How to hire freelance Odoo Developers in 2024

Updated on July 12, 2024
Platforms to find talented Odoo Developers

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Kelly Wilson
Written by Kelly Wilson

Strategist and entrepreneur, with experience in hiring developers across various industries. Kelly has established herself as a trusted expert in identifying and recruiting top tech talent. She shares advanced tips on how to identify the right talent, create hiring strategies, develop your tech teams and much more.

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Our guide to hire Odoo developers offers a comprehensive exploration of this specialized role, encompassing the essentials of recruiting adept professionals with experiences in Odoo software. We equip you with a curated hiring guide, insider tips, and insight into the requisite skills and salary expectations to ensure you secure the best talent.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Odoo Developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal is a premier network for businesses seeking to hire the best Odoo developers. Jeremy Wessels, CEO of Kognosi and satisfied client, said, “Toptal’s developers and architects have been both very professional and easy to work with. The solution they produced was fairly priced and top quality.” Through rigorous vetting, Toptal produces only the top 3% of talent.

Key Points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Guru

Guru is a freelance marketplace where companies can find Odoo developers with varied expertise. It caters to all sizes of enterprises, facilitating both fixed-price and hourly engagements. They streamline hiring to ensure businesses connect with professionals who suit their project needs.

Key Points:

  • Guru has a diverse pool of Odoo development talent for flexible hiring needs.
  • They offer secure payment options to ensure reliable transactions.
  • The Guru WorkRoom feature enables effective project management.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a leading online platform connecting businesses with freelance Odoo developers from around the globe. It caters to a diverse range of client needs, from small projects to long-term contracts, providing flexible hiring solutions through its expansive talent pool. The fee structure is more complex than some freelance marketplaces, with service charges factored into project budgets.

Key Points:

  • Upwork has an extensive database of freelancers for varied project sizes and needs.
  • They offer options for both short-term tasks and ongoing work.
  • Clients have more control with access to direct communication and negotiation with freelancers.

4. BiztechCS

Biztech excels in deploying freelance Odoo developers to craft tailored ERP solutions using industry-standard practices. With a commitment to agile methodologies, they provide iterative development, prioritizing client feedback and rigorous testing. However, they cater predominantly to clients who favor flexibility over traditional, linear project methods.

Key Points:

  • Biztech offers a blend of hiring models, from individual Odoo experts to outsourced teams.
  • They allow clients to focus on business growth while handling all technical intricacies.
  • The platform delivers quality Odoo services aligned with budgetary constraints.

5. Arc.dev

Arc provides a robust platform to hire Odoo developers tailored to your project needs, offering a vast network of more than 300,000 software programmers for freelance and full-time roles. They stand out with a Silicon Valley-grade vetting process, promising access to trustworthy and proficient Odoo experts.

Key Points:

  • Arc offers full-time and freelance Odoo developers.
  • They specialize in connecting companies with developers who align with their technical needs and company culture.
  • Smaller companies might find the platform geared more towards those with a higher budget.

6. Confianz Global

Find freelance Odoo developers with Confianz Global, a company renowned for its flexible and hands-on approach to Odoo ERP implementation. They offer dedicated developers for both short and long-term projects, with the option of month-to-month or hourly engagements, ensuring a tailored fit for diverse client needs.

Key Points:

  • Confianz Global allows direct collaboration with clients’ teams, promoting efficient implementation.
  • They emphasize a direct service approach, with no reliance on third-party consultants.
  • Their commitment to getting it right ensures quality and reliability in delivery.

7. Odoo Programmers

Odoo programmers can craft customized ERP solutions tailored to diverse business needs. They specialize in full-cycle Odoo development, offering expertise in analysis, planning, development, and support. Companies can hire freelance Odoo developers for flexible, project-based work, tapping into a vast pool of seasoned techno-functional consultants.

Key Points:

  • Odoo Programmers offers developers well-versed in all versions and editions of Odoo, ensuring versatile support.
  • They offer a blend of technical and functional expertise, promising a holistic approach to problem-solving.
  • They provide an all-encompassing service suite, from business analysis to prompt support.

8. Webkul

Webkul stands out for its tailored services designed for hiring Odoo developers. They cater to businesses of all sizes and projects of varying scopes. Access flexible hiring models, including fixed, hourly, and monthly, to accommodate varying requirements and budgets. They back everything with systemic updates and dedicated project management for optimal client satisfaction.

Key Points:

  • Webkul’s service models meet diverse operational scales and complexity.
  • Their fixed, hourly, and monthly hiring modules allow them to serve a more diverse pool of clients.
  • Despite the structured updates, the fixed model may offer less flexibility than the more iterative, agile methods.

9. SmartTrek Solutions

SmartTrek can connect you with the best Odoo developers, offering a roster of pre-screened remote engineers primed to elevate your projects. Their streamlined hiring process ensures swift placement, allowing for rapid integration of top-tier talent into your business operations, catering to a diverse clientele seeking efficiency and expertise.

Key Points:

  • SmartTrek requires less recruitment time for efficient candidate presentation.
  • This platform is ideal for companies seeking specialized, remote engineering skills.
  • The services work best for projects requiring immediate talent rather than long-term hiring processes.

10. Proxify

Proxify specializes in connecting businesses with freelance Odoo developers who undergo a rigorous vetting process. They test for technical abilities, proficiency in English, and cultural alignment, ensuring a seamless fit for your company and project demands.

Key Points:

  • Proxify pre-screens developers for quality, saving the time it takes to sift through unqualified candidates.
  • They emphasize finding developers who align with your company’s work ethos.
  • They provide continuous assistance from hiring experts to address any concerns throughout the engagement.

11. Skuad

Skuad offers a comprehensive platform for companies looking to find Odoo developers globally while ensuring adherence to local employment laws. With Skuad, businesses can seamlessly onboard, manage, and pay international talent, focusing on talent acquisition without the compliance burden.

Key Points:

  • Skuad offers a streamlined global hiring and onboarding process.
  • They assure local legal compliance for international employment.
  • The platform uses integrated payroll management, simplifying international transactions.

12. CandidRoot

Hire Odoo developers from CandidRoot for tailored solutions that cater to businesses ranging from SMBs to large-scale industries. Benefit from their team’s expertise to dynamically adjust to your evolving business needs. They commit to the highest coding standards for efficient Odoo module development.

Key Points:

  • CandidRoot is capable of handling projects of varying sizes and complexities.
  • They offer flexibility in team allocation based on business growth.
  • You can access project managers with over six years of Odoo experience.

13. Turing

Turing offers a streamlined platform to find freelance Odoo developers with a global reach. Their AI-driven system meticulously vets and connects companies with top-tier developers from a vast talent pool, facilitating remote team assembly with precision and speed.

Key Points:

  • Turning provides access to over 1.5 million developers with a diverse range of skills.
  • They offer short-term, long-term, and project-specific duration.
  • The platform has a quick and efficient setup to support companies’ dynamic project demands.

14. Aspire Softserv

Hire freelance Odoo developers from Aspire Softserv for their vast pool of certified professionals, offering lifetime technical support. Their streamlined hiring process and live support service cater to various client needs with cost-efficient, customizable solutions.

Key Points:

  • Aspire Softserv allows you to choose from a broad selection of Odoo developers.
  • They offer lifetime technical assistance for your projects.
  • The process includes tailored packages that meet your business objectives.

15. Uncanny Consulting Services

Uncanny Consulting Services specializes in hiring Odoo developers for micro to enterprise-level businesses, offering tailored Odoo services to streamline operations. Their team has a decade of experience and excels in constructing feature-rich digital solutions, adaptable to specific business needs with a commitment to agile methodologies.

Key Points:

  • Uncanny is a recognized Odoo partner.
  • Their staff has a decade of experience working with Odoo software.
  • They adhere to iterative processes to ensure responsiveness to feedback.

Guide to hiring great freelance Odoo Developers

The hunt for expert Odoo developers aligns with a significant industry uptake. A report for 6 Sense highlights that over 12,000 companies globally adopted Odoo as an ERP tool in 2023. This spike underlines a growing dependence on advanced ERP systems and the need for developers who can effectively implement and optimize them.

Securing the right talent is challenging in a market where demand outstrips supply. The task calls for more than finding someone with technical know-how. It is about discovering a professional who brings the right mix of expertise, innovation, and compatibility with your company culture. Consider what you can do with an Odoo expert based on available software.

hiring Odoo developers

Our guide on how to hire Odoo developers aims to demystify this process. We offer a deep dive into the skills and qualifications essential for an Odoo developer, matched with insights on the latest market trends and hiring strategies. We will lead you through the complexities of finding and securing the Odoo expertise you are looking for, ensuring you have what you need to make an informed hiring decision. With a strategic approach, you can bridge the gap between the burgeoning demand for Odoo developers and the available talent pool, positioning your business for success in the increasingly tech-reliant corporate landscape.

Hiring a Freelance Odoo Developer

When you hire a freelance Odoo developer, you gain unparalleled flexibility to scale your project dynamically, accessing a global talent pool that transcends local market limitations. This approach unlocks innovative perspectives and unique skills. Fostering a more diverse and adaptable development environment can introduce fresh, competitive advantages to your business’s technological capabilities.

What Does an Odoo Developer Do?

The role of an Odoo developer encompasses developing, implementing, and integrating business applications using the Odoo platform. These professionals craft solutions tailored to a company’s unique operational processes, automating tasks and establishing a streamlined workflow within the versatile Odoo ecosystem. They design modules, modify existing ones, and ensure the system functions efficiently across various departments, from CRM to inventory management.

Their responsibilities include writing clean, maintainable code in Python, the backbone of Odoo. They are adept at using Odoo’s QWeb for frontend tasks and employ PostgreSQL for database management. These developers are responsible for debugging, maintaining, and upgrading systems as businesses evolve and grow.

As industry leaders TechSpawn Solutions said,

“Odoo developers have the in-depth knowledge and expertise to help you get the most out of Odoo.” This expertise is not just about technical skills. It extends to a deep understanding of business operations that allows Odoo developers to implement solutions that align closely with organizational goals.

Why hire Odoo developers? Companies invest in these experts for their ability to create cohesive systems that bring together disparate business functions. By hiring dedicated Odoo developers, firms can leverage the professional knowledge that goes into customizing and extending the capabilities of the Odoo platform.

Odoo developers for hire are often sought after for their proficiency in other skills, such as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS for web development, as well as knowledge of Linux-based servers that often host the Odoo environment. Understanding business process mapping and ERP implementation strategies is also critical in this field. They should possess excellent problem-solving skills, as they often need to devise innovative solutions for complex business challenges.

Companies that hire dedicated Odoo developers typically see a transformation in their operational efficiency. These developers can construct a centralized platform for a business, allowing for real-time data exchange between departments and improved transparency in business operations. This centralization leads to better decision-making, informed by comprehensive data analytics and reporting features that Odoo supports.

The skills of an Odoo developer are most valuable for ERP and CRM projects, e-commerce, inventory, and accounting systems. The adaptability of Odoo means it can work for a broad range of industries, making the expertise of these developers valuable for projects ranging from manufacturing to service industries.

Businesses that hire Odoo developers can expect a well-integrated system that facilitates streamlined operations, enhanced communication across departments, and improved user experience for employees and customers. The modular nature of Odoo also means that businesses can scale their solutions alongside their growth, ensuring a better return on their investment.

How To Hire Odoo Developers

Identifying the right candidate begins with verifying their technical proficiency with Odoo’s frameworks and their underlying languages, primarily Python, along with frontend technologies like JavaScript, HTML, and CSS. The best developers display a mastery of these skills and a deep understanding of business operations and process management.

What separates average Odoo developers from the best is often their ability to identify and solve problems, adapting to the Odoo platform to create solutions for complex business challenges. Top developers will show a portfolio of successful Odoo implementations, reflecting strong analytical skills and creativity in designing modules that align with your business goals.

Challenges Odoo Developers FaceSolutions They Should Conside
Business lacking a clear ERP visionCreating an implementation strategy through the Odoo platform
Business having no plan for managing changes in OdooBuilding a plan for implementing and monitoring changes across the company’s operations
Business lacking technical supportImplementing technical tools with their experience to accelerate the process of using Odoo to create solutions
Business not providing end-user supportAssessing the reasons for lack of support and creating detailed modules for staff to use while navigating the software’s functionalities
Top management lacking commitment to the project’s successHelp leaders understand the advantages of using Odoo by presenting real-time solutions for operational issues

The differentiation between junior, mid-level, and senior Odoo developers lies in their experience and depth of knowledge. Junior developers may have basic skills in Odoo and its technical stack but typically require more guidance. Mid-level developers bring more hands-on experience with Odoo implementations and can work independently. Senior developers have extensive expertise in managing full-scale Odoo projects, leading teams, and navigating the most challenging integrations and customizations.

The choice between hiring a junior, mid-level, or senior Odoo developer depends on the company’s project complexity and resources. A junior developer may be suitable for routine tasks and smaller-scale projects. Mid-level and senior developers are more fitting for companies looking to implement comprehensive Odoo solutions that require a sophisticated level of customization and a strategic approach to align with business processes. Ultimately, the goal is to hire an Odoo developer whose skill set aligns with the company’s current needs and future growth, ensuring scalable and strong platform implementation.

What Skills To Look for When Hiring an Odoo Developer

When scouting for Odoo developers, a comprehensive job description should lay out the necessary technical skills and emphasize cultural fit and collaborative abilities. It is essential to find someone who can do the job well and integrate seamlessly into your team, contributing to a harmonious and productive work environment.

Required Odoo developer skills to look for include:

  • Minimum of one year developers with Odoo, with a solid portfolio to demonstrate expertise
  • Expert-level understanding of Python and critical Odoo infrastructure, including data structures, workflow triggers, user interface components, permissions, and data routing
  • Comprehensive familiarity with Odoo’s primary functionalities, particularly in modules like Sales, Inventory, Invoicing, and Purchasing
  • Consistent drive to enhance system design and functionality without direct oversight
  • The capacity to self-manage, prioritize tasks and thrive in a lean working environment
  • Proficient with Unix-based operating systems and their development settings

Desirable attributes and soft skills you should find in a strong candidate include:

  • Analytical thinking for effective problem-solving
  • Strong communication abilities for team collaboration and client interactions
  • Adaptability to navigate rapidly changing project requirements
  • Time management skills to meet tight deadlines
  • Continuous learning mindset to keep abreast of new Odoo features and modules

By prioritizing these skills and traits, companies can hire Odoo developers who are technically proficient and capable of adapting to the cultural work environment. This ensures a well-rounded professional who can contribute effectively to your team.

How Much Does It Cost To Hire Odoo Developers?

The cost of hiring Odoo developers can vary significantly based on several factors. Through freelance platforms, developers typically command hourly rates ranging from $60 to over $100, influenced by experience, project complexity, and market demand. You may also find monthly pricing structures. For example, the site Hire Odoo Developers charges $1,750/month for beginners, $3,000/month for intermediate, and $4,800/month for full-time developers.

Tips for Writing an Odoo Developer Job Description

Crafting an engaging Odoo developer job description requires highlighting exciting projects and discussing company culture in a way that attracts the reader. Begin by outlining the specific Odoo skills and experience needed. Then, show unique company projects that the developer will work on, emphasizing the impact and growth opportunities.

For interviews, balance technical assessments with behavioral interviews to gauge both expertise and culture fit. Incorporate pair programming exercises to evaluate real-world problem-solving and communication skills. Avoid bias interference with a structured interview process and standardized scoring for all candidates. This approach should lead to diversity and inclusivity.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire an Odoo Developer

When interviewing to hire an Odoo developer, probing their technical knowledge and soft skills is vital. Here are common questions to consider and desirable answers to seek:

  • Can you describe your experience with custom module development in Odoo?

    • Candidates should detail their experience with clear examples, demonstrating a deep understanding of Odoo’s extensibility.

  • How do you manage state in Odoo web client?

    • Look for discussions about the JavaScript framework, widget lifecycle, and the use of the Odoo web client’s API to handle states.

  • What is the inheritance mechanism in Odoo, and how have you used it in previous projects?

    • The candidate should explain both prototype and class inheritance in Odoo, illustrating with instances where they optimized existing modules without altering the core source.

  • Describe a time when you had to work closely with others on a project with differing opinions and explain how you handled it.

    • Their answer should reflect the ability to navigate team dynamics, showing empathy, negotiation skills, and the capability to unify the team towards a common goal despite differences.

  • Tell me about a moment when you faced a significant setback on a project. How did you manage it, and what did you learn?

    • The ideal response would reveal resilience, a positive attitude toward challenges, the capacity for constructive reflection, and a commitment to personal and professional growth.

Combining technical and practical skills will help a company reach project milestones more efficiently and successfully.

How To Find Freelance Odoo Developers for Hire

To find Odoo developers, scour freelance marketplaces like Upwork, which offer a vast talent pool with varying expertise levels. When choosing among sites to hire Odoo developers, consider the speed of hire, developer experience, budget, and whether remote collaboration fits your project’s needs. Toptal excels by providing rapid access to top-tier talent with minimal time investment, streamlining the recruitment process.

This guide outlined strategic steps to identify and hire skilled Odoo developers, emphasizing the importance of technical expertise, soft skills, and the benefits of deliberate selection processes for optimal business solutions.

Hiring Odoo Developers - FAQs

How to hire Odoo developers?
To hire Odoo developers, identify your project requirements and desired outcomes. Craft a detailed job description that specifies the necessary technical skills and experience with the Odoo platform. Utilize professional networks, job boards, and Odoo community forums to source candidates. Evaluate their technical expertise, experience with ERP systems, and proficiency in Python, the language used in Odoo. Conduct interviews focused on problem-solving abilities and other soft skills. Finally, consider a technical trial to verify their capabilities in real-world scenarios before making an informed hiring decision.
Where can I hire Odoo developers?
Toptal, Guru, Upwork, BiztechCS, and Arc offer top Odoo developers. Dive into our complete guide for selecting the best hiring sites tailored to your project’s needs.
Are Odoo developers in demand?

Odoo developers are in high demand due to the rising popularity of Odoo as an all-in-one business software solution, with over 5 million users worldwide. Its modular structure and cost-effectiveness make it a preferred choice for SMEs and large enterprises, fueling the need for skilled developers to implement and customize the system. 

How much does it cost to hire an Odoo developer?

According to ZipRecruiter, the national average for the annual salary of an Odoo developer is $95,986, or $46 per hour. Factors that impact cost include the scope of your project, whether you need to hire Odoo developers full or part-time, and the level of experience you require.

Why should you hire an Odoo developer?
Hiring an Odoo developer is beneficial for companies seeking customized business applications. This professional tailors the Odoo platform, an all-in-one management software, to fit specific operational needs, enhancing workflow efficiency and productivity. An Odoo developer can integrate various business processes into a seamless system, automate tasks, and ensure scalability. Their expertise ensures you harness the full potential of the Odoo ecosystem, translating into better data management and decision-making capabilities for the company.

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