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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance MATLAB developers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

1. Toptal

With a network comprising 3% of the world's top developers, Toptal is a leading platform to source MATLAB engineers to help make your project ideas successful. Preselection makes sure all MATLAB developers listed on Toptal possess the prerequisite amount of experience and skill you need.

Hiring MATLAB programmers from Toptal guarantees a full non-disclosure agreement with the developer. The payment terms you settle for originate from their stipulated work rates, but may vary based on your projects overall.

2. Upwork

Upwork is a freelancer hiring platform modeled on the 'auction' method of allocating MATLAB developers. To attract the developers you need, a rate will have to be mentioned upfront. You can also stipulate the experience and location of possible hires before any proposals come your way. Only then can you engage with freelance developers after they place bids to work with you.

The platform itself has project management tools such as a timer and payment disbursement tool based on milestones.

3. Arc

Arc was formerly known as Codementor. It is a platform that first conducts a filtering process of all MATLAB developers before committing them into their freelancer database. The network of software developers and data scientists found on Arc range from newly graduated to Ph.D. holding professionals.

With MATLAB being a mathematical-prowess-requiring platform and language, you'll be pleased to find many freelancers from fitting backgrounds on Arc. You have the option to hire just one developer to work remotely on your project or call in an entire outfit to man your technical needs.

4. PeoplePerHour

As the name suggests, PPH connects people with hourly charging MATLAB freelancers. Originally, you'd only be able to hire developers on the platform and pay them on an hourly basis. However, because some software development projects actually require fixed pricing, you can also set the maximum budget and have that as your final spending regardless of how long it takes. As long as you agree with the developer, as you can with custom agreements allowed on the platform.

5. Guru

Guru is a job-board type of platform where you can post MATLAB and machine learning related projects, and it attracts a wide network of capable developers.

Once your job details go live on the platform, proposals should start coming from MATLAB developers. Only then can you select who to work with based on their profile, the total number of programming languages(Python, Java, Javascript, Data science) they know, and how long they've been coding in the machine learning and data analysis field. There is no limit to how much you can suggest as payment for your project, and you get to set terms and conditions with your own contract.

6. Kolabtree

If you need a quick and long list of MATLAB developers for hire, Kolabtree is the platform for that. The type of development experience common on the platform starts with Machine Learning, Data Analysis, all the way to Business Statistics, and everything in between.

If you'd rather get bids, you can also list your MATLAB project and attract the attention of seasoned and interested developers. Probably the gem when using Kolabtree is how you can hire developers based on verticals. Got a medical research niche project? The platform focuses your hiring efforts by providing the talent with that experience to make your project a success.

7. MathWorks Community

MathWorks is the original development company behind MATLAB itself. While their main focus is around developing the platform and language, a vibrant community of MATLAB developers has been growing in their forum section.

Not only can you find useful consultation for your MATLAB related projects, the professionals that offer said advice are often also available to help with a hands-on approach. Their virtual badge system helps filter the most experienced machine learning and MATLAB developers from those who only just joined.

8. Experfy

As the name implies, Experfy aims to attach experts to your data processing projects (whether it be image processing or signal processing or any other) , all with MATLAB experience. On the freelancer end, a screening process that includes several interviews and test sessions makes sure only the best quality to get listed.

As a project owner, the first step to getting these freelancers onboard is posting the project to a publicly accessible board. This then allows you to go private with a MATLAB developer with a profile that satisfies your project's scope.

9. Cloud Employee

With a turnaround time between a few days and two weeks, the staff at Cloud Employee promise to go to great lengths matching your projects with capable MATLAB developers. Typical rates you can expect to pay the then hired developers start at £160 per day. When you sign up as a project owner, Cloud Employee will assign a dedicated account manager to you. They help you through the process of learning how to navigate the platform, all the way to hiring freelancers.

10. Mobilunity

Mobilunity is a managed software developer hiring firm based in Ukraine. The managed part comes from their hiring, interviewing, and even human resources management efforts with MATLAB developers. Hiring a MATLAB engineer on the platform can take anywhere between a few days to a month.

11. Venture Pact

Powered by an Escrow system under the hood, Venture Pact takes care of hand-picking the suitably experienced big data analysts and engineers for your MATLAB application projects. The connections you unleash when you work with the company range from single data engineering freelancers to fully fitted consulting firms focusing on MATLAB and the mathematical engineering suite of programming tools.

12. You Team

You Team is a curated database of Data Scientists and analysts focusing on deep learning and mathematical projects with MATLAB. You can pick and hire a freelancer or an entire agency to work on your projects. Using tools like HackerRank, the developers and analysts you'll find on You Team will have satisfied world standards through tests and interviews.

Their filter tools make sure you only access the developers with skill levels matching that required each time you're running a project.

13. Remote Ok

If the dev curation and price-setting theme is less appealing to you, Remote OK should satisfy your need for MATLAB experts. On the platform, you can access the details of all available engineers working as freelancers on a 1-to-1 basis.

The platform itself won't come between the agreement you reach with any MATLAB developers on the platform beyond being the medium of discovery. Remote OK leaves due diligence and all HR functions for you to handle.

14. Fiverr

Each time you look for MATLAB developers on Fiverr, they would have automatically curated a list of 16 best performing devs. The system behind the platform rates developers each time they engage a client on a project. 5-star MATLAB developers with over a handful of completed transactions will have passed a harder test than in-house filtering (real-life projects).

Fiver takes care of the payment process, but initially, they had set $5 as the base. So stands the name 5-ver. However, each developer will charge according to how much they feel they're worth.

15. Toogit

Yet another freelancer marketplace that connects a project you post with MATLAB developers. The process flow is really simple, and it favors you a little more than the freelancer until they have finished your tasks. Post a MATLAB project and a horde of data engineering experts will apply to work with you. Only after you've agreed on the terms and conditions privately will you be able to hire any of the platform's members. Then you can decide on the payment details and continue with your work.

Guide to hiring great freelance MATLAB developers

With an increase in demand for statistical data modeling and manipulation developers, MATLAB and Simulink are fast gaining traction among software developers. Computational algorithms, big data, and even epidemic data handling is so much better structured with the pair of programming languages.

But what makes one developer stand out from what now seems a lake to fish from? Well, consider the following factors:

  • The number of years using MATLAB - these give a general perception of advanced expertise. The longer someone has been coding in a certain language, the more likely they'll be ready to tackle problems quicker.
  • Complimentary skills - the more data engineering languages a developer is aware and capable of working with, the better chances your project has of succeeding. While specialists might sometimes hold better appeal, a comprehensive understanding of the field covers more ground quicker.
  • Amount of completed projects - we often tie this factor with the asked rate from the MATLAB developer. If a developer has only worked on a single project (or none), their chances of landing more work are slimmer than that of an equally priced freelancer.

These are just a few of the reasoning factors that determine which freelancer works on a MATLAB project, regardless of the platform on which they're being extracted. It boils down to the actual project in question. However, with the 15 platforms projected above, you will surely get the most promising MATLAB developer/s working on your project.

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