The 15 best sites to hire Excel Developers in 2024

Updated on July 12, 2024
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Kelly Wilson
Written by Kelly Wilson

Strategist and entrepreneur, with experience in hiring developers across various industries. Kelly has established herself as a trusted expert in identifying and recruiting top tech talent. She shares advanced tips on how to identify the right talent, create hiring strategies, develop your tech teams and much more.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Excel Developers

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal is one of the fastest-growing talent marketplaces and has served major Fortune 500 clients. Known for its extensive vetting process, Toptal has an acceptance rate of only 3 percent. Developers seeking to gain entry into the Toptal community are put through technical tests before working with clients.

2. Arc.dev

Arc is a talent-searching platform where you can hire Microsoft Excel developers on either a full-time or freelance basis. You have access to a global database and can get freelancers within 72 hours and full-time hires within two weeks. The service saves you time by pre-vetting candidates according to your needs.


  • Pay freelance talent on an hourly basis
  • Source full-time hires for $999/month on HireAI Lite or custom fee for the premium plan

Key points:

  • Strict six-step screening process
  • Free two-week trial for hiring freelancers and three-month risk-free period for full-time hires
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.6 out of 5

3. Turing

Artificial intelligence software finds Excel engineers and matches you to freelancers when you use Turing. The platform tests for niche and popular skill sets to help you find talent by skill, role, or seniority. Various Fortune 500 companies and fast-scaling startups have relied on Turing to help them build development teams.


  • Join the platform for free, then pay according to the freelancer’s fee

Key points:

  • Sources freelancers within four days
  • Vets developers with over five hours of tests and interviews
  • Holds Trustpilot rating of 2.8 out of 5

4. Excel & Access

An international group of Excel experts comprise the team at Excel & Access. The company is a Microsoft Certified Partner and MVP. It provides Microsoft Application solutions for companies in the U.S., Canada, and the U.K. As consultants, programmers, developers, and trainers, they have served clients in business, government, military, law enforcement, education, healthcare, finance, and nonprofits.


Key points:

  • Offers a lifetime bug-free guarantee
  • Provides services as a corporate consultancy instead of custom-matching you with a dedicated freelancer
  • Has an 87% client repeat rate

5. Guru

Guru is a reputable freelancing platform where you can post job listings to hire Excel programmers. Freelancers can bid on projects, and you are able to review ratings, profiles, and portfolios before contracting with talent. The site’s WorkRoom collaboration tools facilitate communication between you and your freelancer team.


  • Handling fee of 2.9% on each invoice

Key points:

  • Lets you post jobs for free but offers upgrades that boost your exposure
  • Leaves the screening and vetting to you
  • Has reports of customer support being somewhat slow to respond to issues

6. Hivex

Hivex is a newer developer hiring platform that launched in 2020. The company provides a personal success manager to match you to a vetted freelancer. Once you hire an Excel specialist from their site, you can have them replace the contractor for free within two weeks if the work is unsatisfactory.


Key points:

  • Starts you with a 30-day trial period
  • Has no recruiting fees and matches within 72 hours
  • Holds Trustpilot score of 3.8 out of 5 stars

7. Riseup Labs

You can build an offshore or onsite team of software developers through Riseup Labs. The company lets you choose to hire from its team of over 150 IT professionals for full-time or part-time work. The firm will also source freelancers for you. The firm mainly focuses on mobile, game, and animation projects.


  • Contact their team to get a proposal for your specific project

Key points:

  • An ISO 9001- and 27001-certified IT service and technology solution provider
  • Has completed over 700 projects for more than 100 clients in 30+ countries
  • Dedicated team that appears to be a smaller talent pool of specialized experts

8. Spreadsheeto

If you want to learn more about using Excel in addition to hiring a Microsoft Excel coder, you can turn to Spreadsheeto. Beyond providing free Excel training, you can hire the co-founder and course creator, Kasper Langmann. Kasper is a certified Microsoft Office specialist and has clients from some of the world’s most recognized brands.


Key points:

  • A proven Excel expert with a renowned course
  • Offers services in automation, debugging, and business optimization
  • Better for one-off projects and solutions since you would be hiring an individual consultant

“I had a specific task that needed to be done that we didn’t have the skills for in-house. Luckily, Spreadsheeto had that. Through constructive dialogue, Kasper built an entire Excel system that we can offer our customers today. Deadlines and prices have been kept all through the project, and I’m happy about the collaboration and solution.” — Jens Vibert, Spreadsheeto site

9. Remoteok.com

Find freelance Excel developers from all over the world on Remote OK’s job board. The site updates daily with eager programmers across various fields and niches. Many large corporations have even used the site to find workers. The focus here tends to be on price-sensitive hiring teams that want the quickest and cheapest option.


  • $397 per job post but offers special deals for bundles and add-ons
  • Contract with freelancers who set their own prices

Key points:

  • Provides a streamlined site for finding freelancers at low cost
  • Leaves vetting and interviewing to you
  • Lacks the advanced search filters other sites have for finding talent

    10. Upwork

    Upwork remains one of the most well-known names among freelance marketplaces. Millions of contractors and recruiters connect through the site. The platform’s sorting algorithms rapidly match employers to talent. Also, Talent Badges can help you distinguish between less experienced freelancers and proven experts.


    • Freelancers set their own rates
    • Upwork takes a 5% fee, plus a contract initiation fee of up to $9.95 for every new Marketplace and Project Catalog contract

    Key points:

    • Offers access to one of the world’s largest freelance marketplaces with an advanced algorithm
    • Only pay a fee when you make a payment
    • May require more searching to find the right talent because the site includes freelancers across all skill levels

    11. Freelancer

    Naturally, Freelancer is another site where you can hire freelance Excel developers. You post a job, along with its requirements. Then, candidates can bid on the project. Businesses from startups to large enterprises have used the service for short-term and long-term projects.


    • Contractors set their rates, and you pay a $3 or 3% fee to the platform (whichever is greater)

    Key points:

    • Only releases payment until the work meets your satisfaction
    • Provides round-the-clock customer service
    • Holds Trustpilot rating of 4.5 out of 5 stars

    12. Fiverr

    All types of organizations use Fiverr to connect with freelancers. Like other popular platforms, the site gives wide exposure to talent of varying levels. As such, the service caters primarily to those looking for low-cost options. However, Fiverr also has an Enterprise option for hiring pre-vetted IT and tech talent, which may be ideal for users who wish to hire Excel coders with the strongest skill sets.


    • Freelancers set their own rates, and Fiverr takes an additional 5.5% (plus $2.50 for orders under $75)

    Key points:

    • User-friendly interface for finding and hiring freelancers
    • Shares freelancer profiles without the bidding process other sites have
    • Has higher rates than comparable popular sites

    13. Custom Excel Spreadsheets

    If you would rather work with a boutique design and development firm, CES is a reputable company. The team creates custom professional spreadsheets at a competitive cost. They work with you through a development stage to get project direction. At completion, they electronically deliver your spreadsheets and continue to provide minor support and modifications at no additional charge.


    Key points:

    • Small firm with a dedicated team that specializes in Excel spreadsheets
    • Provides training and tutorials for complex spreadsheets
    • Single office in the Eastern time zone
    “Custom Excel Spreadsheets did an amazing job creating materials I needed for an online course I am creating. The entire process was very collaborative and efficient.” — Meredith C., CES

    14. Revelo

    Revelo puts you in contact with talent in U.S. time zones, whether domestically or in Latin America. Their team pre-vets each candidate for technical skills and English proficiency. This ensures you can find Excel programmers with the necessary competencies. Brands such as Intuit, Dell, and Workable have found developers through the platform.


    Key points:

    • Matches you to talent within 3-5 days for hiring within two weeks
    • Provides an end-to-end solution that includes support for payroll, local compliance, taxes, and payroll
    • Holds Trustpilot rating of 3.8 out of 5 stars

    15. UpStack

    UpStack uses AI and personal interviews to match you with Microsoft Excel developers for hire. IKEA, Intercom, and TaskRabbit are a few of the brands that have hired programmers using its services. Many of the contractors are available for full-time engagement.


    • Developers set their own rates, which average between $65-$75
    • The platform invoices you twice a month after the contractor submits their hours

    Key points:

    • Uses an eight-point assessment evaluation to match talent to employers
    • Offers a risk-free, 14-day trial
    • Has an intuitive platform that gives a convenient view into talent and their projects

    Guide to hiring great freelance Excel Developers

    Guide to hiring Excel developers

    Millions of people can claim Microsoft Excel skills because it is the world’s most widely used spreadsheet software. That abundance of talent can make hiring Excel developers a monumental task.

    Thriving companies employ experts with specialized skill sets to process data types that pertain to specific fields. This data management and analysis automates complex functions to spur progress and growth.

    A good example is Lorand Karolyi’s work as a senior analyst with Ecolab’s Digital Analytics team. He and his group developed automated solutions to replace manual sales and profitability reporting for over 3,000 European associates. Their primary tools were Microsoft analytics technologies, including Excel 365 and Visual Basic for Applications.

    This work contributed to the brand strengthening its market position. During Karolyi’s tenure, the stock steadily rose from $125.6457 at the start of 2018 to $206.9099 at the close of 2020.

    Granted, no Excel programmer can rest on past knowledge and remain effective. These developers have to continually combine their core competencies with an understanding of new tools for more powerful and practical uses. For instance, businesses often hire Microsoft Excel coders to harness the latest capabilities involving artificial intelligence.

    Consequently, Excel programmers will remain in demand because the software is a fundamental tool in the exploding field of data analysis. For example, The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics projects operations research analyst jobs to experience rapid growth at 23% between 2022 and 2032. Likewise, software experts themselves have a projected job growth outlook of 25%.

    Clearly, you face a competitive market when you look to hire Excel specialists. With this guide, you have essential information for hiring these experts, including tips for job descriptions, interview questions, pay rates, and vetting for skills.

    Hiring a Freelance Excel Developer

    In many scenarios, it is more practical to hire a freelance Excel developer than full-time or part-time employees. For one, searching for remote workers expands your reach to a global talent base.

    Also, freelancers may be able to offer more flexible schedules, which can permit faster turnaround times. Remember, too, that freelancer platforms often have a satisfaction guarantee. Workers have their reputation to uphold for each project, ensuring you consistently work with individuals who want to deliver top-tier results.

    What Does an Excel Developer Do?

    Top Excel developers for hire are able to turn the plain grid format of a spreadsheet into an attractive, user-friendly dashboard or practical workbook. Whether users are IT literate or technophobic, Excel experts create layouts that make data entry a breeze.

    Their primary resource for manipulating Excel’s features and functions is the Visual Basic for Applications programming language. For that reason, you may hear others refer to this job as a Visual Basic developer or VBA developer.

    Even better, these experts can integrate Excel with other software and systems. This permits automated data collection and processing that requires little human interaction. Therefore, you can hire dedicated Excel developers if you want a customized business intelligence tool.

    Talent acquisition specialist Smriti Saini explains it well:

    “A VBA Developer works with the Excel application and adapts it to the specific needs of a challenge or requirements to automate repetitive tasks and accelerate the workflow of a business.”

    Excel developers also ensure that your databases stay secure. This is vital in every field that wants to protect proprietary information and intellectual property. However, the issue is of even greater importance to those who must observe regulatory compliance, such as health care and finance professionals.

    In fact, companies in engineering, research, business, education, and more regularly hire Excel specialists. Really, any organization that wants to improve the quality of its decision-making or operational efficiency can benefit from the help of an Excel developer.

    What does an Excel developer do for these different industries? Consider a few practical use cases:

    IndustryChallengeHow an Excel Developer Helps
    Transportation and LogisticsTracking and optimizing delivery routes Creates macros that automate the entry of truck GPS data, fuel consumption, traffic data, and on-time delivery rates into Excel and suggests delivery schedules that reduce fuel costs and improve delivery times
    Retail and WarehousingManaging inventory to prevent an overstock of slow sellers or running out of popular productsLinks Excel to the inventory management software to update inventory levels in real time and trigger automatic reorders when a SKU drops below a certain quantity
    Trading and FinanceGenerating accurate financial reports for predictive analysisBuilds scripts and templates that generate automatic weekly, monthly, and quarterly reports and compare them against historical data from specific sectors to allow traders to concentrate on analysis instead of data collection
    Health CareScheduling staff and allocating resources to improve patient recovery ratesDesigns user-friendly forms and interactive dashboards for data entry and attractive visualizations displaying key metrics that help administrators create more efficient schedules and budgets
    Sales and MarketingOptimizing strategies to hit sales targets and key performance indicatorsCreates a campaign analysis tool to measure the effectiveness of various strategies, builds a lead scoring system, designs segmentation models, and constructs forecasting models to predict sales trends and marketing outcomes

    More importantly, these software engineers and experts do not leave you alone after designing these tools. They can offer continuous training and support, helping you get the most from your Excel spreadsheets and dashboards.

    Why Hire Excel Developers?

    You can boost productivity and decision-making when you hire Excel engineers. No matter your field, an Excel pro can create digital products that automate data entry and management.

    This saves your team members from repetitive and mundane tasks. They can then focus their time on assignments that require the human touch, such as relationship-building and complex problem-solving. These advantages are core reasons why hiring Excel developers can be a smart step in the right direction.

    How Do You Hire Excel Developers?

    Begin the hiring process by clearly defining what you need a Microsoft Excel developer to accomplish for you. Discuss with fellow stakeholders what inefficiencies the pro will resolve or data solutions they will create. It is a good idea to save these points in a shared document.

    From there, the simplest way to find quality freelancers is by referring to our list of the top sites for hiring Microsoft Excel programmers above. A solution such as Toptal will review the requirements and match you with a shortlist of ideal candidates. If you want to take a more active role in hiring, their experts can walk you through how to hire Excel developers.

    If you opt to do the vetting yourself through a job board or freelance site, search for someone who has skills beyond simple coding. A level of practical knowledge in your field makes a world of difference. This allows the individual to go beyond simply inputting your specifications. The engineer can serve as an extra step of quality assurance, ensuring that formulas and outcomes are practical.

    Also, identify what makes for a good fit from a work culture perspective. The developer should be someone who can accept feedback and constructive criticism. At the same time, you should be able to easily understand and accept their input on project improvements for successful outcomes.

    Key to this is deciding whether you need a junior, middle, or senior developer. The factors that determine this are:

    • Experience

    • Education

    • Code quality

    • Leadership skills

    Junior developers typically have less than two years of experience and possibly basic English proficiency. Hire these professionals as team members under a more experienced developer or as designers for simple, one-off projects.

    Middle devs have up to four years of experience. They are engaged members of a project with actionable insights and are fluent in English. If you run a small or midsize business that needs a substantial array of dashboards and spreadsheets, you could hire an Excel programmer at this level.

    Senior devs have even more experience and might even hold a master’s degree or comparable knowledge. They can direct large teams and have strong communication skills. You can better utilize their skill sets (and justify their premium fee) as high-level consultants and team leaders.

    What Skills Should You Look for When Hiring Excel Developers?

    Top developers have a complete command of the operations within Excel. They have also mastered coding with VBA. Other core Excel developer skills include:

    • Microsoft Office

    • Data analysis, cleaning, and sorting

    • Macro development

    • Statistical modeling

    • Database development

    • Code reviewing capabilities

    • Software debugging

    • Data visualization and design abilities

    • COM add-ins

    These competencies are recommended points for any Excel engineer resume or CV.

    While VBA is the main programming language for Excel, it works with other languages and scripts, too. At a minimum, Excel often integrates with other apps that use popular languages. Therefore, advanced developers have experience coding in a few other languages .

    Check that candidates have worked on projects involving R, C#, Go, Rust, Ruby, or Python. Furthermore, knowing SQL and JavaScript is practically a must for most Excel developers.

    As a data analysis tool for end users, Excel developers must also have mastery of functions that enable intuitive visualizations. Make sure to hire an Excel programmer who can utilize pivot tables, conditional formatting, and charting to make an easy-to-read dashboard.

    To ensure data security and integrity, your developers must understand data validation and auditing. Verify they know and follow the latest data management best practices.

    Essential soft skills include strategic problem-solving and attention to detail. The top developers can break down complex matters into simple language for all relevant parties to understand. Of course, a strong resume also displays various examples of teamwork and collaboration.

    How Much Does It Cost To Hire Excel Developers?

    The hourly earnings for Excel developers are approximately $72 an hour , according to Salary.com. The site lists the low end of the pay scale at $61 and the high end at $84. As with other types of developers, this figure includes pay from incentives and bonuses for successful projects.

    Tips for Writing an Excel Developer Job Description

    An excellent Microsoft Excel developer job description clearly defines the title of the role in the subject line and outlines the responsibilities and desired outcomes. Explain the type of candidate you are looking to hire, including ideal personality traits. A solid template can streamline the process.

    Break down requirements for skills and education in bulleted points. Be sure to differentiate between vital competencies and preferred qualifications (which would likely earn higher compensation).

    To attract and hire Excel developers who are the most suitable candidates, write an appealing but realistic description of your team. Specific examples of your team-building activities or work methodologies prove helpful here.

    Also, clearly share your compensation model, as well as the benefits you offer. State what successful developers can expect as far as bonuses and incentives in your Excel developer job description.

    Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire an Excel Developer

    When you finally get in a room with a candidate, you need a structured process to fairly assess each individual. Technical evaluations and behavioral interviews can help you hire an Excel developer who meets your needs.

    While you can create an extensive list of technical questions, the candidate’s portfolio and references give a better idea of these capabilities. Also, it is difficult to assess responses if you are not proficient in Excel and VBA.

    However, a good way to get an idea of both technical and soft skills is to ask candidates to bring a past Excel project or analysis to the interview. Then, have the applicant explain what it does and why they chose that solution. You could also have them describe coding alternatives and why they did not use those options.

    Other solid questions and requests for remote developers are:

    • What are your working hours, and how soon can we expect you to respond after we call? (Get a better idea of a freelancer’s responsiveness and time management.)

    • What is your favorite advanced function? (Determine how passionate they are about their work and what they like to do most.)

    • Which of your certifications have proved most useful in your work? (Get a better feel for their proficiencies and competencies.)

    • What recent Microsoft product updates are you a fan of and which do you dislike? (See whether they are keeping up to date on the latest features and how they are using them.)

    • Describe how you have handled an upset client or teammate. (Find out how they deal with conflict.)

    Consider using scoring rubrics during the meeting to help you have a more unbiased and consistent hiring process.
    Benefits of Interview Scoring Rubrics

    How To Find Freelance Excel Developers for Hire

    As a smart hiring manager or recruiter, you should always have your eyes open for qualified job candidates. You might discover the right Excel VBA programmer while networking online or at other events.

    Coding boot camps are often willing to connect companies to eager junior devs who are ready to prove their skills. Likewise, popular job boards, agencies, and marketplaces can connect you with a wide range of talent.

    However, when time is of the essence and you cannot settle for less than proven experience and quality, select a service from our list of the best sites to hire Excel developers. Review your specifications, hiring schedule, and budget to determine which firm is the right place to find Excel developers.

    Your top considerations should be:

    • The amount of work on your end

    • Speed of hire

    • Flexibility for remote work

    • Quality of the talent

    When it comes to where to find Excel developers for hire, we highly recommend Toptal. Their team helps you speedily hire world-class talent and leaves nothing more for you to do than get to work with your freelancer.

    Excel is more useful than ever with advanced tools to help you capture and understand data. Use the pointers from this guide to thoughtfully hire top Excel developers. By appreciating the scope of the hiring market, the skills that distinguish top talent, and effective interview techniques, you can find experts who enhance your company’s all-around strategy and execution.

    Frequentely Asked Questions.

    Where Can I Hire Excel Developers?
    Toptal, Arc, Turing, Excel & Access, and Guru are five of the best places to find qualified Excel specialists. Get a better look at these companies and other top options in our full list of the best sites to hire Microsoft Excel programmers.
    Are Excel Developers in Demand?
    Yes, Excel developers are in high demand. Excel is a fundamental business software, and 63% of businesses view Excel skills as indispensable. You can maximize the benefits of the tool in the shortest time when you hire Excel developers.

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