The 15 best sites to hire Microsoft Developers in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented Microsoft Developers

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In this comprehensive guide to hire Microsoft developers, we dive into the essential skills and expertise they offer and create a practical roadmap for employers. From navigating top hiring platforms to understanding salary expectations and identifying key competencies, we provide valuable insights for making informed hiring decisions.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Microsoft Developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal is a global platform connecting businesses with top freelance talent, including some of the best Microsoft developers. Specializing in fields like software development, design, and project management, Toptal serves a diverse range of industries, providing on-demand access to high-caliber professionals who have to undergo a rigorous vetting process to make it to the top 3% of talent.

Key Points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a leading platform where companies can find a wide range of talent, including skilled freelance Microsoft developers. It is known for its large pool of freelancers with short- and long-term project capabilities. Upwork facilitates accessible communication between clients and freelancers with a flexible hiring process.

Key Points:

  • Upwork has a streamlined platform for efficient interaction between clients and freelancers.
  • They offer integrated tools for tracking progress and managing tasks.
  • The platform helps you make informed hiring decisions based on past client feedback.

3. Arc.dev

Arc offers a solution for companies looking to hire Microsoft developers, specializing in connecting employers with top-tier remote experts. They have a large pool of vetted programmers available for freelance and full-time roles. The platform centers around rapid hiring, promising connections with suitable freelance candidates within 72 hours.

Key Points:

  • Arc has a quick hiring process where you can access full-time developers as quickly as two weeks.
  • Their Silicon Valley-caliber vetting process ensures only the best make it to their talent pool.
  • Arc features remote hiring worldwide. 

4. Hidden Brains

Find Microsoft-certified developers for hire at Hidden Brains, catering to a broad range of services, including consulting, development, implementation, and technical support. The service helps companies accelerate their digital transformation journey by offering specialists in various Microsoft technologies, including .NET developers and Azure experts.

Key Points:

  • Hidden Brains caters to SMEs, large companies, and startups.
  • Their customized solutions can improve customer experience and operational efficiency.
  • The experts at Hidden Brains specialize in Microsoft technologies.

5. Riseup Labs

Riseup Labs’ team of Microsoft developers are skilled in delivering quality business solutions using best-in-class methodologies. The company caters to technical requirements and provides dedicated developer teams to clients. Their services suit a wide range of industry needs, ensuring innovative and effective solutions.

Key Points:

  • Riseup Labs specializes in Microsoft development.
  • Their platform offers software-specific searches, such as blockchain developers and SQL specialists.
  • They cater to companies with diverse industry requirements.

6. Tecnovators

Tecnovators specializes in providing Microsoft developers, consultants, and software engineers for hire. They offer comprehensive services to enhance business applications and driver operational excellence. Their services improve customer experiences and reduce costs, with a proven track record in a variety of industries.

Key Points:

  • Tecnovators caters to diverse clients, including startups and small enterprises.
  • Hire ASP.NET, .Net Nuke, and C# developers directly through the platform.

7. Dev Technosys

Dev Technosys has specialized services to hire freelance Microsoft developers. They provide access to a pool of dedicated developers, ideal for businesses seeking to enhance their applications with Microsoft’s advanced functionalities. The team fosters business growth and delivers robust solutions efficiently, potentially leading to time and cost savings.

Key Points:

  • Dev Technosys focuses on leveraging Microsoft technologies for tailored app development.
  • The platform allows you to choose between junior and highly experienced developers.
  • They will cater your search results to time zone availability.

8. SpryBit

Hiring Microsoft developers at SpryBit offers seamless performance and excellence in product delivery. They cater to both startups and established businesses, providing innovative solutions to overcome market challenges. Their service includes comprehensive IT support and promises growth-aligned consultation and development services.

Key Points:

  • SpryBit specializes in Microsoft application development and client interaction enhancement.
  • They have affordable and dependable hiring options for businesses of all sizes and industries.
  • They provide consultation and development services that align with your goals for business growth.


UKAD is a cloud solution provider for Azure consultations and hosting services with added support. Ideal for clients seeking a comprehensive full-cycle service, UKAD ensures a seamless product lifecycle, from development to hosting and professional support. This approach suits those looking for performance guarantees and an all-encompassing service package.

Key Points:

  • UKAD primarily caters to companies looking to hire the best Microsoft developers specializing in Azure software.
  • They offer end-to-end product lifecycle support.
  • Clients can access additional support based on project needs to enhance the customer experience.

10. Concept Infoway

Concept Infoway is a well-known, skilled team of Microsoft-certified developers who deliver innovative solutions using Microsoft technologies. They are ideal for businesses seeking to enhance or develop new digital platforms. Their expertise ensures robust, seamless software and scalable applications, aligning with cutting-edge technological trends.

Key Points:

  • Concept Infoway developers are all certified in Microsoft technologies, leaving no questions unanswered about their technical skills.
  • Their tailored solutions can meet diverse business needs.
  • They have a track record of successful collaborations with businesses across many industries.

11. Freelancer

Freelancer is a global marketplace connecting clients with skilled freelance professionals, including Microsoft developers. You can quickly post your project requirements and receive bids from experienced developers worldwide. The platform supports a variety of engagement models, allowing you to find talent for short-term tasks, more extensive projects, or ongoing work. Freelancer.com caters to a diverse range of clients, offering a flexible and efficient way to hire freelance Microsoft developers.

Key Points:

  • Freelancer clients rate their Microsoft developers a 4.88 out of 5.
  • They have a user-friendly platform that makes posting a job offer and accepting bids simple.
  • A secure payment system ensures safe transactions and trust in the hiring process.

12. Hire Developers

Hire Developers is an online platform where businesses can hire Microsoft developers via a hassle-free and efficient hiring process. Their model eliminates the need for investing in infrastructure as developers work from their fully equipped premises. They offer flexible communication across time zones and immediate work delivery upon hiring. Through interviews, clients can personally select developers, ensuring a perfect match for their project requirements.

Key Points:

  • Hire Developers works with cutting-edge technology at their in-person facility.
  • They have the means for offshore developers to adapt to clients’ time zones for seamless interaction.
  • They provide a dedicated project coordinator post-hiring at no extra cost.

13. Skuad

Skuad offers a global platform to hire freelance Microsoft developers efficiently. It simplifies the hiring and payment process worldwide without needing a local entity. Clients can onboard new hires anywhere, manage global payroll with a single click, and ensure full compliance with local employment laws. Additionally, the service handles benefits, work permits, timesheets, and more, streamlining the management of international teams.

Key Points:

  • Skuad enables hiring and payment globally without requiring a local entity.
  • They provide instant onboarding for hires in any country.
  • The platform has a sophisticated payroll process that complies with local employment laws to mitigate legal risks.

14. UpStack

To hire Microsoft developers, UpStack has a robust platform where companies can easily connect with top-tier Microsoft Azure talent. According to MealPal, a former client, “UpStack takes the complexity out of hiring. You will get great guys that’ll take the right amount of direction to build your product.” The service ensures that every developer is pre-vetted, matching technical, cultural, and language criteria for a seamless fit.

Key Points:

  • UpStack offers a risk-free 14-day trial to evaluate developers.
  • The platform uses a rigorous eight-point assessment to vet developers.
  • Their comprehensive service includes checks, legal compliance, and streamlined billing and payments.

15. Guru

Guru is a versatile platform for hiring freelance Microsoft developers. With their efficient process, companies can easily post jobs, receive quotes, and compare freelancers to find the best fit for their projects. The platform facilitates collaboration through WorkRooms, ensuring streamlined communication and project tracking.

Key Points:

  • Guru provides secure and flexible payment methods through a feature called SafePay.
  • The platform aims to simplify the freelance hiring process.
  • They offer a streamlined job posting and quote comparison process for easy hiring.

Guide to hiring great freelance Microsoft Developers

The Evolving Tech Landscape for Microsoft Developers

The evolving tech landscape, as illustrated above, and the need for advanced skills in areas like artificial intelligence, machine learning, and cloud computing can make hiring skilled Microsoft developers increasingly challenging. The U.S. Department of Labor estimates a staggering shortage of 85.2 million developers by 2030, emphasizing the intense competition for experienced professionals.

Furthermore, the demand for developers with a blend of technical and soft skills is rising. You need candidates with the right mix of both to ensure your business can keep up with emerging technologies, changing skill sets, and market trends.

Given this scenario, it is essential to adopt innovative hiring strategies. Exploring unconventional recruitment channels, such as coding contests and developer-specific job boards, can uncover hidden talent. Additionally, tapping into the pool of passive candidates through online freelancer marketplaces can be a game-changer.

As you consider hiring Microsoft developers, assess potential rather than just existing skill sets. This involves real-life coding exercises and valuing non-professional experiences, as nearly a third of developers consider themselves self-taught. Such approaches help identify candidates with the necessary problem-solving abilities and adaptability, which is crucial in today’s tech environment.

In this guide on how to hire Microsoft developers, discover the multifaceted role of this position and learn effective strategies for hiring. Explore critical skills vital for Microsoft developers, understand the costs of hiring them, and gain insights on crafting compelling job descriptions. Additionally, you benefit from a curated list of common interview questions to help you identify the most suitable candidates for your company. This is your roadmap to making informed hiring decisions in this specialized field.

Hiring a Freelance Microsoft Developer

Opting to hire a freelance Microsoft developer can offer significant business advantages. Freelancers provide unparalleled flexibility, effortlessly adapting to project timelines and workload variations. This hiring model allows access to a global talent pool, connecting you with skilled professionals beyond local geographical limits. Freelancers often bring diverse experiences and innovative perspectives, enriching your projects. This approach saves costs and injects agility and specialized expertise into your development efforts.

What Does a Microsoft Developer Do?

Microsoft developers for hire bring a wealth of technical skills, including object-oriented programming, functional programming, database knowledge, understanding hardware and networks, and proficiency in version control systems. Their soft skills, such as problem-solving, detail orientation, communication, and creativity, are equally valuable. Take a look at the four key elements of the position below.
What Does a Microsoft Developer Do?

In the world of .NET development, which is a significant part of Microsoft’s ecosystem, these developers are responsible for building a range of applications using the .NET framework. They work on web, desktop, and mobile applications, demonstrating skills in C#, F#, Visual Basic, and a thorough understanding of the .NET framework. Their role is critical in designing, maintaining, and upgrading applications, integrating data storage systems, and ensuring the best performance of the applications they develop.

Why hire Microsoft developers? Understanding the role and responsibilities of a Microsoft developer underscores the importance of their expertise in any tech-driver business. As specialized software engineers certified through Microsoft, they are instrumental in developing software applications and operating systems, especially those focusing on Microsoft technologies.

Typical role responsibilities range from ideation and design to coding, testing, deployment, maintenance, and reporting. These developers are exceptionally skilled in enhancing Microsoft 365 products and creating interoperable solutions between various Microsoft services. This specialized skill set is essential for companies relying heavily on Microsoft products and services for their operations.

Organizations looking to hire dedicated Microsoft developers benefit from their expertise in Microsoft technologies, which are integral to various industries. Specialized developers are crucial for projects that involve the development of enterprise-grade applications, software that integrates seamlessly with Microsoft’s ecosystem, and custom solutions leveraging Microsoft technologies. Their expertise includes technical capabilities and a broad range of soft skills, making them invaluable assets for any company using Microsoft products and services.

How To Hire Microsoft Developers

To successfully hire Microsoft developers, companies should begin by defining their projects' specific needs and goals. This includes understanding the technical requirements and the desired outcome of the development process. Once the project needs are clear, the next step is identifying the right candidate.

Companies should focus on a blend of technical and soft skills when looking for candidates. Technical skills are of paramount importance, and they vary based on the project’s demands. Essential technical skills include proficiency in Microsoft technologies like .NET, C#, and ASP.NET, and familiarity with Microsoft’s ecosystem, including Microsoft 365, Azure, and SQL Server. Soft skills, such as problem-solving, communication, and teamwork, are also essential. They influence how effectively a developer can collaborate and contribute to a project.

The difference between the levels of Microsoft developers lies in their depth of experience and their ability to innovate and adapt. Highly skilled developers have a strong command of Microsoft technologies and bring a creative approach to problem-solving, an ability to work under pressure, and a track record of successful projects. Consider how you differentiate between junior, mid-level, and senior developers.

Experience LevelDescriptionResponsibilities Ideal For
Junior developersTypically, those with less experience, often new graduates or in their first years of professional work Basic coding, maintenance tasks, and learning under supervisionStraightforward tasks or projects with limited budgets
Mid-level developersMore experienced, capable of handling a range of tasks with a degree of independenceHandling more complex tasks with less oversight, may guide junior developersProjects of moderate complexity without a need for high-level expertise
Senior developersExtensive experience and deep expertise in Microsoft technologiesLeading projects, mentoring junior staff, managing complex development tasksComplex, large-scale projects requiring leadership and innovative solutions

Choosing between junior, mid-level, and senior developers depends on the project’s complexity and budget. Therefore, to hire Microsoft developers, start by clearly understanding your project needs, look for a mix of technical and soft skills, evaluate the experience level needed for your project, and select a developer whose skill set and experience level align with your project requirements.

What Skills To Look for When Hiring a Microsoft Developer

During the hiring process, you should check for Microsoft developer skills that reflect a well-rounded candidate. Technical skills to look for include:

  • Cloud-based application creation: Expertise in using Microsoft Azure for application hosting and development
  • Applications testing: Experience with tools and scripts for software testing and automation frameworks
  • Programming language proficiency: Knowledge of languages like C# and VB.NET, and familiarity with the .NET framework
  • Client-side technologies: Skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and related technologies for front-end development
  • Database configuration: Proficiency in managing databases, particularly Microsoft SQL Server
  • Data security: Expertise in secure coding practices and implementation of authentication and access control systems in .NET applications

Soft skills reflect the personal attributes that you want in a candidate to ensure they work well with your team, interacting effectively. Examples of soft skills to look for when you hire Microsoft developers include:

  • Adaptability: Ability to adapt to new environments and methodologies as Microsoft updates products and services
  • Communication: Strong spoken and written communication skills for effective teamwork and client interactions
  • Analytical thinking: Ability to analyze problems and come up with practical solutions
  • Teamwork: Proven ability to collaborate effectively within a team setting

These skills form the cornerstone of what makes a proficient Microsoft developer capable of handling the complexities and demands of modern software development projects.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Microsoft Developers?

The cost of hiring a Microsoft developer in the U.S. varies based on their experience level and the project’s complexity. Junior-level developers, typically at the start of their careers, charge hourly rates ranging from $20-$50. Mid-level developers’ rates are between $50-$100 per hour. Senior-level developers with extensive experience and specialized skills can charge from $100 to $200 more per hour. The total project cost depends on the scale and duration, ranging from $5,000 to $200,000 or higher for larger projects.

Tips for Writing a Microsoft Developer Job Description

When writing a Microsoft developer job description, emphasize unique aspects of the role and your company culture to attract top performers. Highlight exciting projects and innovative technologies the developer will work with and incorporate a mix of interview methodologies. This includes technical assessments for skill evaluation, behavioral interviews to understand problem-solving and teamwork abilities, and pair programming exercises for a practical skills assessment.

Ensure your job posting encourages diversity by using inclusive language and unbiased criteria and assess soft skills to find the perfect fit among those with the best technical capabilities. Balancing skill requirements with insights into your company’s work environment and values will create a compelling job description that appeals to skilled Microsoft developers.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire a Microsoft Developer

When interviewing a Microsoft developer, focus on questions that probe both technical proficiency and problem-solving capabilities. Consider the following key inquiries and their desirable answers:

  • Technical expertise in Microsoft technologies. Ask about their experience with specific Microsoft tools and techs like .NET, Azure, or SQL Server. Ideal answers should exhibit depth in their usage, challenges overcome, and successful implementation examples.
  • Debugging and problem-solving methods. Inquire about their approach to resolving complex coding issues. Desirable responses would highlight systematic troubleshooting, analytical skills, and specific debugging tools or methods they have utilized effectively.
  • Project experience and team contribution. Question them about their role in challenging projects, focusing on their specific contributions, team collaboration, and the outcome. This probes their ability to work in team environments and manage complex tasks.
  • Learning and adapting to new technologies. Ask how they stay updated with evolving Microsoft tech and adjust to new tools. Look for a commitment to continuous learning and examples of quickly mastering new skills.
  • Testing and quality assurance approach. Discuss their perspective on ensuring software quality. Expect answers demonstrating a thorough understanding of various testing methods, quality assurance processes, and a solid commitment to developing error-free applications.

Remember to incorporate questions that specifically address requirements for projects.

How To Find Freelance Microsoft Developers for Hire

There are many avenues to find Microsoft developers. Explore job boards and outsourcing agencies for local talent. Leverage professional networks, attend industry events, or partner with coding boot camps. You can expand your search for a broad pool of talent by using sites to hire Microsoft developers. Toptal stands out for its fast hiring process, world-class talent, and minimal effort required from the hiring manager. When choosing a platform, consider the speed of hiring, the matching process, ease of use, and what responsibilities the platform assumes.

This guide covers every strategy you need to hire Microsoft developers, including key aspects like compelling job descriptions, essential skills to look for, interview questions, and methods for finding freelance talent. We emphasized the importance of strategic hiring to find the best Microsoft developers, ensuring project success and technological advancement.

FAQs About Hiring Microsoft Developers

How to hire Microsoft developers
To hire a Microsoft developer, start by clearly defining the role and project requirements. Look for candidates with experience in Microsoft technologies. Consider technical and soft skills during the interview process, and use job boards, networking, and online freelance platforms to search for talent. Finally, assess their problem-solving abilities and cultural fit to ensure they align with your company’s values and objectives.
Are Microsoft developers in demand?

Microsoft developers are in high demand across various industries, mainly because Microsoft has a nearly 71% share of desktop computer operating systems worldwide. Companies in the transportation, manufacturing and healthcare industries seek these developers regularly. The need for developers to support, develop, and digitalize technology is consistent, and companies continue to prioritize projects related to digitalization and cloud migrations. This trend will likely persist, reflecting the growing importance of software development across all sectors.

Where can I hire Microsoft developers?
Toptal, Upwork, Hidden Brains, Arc, and Riseup Labs are the top online marketplaces to search for Microsoft developers. Take a look at our complete list of best sites for more options.
Why should you hire a Microsoft developer?
Hiring a Microsoft developer brings expertise in Microsoft technologies essential for building robots and scalable and secure applications. These developers are adept at leveraging platforms like .NET, Azure, and SQL Server, which can significantly enhance a company’s technical capabilities, streamline business processes, and drive innovation in today’s tech-driven landscape. Their skills are vital for businesses seeking to develop advanced Microsoft-based solutions.
How much does it cost to hire a Microsoft developer?

The cost of hiring a Microsoft developer varies based on experience and project complexity. It also depends on your hiring source. According to ZipRecruiter, the average pay is $115,590 annually or approximately $55.67 hourly. 

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