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Here are the top 13 sites to hire freelance Ethereum Smart Contract developers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

1. Toptal

Toptal is one of the leaders in the field of connecting expertly matched talent with companies in need of on-demand developers. Toptal engages the top 3% of over a million candidates, and those who are engaged have passed through a rigorous testing and vetting process. Toptal focuses on hiring seasoned experts and those with hard-to-find niche skill sets. Search this source of Ethereum Smart Contract developers for hire when you want customized solutions, world-class talent, and service that is flexible and scalable within an exclusive network.

2. Upwork

Upwork has been connecting businesses with talent since 2013. Upwork vets professionals in fields, including, but not limited to, development and IT, engineering and architecture, and translation. When searching to hire Ethereum Smart Contract developers through Upwork, check samples of each professional’s work, negotiate rates, and access support 24 hours a day.

3. Hired

Whether you want a general blockchain engineer or top Ethereum Smart Contract developers, Hired offers flexibility and direct contact with remote, hybrid, and in-office candidates. Choose from millions of contacts and don’t pay until you are satisfied with your options. Hired offers several plans, so you can choose an affordable package that fits your needs.

4. Revelo

Revelo is one of the top remote developer sites with Spanish and English-speaking candidates. Developers hired through Revelo have worked for Intuit, BBC, and Goldman Sachs. Individuals from this highly vetted pool of Ethereum Smart Contract developers are often matched within days and available to work within weeks of contact. Revelo offers a risk-free trial for the first 14 days.

5. Gigster

Gigster was co-founded by Roger Dickey and Debo Olaosebikan in San Francisco, California. The company is funded by several notable angel investors. This talent resource connects businesses with on-demand Ethereum Smart Contract programmers, minimizing risk for companies who need IT projects completed. Connect with world-renowned experts ready to tackle your project.

6. X-Team

Software engineers from X-Team have worked for companies such as Sony and Coinbase. Connect with teams with as many as 100 or more experts onboard. X-Team looks for Ethereum Smart Contract developers with driving mindsets and the ability to work with you on long-term projects. The professionals you match with through X-Team work on demand and are available in scalable teams.

7. NetSet Software

When you want to hire certified software engineers, project managers, and graphic designers, you can find them all in one place at NetSet Software. Look here to connect with professionals who offer Ethereum blockchain projects, cryptocurrency development, and accelerated digital transformations.

8. Uclik Technologies

Whether you are looking for a single developer or a team of experts, Uclik Technologies is ready to connect you with contracted developers. Quickly find and hire Ethereum Smart Contract developers to handle wallet apps, dApps, and cryptocurrency programs. Uclik has more than 10 years of experience connecting businesses with highly talented professionals.


Arc matches you with remote developers who have gone through a high-caliber interview process. Applicants are vetted through background checks, interviews, programming demonstrations, and ongoing reviews. Rather than waiting for months to connect with Ethereum Smart Contract developers, search this site to find the talent you need within days.

10. Goodtal

Goodtal ranks well among sites to hire Ethereum Smart Contract developers. When you need quick access to Ethereum developers, check the Goodtal site for thoroughly curated professionals. In addition to blockchain development, you will find talented experts to tackle NFT, cryptocurrency, and Defi development.

11. Technoloader

Sign up for a free consultation with a Technoloader expert to be matched with some of the best Ethereum Smart Contract developers. These professionals have comprehensive knowledge of blockchain development and offer the wide variety of skills necessary to complete your project whether you need blockchain game development, crypto wallets, or smart contracts.

12. Oodles Technologies

This one-stop resource matches businesses to experts in web development, blockchain technology, and artificial intelligence, just to name a few examples. Oodles Technologies focuses on finding and supporting specialists ready to partner with your business. Research their website to find digital entrepreneurs and experts who are ready to tackle your complex business technology needs.

13. QuillHash

QuillHash professionals focus primarily on blockchain development and its many applications. Connect with and hire Ethereum Smart Contract developers and create partnerships with experts in intellectual property rights, supply chain and IoT development, and Binance development. Check out QuillHash to thoroughly research the services they offer.

Guide to hiring great freelance Ethereum Smart Contract developers

Finding reliable recommendations is just the first step in hiring the talented professionals you need to move your business forward. When you are planning to hire top Ethereum Smart Contract developers, you need to be fully prepared.

What are Ethereum Smart Contract Developers and What Do They Do?

A “smart contract” is one program that runs on the Ethereum blockchain. It creates instructions for users to hold a balance and make transactions on the designated network. When you hire Ethereum Smart Contract developers, you are bringing programming experts into your organization. Whether you hire a team or an individual, you can expect professionals with strong skills in logic and programming, as well as experience with Ethereum transactions and smart contract development.

How To Hire Ethereum Smart Contract Developers?

These professionals are available on a full-time, part-time, or hourly basis. You may hire expert developers as freelance workers which adds extra flexibility. Freelance workers are often more affordable; as remote workers, these developers don’t have a lot of overhead expenses. This business relationship also frees you from the responsibility of providing health care and similar benefits.

Freelancers are often available on an as-needed basis and are motivated to complete tasks quickly and reliably. Reaching out to individuals working on a remote, freelance basis also allows you to connect with talent from around the world, so you can access the expertise of skilled smart contract developers no matter how far from your business they are located.

Which Skills Should You Look for in a Developer?

Ethereum is a popular blockchain network used by businesses of all shapes and sizes from many industries. Ethereum blockchain networks are found in the programming used by Fortune 500 companies and small businesses around the world. The best Ethereum Smart Contract developers must show a variety of skills:

  • Thorough understanding of smart contracts, consensus algorithms, and the current market, as well as your business requirement
  • Fluency in cryptography and its subsets, such as public and private key encryption, hash functions, and elliptic curve encryption
  • Excellent use of binary code, chain code, Viper, Solidity, and similar languages
  • Strong familiarity and ability to use Python, JavaScript, Java, C++, Ruby, and Go
  • Good grasp of front-end and back-end development with experience in request handling, API handling, and the creation of decentralized apps

How Much does It Cost to Hire Ethereum Smart Contract Developers?

As more corporations and small businesses hire their carefully selected team of developers, you will naturally need to pay attention to the market. At the low end, rates for Ethereum Smart Contract developers range from $25 an hour to $45 an hour, but for professionals with a strong background, you could pay much more. Some developers base their rates on a project basis, with one smart contract costing more than $500. Some remote Ethereum Smart Contract developers expect to earn close to $80,000 a year, and freelance blockchain developers may expect anywhere from $61 an hour to $100 an hour. You must find a developer with superior credentials who is a good match for your company goals.

Choosing the Right Site to Find and Hire Ethereum Smart Contract Developers

Hiring the right developer for your team means finding the team or individual with the right skills, a certain level of experience, and enough expertise to overcome complications. You also need a developer who can work closely with your company. Of course, many developers are hoping to find a position with your business, so how can you tell which developer will be best for the job?

  • Understand the type of developer you need: full blockchain, Ethereum only, or overall front-end, back-end, and blockchain
  • Come up with valuable interview questions with a focus on open-ended questions that demonstrate their ability to resolve problems that arise in programming. Include questions that give you an idea of how they will fit within your company culture.
  • Research potential candidates. This means looking beyond those individuals who respond to your job listing. Read through candidates on social media platforms and freelance developer sites.
  • Don’t rush into hiring a developer if you aren’t sure they are a good fit. Take your time reviewing portfolios and reaching out to past employers. Ask for references and then find out how candidates responded to complications, time constraints, and other co-workers.
  • Assign smaller tasks to developers at first to learn more about their ability to complete the projects you have in mind.

How Will Ethereum Smart Contract Developers Help Your Business?

Ethereum is projected to be stronger in the coming years than Bitcoin, sidechains, and other cryptocurrencies. If you haven’t chosen to hire Ethereum Smart Contract developers in the past, now is the time to include them in your business:

  • There is a potential for a reduction in operational costs.
  • Your business can see increased transparency of transactions.
  • Blockchain technology leads to improvements in the identity management system.
  • It becomes easier to improve your supply chain management.
  • Smart contracts reduce the risk of fraud and improve security for sensitive data.
  • Ethereum smart contracts increase customer satisfaction and retention rates.
  • Business proceeds faster with increased efficiency.

With an Ethereum Smart Contract developer on your team, you may also find that you have access to a better, more centralized analysis of data from various channels and improved monitoring of end-users.

When Can You Trust a Source of Freelance Ethereum Smart Contract Developers?

There are an overwhelming number of sites that show up when you run a search for high-quality developers. How can you determine which are reliable sources of information?

  • Check out the main goals of the website creators. Look for objectivity in the information being presented. For example, a blog post about the dangers of natural gas on the website of a coal company should trigger concerns.
  • When seeking a site to hire Ethereum Smart Contract developers, look for information that can be verified by other sources.
  • Reach out to peers with similar needs and find out what their experiences with various websites have been. You could also run a search on the URL address in quotation marks to find additional feedback.
  • After thoroughly vetting the contact sites for the top developers and programmers, use the same careful consideration to choose your candidates:
  • Reach out to past employers and ask for references.
  • Ask employees for referrals.
  • Review previous projects.
  • Look for evidence of specific skills in past work, especially when it comes to the challenges of the projects you want to be completed.
  • Ask open-ended questions.

Ultimately, your business will be affected by the quality of work performed by the candidates you hire. Refer to our list of recommended sites to locate and hire Ethereum Smart Contract developers who are a great match for your company.

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