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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Deep Learning Experts

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

1. Toptal

Recruit from the top 3% of freelance deep learning specialists worldwide through this talent-matching platform named for an abbreviation of "top talent." You can quickly hire deep learning experts on a contract, part-time or full-time basis through this service.

2. Turing

An artificial intelligence-backed Talent Cloud tool enables Turing to recommend candidates who rank among the top 1% in the world from a database with over 2 million developers. This technical recruiting service makes it easy to hire deep learning experts.


Gain access to 315 deep learning programmers who are available on demand. Every candidate on Arc ranks in the top 2.3% in rigorous technical, communication, and behavioral assessments. Find a qualified deep learning expert in as little as 72 hours.

4. Kolabtree

Hire deep learning experts on Kolabtree. This service connects employers to freelance scientists and industry experts who have relevant degrees and certifications. Kolabtree specializes in short- or medium-term projects, but you can increase the scope of work at any time.

5. Ideamotive

Recruit developers or build teams with Ideamotive. This service in Poland offers access to machine learning experts among more than 2,000 developers. Get a shortlist in 24 hours, scale up teams in 48 hours and recruit talent within 21 days.

6. Proxify

Hire deep learning experts from over 2,500 English-speaking candidates in 34 countries. Proxify only accepts 2% of applicants. It takes this platform 4.8 days, on average, to match employers with hourly freelancers or dedicated part-time or full-time developers.

7. X-Team

Access teams on demand through X-Team. This Australian recruiting service only accepts the top 1% of engineers and uses machine learning to select talent for specific projects. X-Team specializes in recruiting full-time dedicated developers with a 90-day minimum contract length.

8. Guru

Find freelance deep learning experts through Guru. This platform offers access to over 2,000 specialists. Review contractor statistics and feedback and scale services by choosing between fixed price jobs, task-based pricing, hourly rates or recurring payments.

9. Freelancer

Choose from more than 150 deep learning experts on Freelancer. Hire experts or teams with set hourly rates. Check areas of specialization, ratings and reviews to hire specialists who have the right skills for any project.

10. Upwork

Find over 25 freelancers with deep learning expertise on Upwork. You can search this service or use the Talent Scout program to get a shortlist of qualified candidates. Hire freelancers on a contract basis or find part-time or full-time candidates.

11. Fiverr

Find freelance specialists in deep learning on Fiverr. With over 3 million users, this service offers access to developers who have a wide range of specializations. Check seller levels, ratings, reviews and view profiles to compare rates and service packages.

12. Codersarts

Submit assignments requiring deep learning expertise to this service in India. Codersarts can connect you with specialists in computer vision, natural language processing and neural networks. Select experts for assignments with fixed project pricing or hourly rates.


Post deep learning jobs on Remote OK. This job site offers employers custom packages and additional options for company branding and featured ads. A standard job posting plan does not include candidate matching, a searchable resume database or vetting services.

14. N-iX

Connect with over 200 artificial intelligence, machine learning and deep learning experts through N-iX. Candidates from this global recruitment service rank among the top 2.6% of applicants. Scale a team, build a managed team or get custom end-to-end solutions.

15. Riseup Labs

Recruit dedicated on-site or offshore teams or hire deep learning freelancers on a full-time, part-time or hourly basis. Riseup Labs has offices in both Dhaka, Bangladesh, and New York City and can shortlist candidates from a network of over 150 professionals.

Guide to hiring great freelance deep learning experts

Companies with applications for deep learning need to be able to hire the leading experts in this field. Deep learning developers study at global universities and hone their skills at multinational corporations. With the rise of remote work, the best professionals may not reside in the same countries as employers. Platforms that offer access to worldwide talent for developing advanced artificial neural networks can help businesses hire deep learning experts.

The global deep learning market is estimated at $14.87 billion in 2023, and economic experts expect the sector to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 43.12% to reach $89.32 billion by 2028. Enterprises that hire deep learning experts can grow along with this field. Some of the top trends in this sector for 2023 include conceptual design, multimodal learning and improved language modeling.

Employers should consider which areas of focus for deep learning are relevant for specific applications. Machine learning experts may specialize in subfields such as computer vision, image processing or natural language processing. Familiarity with frameworks and libraries such as TensorFlow, Dialog Flow,, Keras and PyTorch can be useful for deep learning projects.

Developers who specialize in artificial intelligence or machine learning, a subset of artificial intelligence, may have experience with deep learning. Deep learning is a subset of machine learning that involves more complex algorithms and larger datasets and requires more computational intensity to train models.

Employers can choose from proficient developers or experts in this emerging field and pay rates commensurate with experience. Some services generate shortlists of candidates and offer interview support, while employers must identify and recruit qualified experts on other platforms. A growing number of skilled deep learning professionals are available for hire as freelancers, contract employees or part-time and full-time staff on Toptal, Turing, Arc and other sites to hire deep learning experts.

What does a deep learning expert do?

Deep learning experts can build advanced neural networks. The number of layers in a neural network determines the depth of learning. Typical neural networks have an input layer, one or more hidden layers for learning features of available data and an output layer. Experts in deep learning design develop algorithms that are more complex than regular machine learning algorithms.

Some applications of deep learning are on the forefront of AI development. The AlphaGo program by DeepMind Technologies was the first computer game to defeat a professional player at the game of Go. A more recent version of this technology taught itself how to master chess, shogi and Go, and MuZero can play Atari games without humans teaching the rules.

Deep learning experts set up systems capable of learning and making intelligent decisions. A growing number of companies combine machine learning and deep learning to provide features such as computer vision and smart search functionality.

Recent advances in this field enable developers to use transfer learning or pre-trained models to get around the need for using large datasets for training. Here are a few of the most important frameworks for deep learning:

  • TensorFlow: A free, open-source software library developed by the Google Brain Team works with programming languages such as Python, C++, JavaScript and Java. TensorFlow 2.0, which debuted in 2019, introduces a Define-by-Run scheme popularized by PyTorch.

  • PyTorch: Many computer vision and natural language processing applications use a machine learning framework based on the Torch library developed by Meta AI. The latest version of this framework, PyTorch 2.0, became available in March 2023.

  • Keras: An open-source software library that acts as an interface for the TensorFlow library provides a wide range of tools for building neural networks. This library simplifies the process of writing deep neural network code and supports convolutional and recurrent neural networks.

  • Fastai: An open-source library for deep learning builds on the Python programming language and PyTorch framework. The research group released this library to make it easier to train neural networks.

Employers should hire knowledgeable and responsible deep learning experts. As Dennis Hassabis, the CEO and co-founder of DeepMind, recently said, “When it comes to very powerful technologies — and obviously AI is going to be one of the most powerful ever — we need to be careful.” Ongoing debates over rapid progress in this field indicate the importance of selecting qualified developers for deep learning projects.

Why hire dedicated deep learning experts?

Deep learning experts have unique skills for developing artificial neural networks. While some AI and machine learning experts can do this kind of development, employers that hire an expert can expect faster results through the use of specialized frameworks and libraries.

The type of deep learning application will also determine which experts are most useful. Developers who have backgrounds in chatbots and natural language processing are the best choices for conversational user interface projects. Recommendation and recognition systems are other increasingly common applications that can benefit from decisions to hire deep learning experts.

Machine learning specialists usually work with small datasets that have short execution times ranging from minutes to hours and can run on low-end machines. Deep learning experts are more accustomed to large datasets that can take weeks to execute and require powered-up graphics processing units. Familiarity with frameworks and systems justify seeking out deep learning specialists.

Should I hire a freelance deep learning expert?

Deep learning projects can take longer to set up than machine learning projects before becoming independent. Machine learning freelancers and remote talent are pragmatic choices for many enterprises. The availability of hourly rates and task-based offerings make freelance deep learning experts more affordable than part-time or full-time deep learning developers.

What skills to look for in a deep learning expert

Employers should establish a clear sense of projects requiring deep learning expertise. Even if you only have a general idea of what you want to do, it is a good idea to consider whether a project is likely to involve image or signal recognition, natural language processing or another approach. The purpose and parameters of a deep learning project will determine the requisite level of expertise and the most useful areas of specialization for developers.

Any AI developer should have a solid background in mathematics and statistics. These core disciplines inform more specialized technical approaches to problem-solving. Deep learning specialists go beyond this core understanding of logic and probability through a knowledge of programming languages such as Python and C++ and familiarity with libraries and frameworks that facilitate the complex challenges of programming deep learning algorithms and developing models.

The best deep learning experts have a solid basis in AI and machine learning as well as experience in neural networks. While machine learning experts may be able to pick up the skills necessary to contribute to deep learning projects, employers that find deep learning experts with expertise in this subfield can get more for their money.

All levels of deep learning specialists should be familiar with designing and deploying convolutional and recurrent neural networks. The type of project for which you are hiring can determine relevant areas of specialization to help you find the top deep learning experts for any application. Here are some general skills to look for:

  • Python or C++ programming skills

  • Familiarity with deep learning frameworks such as PyTorch, TensorFlow, Dialog Flow, Fastai or Keras

  • Experience developing, profiling and optimizing deep learning models

  • Ability to implement distributed algorithms and dataflow-based asynchronous data communication

  • Background in image, natural language or signal processing

How much does it cost to hire deep learning experts?

The cost of hiring a deep learning expert depends on a developer’s level of expertise and the platform or service that you use. Under the freelancer category, rates on Guru, Upwork and Freelancer can start as low as $10 per hour and range up to $175 per hour.

Tips for writing a deep learning job description

Job descriptions that specify the status and goals of a deep learning project are more likely to attract developers with relevant qualifications. Even if an employer does not know which frameworks are most useful for a particular project involving artificial neural networks, describing the type of deep learning project can narrow down deep learning experts.

In addition to technical qualifications, employers should specify whether developers will work alone or as part of a new or existing team. Communication requirements and preferences, including language and time zone, are important parts of descriptions for deep learning jobs open to remote and international candidates.

How to find freelance deep learning experts for hire

Recruiting platforms that differentiate between deep learning, machine learning and general AI experts can make it easier to hire deep learning experts. Toptal is the best choice for employers needing skilled deep learning experts. Once neural networks are set up, these systems can operate with minimal intervention.

Hiring developers who specialize in deep learning poses a challenge to many employers. Use our list of top sites as a guide to recruit the best deep learning experts.

Hiring Deep Learning Experts FAQs

How do you hire a deep learning expert?
You can hire deep learning experts through online recruiting platforms or services that include specialists in this subfield of AI development. Look for candidates who have relevant technical skills and industry experience.
How much does it cost to hire an AI specialist?
Freelance experts in AI and deep learning can charge over $150 per hour, but you can hire skilled developers starting at $30 an hour. The average full-time salary for deep learning experts is $117,000 a year.
Who is a deep learning specialist?
Deep learning specialists develop software that mimics the network of neurons in the human brain. The term “deep” indicates that a neural network has more than one hidden layer. Experts in this field develop complex and computationally intensive algorithms.
Why should you hire a deep learning expert?
Deep learning professionals have distinct skill sets from AI and machine learning specialists. Hire deep learning experts to develop artificial neural networks with the capacity for autonomous function.
What’s the demand for deep learning development?
Economic experts project a 43.12% compound annual growth rate for the global deep learning market through 2028. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics projects a growth rate of 21% for computer and information research scientists between 2021 and 2031.

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