How to hire freelance Apache Airflow Developers in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented Apache Airflow Developers

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Streamline your data workflows with skilled Apache Airflow developers. Our comprehensive hiring guide offers valuable insights, tips, and a step-by-step approach to find and evaluate experienced Apache Airflow developers. Explore top talent platforms, learn how to assess technical proficiency, and evaluate candidates' project experience in building scalable and efficient data pipelines. With our guide, you'll simplify the hiring process and find the perfect Apache Airflow talent to optimize your data management.

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Here are the top 5 sites to hire freelance Apache Airflow Developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal is an exclusive marketplace of highly skilled freelancers. Taking its name from the phrase "top talent," the platform vets all candidates with a rigorous screening process that only the top 3% pass. Clients receive expertly matched talent with the flexibility and scalability to adjust as their needs dictate. Toptal offers a no-risk trial with a quality guarantee.

Key points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a global marketplace that helps skilled freelancers and companies needing tech talent find each other. Prospective clients can post jobs to screen and hire professionals. Alternatively, they can purchase projects from freelancers through its Project Catalog.

Key points:

  • You must vet Upwork developers with the exception of Expert-Vetted talent.
  • Sourcing options include talent matching, posting jobs, and viewing profiles.
  • Talent Specialists and other free tools can improve search results.

3. Arc.dev

Arc specializes in helping employers find tech talent working remotely. The platform allows clients to hire permanent, full-time, and contract workers from a pool of shortlisted candidates. Its network features skilled developers in many fields, including Apache Airflow freelancers.

Key points:

  • Arc’s AI searches its database to identify the best-matched developers.
  • Hiring times range from 72 hours for freelancers to 14 days for full-time developers.
  • Meticulous vetting accepts only 2.3% of site applicants.

4. Revelo

Offering an end-to-end remote staffing solution, Revelo is a nearshoring platform connecting companies with experienced developers in the United States and Latin America. The Miami-based company vets applicants and matches its best candidates with organizations needing their expertise.

Key points:

  • Time-zone compatibility and English fluency make communications simple.
  • Revelo offers end-to-end solutions to simplify the development process.
  • A money-back guarantee allows 14 days to assess a developer’s fit.

5. Turing

Based in Palo Alto, Turing calls itself a "data-science-driven deep jobs platform." The fully remote company prescreens applicants to find its best candidates. Prospective employers then select and hire Apache Airflow developers with technical skills and expertise that fit their requirements.

Key points:

  • Meticulous vetting retains only 1% of Turing applicants to ensure quality.
  • Your risk-free trial gives you 14 days to evaluate a developer’s fit.
  • Hire time-zone compatible developers in four days.

Guide to hiring great freelance Apache Airflow Developers

Airflow developers have notable expertise. Demand for this skill is growing thanks to the essential benefits it offers. Because Airflow helps manage and automate data transfers, it has a wide range of potential uses. Apache provides a lengthy list of integrations, with the most popular including:

  • API authentication

  • Email backends

  • Plug-ins

  • Tracking systems

  • Web UI authentication backends

Through these integrations, Airflow helps power and work with email marketing services, Google Analytics, security applications, authentication tools, and proprietary software and database applications.

With so many possible use cases, it's no surprise that the need to hire Apache Airflow developers is increasing. Its use is growing, with Astronomer revealing that users download the platform more than 12 million times per month. While this growth is a good thing, it could also complicate your talent selection process.

Finding qualified talent requires a major effort. Sorting through hundreds of candidates takes time that you don't have. Knowing what you need from your technical talent is key. Using one of the top sites to find Apache Airflow developers can help speed up the process.

What Does an Apache Airflow Developer Do?

Apache Airflow originated in October 2014. Created by Maxime Beauchemin at Airbnb, it's an open-source platform for creating, scheduling, and observing batch-oriented workflows and data pipelines.

Airflow specialists include developers and data engineers. Developers build applications, plug-ins, and tools for many purposes. Data engineers use technologies to create, maintain, and perfect critical infrastructures that manage, transform, and access information. Since Airflow handles data pipelines, you may find experienced specialists under several job titles: software developers, programmers, architects, database engineers, and data analysts.

Apache Airflow is flexible, allowing many integrations that make existing and custom-designed tech solutions work. Besides automating data-related tasks, it can also create machine learning workflows. Airflow has become involved with AI development and may occupy a bigger role in the future.

When you want to hire Apache Airflow developers, don't limit your search strictly by job titles. While data engineer jobs may differ from developers, overlap often exists between the two roles. Review each candidate's resume, skillsets, education, and professional experience to determine if the individual may be a good fit for your project.

Why Hire Dedicated Apache Airflow Developers?

Efficient information transport from its source to a destination is vital. Most often, this involves moving inputs from databases to applications. Data pipelines effectively accomplish this task, especially with info stored in the cloud or multiple locations. Airflow improves such transfers, ensuring that applications and users have real-time information on demand.

Apache introduced Airflow to the broader developer community in June 2015. Experienced software engineers may have up to seven or eight years of experience working with this technology. Their understanding allows better automation of data pipelines through Airflow, enhancing benefits such as fast information access and improved service to your clients.

Apache Airflow freelancers have the technical tools and proficiency needed for your project. These individuals have gained competencies through previous work experience and education. Some possess pertinent certifications like those offered by Astronomer. Others, especially intermediate- and senior-level developers, may have relevant education. Typical degrees include bachelor's and master's degrees in computer science, information systems, or software development.

Should I Hire a Freelance Apache Airflow Developer?

Many talent-sourcing platforms offer full-time, part-time, and freelancing options. You gain several advantages by hiring a freelancer Apache Airflow specialist:

  • Extensive talent pool: Freelancing platforms provide access to global networks of qualified talent. With their specialized skills, you can easily find Apache Airflow developers.

  • Cost savings: By choosing freelance developers, you don't have to pay typical hiring expenses: training, benefits, payroll taxes, and paid time off.

  • Speed: Working with a platform that meticulously screens technical talent lets you choose, onboard, and start your teams quickly. These developers commit only to your project, giving it their full attention so you receive faster results.

  • Flexibility: Selecting freelance Apache Airflow specialists affords you scalability. You can adjust team sizes and skill sets as you see fit.

What Skills To Look For When Hiring Apache Airflow Experts

Every tech pro has unique skills and expertise. Finding the best ones for your organization requires searching for qualified candidates and evaluating each one's career profile. To start, you'll want to look for several critical technical skills when you hire Apache Airflow developers:

  • Apache Airflow

  • Snowflake

  • Python Programming Language

  • SQL, along with MySQL or NoSQL

  • Amazon Web Services and similar cloud technologies

  • Data warehousing and processing tools like Hive and Hadoop

Most projects calling for Airflow expertise also require developers to have experience with ETL tools. ETL refers to "extract, transform, and load." It's a collection of processes that pulls data from multiple sources to a unified data warehouse or repository. Besides Airflow, other typical ETL tools include Pentaho, Informatica, Oracle Data Integrator, and Talend Open Studio. Developers should have experience with at least one or two of these tools.

Apache Airflow specialists use business intelligence and analytics tools like Power BI, Qlik, and Tableau. These applications allow power users to query and analyze data using SQL. Expertise in such tools can help developers who must create ETL pipelines for their projects.

Essential Non-Technical Skills

Apache Airflow engineers need strong technical skills, but they must also possess vital soft skills to be successful. These include teamwork, conflict resolution, problem-solving, analysis, mathematics, organization, and time management. Excellent communication capabilities are also a must, especially English language proficiency.

Artificial Intelligence and Apache Airflow

Airflow can automate machine learning workflows. Unsurprisingly, more AI-related jobs now require Airflow expertise. Artificial intelligence programmers and machine learning engineers may also possess the expertise you need.

Again, look at specific skill sets when assessing candidates. Some AI and machine learning specialists have similar qualifications as Airflow developers. These can include SQL, NoSQL, Amazon web services (AWS), Python, and Hadoop. AI-related competencies encompass Natural Language Processing, Apache Beam or Spark, Azure, VertexAI, and Google Cloud Platform.

Levels of Skill and Expertise

Software developers come from many different backgrounds. When looking at top Apache Airflow developers, you'll find junior-, intermediate-, and senior-level professionals. Python, SQL, and ETL are among the oldest technologies Airflow specialists have, but the rest are recent creations. Junior developers typically have three years of experience or less. Mid-level developers possess three to five years of experience. Senior developers may have six years of career expertise or more.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Apache Airflow Developers?

The cost to hire Apache Airflow developers can vary. The Bureau of Labor Statistics states that software developers make an average annual salary of $109,020. While obtaining recent figures for Apache Airflow experts is challenging, ZipRecruiter cites a yearly average of $120,841 for Apache Spark developers.

Tips for Writing an Apache Airflow Developer Job Description

A good job description is vital when searching for an Apache Airflow developer for hire. CIO Magazine offers excellent advice you can apply. Your job listing should include several essential points:

  • Precise job title and summary

  • Clear description of responsibilities

  • Specific required qualifications and skills

  • Information about your company

  • Employment type and location

  • Compensation details

  • Contact information

These general details should appear in any description. However, you should include explicit requirements for the best Apache Airflow developers. Besides critical skills like Python, list role- and product-specific skillsets. If your product integrates with Salesforce, for example, describe the type of Salesforce knowledge your candidate must possess.

How To Find Freelance Apache Airflow Developers for Hire

You need a robust solution to hire Apache Airflow developers. Freelancers offer distinctive expertise, speed, flexibility, and cost savings that benefit your organization. Choosing the best sites to hire Apache Airflow developers substantially magnifies these advantages. Toptal's core benefits include superior-quality candidates and speedy talent sourcing with minimal work on your part.

Discovering the technical talent for your projects can be challenging. Review this list of top sites to find and hire Apache Airflow developers who provide your organization with the best value.

Hiring Apache Airflow Developers FAQs

How do you hire an Apache Airflow developer?
Start with a well-written job description based on your project requirements and budget. Next, review the top sites to hire Apache Airflow developers. Choose a platform that meets your needs and offers the most benefits. Consider one that diligently vets applicants and includes only top Apache Airflow developers in its freelancing pool. Such a thorough matching process can save you time and money.
What is the demand for Apache Airflow development?
Apache Airflow technologies are gaining popularity. Core features include an extensive Python framework and an intuitive web interface. These characteristics give Airflow flexibility and easy integration into many technical environments. Apache's 2022 usage survey reveals that 93% of users would recommend Airflow — a 65.9% increase from the 2019 and 2020 surveys. Based on these details, the need for Airflow developers should continue to increase.
Why should you hire an Apache Airflow developer?
When you hire an Apache Airflow developer, you are selecting an individual with extensive technical expertise to benefit your projects. This person also comes with analytical, problem-solving, mathematical, communication, and teamwork skills needed to bring your project to fruition. An individual with a solid combination of all these traits offers significant value for the money you spend.

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