The 15 best sites to hire Security Architects in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented Security Architects

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Data security is a key issue impacting most businesses today. Data breaches cost companies $4.35 billion in 2022. Companies need security architects and other IT professionals to keep their networks and information secure and safe. In this guide to hiring security architects, we will give you details about the market conditions, salary breakdown and challenges in recruiting for this role. 

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Security Architects

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

We recommend you start looking for the best security architects at Toptal, a site that offers freelance IT workers. Toptal pulls only the top 3% of security architects for its user database so that you get talented, skilled people right off the bat. Both freelancers and clients love the site for its fast, easy payment options and high satisfaction levels.

One reviewer, Helene, says, “Toptal has found great talent to match our needs for varied projects over the past year. The support is incredibly fast, professional and friendly.”

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Guru

Guru is our next best bet to find freelance security architects for your needs. Guru’s founders started the site in 1998 as a joint venture between professionals in Pittsburgh and India. Now, the site features skilled IT professionals and a strong community of businesses that have posted more than one million jobs.

  • Guru advertises the lowest transaction fee in the industry for freelance projects.
  • Clients handle much of the legwork in recruiting themselves but use Guru’s proprietary searching, project management and payment tools to complete each project.

3. Upwork

Find security architects and more freelance workers on Upwork, a platform that has connected talent with clients for more than 20 years. Upwork has more of a do-it-yourself model when compared to other recruiting sites. Businesses hire people by either posting a job and waiting for responses or browsing the freelance worker database by project type.

  • Upwork’s system gives clients the power to review each freelancer’s past work and portfolio of success.
  • They offer fixed-price contracts or hourly work commitments, so you have different options for paying.
  • After hiring someone, your business gets access to the online project management platform, which streamlines your tasks and worker management.

4. Field Engineer

Field Engineer, based in New York City, provides software engineers and other IT professionals to businesses. They work with thousands of contractors across the world and help place them in contracted freelance security architect positions. Their job matching and management platform integrates seamlessly with other essential business apps and workflows.

  • Field Engineer allows you to search and screen candidates by their rating on the site, location, rate and years of experience.
  • Clients access candidates by posting a job and waiting for applicants to send their credentials.
  • The site uses a project management platform that gives you the power to see all of your tasks in a convenient calendar.

5. Workana

Workana boasts a database of more than three million freelancers from Latin America and Southeast Asia. Here, you can hire security architects by posting a free ad for your project. Workana’s freelance members bid on your job and send you a summary of their qualifications. After you find the right match, Workana handles the payment processing and ensures your satisfaction.

  • Workana places a 15% commission charge on each job, making it more expensive than some other freelance marketplaces.
  • The site offers a secure payment processing solution and provides options for paying over time for large projects.

6. Revelo

Revelo is a freelance marketplace that focuses on tech workers in the Latin America region. Check out this site to hire freelance security architects and to access untapped talent in the southern hemisphere. Revelo’s database of talent goes through rigorous tests before joining the site, giving your team more confidence in their IT skills.

  • Revelo’s remote workers follow the same time zones as major cities in the United States, making work hours more aligned for everyone.
  • The site offers guidance throughout the recruiting and hiring process, even with negotiating salaries and contracts.
  • When you start a project, you need to pay a hefty upfront deposit, making Revelo pricier than other options.

7. Contra

Another site to try for hiring IT talent is Contra, a platform that caters to small businesses and startups. Contra offers opportunities for hiring both full-time regular employees and freelance contractors. It has a visually appealing workflow that gives you the power to recruit, interview, hire, negotiate, contract, manage and pay freelance workers remotely.

  • There is no add-on commission fee for freelancers from Contra, which may help attract higher-quality talent to its pool.
  • One reviewer, Elliot, says of his freelance worker, “(The) team are very talented at the work they do and are exceptionally experienced in the start up space. Would highly recommend for any project looking to get off the ground.”
  • There is no current option to post a project and keep certain proprietary details private with Contra’s terms of service.

8. Learnexus

We also love Learnexus for its flexible staffing solutions for remote developers in the IT industry. This outsourcing agency has clients post videos describing their needs and then wait for potential candidates to respond. They have a stringent vetting process, with potential freelance talent having to undergo a series of tests and interviews.

  • If you do not find an expert who meets your needs on Learnexus’ database, they will find someone for you for free.
  • Clients that have used Learnexus include Michelin Tires, Google, Pepsi, SAP and Paramount.

9. Freelancer

When it comes to the freelance marketplace, the largest site is global Goliath, Freelancer. Their user database size is a plus with tons of options, but it also takes a lot more time to find exactly what you need. For a top-tier experience that costs more, business clients could use their Enterprise service, which offers hand-picked talent.

  • Freelancer has more options for clients who have either small or huge recruiting budgets for finding freelancers.
  • This platform rewards return clients with lower fees and benefits.
  • Some clients have fallen victim to scammers due to the nature of the site.

10. Fiverr

The other top freelance site after Freelancer is Fiverr. Their name comes from the minimum project payment amount in the early days of the site, $5. Today, Fiverr’s site offers job posting, talent searching and full-service recruiting in its Pro option.

  • The site is a good option for small, quick projects with little turnaround since its user database is so comprehensive.
  • It is easier to find talent here if your project budget is small or if your firm is just starting out.
  • Fiverr makes its clients pay for projects upfront, making it difficult to adjust payments if the work is unsatisfactory.

11. Turing

Turing has been around since 2018 as a freelance work site for the IT industry. Its current focus is on using highly effective AI to match freelancers with business clients. Freelance IT professionals must complete more than five hours of assessments to get accepted as a freelancer.

  • Clients get reassurance for quality with a free trial period that Turing stands behind.
  • Freelancers on the site enjoy a 99% rematch rate for future clients.
  • Turing will walk you through the entire process and manage your project for you if needed.

12. Arc.dev

Similar to Turing’s business mode, Arc.dev is a freelance platform that caters to professionals in IT. It has options for full-time or freelance contracting work, with free trials for both types of hires. Pay rates are set by individual developers and market conditions instead of the site.

  • They promise a 72-hour turnaround time for hiring a skilled IT freelancer.
  • The talent pool at Arc.dev may not be as impressive compared to other top hiring sites.

13. WorkGenius

Work Genius also heavily features AI in its recruiting practices. Project management, payment and other processes are also completely automated. Companies like Nestle, Amazon, Unilever, Disney and Netflix are clients of this freelance remote worker marketplace.

  • Work Genius has a smaller pool of freelancers, about 350,000, compared to other bigger platforms.
  • They recruit blindly when it comes to demographics, which helps increase diversity in their talent pool.
  • Their evaluation includes more than 5,000 different data points to pinpoint an exact match for your team.

14. Malt.uk

U.K. entry Malt.uk is a powerful platform that brings companies together with skilled freelancers. It is a key tool for 70,000 companies, most in Europe, that use offshore developers for their projects. Besides recruiting, Malt also helps manage existing freelance work and assets.

  • They have a team of managers that focus on freelancer relations, helping them develop professionally and maximize their skills.
  • Malt uses an invoicing process to manage and pay work and freelance commitments.

15. Regumsoft

Lastly, check out Regumsoft, an offshore recruiting option that has locations in the United States, Canada, England, Australia and India. They pride themselves on confidentiality, which is essential for some high-level projects. Regumsoft will walk your team through their process, starting with a conference call with their account managers.

  • Developers at Regumsoft have specific IT skill qualifications, which help boost your data security projects.
  • They promise a quick turnaround time and delivery for project tasks in your workflow.

Guide to hiring great freelance Security Architects

In this guide for how to hire security architects, we will show you the steps you need to take to find great talent. Security architects are harder to find in today’s global marketplace. The demand for skilled security architects will explode in the next decade, growing 32%, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

The demand for this type of professional will be so high because of the need for organizations to protect their data security. According to the Identity Theft Resource Center, there were 1,802 data breaches in 2022 and more than four million victims. With most data now online, the threat of data theft continues to be significant. The only way to keep data secure is to have talented security architects and developers on your side.

Another challenge is that people in this role need many years of experience and high-level knowledge to be effective. It is common for security architects to have at least 10 years of specific experience in cybersecurity. Finding people with this amount of technical knowledge and experience is difficult. Data security professionals also have to understand the impact AI will make in the industry.

Companies that have employed data security architects have typically seen positive results. One case study of a major hotel brand implemented more data security features by using a team of IT security architects. Besides increased data security, the hotel brand’s data threat manager got peace of mind. “I don’t have to worry about every single thing that may fire in the organization overnight. I know I have that 24/7, eyes on glass kind of coverage,” they commented.

Investing in freelance security architects is a way to keep a business moving forward and protect sensitive data. Hiring for this role requires some creativity and resourcefulness, which this guide will help navigate.

Hiring a Freelance Security Architect

Something else to consider when you want to hire a freelance security architect is how. For large corporations, it may make sense to hire a full-time team of security personnel. Smaller companies and startups may look to hire part-time or freelance security solutions staff.

A team of freelancers gives you more customization options. This means you can scale up or down instantly, depending on your needs. You also save money without having to invest in expensive benefits packages or recruiting timelines. Companies may also get access to the top, most in-demand professionals with the flexibility of a freelance contract.

Maximize Your Freelancer Experience

What Does a Security Architect Do?

Many business leaders wonder: What does a security architect do?

SVP & Global CISO of Aflac

According to Tim Callahan, SVP & Global CISO of Aflac, “Security program design must start with a risk assessment: enterprise risk, business risk, regulatory risk, technology risk, industry risk. And you must keep looking at what's happening in the world right now that could heighten these.”

Top Reasons you need security architects

This quote breaks down the role of the security architect in a simple way. Professionals who focus primarily on data security specialize in risk assessment for a business. They have to understand what the potential threats are to your company’s data and be aware of future advancements in threat intelligence.

Why hire security architects? Hiring security architects helps protect one of your top assets: your information. Nearly all businesses have digitized their data, and without proper protection for your critical infrastructure, you leave an open window for cyber threats and fraud. Security architects can analyze your data process and offer actionable steps to prevent unauthorized people from accessing it.

Security architects are first and foremost network engineers at heart. They also have comprehensive knowledge of computer networking and data-driven technologies. When they work with a corporate client, they have to learn the company’s network setup and design software that keeps information from leaking outside of the network infrastructure. Security architects for hire must also adhere to your organization’s proprietary practices and show discretion.

Security architects may also work with high-level government clients and the military. For these positions, they may have to acquire top security clearances. Candidates working for government and military clients have to pass a background check and demonstrate trustworthiness. For the private sector, this trait is also essential to prevent trade secrets from leaking to competitors.

How To Hire Security Architects

There are a few different strategies and avenues you may look to for hiring a new team of security architects. You have to start by understanding what you may need from a security IT professional. If you do not have a clear vision for your data security and how it works, you may need to partner with a company that caters to the IT industry or hire a consultant.

One place to find potential hires in data security is a professional organization dedicated to the craft. Professional organizations in cybersecurity may have more leads for prospective talent that could deliver for your team.

Another great source of talented professionals for this role is the military. Many military members want to transition from the armed forces to the private sector. Your organization could facilitate that career change and take advantage of the Department of Defense’s quality training system for security architects.

Networking throughout your local area may also give you some promising candidates. Ask other business leaders in your field about their own challenges with building better data security to get specific recommendations for individual security architects. Also, go online and start networking through data security channels and message boards to connect with people who have the skills and knowledge you need.

All of these strategies take a lot of time and effort to hire one individual. There is also a learning curve to finding someone skilled in cybersecurity. Lots of talented business leaders may not have a tech background, making recruiting even more of a challenge. A great option for busy managers who do not have a technical background in this subject is to use online freelance marketplaces or recruiting agencies.

What Skills To Look For When Hiring Security Architects

There are several ideal security architect skills that you need to look for when hiring for this role. Start by searching for candidates with in-demand soft skills that make them a consistent, positive part of your team.  
Soft Skill Description
Project Management SkillsSecurity architects have to manage detailed projects that include a lot of moving parts.
Attention to DetailData security involves understanding lots of code and picking up on errors or problems that the average person may not notice.
Creative Problem-SolvingCybercriminals have come up with lots of different ways to steal data, so IT pros in this role have to stop them with more creative solutions.
Excellent Communication Security architects have to effectively communicate problems, solutions and project details to business stakeholders.

Besides possessing top general skills and strong character traits, a security architect must also have a long list of technical skills. Here are the top hard skills for success in this job:

  • Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science
  • Knowledge of Programming Languages
  • Understanding of Computer Networks and Cloud Computing
  • Ability to Build VPNs, Firewalls and Antivirus Programs
  • Understanding of Database Software Systems
  • Expertise in Security Protocols

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Security Architects?

As an essential IT role, data security architects command hefty salaries. A full-time person for this job makes an average of $144,461 per year. In addition to a base salary, most companies offer perks, such as a full benefits package, bonuses and profit sharing. The average hourly rate for someone in this job is $53.85. Location, experience and other factors may increase or lower that rate.

Tips for Writing a Security Architect Job Description

Most jobs today use online job ads to attract talented applicants. Writing the perfect security architect job description gives you a way to bring the best right to your doorstep. You have to write this job description accurately, especially if you want to work with contractors. When you write your security architect job description, make sure you fully understand the details of the job and the daily responsibilities.

After submitting your job ad, carefully review resumes that match your company’s requirements. During the interview stage, use multiple assessment methods to evaluate a person’s future effectiveness. Create example data security problems they could solve for you or have them walk you through their previous solutions. Get help from an expert tech recruiting firm to help you sift through the candidate pool and focus on hiring a diverse, talented crew.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a Security Architect

Before going forward with an interview, you need to do your homework. Make sure you have some expert recruiters helping you out since this job has more IT expertise involved in it. Use the interview to assess a candidate’s technical knowledge, problem-solving process and general trustworthiness when it comes to data security.

A great first question to ask could be, what certifications do you have in this field? Candidates who are serious contenders should have a list of relevant certifications to talk about. Some possible mentions could be Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA), CompTIA Security, Certified Information Security Manager (CISM) or Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP).

Next, ask your candidate to explain his or her process for building a data security solution. Confirm the answer for accuracy and effectiveness with someone experienced in security. Ideally, they should explain the process, starting from the backend, with completing a system that protects the client’s data.

The last question that should be on your interview list is: How do you build and implement data security for a cloud computing setup? Most businesses use cloud computing systems for data management today. The candidate’s answer should show a clear understanding of the current trends in data security in the cloud. They should also indicate a desire to learn more about future technologies related to the cloud.

How To Find Freelance Security Architects for Hire

It is tough to find security architects in today’s highly competitive IT environment. If you try our recommended sites to hire security architects and other strategies, you may get a short list of candidates who meet your needs. Using Toptal should be at the top of your strategy list. Toptal makes it easy for non-IT experts to find and hire skilled data security pros. They recruit the very best people who can give you the most peace of mind with protecting your data.

Start planning for the future by employing talented security architects on your team. Data breaches are costly and devastating to companies in all industries. To mitigate your risk of a catastrophic data breach, aim to recruit top security architects for your network needs.

Hiring Security Architects FAQs

Where can I hire security architects?
There are expert security architects all over the world. Finding them is the key to accessing their talent and knowledge. Use one of our recommended hiring sites to connect with remote or freelance security architects and negotiate hourly or fixed-price contracts for your network needs.
Are security architects in demand?
This job is one of the hottest positions to see growth in the next 10 years. Their specialized knowledge and experience requirements make them harder to find and source. Outsourcing agencies, freelance marketplaces and online recruiters help bring more of this talent pool to companies that need them.
Why should you hire a security architect?
Every company that uses data and computer systems needs to prioritize its security systems. Hiring a security architect ensures you get adequate protection from cyber threats. Data security is a must in today’s world, and companies that ignore this issue end up paying financially and legally when their information gets stolen.

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