How to hire freelance CakePHP developers in 2024

Updated on May 21, 2024
Platforms to find talented CakePHP developers

What we liked the most:

  • 98% Hiring Success
  • Fast Matching within 48 hours
  • Risk-Free Trial for up to 5 Days
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What we liked the most:

  • Vetted developers
  • Short- & Long-term engagements
  • Different payment options
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Value Coders

What we liked the most:

  • On-demand software development teams
  • Highly qualified developers
  • Award winning company
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Looking to hire skilled CakePHP developers for your web projects? Our comprehensive hiring guide provides valuable insights, tips, and a step-by-step approach to find and evaluate experienced CakePHP developers. Explore top talent platforms, learn how to assess technical proficiency, and evaluate candidates' project experience. With our guide, you'll simplify the hiring process and find the perfect CakePHP talent to power your web applications.

Find the best site to hire the right CakePHP developers in under 60 seconds.

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Here are the top 5 sites to hire freelance CakePHP developers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal is one of the leading sites to find a CakePHP developer as well as a large variety of skilled programmers for all application development. Their screening process is extremely stringent, only selecting the top 3 percent of all freelance CakePHP developers that apply, ensuring that you get the best possible candidate.

Toptal is one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the world, giving you access to developers across the globe. Toptal can definitely provide you with the best talent for your next PHP or CakePHP development project.

Plus, lots of large organizations like Priceline, Motorola, Bridgestone, and other notable companies use and trust Toptal to source their talent.

Key points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Hired

Another freelance marketplace we highly recommend is Hired. Why? One of this site’s focuses is finding freelancers with various skills on multiple platforms, like Android, CSS, Nodejs, PHP, as well as the CakePHP framework.

Hired is also one of the largest freelance marketplaces in the industry. This allows them to have lots of talent, especially in the U.S. If you work in the Bay Area, Seattle, Austin, New York, or Los Angeles and need a local hire, this could be a valuable site for you.

Key points:

  • Hired’s unique developer profiles list preferred salaries and roles.
  • Use displayed skill assessment scores to find suitable candidates.
  • You can post jobs or simplify your search with Hired’s talent-matching service.

3. Value Coders

Value Coders is a marketplace initially based in India. They have CakePHP experts that you can use for your business needs, and they offer hourly or full-time software developers for your projects.

They have a high retention rate for app development, and their agreements also include a non-disclosure agreement so that you can always try and assure that your project will have the strictest confidentiality. If you're looking to do your project easily and quickly, you may want to consider Value Coders.

Also, consult with their experts about CakePHP cloud solutions, API development, plugins, and many other enterprise applications that may benefit you in the future.

Key points:

  • Utilize on-demand software development teams for fast, reliable solutions.
  • Your team’s schedule is compatible with your preferred time zone.
  • All developers are highly qualified and have access to cutting-edge technologies.

4. Upwork

What’s our favorite feature of Upwork? As a freelancer marketplace you can quickly receive profiles of developers and programmers. You'll see a photo of the developer, their hourly rate and then their ratings from other companies.

It may make sense for you to hire a developer with many different skills. Looking at the CakePHP skills, you'll see lots of other technologies that these developers can typically do, including Laravel, Ruby on Rails Django, Drupal and many other ones you can use in addition to CakePHP.

Upwork also makes it easy to process payments and find a developer that fits your needs; you even get to interview the developers yourself.

Key points:

  • If you’d rather not screen and vet applicants, use Upwork’s Talent Scouts.
  • Top developers earn Expert-Vetted or other talent badges.
  • Upwork benefits include free feature access, fixed-priced protection, and multiple hiring options.

5. Guru

Another top site to find freelance developers is Guru. Guru makes it easy to find a developer and you can create a free employer or freelancer account quickly.

As an employer, you can post a position and then freelancers will respond and submit their own estimates for how much it would cost to do the job. It's a great site for finding talent on a project-by-project basis.

Use this site if you want to work together with your freelancer on how the agreement will be set up. (i.e., tasks, milestones, or by the hour.)

Key points:

  • Guru offers free job posting with paid options to boost exposure.
  • You are responsible for screening and vetting applicants.
  • Guru’s global network includes over 2 million credible freelancers.

Guide to hiring great freelance CakePHP developers

Finding the ideal CakePHP engineer for your application development is never simple. If you're a novice at the complexities of CakePHP, you’ll want to choose a more experienced developer. But remember, you’re not the first one to hire a PHP freelancer or search for an outsourced development company--and we can help you in the hiring process.

As an open-source, rapid development framework for PHP, CakePHP is one of the most important programming languages to create outstanding web applications with customization.

High-performing talent matching services like Toptal are incredible resources for project managers and senior developers scanning for the appropriate skill sets and years of experience. Toptal, and to a lesser degree, Gun.io and Hired, are generally great decisions if you're lacking in time and need CakePHP development services quickly.

Others like Upwork, Freelancer, and Fiverr enable you to conduct a more extensive search for CakePHP programmers. A lot will depend on you when working with these platforms, including screening web developers on their talent and abilities.

However, posting on Stack Overflow or GitHub will lead to several great connections for CakePHP programmers and more knowledge about web development projects and scalable development frameworks.

Keep in mind, job sites and marketplaces all have CakePHP experts, however, which site that will best serve you will depend on your particular situation. You will need to look for the best organizations that have some expertise in CakePHP development solutions.

When you hire CakePHP developers, remember these important considerations:

  • Your level of project management capabilities and current business needs for web applications
  • Your experience working with CakePHP programmers and the current development frameworks you employ
  • The number of engineers you need to onboard to your development team
  • The knowledge of CakePHP you require, and how a CakePHP expert can complement your current Javascript, PHP, SQL, and back-end needs
  • Your comfort level with remote workers in your development process
  • Your budget for CakePHP development

Now you are ready to begin your search!

Hiring CakePHP developers - FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a CakePHP Developer?

CakePHP developer salaries in the U.S. average $104,840 annually or $50 hourly. Yearly compensation ranges from $18,000 to $180,000 and varies by experience, skill levels, skill sets and location. Hiring freelancers is often more cost-effective.

Are CakePHP Developers In Demand?

The world’s reliance on internet-based applications grows almost daily. The need for powerful development frameworks continues, and experienced CakePHP developers remain in high demand. Projections indicate that the job outlook for this profession should increase by 23% between 2021 and 2031, a much faster than usual growth.

Why Should You Hire a CakePHP Developer?

5.18 billion people worldwide use the internet, accounting for approximately 65% of the world’s population. Those numbers continue to rise, and organizations and companies need a digital presence to remain competitive:

CakePHP is a robust framework for building web and mobile apps using the PHP programming language. CakePHP is one of the fastest web development platforms. CakePHP developers can build and maintain various web applications to make your organization more successful.

Where can I find CakePHP developers for hire?
  • Toptal
  • Hired
  • Value Coders
  • Upwork
  • Guru

Explore more sites in our comprehensive list of top companies.

How Do I Hire CakePHP Developers?

CakePHP developers often specialize in building various types of applications. You may need one developer or a team with varying skill sets. When planning your project, specify its:

  • Nature, scope and goals
  • Budget
  • Timeframe and longevity
  • Skill requirements

Determining your specific needs ensures that you find developers with the right qualifications whose availability and compensation requirements are suitable.

You’ll need to decide whether to hire freelance, part-time or full-time CakePHP developers. You might prefer searching developer profiles, posting your job openings or utilizing talent-matching services. Regardless, you can find qualified candidates using top sites.

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