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Here are the top 13 sites to hire freelance DevOps engineers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

1. Toptal

Toptal is one of the strictest marketplaces for developers, accepting only 3% of all applications turned in on a monthly basis. Because of this, you know that whenever you hire a DevOps developer, you're getting a highly skilled and reliable professional ready to work for you. With Toptal, you never fall victim to hidden fees, only pay for work you're 100% satisfied with, and even take advantage of the free trial period to make sure the DevOps specialist you hire is right for you.

2. Hired

Hired helps you find developers of all kinds, including the DevOps specialists, which can be a tad more difficult to find than your standard HTML expert. Create a company profile and let people reach out to you, search for developers on your own using specialized algorithms, and even request interviews so you can get your project underway today.

Hire for part- or full-time positions, and even get people that are in your area if that's what you prefer. And don't forget; Hired aims to give you affordable and flexible pricing options so you can achieve your dreams without breaking the bank.

3. Indeed

Indeed is full of positions in every field and industry imaginable. But if you want to know how to find a DevOps developer, this is one of the best answers. If you check out the available positions, you'll see that DevOps developers are in high demand.

That's why posting your job listing on their extensive job board may be just what you need to find the right DevOps specialist for your project. Over 200 million people visit Indeed every month, the application process is mobile-friendly, and reviewing applications, managing prospective candidates, and requesting interviews is easily done straight from your Indeed account.

4. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely boasts over 130,000 monthly users and claims to be the largest community on the web that doesn't restrict based on geographic location. In other words, the main focus here is finding highly qualified DevOps experts to help you build and deploy your project, all while working remotely if necessary.

Post a job listing, much like the ones highly reputable companies looking for their next employees do, and watch people respond almost instantly. In fact, We Work Remotely states that rarely does a job posting go unfilled, so your chances of finding the right DevOps expert for your project are high.

5. Mondo

Mondo is dedicated to matching you with a DevOps developer that possesses the right skillset to get the job done, the ability to collaborate as part of a team, and the knowledge needed to use all automation tools so your project releases quickly and without a hitch. Let Mondo utilize their connections with top IT, Tech, and Digital Marketing professionals to find the specialized tech talent needed for your project, so you don't have to worry about the hiring process at all.

6. Upwork

Upwork is a large online marketplace that aims to help you grow your business by giving you access to a wide variety of trusted experts in many fields. For instance, don't just hire a DevOps developer, but look into designers, virtual assistants, accountants, and customer service agents to round out your team.

Post the position you're looking to fill and let Upwork do the rest by matching you with the right DevOps expert. Or, browse DevOps freelancer profiles and contact people on your own. Lastly, use the exclusive Upwork platform to collaborate, communicate, and invoice on so managing your project is a breeze.

7. knows how popular the term DevOps has become recently. And, while they may not agree entirely that there is such a thing as a DevOps developer, they will agree that people are looking for experts that have experience in both system administration and development (which is pretty much the definition of a DevOps developer!).

Avoiding algorithms and pairing you with the right talent by human hand, has some of the most elite tech talent to choose from. And, with a $100,000 warranty available for all projects, is sure you'll be satisfied with your end product.

8. Freelancer

Freelancer is the perfect place to find a DevOps freelancer if you don't mind doing all the grunt work yourself. Post a job listing, vet the candidates, set up interviews, collaborate with your DevOps expert, and even invoice for the final project all on your own. In exchange, Freelancer makes it affordable for you to find highly-quality talent for an elusive field of development that is in high demand. And, if you ever run into any issues, you can always contact the 24/7 Freelancer support team.

9. Guru

Guru offers you an easy way to find DevOps experts within minutes of creating an account. Start reviewing quotes, communicating with potential DevOps freelancers, and hiring the right person for the job after creating an official work agreement, so there is no scope creep involved in your project. In addition, you can post questions in the public forum before, during, and after you hire a DevOps developer to make sure everything about your project is the way it's supposed to be.

10. Codeable

Codeable is a reliable place to find the perfect DevOps specialist for your needs. Vetting, monitoring, and ensuring that nothing short of high-quality work is delivered to all clients at all times, Codeable makes creating and deploying your DevOps project a cinch.

Post a job listing and let the DevOps experts come to you, or browse profiles, complete with level of experience, profile description, reviews, and contact information, to find the right fit for your project. Lastly, enjoy the Codeable Quality Promise, which means you don't pay unless 100% satisfied with the completed project.

11. X-Team

X-Team is the perfect solution for those looking to build an entire team of DevOps specialists to complete a long-term, complex project. Since they require a 3-month commitment, you have to be in it for the long haul. However, if your project is extensive, rest assured you'll have nothing but enthusiastic, dedicated, and educated DevOps developers on your team ready to make your project a reality. Get matched up with DevOps freelancers spanning 3 continents, and know that you team members will only push out code that they are proud to call their own.

12. People per Hour

People per Hour is a place to post job listings, browse hourly DevOps freelancers, and check out in-depth DevOps developer profiles for long-term work. See reviews, rates, contact information, and availability, all while filtering based on specialty, and find the DevOps expert that meets your needs.

Not to mention, access the exclusive People per Hour project management tools for organizing your project, communicating with your team, and safekeeping your funds until the end of the project, when everything is to your liking.

13. SimplyHired

SimplyHired is another one of those major job boards, though it can be extremely helpful when you're trying to find the right DevOps developer to fit your needs. Search based on specialty and filter based on location if you want someone near you working on your project.

Post a job listing for free and use the exposure (over 100 job boards to be exact) to your advantage. Just make sure to properly vet and interview any candidates that interest you to make sure you're getting exactly what you need to complete your project. And don't forget to use SimplyHired's extensive resources such as the salary estimator to make sure you get the most for your money.

Guide to hiring great freelance DevOps engineers

DevOps has become increasingly popular because it gives companies insights into their systems. It helps them optimize their entire business.

Finding the best sites for DevOps developers is not an easy feat since there is a lot of speculation over whether DevOps developers even exist. However, as can be seen on the above-mentioned listings, this exact positions is highly sought after by people just like you looking for someone who can handle both the development and operational side of a project.

For those looking to hire a team of DevOps developers, check out X-Team so you can get a highly qualified team of people that are used to working together as one on long-term projects.

If you're looking for a matching service that pairs you up with the right DevOps specialist, check out Toptal,, Mondo, or even Upwork, and let them do most of the work for you.

And, if you prefer to browse profiles yourself, handle all the details regarding hiring, project management, and payment, and need a more affordable option, Freelancer, Codeable, People per Hour, Guru, and even SimplyHired are the best places to look for DevOps freelancers.

Lastly, no matter what your project needs are, it's important to consider several factors before making a final decision. For instance, you should know how many developers you'll need to hire, the level of technical skills you have, and how experienced you need your developer to be. You should also know whether you want your developer to work remotely, a general idea of your budget, the amount of time you want to invest in finding a DevOps developer, and how important things like communication, project updates, and quality of work are to you.

Ultimately, which sites you employ depends on a multitude of factors, such as:

  • How quickly you need to hire a front-end developer (i.e. your timeline)
  • How much experience you have hiring front-end developers
  • Whether or not you're equipped to test technical skills
  • How many developers you need to bring on
  • What level of experience those front-end developers need
  • Whether or not you're open to remote workers
  • What your budget constraints are
  • How important quality is to your project(s)

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