The 14 best sites to hire QA testers in 2024

Updated on May 22, 2024
Platforms to find talented QA testers

What we liked the most:

  • 98% Hiring Success
  • Fast Matching within 48 hours
  • Risk-Free Trial for up to 5 Days
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What we liked the most:

  • World's largest professional network
  • Solutions for Enterprise
  • Job post promotion available
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What we liked the most:

  • Secure payments
  • Fixed-price protection
  • Expert-Vetted program
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Ensure your software or application runs smoothly with the right team of QA testers. Our guide to hiring QA testers includes a list of top recommended talent platforms, such as Upwork, Toptal, and Hirable, to help you find the perfect match for your business needs.

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Here are the top 14 sites to hire freelance QA testers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2024

1. Toptal

Toptal is a leading online talent matchmaking platform that helps businesses and recruiters hire professional freelancers across a wide pool of expertise. From fortune 500 businesses to cutting-edge startups, Toptal’s freelancers are trusted by them all for their mission-critical projects.

Founded in 2010, Toptal boasts of an exclusive global network of highly talented QA testers. Toptal’s stringent hiring techniques and high-level of scrutiny ensure that only the best make the cut. Toptal represents the top 3 percent of freelance talent and offers a no-risk trial.Key points:

Key points:

  • Easily scale your team with on-demand hiring.
  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is regarded as one of the most powerful social networking platforms for companies, brands, and individuals across industries.

Whether you need an expert or a mid-level specialist, LinkedIn is a reliable platform to hire QA testers across various levels of experience. Given the sheer number of job seekers using the platform, hiring qualified QA testers is relatively easy.

However, the process of recruiting, vetting, interviewing, and hiring is the recruiter’s responsibility. LinkedIn’s trusted messaging service, along with its convenient and easy-to-use search filters and recommendations feature, makes it easy to hire the right QA testers.

Key points:

  • Request on-site assistance for large hiring volumes.
  • Posting jobs is free, but you can pay for increased exposure.
  • When you rate testers as a good fit, LinkedIn notifies candidates with similar profiles.

3. Upwork

Founded in 2015, Upwork helps businesses find the right professional freelancers for their projects. Over 5 million companies like Microsoft, GoDaddy, and Airbnb, to name a few, trust Upwork’s freelancers. Upwork offers a range of flexible recruitment options depending on the project’s requirements, making it a promising platform to hire QA testers.

Upwork’s advanced talent matching tech ensures that every business or recruiter matches with the right QA tester. Upwork’s easy-to-find talent mechanism makes finding the right QA candidates convenient and easy.

Key points:

  • Upwork’s best QA testers earn Expert-Vetted status or talent badges.
  • Utilize Talent Specialists and other free features to simplify your search.
  • Upwork leaves most screening and vetting to you.

4. Fiverr

Fiverr is a leading online marketplace that connects businesses and recruiters with talented freelancers from across different fields of expertise. Founded in 2010 and headquartered in Tel Aviv, Fiverr is regarded as one of the world’s largest freelancer platforms and makes for a reliable platform to hire skilled QA testers.

Fiverr offers a satisfaction guarantee along with 24/7 customer service support. Fiverr’s shared dashboard enables recruiters to track their QA tester’s work activity and progress to ensure that everything is in sync and all work is on track.

Key points:

  • Browse profiles, buy gigs, or post positions to source QA testers.
  • If you prefer talent-matching services, consider Fiverr Pro.
  • Screening and vetting is up to you when using Fiverr.

5. Indeed

Indeed is a dedicated job search platform that works like a search engine for job seekers looking for new opportunities. Indeed’s sponsored posts offer recruiters the chance to reach the right QA testers through their job posts.

Leading brands and businesses in the likes of McDonald’s, the University Of Oxford, and Nokia, to name a few, turn to Indeed for their hiring needs. Recruiters looking for a team of QA testers can find the right candidates by setting up hiring campaigns that help to build a talented team from scratch.

Key points:

  • Search resumes or post jobs to locate candidates.
  • Sponsored job posts unlock candidate matching to identify qualified QA testers.
  • You can utilize on-site tools for qualification screening and skills assessments.

6. Freelancer.com

Freelancer is one of the world’s largest freelance talent marketplaces. Whether you’re looking for software developers, QA testers, UI/UX designers, or any other freelance talent, Freelancer is the go-to place. Relied upon by Microsoft, PWC, Boeing, and numerous other stalwart brands and small businesses, Freelancer is a great freelance website to hire QA testers.

On Freelancer.com, recruiters can hire expert QA testers relatively easily and inexpensively to test websites, web apps, custom software, existing code, new platforms, and much more. Freelancer also gives employers the option to keep track of work progress via Freelancer’s Desktop App.

7. Guru

Guru offers some of the best freelance talents worldwide on a single, secure online platform. With a 99 percent satisfaction rate and 24/7 customer support, Guru gives recruiters a host of payment options and flexible agreements that meet every individual business or project’s unique requirements.

Guru has a vast pool of QA testers from across the globe to choose from. Interested companies and recruiters can simply browse the QA testers’ portfolios, make comparisons, and read reviews to make an informed decision.

8. Truelancer

Boasting more than 600,000 freelance professionals from across skillsets, Truelancer is a global freelance marketplace where employers can hire skilled QA testers to test and verify their projects quickly and efficiently.

Hiring freelance QA testers on Truelancer is a safe and secure agile process as the payments are made to freelancers only after recruiters are 100% satisfied with the work. In addition to the satisfaction guarantee, Truelancer also offers exceptional customer support and is trusted by numerous businesses of sizes.

9. FlexJobs

Founded in 2007 in Colorado, FlexJobs helps businesses and employers hire the right freelance QA testers. All freelancer QA testers are carefully screened for legitimacy, professionalism, and work flexibility. This is a boon for recruiters as it reduces the hiring effort significantly.

FlexJobs offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. Recruiters have the opportunity to claim a full refund if they are not happy with the services being offered. FlexJobs boasts of a global presence and offers a wide pool of talented QA testers to choose from.

10. WeWorkRemotely

Launched in 2011, WeWorkRemotely is regarded as one of the largest remote working communities around the world. Trusted by leading brands such as Google, Amazon, Basecamp, and more, WeWorkRemotely is a promising platform to hire QA testers.

The platform helps recruiters find and hire remote QA testers with relevant skills to meet project requirements with great ease. WeWorkRemotely has a proven track record and is home to a wide array of highly skilled QA testers and freelancers from other fields of expertise.

11. Working Nomads

Working Nomads connects skilled remote workers with ambitious companies and recruiters. WorkingNomads.co curates lists of the most interesting remote job offers in many professional career areas. With over 120,000 visits per month, Working Nomads helps businesses of all sizes find the right QA testers for their projects.

Working Nomads gives businesses and recruiters access to hiring expert QA testers and digital workers from across the world. One job posting costs $149, but bulk discounts are available, and recruiters who include additional information, apart from the basics, will make the job post more attractive and bring more qualified applicants.

12. PeoplePerHour

UK-based PeoplePerHour is an online talent matchmaking platform that helps companies and recruiters connect with an international community of freelancers. PeoplePerHour is home to a pool of QA testers and offers fixed-price options that help recruiters hire QA testers and other freelancers for a relatively low cost.

PeoplePerHour vets every QA tester and freelancer to ensure that every recruiter and company has access to an expert capable of delivering the project’s needs. PeoplePerHour offers expert QA testers efficiently and affordably.

13. ValueCoders

India-based ValueCoders is an offshore software development company where recruiters can hire freelance developers and QA testers. ValueCoders is an award-winning company and is trusted by leading brands and businesses. Their QA testers are highly skilled and experienced professionals, much like their developers and full-stack programmers.

Having been in the business of providing talented workers for over 16 years, ValueCoders is lauded for always delivering dynamic and reliable tech solutions to clients worldwide. ValueCoders offer a money-back guarantee if you're not satisfied, along with flexible payment options on either a one-time-price or a monthly basis.

14. Dice

Dice is a great website to hire QA testers. Dice is known to connect employers and recruiters with a unique, diverse, and qualified pool of tech talent. Dice’s robust database of over sixty million tech professionals makes Dice a promising platform to hire QA testers.

Dice’s TalentSearch function helps recruiters hire QA candidates faster and more efficiently. Dice also helps employers schedule targeted campaigns to attract the right candidates and offer features like social recruiting, email advertising, access to resumes, and more.

Dice also offers clients the option to screen candidates to make their recruitment process and experience a lot nicer.

Guide to hiring great freelance QA testers

QA testing is an integral part of any software or app development project. While developers take all the necessary precautions to develop a reliable and stable solution, the QA tester’s job is to challenge developers and ensure that the project is the best version possible. The last thing any business wants is a product plagued with unforeseen gremlins and issues that hamper the end-user experience.

Finding the right QA testers for your project is no walk in the park. And if you are new to the world of freelance recruitment, things can get very complicated and cumbersome very quickly. This is because there’s a high chance that you won’t know your way about finding, screening, vetting, negotiating, and getting the best candidates on board.

While platforms like Toptal offer experienced candidates, given their grueling screening processes, it’s important to understand what parameters to consider before picking the right freelance website to hire QA testers.

Here are some important parameters to address before choosing the best website or software tester:

1. The type of projects the platform and its testers have worked on in the past. Check if the test cases, the projects undertaken and tested resonate with your requirements and needs.

2. The quality of work. Check if the platform or its QA testers have won any relevant awards or accolades. Study the platform’s functionality and its QA testers’ capabilities by looking at their past work.

3. Experience of the QA testers. Check when the website or company was founded and how many years of experience its developers have.

4. Read the reviews. Check what the reviews say about the platform and its QA testers. Double-check to see if there are any negative reviews or questionable feedback from previous clients.

5. Evaluate costs and projected timelines. Check if your budget matches the costs of the platform and its developers. The same applies to the estimated timeline offered by the platform as compared to your schedule. Ensure everything is in sync.

Hiring QA testers - FAQs

How Much Does It Cost To Hire a QA Tester?

The average pay for QA testers in the U.S. is $79,010 yearly or $38 per hour. Annual salaries range between $29,000 and $125,500 depending on location, experience and skill. You can avoid paying overhead and associated payroll costs by hiring freelancers.

How Do I Hire QA Testers?

Your project may require testing for configuration, function, system and other areas. You may need QA testers for desktop, web or mobile applications. You’ll need to find QA testers whose qualifications and skill sets meet your project’s requirements:

  • Type of product
  • Budget
  • Timeline and longevity
  • Hiring structure (part-time, full-time or freelance)

To find qualified candidates, you can use top sites to post your position, use talent-matching services or browse QA tester profiles on your own. Pay attention to the nature of the jobs a candidate has completed to find a better match.

Where can I find QA Testers for hire?
  • Toptal
  • LinkedIn
  • Upwork
  • Fiverr
  • Indeed

Explore more sites in our comprehensive list of top companies.

Why Should You Hire a QA Tester?

Website crashes, software glitches and poor software performance can disrupt your operations and frustrate customers. Quality assurance testers can help ensure that you’ll have smoothly running applications and websites. QA testers perform multiple tests, intending to cause malfunctions.

Software or web developers use the information gleaned during testing to improve and adjust their coding to prevent post-release issues, helping your company by:

  • Protecting your reputation
  • Saving time
  • Ensuring that your product meets guidelines and is secure and scalable

QA testers complete many tests during each development phase, from individual functions and integrations to user acceptance and mobile device compatibility.

Are QA Testers In Demand?

Individuals, businesses and organizations rely heavily on technology, and that trend is growing. Developers will continue building software and web application products to meet the population’s expectations, and the demand for skilled QA testers should grow by 25% by 2031.

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