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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Bitcoin developers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

1. Toptal

For the most blockchain engineers, start with Toptal. This remote freelancer platform is the ultimate source of the top talented 3% in the tech industry. Bitcoin developers and other IT tech workers have to prove themselves to pass Toptal’s intense vetting process. Since 2010, Toptal has worked to bring the most in-demand tech freelancers to companies around the world.

2. GeeksPerHour

Another resource to find blockchain developers is the online marketplace GeeksPerHour. This site, founded in 2011, helps match hiring managers to tech talent from different places around the world. You can hire Bitcoin developers who work on an hourly basis for various short-term projects with your company. The company offers affordable packages for firms.

3. Upstack

Hiring companies can find skilled workers in Upstack’s talent pool. This site provides freelance developers and other experts to businesses that want the very best. Business customers can browse the offerings of talented Bitcoin developers and link up with individuals for freelance work. The site charges companies a deposit on top of hourly rates for talent.

4. Upwork

Upwork is another good resource to use if you need talent right away. The benefit of using this platform is its huge database of users, which has been growing since it first opened in 1998. Upwork is one of the most popular networks for freelancers, so you may have to vet plenty of Bitcoin developers before finding the right fit. The site helps you screen talent, with client reviews, links to portfolios and feedback from each candidate.

5. Hired

Businesses can go to Hired to see additional qualified candidates for their needs. This site has been a job-hunting resource since 2012. Hired offers candidates and employers easy transparency when recruiting for Bitcoin developers. On the site, employers can review an applicant’s resume, portfolio and other details before sending private messages to connect or set up an interview.

6. Arc

Arc offers a comprehensive service for recruiting mid-level and senior Bitcoin developers. Besides exposing companies to a large database of talent, Arc helps take care of the recruiting and hiring tasks, including payroll for new freelance team members. Companies only need to give the site their needs for a project and Arc takes the lead on finding the right people.

7. PompCryptoJobs

PompCryptoJobs is a jobs board dedicated to the blockchain industry. For employers committed to recruiting for their blockchain application, this traditional jobs board is a great way to find specialized workers with skills in Bitcoin development. Companies can post job ads with a paid subscription.

8. PeoplePerHour

Consider using PeoplePerHour, a site that specializes in bringing freelance workers together for any type of project. This site is part social networking and part jobs board. It has been helping match workers with companies since its founding in the U.K. in 2007. Business managers can find a list of potential applicants in the search feature for Bitcoin developers. After opting to hire someone they must pay the site’s fees.

9. Guru

Recruiters on a budget should check out Guru. This site that caters primarily to freelancers offers employers a large database of talent in blockchain development. It has large numbers of members who interact with the site each day. Freelancers must pay for a subscription to access job postings from top companies and the site makes its profit by taking a portion of the freelance worker’s earnings. Companies can find eager, enthusiastic candidates on this site.

10. DevTeamSpace

If you need to hire an entire team of Bitcoin developers, DevTeamSpace may be the right place. This recruiting agency focuses on putting together a team of engineers to meet clients’ needs. The company uses an invite-only approach to finding talented workers when building their teams. It is the preferred choice of many top global companies looking to hire Bitcoin developers.


It is also beneficial to add to your list of industry-specific jobs boards when searching for new people to fill your staffing needs. This board only lists and recruits openings for Bitcoin and blockchain engineers. Candidates and employers don’t have to worry about pricey subscriptions or other premium features with this large portal for all cryptocurrency-related work.

12. ValueCoders

Some businesses have found success recruiting for blockchain engineers with extensive experience by going overseas. ValueCoders is an outsourcing jobs agency that specializes in connecting teams with qualified applicants in India and other global locations. It offers skilled Bitcoin developers for hire. The pricing structure includes full-time workers and hourly freelance talent.

13. YouTeam

Another entry from the U.K. is freelance marketplace YouTeam. YouTeam recruits skilled people in Bitcoin development from different parts of Eastern Europe and Latin America. Companies can find someone to start working in approximately 48 hours with YouTeam’s vetting and matching process.

14. CryptoTask

CryptoTask is a site that aims to change the way businesses work with freelancers. The founders created the site to help eliminate the procedural headache of recruiting and finding talented freelance Bitcoin developers. They features a simplified system for posting jobs and hiring candidates. They also have an escrow payment and dispute system between freelancers and companies.

15. CryptoJobsList

The last site to add to your list of recruiting resources is CryptoJobsList. This database only recruits and matches teams with experience working with cryptocurrency. Bitcoin developers and other experts such as project and product managers use this site to find contractor jobs and other positions.

Guide to hiring great freelance Bitcoin developers

The recruiting process for new talent can get grueling in today’s competitive setting. Businesses need to use as many resources as possible when looking to hire Bitcoin developers or other tech workers. The technology for Bitcoin continues to evolve much faster than the hiring pool of talented individuals skilled enough to understand the nuances of blockchain. We curated a list of the best sites to hire Bitcoin developers so you can harness this powerful cryptocurrency.

Bitcoin, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency

Bitcoin is a cryptocurrency that is completely digital. Created in 2009, the currency aimed to provide more secure and private transactions without a paper trail. Trading for Bitcoin is possible via a digital ledger called a blockchain. The ledger system is a network of computers that run Bitcoin transactions, which is often called Bitcoin mining.

Bitcoin Trends

Bitcoin’s introduction to the scene unleashed a new era in investment. Today, there are numerous other types of cryptocurrencies, such as Dogecoin, Tether, Monero, Stellar and Litecoin. These currencies offer investors a currency that is not connected or controlled by any government. Because of cryptocurrency's decentralized exchange, it has become an attractive investment product. Bitcoin’s value since 2009 has grown significantly. In 2021, the value of Bitcoin went up by at least 70% and some experts think it may rise even more in the next few years.

What Can a Bitcoin Developers Do for You

Besides being an attractive and popular investment product, Bitcoin and blockchain development have also been beneficial to businesses. The right professionals can understand and operate this technology. Here are the benefits when you hire Bitcoin developers:

  • Increased Data Security – Incorporating blockchain technology into your systems helps improve data security and adds more layers of protection of privacy.
  • Lower Investment – Using this technology with your own freelance Bitcoin developers allows your business to avoid hiring a firm to work with blockchain and charge you premium prices.
  • Higher Efficiency – Blockchain technology often makes transactions much faster and smoother, improving efficiency in your workflow.
  • More Innovation – This technology is on the leading edge of innovation and allows your company to stay ahead of the trends.

Advantages and Challenges of Bitcoin Development for Businesses

Bitcoin development offers companies several advantages over their competitors and allows them to manage more transactions, bring in more revenue and expand their reach. Despite the excitement surrounding blockchain development and implementation, there are also challenges. This technology’s decentralization is also drawn in criminals and hackers, so companies have to be aware of potential data breaches. Bitcoin mining is also incredibly energy-intensive. According to some reports, Bitcoin uses 0.5% of the world’s energy and could potentially use even more.

How To Find and Hire Talented Bitcoin Developers and Programmers

Because Bitcoin mining and development is a newer technology, it can be more challenging to find talented teams. Companies interested in putting together a team of people who focus on blockchain development have to know where to look to hire Bitcoin developers. Businesses also have to understand what skills are necessary for working with blockchain specialists.

What Bitcoin Developers Do

Bitcoin developers spend their time building the blockchain. They use a text editor to write code and the Bitcoin protocols for cryptocurrency transactions. Their coding process needs to be exact because there isn’t an easy way to fix bugs in blockchain once they implement the code. Bitcoin developers also work on creating secure smart contracts, which handle the financial transactions in Bitcoin technology. These workers use a variety of skills from software and hardware development to build a foundation for this powerful cryptocurrency.

Hiring Teams of Bitcoin Developers

Bitcoin developers often need to work as a team to build the network for blockchain technology and then implement the software for Bitcoin transactions. Additionally, because Bitcoin involves sensitive data and little room for error, businesses should strive to hire Bitcoin developers who are part of a team of experts. If you want to hire more than one developer, you need to have several avenues to find talent, such as a vetted list of the best sites to hire Bitcoin developers.

Demand for Bitcoin Developers

Blockchain developers are some of the hottest and most in-demand tech workers. Job openings for new freelance Bitcoin developers rose 300% in the past few years. Currently, there aren’t enough skilled developers with blockchain development experience to fill all of the openings. Hiring managers have to work diligently to snatch up the best programmers with Bitcoin expertise before other firms secure them.

Contract, Full-Time or Part-Time Workers

One way a company can find more talent and stretch their hiring prowess is to be flexible when recruiting Bitcoin developers. While it’s smart to consider hiring a few full-time developers for your organization, you may also want to have some part-time hires on the team as well to keep up with the demand. Also consider recruiting freelance Bitcoin developers to work as contractors for your team. With this engagement type you can bring in talent on an as-needed basis for various projects without investing into benefits, employment taxes and other expenses for regular full-time workers. Lowering your hiring costs can give you more money in your budget to find freelance developers.

Job Skills, Requirements and Responsibilities

Bitcoin developers have to demonstrate a higher set of skills than the average software developer. First, they need to have excellent programming skills. They also need to show expert-level knowledge of encryption, networking and data security, such as SSL, TLS and MFA. Additionally, they need to be able to work with blockchain technology, with knowledge of dApps, smart contracts, distributed ledgers, sharding and tokens. In their daily responsibilities, Bitcoin developers may have to use different tools, such as Blockchain Explorer, Geth, Composer and Caliper.

Bitcoin Developer Salary

According to ZipRecruiter, the average Bitcoin developer salary is now $103,319 for a full-time worker. Hourly Bitcoin developers earn about $50 an hour. The highest paying regions for Bitcoin developers are in California, near the Silicon Valley area.

Match With the Best Bitcoin Developers

The small talent pool in this field means there is a lot of competition among employers to recruit the best freelance Bitcoin developers. Despite this, companies still need to fully vet potential team members to make sure they are a good fit. Here are some things to consider:

  • Evaluate a candidate’s past work in blockchain development
  • Talk to former clients or read their testimonials
  • Consider using a site that tests a developer’s tech skills
  • Can you benefit from a risk-free trial?

When you need Bitcoin developers or custom software engineers, you need to use resources that help connect companies with talented freelancers. The sites listed here are your key to finetuning your recruiting process and bringing on the best people.

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