenting procedures. They should also deliver coaching and training to other company team members to optimize the software's functionality. Most of the top Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers have a minimum of a bachelor's degree in information technology, computer science, or an equivalent program.

Coding and Programming Knowledge

A Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer should have skills in backend and frontend development. This includes knowledge and experience in the following programming principles and languages:

  • HTML5, CSS, and jQuery

  • JavaScript, Headless Commerce, and the Salesforce B2C Commerce Cloud Business Manager interface

  • APIs, including REST, Bulk, SOAP, and Streaming

An experienced Commerce Cloud developer is familiar with commerce processes, including inventory management, returns, adjustments, replacements, fulfillment, and payment capture.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud usage continues to increase each year exponentially, with more and more businesses turning to the platform for enterprise eCommerce solutions. It is the 12th most popular website in the top 100,000 enterprise category and the 14th most popular in the top 1 million. The increasing demand simultaneously grows the need for companies to hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants.

Why Hire Dedicated Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developers?

You already know their skills and qualifications, but why hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers? Consider the benefits they offer:

  • They improve the functionalities you need to work with your customers and use their data efficiently.

  • You can access tailored solutions to client and company needs with skills going beyond the ready-to-use products Salesforce offers.

  • SFCC developers help you understand your customers' needs better.

  • Manage your sales funnel more efficiently with SFCC developers to create solutions for issues in lead generation and customer acquisition and retention.

  • They offer a professional evaluation of your plans for Salesforce implementation, determining whether your plan will work and is worth the investment.

What products do you have in the works, and how could an SFCC developer help? Automatic timetable creation, product rating systems based on customer reviews, and predictive models for customer behavior are PHP projects that can impact every element of the business, from product development to marketing. Look for a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer for hire with an interest in your business plans.

Should I Hire a Freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer?

Before you hire an SFCC developer, assess your project needs and budget, as well as their perceived contribution. For example, do you need someone full-time or part-time? Is this a one-off project? Freelancers save on overhead expenses, office space, training, health insurance, and other benefits. In addition, hiring remotely expands the freelancer pool, allowing you to access the best in the industry.

What Skills To Look For When Hiring a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer

Why do you need a top-tier Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer? Consider the exponential growth of the Salesforce ecosystem and how that can impact your company. Salesforce exceeds every other CRM company on the market. Its 19.5% market share is nearly four times higher than the top three companies behind it.

Keeping ahead of the competition means finding strong talent. Hiring a remote SFCC developer starts with differentiating highly skilled talent from junior or mid talent. If you can afford the most qualified, you should know how to identify them, beginning with the most critical soft and technical skills.

Top Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Skills

Before you hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers, thoroughly assess their technical skills. They must display command of the following languages:

  • SOUL

  • CSS and HTML

  • Apex

  • Javascript

  • Visualforce

Extensive experience using web development tools, such as Eclipse, Git, Sublime, and ID, is also essential. The lines between a junior and senior developer can blur depending on your specific needs. While the term junior implies they need supervision with most tasks, even senior SFCC developers can have junior-level experience in certain aspects of the job description. A senior developer is an expert in Salesforce Commerce Cloud tech and approaches troubleshooting like a sport, displaying confidence in their problem-solving skills.

Soft SFCC Developer Skills

SFCC development requires analytical and problem-solving skills. These are often difficult to assess on a resume. However, you can evaluate them in an interview. A senior SFCC developer should have the ability to:

  • Work in collaboration with a team and communicate effectively

  • Deeply analyze customer data, especially demands, to design and code long-term solutions

  • Identify and solve CRM platform issues quickly and logistically

Patience is also crucial. Working with Salesforce demands constantly learning new tools, technologies, business processes, and procedures. Before you hire someone, question their certifications and real-life experience to determine their adaptability.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developers?

A freelance Salesforce developer on Upwork costs between $25 and $40 per hour. The average base pay for a developer from Toptal is $114,264 annually. However, hourly rates can vary based on their experience and the scope of your project. Hiring a freelance SFCC developer remotely decreases costs, allowing you to pay more for skills and knowledge.

Tips for Writing a Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developer Job Description

You need a thorough job description if you want to hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers with senior-level skills. Job duties and qualifications should include the following:

  • Design and development of Salesforce Commerce Cloud solutions

  • Implementation of eCommerce solutions on Salesforce Commerce Cloud

  • Review code and direct engineers and developers to make changes or implement solutions

  • Troubleshoot and solve technical problems related to SFCC applications and the business's eCommerce platform

  • Strong technical skills in the various PHP languages

Address the specific certificates you prefer, such as the Salesforce B2C Commerce Architect Certification, and any other project-specific skills they may need. Stress experience in areas relevant to your business, such as specific coding languages and programs that will most benefit the company and your team.

How To Find Freelance Salesforce Commerce Cloud Developers For Hire

Toptal is the top site to hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud consultants based on their database of world-class talent and hands-off experience for companies. Upwork, Guru, and Freelancer offer a quick and easy hiring process, and Belatrix is adaptable to any industry. In addition, websites like LinkedIn and FlexJobs are ideal for passive job listings that bring SFCC job seekers to you.

Consider this list of top sites as your guide on how to hire Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers with the skills and qualifications necessary to make your eCommerce goals a reality.

Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers Hiring FAQs

Which companies use Salesforce Commerce Cloud?
Most companies utilizing this platform have between 50-200 employers and can account for $1 million to $10 million in annual revenue.
Why should you hire a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer?
Salesforce Commerce Cloud freelancers specialize in eCommerce risk management. They design a framework that allows you to predict sales using market data and trends and pinpoint weaknesses in your performance.
How do you hire a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer?
Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer is a niche job description. To find vetted and skilled SFCC developers, consider the top 15 sites listed above to vet freelancers based on experience and expertise.
What does a Salesforce Commerce Cloud developer do?
Salesforce Commerce Cloud developers work with your business's creative and technical teams to improve your website's architecture. They discover what your business needs and transfer that information into user-friendly solutions.
What's the demand for Salesforce Commerce Cloud development?
Salesforce Commerce Cloud usage increased nearly 3% quarter over quarter and 11% year over year in 2022. The demand for developers continues to rise, with the most growth shown in the United States and the United Kingdom.
What is the Salesforce Commerce Cloud?
Salesforce Commerce Cloud, formerly Demandware, is a cloud-based commerce platform that uses artificial intelligence and data-driven touchpoints to create a unified view of a brand's shoppers and buyers.

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