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Here are the top 12 sites to hire freelance Blockchain developers:

Based on our research among online hiring platforms

1. Toptal

Toptal is a network of specialists and freelancers from around the globe. Only those who pass their stringent tests are hired here, leaving just the top 3% of applicants. If your project requires blockchain talent, then we highly recommend Toptal.

Why? Toptal has been around since blockchain's birth, and they hire blockchain engineers and developers who are willing to tackle any challenge. It's a diverse pool, so you'll most likely find the expert you need, on one of the most reliable hiring platforms online.

Toptal is also a go-to destination for many other types of developers too, including PHP, Javascript, and full-stack developers.

2. X-Team

If you're looking for dedicated software developers from a company committed to your project, X-Team is your way to go. Use their services if you are interested in scalable and flexible development teams, motivated and disciplined workers, and a simple billing system. X-Team connects you with developers who are willing to work with you to get any web development project done.


It can be difficult to congregate blockchain developers in one place, as they can be known to work on all sorts of projects across multiple websites. has managed to gather talented blockchain experts, available for any project. has a relatively simple hiring and payment process. There are no platform fees, just the developer's payment when you hire them. Send in your job, interview the suggested candidates, and choose one for a risk-free trial. If you really need a local developer, can work with you to arrange such a contract.

4. Gitter

Gitter goes beyond your average job search website and is a chat/networking platform designed to unite people with common interests. Blockchain enthusiasts are known to frequent Gitter, which is why we recommend trying this approach.

5. Dream

Do you require freelancers for larger-scale projects or one-off contracts? DREAM has quality blockchain freelancers ready to hire. Browse freelancers from around the world and post a project for free, at a fixed price, hourly, or full-time payment in Bitcoin. You can also invest in DREAM tokens to pay for the talent you hire from the website.

6. We Work Remotely

Many blockchain developers work remotely, so focusing on sites like We Work Remotely might be a good idea. The system is simple: post your job, pay monthly, and your post is moved back to the top. Posting costs fluctuate based on project, and a number of large companies trust this site to connect with the remote workers they need.

7. Hired

Hired connects clients with tech companies. Get matched with qualified developers, or use their advanced search to find exactly who you're looking for. Remember, custom pricing means you'll never pay more than you need to to locate the top blockchain talent. You can also hire remotely, full-time, or for contract work.

In addition, it's possible to find local developers in certain areas. The platform can be easy to use; just find candidates, send an interview request, and get started recruiting blockchain specialists.

8. Crypto Jobs List

For your blockchain or crypto-related needs, Crypto Jobs List can bring you to some of the best developers out there. Posting a job is free, but you only get a few free applicants. Paying gets you more priority and unlimited applicants, Twitter and Reddit marketing, and much more.

You can post a remote or local listing, engagement type for one-time contractors or long-term employees, and specify whether you pay in cryptocurrency or not. Sorting options on the Crypto Jobs List help people find your job easier. In short, this is one of the best boards to connect you to blockchain developers.

9. Coindesk Career Center

Coindesk is a bitcoin and cryptocurrency news website. It provides you with up-to-date news on crypto development, as well as explaining the currency in a way for those who are inexperienced to understand.

They created the Coindesk Career Center so that their readers, many of them experienced blockchain developers, could find a job at their desired company. They also host Consensus, a job fair for blockchain, and cryptocurrency opportunities.

10. Space-O

Space-O is a software company known to specialize in mobile app development. Their Android and iOS developers hail from around the globe and are skilled at what they do.

The company is very transparent, explaining clearly what blockchain is and the tools they use in its development. If you're building a blockchain application, mobile wallet, or open-source blockchain program, hiring a Space-O developer might be one of your best bets.

11. Coinality

Are you paying with cryptocurrency? Coinality is a board for any job that pays in crypto, but this means that blockchain developers might flock there looking for opportunities. You can post a job or look through resumes for free. Posts are reviewed, and the only strict requirement is that you're creating an opportunity that pays in Bitcoin or another digital currency.

12. Reddit

Reddit is filled with talent. If you have no experience with social media or with Reddit's unique culture, then we suggest you build a reputation for yourself, however small, by making meaningful, non-promotional contributions to blockchain, cryptocurrency, and other tech-related communities on the site.

That said, there are many job posting boards on Reddit suitable for your endeavor, including blockchainJobs, blockchain_jobs, Jobs4Crypto (if you're paying in cryptocurrency), Tech Jobs, and possibly BlockChain. However, make sure to carefully read the rules before you post on any subreddit.

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

Guide to hiring great freelance Blockchain developers

Simply explained, a blockchain is like a decentralized digital ledger that saves transactions on thousands of computers around the world. These are registered in a way that inhibits their subsequent modification.

A key advantage of Blockchain technology is that it increases security and speeds up the exchange of information in a way that is cost-effective and more transparent for both the buyer and seller. Blockchain also dispenses with third parties whose main role was to provide a trust and certification element in transactions (such as notaries and banks).

It’s for this reason that so many businesses are flocking to the best sites to hire blockchain developers.

Overview of blockchain development

The Blockchain market size is projected to grow from USD 4.9 billion in 2021 to USD 67.4 billion by 2026, at a Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of 68.4% during the forecast period.

Some of the major driving factors contributing to the high growth rate of the blockchain market include:

  • Increasing venture capital fundings and investment in blockchain technology

  • Extensive use of blockchain solutions in banking and cybersecurity

  • High adoption of blockchain solutions for payment, smart contracts, and digital identities

  • Rising government initiatives

Importance of blockchain development

Mentioned below are some reasons why blockchain is so popular and important.

  • Blockchain is immutable which makes it impossible for anyone to alter the package information in any way.

  • Transparency is another crucial aspect that makes blockchain so important.

  • Blockchain is not confined to just one particular use case making it an excellent technology for the future of our society.

Here are some key benefits of adopting blockchain into your business.

  • It is an immutable public digital ledger. What this means is when a transaction is recorded, it cannot be modified.

  • The encryption feature ensures that Blockchain is always secure.

  • The transactions are done instantly and transparently, as the ledger is updated automatically.

  • As it is a decentralized system, no intermediary fee is required.

  • The authenticity of a transaction is verified and confirmed by participants.

With such strong benefits, you must start looking at the best sites to hire blockchain developers.

Companies that use blockchain

As of today, 81 of the world’s top 100 public companies by market capitalization use blockchain technology, with 27 of them having a fully functioning live product, according to blockchain research firm Blockdata.

Of the 81 companies, 65 are actively developing blockchain solutions, while 16 are still in the research phase. A few companies with live blockchain operations include:

  • Microsoft

  • Amazon

  • Tencent

  • Nvidia

  • J.P. Morgan

  • Walmart

  • Alibaba

  • PayPal

  • Samsung

  • The Bank of China

Advantages and challenges of blockchain development for businesses

Here are some advantages of blockchain development for businesses.

  • Blockchain helps build trust between different entities where trust is either nonexistent or unproven.

  • Blockchain makes it easy to share data within an ecosystem of businesses where no one entity is exclusively in charge.

  • The high security of blockchain-enabled systems is one of the leading benefits of this upcoming technology.

  • Blockchain's nature creates efficiencies in processing transactions and can also cut costs for organizations.

Here are some challenges of blockchain development for businesses.

  • The capacity to handle a large number of users at a single time is still a challenge for the blockchain industry.

  • Blockchain also lacks a set of regulatory oversight making it a flammable environment and an easy target for market manipulation.

  • Blockchain technology and the complexities it involves often make it hard for a layperson to understand its benefits.

  • Blockchain is an open ledger that is visible for everyone to view. While that is a boon in many cases, it can also become a liability if used in a sensitive environment.

What is a blockchain developer?

A blockchain developer is someone who builds applications based on blockchain architecture and protocol. Their apps run on the blockchain too. For a better understanding, you can compare them with web developers, who use the systems and products of a web developer (protocol and design) to develop strong web applications.

Are blockchain developers in high demand?

Today, Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing skill sets with jobs in this domain growing at a mind-blowing rate of 2,000-6,000% and the salaries of Blockchain Developers being 50-100% higher than conventional developer jobs. While the employment opportunities in Blockchain are many, there aren’t as many blockchain developers which increases their demand.

How do you hire a blockchain developer?

When thinking about hiring, the safest option is to go to the best sites to hire blockchain developers. These sites select the best candidates and this gives you a solid foundation to start your hiring process. If you're looking to launch a successful ICO, IDO, IEO for example, you will need to hire an experienced programmer that will also understand your project specific needs and help you identify the correct platform you need in order to achieve your goals. 

Hire the best freelance blockchain developers and programmers

Here, you have to think about what kind of hire you are looking for. Some of the most common types are full-time, part-time or freelance. Freelance is a really interesting option because it gives you the flexibility to test a candidate and move quickly if there isn’t a good fit.

Why hire a blockchain developer?

Here are some benefits of hiring a freelance blockchain developer:

  • You can hire them for a specific project and then decide if you want to keep them for longer or not.

  • The best sites to hire blockchain developers only have candidates that are thoroughly vetted and have a strong portfolio.

  • You can hire someone who has a portfolio that’s close to what your business offers. This can help you gain their expertise along with skills.

Blockchain developer salary. How much does it cost to hire a blockchain developer?

The average blockchain developer salary in the USA is $145,000 per year or $74.36 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $121,875 per year while most experienced workers make up to $185,250 per year.

What skills/requirements to look for before hiring a blockchain developer

Some of the key skills/requirements to look for before hiring a blockchain developer include:

  • Strong knowledge of blockchain technologies.

  • Previous experience dealing with large codebases.

  • Thorough understanding of P2P networks and basic cryptography.

  • Strong involvement in the global blockchain community.

  • Thorough knowledge of the Qt Widgets module.

Where to hire blockchain developers?

When it comes time to hire a blockchain developer, there are a few things you should understand before plunging into the search. To start, blockchain technology is fairly new, and has only recently risen to mainstream popularity. Thus, developers experienced in blockchain development may be few and far between.

However, many software developers with backgrounds in other programming languages are investigating careers as blockchain engineers.

Popular technologies used in blockchain applications that will provide a solid foundation for blockchain development:

  • Distributed ledger technology (DLT)
  • Solidity
  • Javascript (foundation of Ethereum)
  • C++
  • Ruby
  • Python

If you want to attract high-quality blockchain developers with years of experience, you'll need to offer a suitably lucrative position. That doesn't just mean paying them a lot, though you should expect working with experienced blockchain developers to be more expensive than usual. It also means having the right work environment, and not making the wrong demands. Blockchain developers often prefer to work remotely. If you only hire locally, you may have a difficult time finding the best blockchain developers.

Blockchain developers are usually passionate about what they do, and may be strong believers in decentralization. A tightly structured, corporate development team may not be what they're looking for. Businesses with transparent, goal-oriented, passion-driven development processes, who seek to revolutionize the industry rather than go with the flow, are more likely to pique a blockchain engineer's interest. If your work presents little challenge, you're not going to generate much interest from the experts.

Due to its novelty, it's extremely difficult to find blockchain devs with traditional recruitment methods. Be prepared to go outside your comfort zone and use websites that aren't entirely professional, such as forums and message boards.

Reddit, Github, and Gitter, while they come with no quality guarantee and aren't populated strictly by job-searchers, are nonetheless good places to find talented blockchain freelancers. However, it's important not to come off like a faceless solicitor. Don't copy and paste your job description into their messages. Make it personal; explain what you do, why you want them to work for your company, and why you think they might be a good fit.

Blockchain-specific job posting boards, such as Blocktribe, DREAM, and Bounty One, are also great places to begin. And it's certainly possible to find senior developers on websites like Toptal, CodementorX, and We Work Remotely. Though few currently have blockchain developers in their roster, the ones that do are worth trying.

Blockchain is a unique invention, surrounded by very much a unique culture. If you're ready to bring blockchain to your company, you should be flexible, willing to try new things, and tackle big challenges.

Ultimately, which sites you employ depends on a multitude of factors, such as:

  • How quickly you need to hire a blockchain developer (i.e. your timeline)
  • How much experience you have hiring front-end, back-end, and full-stack developers
  • Whether or not you're equipped to test technical skills and programming capabilities
  • How many coders you need to bring onto your development team
  • How many years of experience those developers need
  • Whether or not you're open to remote workers
  • What your budget constraints are
  • What types of projects your project manager can handle

Frequently Asked Questions.

What happens if a blockchain is hacked?
A blockchain is pretty ironclad. However, only one crucial exception exists to a blockchain network’s security failure, and it's called the 51% attack. Malicious actors and attackers will need to get control of at least 51% of the blockchain's ownership to ‘hack’ it. Simply put, the party that owns 51% of the blockchain is the majority owner, so what they say goes. Having said that, the reality is that it is extremely difficult to execute a 51% attack. To begin with, owning 51% of any major blockchain assets is supremely expensive. The threat of a Sybil attack can also be ruled out, as this would need people to create numerous fraudulent identities and accounts. But since 51% of the ownership cannot be divided, this attack strategy will not work.
What are the limits of blockchain?
The biggest downside to a blockchain is the fact not many people know the true value of blockchain and its versatility to implement it in different situations. The other downside is that we cannot make any changes or modifications to any of the records in smart contracts. Lastly, the difficulty of finding experienced developers is a hindrance to developing anything on the blockchain.
What applications use blockchain?
While blockchain has primarily found applications in the domain of cryptocurrency, it has swiftly since grown to be widely touted for its potential to transform entire industries. Recent applications include Banco Santander’s blockchain-based money transfer service known as “Santander One Pay FX”. Smart Contracts is one of the greatest blockchain applications in the field of insurance with networks like openIDL, which are built on the IBM Blockchain Platform with the American Association of Insurance Services. Similarly, blockchain has several applications in the field of Supply Chain Management, Healthcare, Real Estate, Media, and Energy.

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