The 13 best sites to hire AWS developers in 2023

Updated on May 26, 2023
Platforms to find talented AWS developers Toptal
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Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a popular cloud computing platform, and hiring skilled AWS developers is key to maximizing its potential for your organization. Our guide to hiring AWS developers includes a list of top recommended talent sites to help you find the right talent for your AWS projects.

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Here are the top 13 sites to hire freelance AWS developers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

1. Toptal

Toptal ranks as one of the best sites to find and hire AWS developers. Why? Toptal isn’t your average freelance marketplace. Toptal only accepts the top 3 percent of AWS expert applicants.

Additionally, Toptal will match you with a qualified AWS developer in no time. What’s more: if you’re unsatisfied, you’ll receive a money-back guarantee.

Toptal is one of the only efficient, risk-free options that provides top-tier talent. If you’re looking to hire AWS developers and you’re open to hiring remote freelancers, Toptal should be your choice. They also specialize in helping clients with locating top software engineers, developers, cloud architecture experts, and more.

2. AWS Job Board

AWS Job Board is another cloud services job board. AWS Job Board allows you to almost instantly reach AWS professionals looking for part-time, full-time, or contractual work in cloud computing services.

If you want to be in the driver’s seat, vetting, interviewing, and hiring candidates yourself, then you may want to utilize an AWS-only job board to help with your cloud services.

3. Guru

If you’re looking to hire AWS developers who work remotely, Guru is an option. Guru has a large global network of freelancers with top-notch technical skills and in-depth knowledge of programming languages. You can even explore the profiles of millions of registered freelancers, propose cloud computing projects, and pay your hired talent through their secure SafePay system.

4. Hubstaff Talent

You might know Hubstaff as a marketing blog or CRM. However, Hubstaff is much more. What you might not have known is that Hubstaff can connect you with AWS expert freelancers. Hubstaff Talent is a successful on-demand talent firm that helps you find AWS developers for hire (as well as many other remote web development professionals).

5. Upwork

Upwork is one of the most popular freelance networks. It has millions of registered users, thousands of completed jobs, and hundreds of happy customers. Companies flock to Upwork to hire AWS developers and freelancers for a reasonable cost.

Why do we suggest using Upwork? You get to handle most of the hiring and vetting yourself.

6. Cloud Migration Jobs

Cloud Migration Jobs is another niche job board we’d recommend. Cloud Migration is especially useful for companies looking to migrate their existing cloud to Amazon Web Services. If you need an AWS solution architect, a cloud engineer, or an AWS-certified developer, Cloud Migration Jobs can probably help.

7. Dice

Dice is one of the largest IT and tech job boards on the web. We find this site useful if you’re searching for qualified AWS developers and prefer reading resumes yourself. If you want to find AWS cloud developers and cloud engineers, use Dice to begin your search for web development help.

8. CyberCoders

CyberCoders can help you with most of your tech recruiting efforts. On CyberCoders, you can post developer and IT job openings and CyberCoder recruiters will help match qualified cloud computing and devops candidates to your listing. If you want to hire dedicated AWS developers for application development, CyberCoders is one of our favorite options.

9. CodementorX

CodementorX is a freelance marketplace akin to Toptal. A quick look at the company shows that CodementorX has been trusted by recognizable corporations such as Coca-Cola, Disney, and HP for finding AWS resources.

CodementorX also promises freelance machine learning engineers in a short amount of time. If you’re looking to hire AWS developers in a pinch, CodementorX is a wonderful fit.

10. Cloud Security Jobs

Cloud security is one of the most important tech jobs. As hacking attacks become more sophisticated, targeted, and profuse, companies of every size must defend themselves from looming breaches.

Cloud Security Jobs is a useful job board to begin searching for an AWS security expert or AWS developer with cybersecurity and management services training.

11. X-Team

X-Team matches you with Amazon Web Services developers for hire who receive mentorship and educational resources just for being a part of X-Team.

Like Toptal and Gun.io, they do the heavy lifting of hiring of web developers, full-stack developers, software engineers, and more. This way, you won’t be saddled with rifling through resumes or preparing personalized interview scripts.

12. AWS for Business Jobs

This is yet another AWS job board specializing in AWS resources, Cloudformation, and other cloud computing services. If you prefer to hire AWS developers, and don’t mind doing most of the work of hiring yourself, then AWS for Business is another great job board to post your cloud

AWS for Business Jobs will certainly help you find more valuable leads. Consider using this AWS job board to find AWS experts more quickly.

13. People Per Hour

What makes People Per Hour unique is that it holds contests and allows freelance AWS developers to post their own job postings called hourlies.

People Per Hour has millions of members, thousands of confirmed hours, and success stories from AWS developers for hire and entrepreneurs alike.

The ease of posting jobs, contacting freelancers, and paying for hours worked makes People Per Hour a superior choice for employers interested in searching for and vetting freelance candidates themselves.

Guide to hiring great freelance AWS developers

It seems like everything is moving to the cloud. It’s cost-effective, it’s safe, and it allows individual businesses to be serverless. AWS is one of the most popular cloud services -- and for a good reason. The AWS cloud is fast, reliable, and affordable for development. In addition, AWS has a large number of features and add-ons that can be of great benefit to companies of every size.

In order to find AWS developer talent, you’ll need to do your research. Luckily, Developers for Hire has knocked out a large chunk of research for you. You already know the best sites to hire AWS developer talent.

If you’re open to freelance talent, Toptal comes at the very highest recommendation. If you rather sort through resumes yourself, then freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Guru, and People Per Hour can be helpful.

Job boards like AWS Job Board can assist you, too, especially if you’re looking for full-time AWS developers.

Before you hire an Amazon Web Services developer or contract out a freelance AWS developer, consider the following:

  • When you need to hire AWS developers
  • How many AWS experts you need for application development and your business needs
  • The technical skills, skill sets, and years of experience your project demands
  • Whether or not you’re willing to add remote talent to your development team
  • Whether or not you’re willing to hire freelance cloud engineers
  • Your available budget for cloud computing services
  • Your comfort level with project management and the development process

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