The 15 best sites to hire AI engineers in 2023

Updated on December 01, 2023
Platforms to find talented AI engineers

What we liked the most:

  • World-class talent
  • Two-week trial period
  • No-risk engagements
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What we liked the most:

  • Secure payments
  • Fixed-price protection
  • Expert-Vetted program
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What we liked the most:

  • Vetted developers
  • Fast hiring solution
  • Qualified developers
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Harness the power of artificial intelligence for your projects. Our platform provides a curated list of top talent websites where you can find experienced professionals specializing in AI development. Whether you need experts in machine learning, natural language processing, or computer vision, our platform connects you with developers who excel in leveraging the capabilities of AI. Simplify your hiring process and find the perfect AI talent to drive innovation and automation.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance AI engineers:

Based on our research among online hiring platforms

1. Toptal

Toptal is one of the fastest-growing talent marketplaces and has served major Fortune 500 clients. Known for its extensive vetting process, Toptal has an acceptance rate of only 3 percent. Developers seeking to gain entry into the Toptal community are put through technical tests before working with clients.

Key points:

  • Conduct interviews and hire freelancers in 48 hours with Toptal.
  • Toptal’s accuracy in talent matching earned a 98% success rating.
  • Benefits include no-questions-asked scaling and a no-risk trial period.

2. Upwork

Upwork is one of the largest freelance marketplaces, with millions of registered freelancers. Upwork connects clients with remote freelancers, from content writers to JSON experts. With the help of sorting algorithms, Upwork facilitates the match between the job poster and freelancers that see your job post, to ensure potential matches see your post. Upwork Pro offers freelancers a chance to participate in exclusive opportunities not available to every job seeker. Finding an Upwork Pro freelancer may provide you with a better skillset than only a general freelancer on Upwork.

Key points:

  • Talent Scouts save you time with optional talent-matching services.
  • Upwork provides Talent Specialists and free tools to enhance your search results.
  • You need to screen and vet most Upwork talent.

3. Arc

Arc.dev is a great site if you want to hire top artificial intelligence engineers. The platform works with some of the most qualified talent (all engineers must make it past a difficult vetting process), and you can hire within just 72 hours. Whether you need a freelancer or a full-time remote engineer, Arc.dev utilizes a diverse hire pool.

Key points:

  • Arc offers multiple transparent pricing options for freelancers and full-time engineers.
  • This talent-matching platform utilizes AI to create candidate shortlists.
  • Arc performs regular engineer reviews throughout your project.

4. Guru

Guru is a freelance marketplace with millions of registered users. Their marketplace is suited for projects of all sizes, offering a variety of services, including designers and developers. It's a great site to find multiple options for you to compare.

Key points:

  • You must screen and vet engineers who respond to your job post.
  • Guru boasts a 99% client satisfaction rate.
  • Create free job listings or choose paid options that provide additional features.

5. Fiverr

Fiverr can connect you with almost any type of freelancer, including AI engineers. The site allows you to browse countless freelancers and view their credentials. Engineers showcase their programming languages and other professional strengths, so you know what you are getting before settling on a freelancer.

Key points:

  • While Fiverr doesn’t vet engineers, you have access to customer reviews.
  • Bypass searching for candidates by using Fiverr talent matching.
  • You can ask engineers to adjust gig parameters to suit your project.

6. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a freelance marketplace. Just like most marketplaces, you can post your project at an hourly or fixed-rate. Interestingly, freelancers post jobs, called hourlies, to attract work they want to do on an hourly basis. PeoplePerHour offers a variety of skilled positions, including designers, developers, and marketers.

7. Ideamotive

Ideamotive is a hiring platform for businesses seeking AI engineering professionals. The freelancers have extensive experience completing a wide range of projects and have successfully completed a challenging vetting process. Use this platform if you want to connect to some of the top AI engineering talent in Europe.

8. Kolabtree

A leading online marketplace for AI talent, Kolabtree can help you find the right AI engineer in just a few simple steps. You have the option to post details regarding your project on the platform. You can also accept bids or hire the freelance AI engineer you want right out.

9. Proxify

Proxify can connect you with some of the top English-speaking artificial intelligence engineers in the world. All engineers are pre-vetted, so there is no need to worry about choosing someone who can’t help you complete your AI project. The site claims to only choose the top 2% of engineers.

10. FreeUp

FreeUp is a hiring platform that allows you to hire one of three types of AI engineers – entry-level, mid-level, and expert-level. The platform recruits, interviews, and vets numerous AI engineers each week, and only 1% of applicants are allowed to offer their skills on the platform.

11. Robert Half

Less of a freelancing platform and more of a staffing agency, Robert Half can still help you find remote AI engineers you can count on. Founded in 1948, the agency can help companies find full- and part-time freelance AI professionals. Use their online tools to find the right candidates.

12. Codementor

Codementor allows companies to find freelance AI developers in a short time. Developers are vetted using a rigorous process, and anyone offering their skills on the platform must prove they have the experience and ability necessary to complete complex projects. You can hire long-term or by-the-hour engineers.

13. Freelancer

Freelancer is an online marketplace for freelancers with millions of registered users. To hire a freelancer, post a job, set a price, and wait for freelancers to bid on your project. Freelancer doesn't specialize in tech, and has a wide range of services that may help your team.

14. Truelancer

Finding the right AI engineer can be quite difficult, but with Truelancer at your disposal, you can save a significant amount of time. Browse AI professionals using criteria related to experience, skills, and education. After posting your job description, just sit back and wait for skilled developers to come to you.

15. Turing

Turing is a Silicon Valley-based hiring platform that only accepts 1% of all AI engineers who apply to use it. Like other similar platforms, posting a descriptive job posting is a key element of the hiring process, and once you take this step, freelancers will generally come to you. You can also browse freelancers if necessary.

Guide to hiring great freelance AI engineers

The AI market is growing rapidly, with a predicted market size of $190 billion by 2025 which has led to an increased demand for AI engineers.

We know that hiring the right expert is crucial for the success of any project in the field of artificial intelligence. That’s why we recommend hiring a freelance AI engineer. That will offer a cost-effective and flexible solution and give you access to the skills you need without having to invest in a full-time employee.

Discussing the risk AI presents businesses and why they need engineers to stay ahead of it, Jim Carroll says, “Risks that don’t yet exist will come from products, inventions and ideas that are not yet conceived, based on imaginative concepts not yet imagined…. Are you ready for the new world of risk?”

When looking to hire a great freelance AI engineer, it is important to determine the specific skills and experience required for your project. This could include expertise in machine learning, deep learning, computer vision, or natural language processing. Start by searching for AI engineers on specialized talent sites and job boards or reaching out to your professional network for recommendations. Specialized platforms such as Toptal offer fast hiring, with world-class talent, and almost zero work required from the hiring manager.

Once you have a list of potential candidates, it is important to thoroughly vet them before making a hiring decision. This could include reviewing their portfolio, conducting technical assessments, and checking references. Ask questions about their experience and approach to solving problems in the field of artificial intelligence to understand their level of expertise and determine if they are the right fit for your project. Establishing clear expectations and setting up a strong working relationship with your freelance AI engineer, including outlining project goals, discussing deadlines and milestones, and agreeing on compensation, will help ensure a smooth and successful project outcome.

When it comes to the choice of site to hire artificial intelligence developers, ultimately, this depends on the specific needs and goals of your company. Some points to consider before making a decision include:

  • Speed of hiring
  • Experience in hiring developers
  • Ability to test technical skills
  • Number of developers needed
  • Experience required
  • Openness to remote workers
  • Budget constraints
  • Importance of quality to the project

The right site for hiring AI engineers can make a significant impact on the success of your project. Carefully consider your needs and goals before making a decision, and take advantage of specialized platforms for the best possible outcome.

Hiring AI engineers - FAQ

How Much Does It Cost To Hire an AI Engineer?

In the U.S., AI engineers earn an average of $98,340 annually, or $47 per hour. Yearly salaries range from $19,500 to $167,500, depending on factors such as location, years of experience and skill levels.

Are AI Engineers in Demand?

Artificial intelligence technologies are dramatically impacting the technology landscape, enabling a myriad of new applications used across multiple industries. The AI field is experiencing tremendous growth, with a projected CAGR of 38.1% from 2022 to 2030.

Why Hire a Dedicated Artificial Intelligence Developer
You should consider hiring an AI developer if you need to complete a project that requires AI technology of any sort. The following types of projects can often benefit from the input of an experienced AI engineer: - Consumer behavior analysis - Speech and facial feature recognition - Tests for diseases and medical conditions - Chatbots - Image analysis - Sales predictions These aren’t the only types of projects AI engineers work on, but they are some of the most common.
How do I hire an AI engineer?
To hire a top AI engineer for your project, work with a hiring platform such as Toptal that vets its talent pool and connects you with qualified candidates. You should hire an AI engineer who can support the needs of your company and positively contribute to your project. Depending on your project, you may need to hire a full-time, part-time, or hourly engineer. There are also significant benefits to hiring freelance and remote engineers. If you need a dedicated AI engineer at all times, you may want to consider hiring someone full-time. However, if you only need an AI engineer at certain times or for certain projects, you may want to consider hiring a part-time or hourly worker. Hiring part-time or hourly can be the ideal option if you are on a budget, primarily because you do not have to provide these AI engineers with a yearly salary and benefits. Hiring a freelance or remote worker can help you increase your productivity levels drastically. This is mainly because remote workers tend to be happier and more productive. Using modern technology, you can also stay connected to your freelance and remote workers, even though they aren’t in the office right next to you.

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