The 15 best sites to hire Solidity developers in 2023

Updated on May 26, 2023
Platforms to find talented Solidity developers Toptal
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Solidity is a high-level programming language used for writing smart contracts for Ethereum blockchain-based applications. In recent years, the demand for Solidity developers has increased due to the growing popularity of blockchain technology. In this guide, we will provide you with useful tips and top recommended talent platforms to help you find the best Solidity developers for your project.

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Here are the top 15 sites to hire freelance Solidity developers:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2023

1. Toptal

Toptal offers companies access to its talent database of expert Solidity developers from around the world. It recruits only the top 3% of potential candidates in the field, guaranteeing you get capable, talented people who are at the top of their field. You get to choose from high-caliber, remote Solidity developers who deliver world-class results.

2. Arc.dev

Arc.dev is another site that provides remote Solidity developers to teams. It has an extensive vetting process that requires candidates to submit an application, record a video interview, complete a technical assessment and programming challenge, and participate in a final review. Once a candidate gets accepted to the platform, there are also ongoing reviews and evaluations to help maintain the site’s high standards.

3. Upwork

Upwork is a large marketplace site that brings freelancers in tech together with companies. Upwork doesn’t do as much vetting as other sites to hire Solidity developers, but it does give businesses freedom and flexibility for recruiting candidates to fill a variety of needs. Hiring managers start the process by posting a job. Then, they wait for applicants to submit a proposal and use the site’s algorithm to find the best match.

4. Guru

Guru is a comprehensive platform for recruiting, hiring and managing freelance workers, including Solidity developers for hire. It allows a company to post a job and accept applications from viable candidates. After hiring, Guru gives your team the ability to manage each project with its set of powerful tools, including payment options, timekeeping, communication, productivity and more. It advertises the lowest payment transaction fee in the industry, saving your company money on hiring and using remote workers for your jobs.

5. Upstack

Upstack combines a powerful recruiting and vetting process with easy-to-manage project tools once you start working on your task with your new team. Your company’s management starts by reaching out to Upstack and having a conversation about personnel needs over the phone. Upstack works on matching your company with skilled people with experience in Solidity. After you hire who you need, Upstack provides HR tools, such as task creation and evaluations.

6. Cronj

If you want a low-cost solution for your Ethereum needs, Cronj provides Solidity developers and other workers at an affordable hourly rate. The company has worked with big players in the corporate world, such as USA Today, Nokia and Unilever. Its model is similar to other sites, but it relies more on AI to help vet its talent pool. Cronj also provides workers with skills in mobile app development, cloud service, data analytics and much more.

7. Optymize

When you need someone fast, Optymize may be your best bet. The site promises to have qualified Solidity developers ready to work on your project within 48 hours. Its business clients have to call for a quick discussion about hiring needs to get a match of potential candidates within 48 hours. Optymize touts a low failure rate for new workers using its hiring process, helping companies avoid attrition from traditional hiring methods.

8. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a well-known name in the freelance hiring market for tech industry professionals. This site also caters to companies involved in the blockchain platform looking to hire Solidity developers. Freelancers must apply to the platform and post their proposals for hiring managers to pursue. Companies also post their own job listings for specific software development experience. PeoplePerHour also provides a secure payment platform after someone joins your team and manages communication and tasks.

9. Truelancer

If you are a small business with a blockchain smart contract project that has a limited budget, Truelancer may be a good option. This platform focuses on freelancers who advertise their skills, expertise and services and also includes different hourly rates for their work. Companies communicate with freelancers they want to use and pay the rate through the Truelancer platform. In addition to software development, freelancers on Truelancer offer services like graphic design, printing, marketing and SEO.

10. Turing

It’s also important for whichever freelance tech platform team you use to have a strong understanding of the skills needed from Solidity developers. Turing is a business located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Its prime location allows it to connect with the top leaders in the IT industry and especially blockchain software development. Turing also relies heavily on AI tools, which help clients get the ideal candidate for their job search and needs.

11. GeeksPerHour

The best sites to hire Solidity developers also have to have a strong reputation with freelance workers, like GeeksPerHour. This site recruits skilled IT professionals for its user database and helps them land project work with companies all over the world. Business clients sign up for memberships to get access to freelance talent and post jobs. Clients also have an option to use a trial package if they’re not sure if the process is a good fit yet.

12. SoluLab

Companies will also find talented teams of remote Solidity developers on SoluLab, a company that offers a variety of outsourced freelancers with tech skills. It advertises programmers with skills in blockchain, data science and machine learning. It also works with businesses to deliver a customized solution for talent and project management. It offers services out of five locations in New York, Los Angeles, Canada, India and Australia.

13. Freeflow

Freeflow is a platform for freelancers in blockchain development, including Solidity. The advantage to using a site that specializes only in blockchain is that you don’t have to sift through a lot of other types of developers to find what you need. Its service utilizes only the most talented people so companies don’t waste time hiring inexperienced developers who aren’t capable of doing the task. Payment terms use an escrow model to keep everything safe and secure.

14. Revelo

Another site for freelance software developer recruiting is Revelo. Unlike other global enterprises, Revelo ensures its team of talent works alongside your company’s operating hours in the appropriate time zone. This platform recruits remote workers from Latin American countries. Revelo helps organizations struggling with the labor shortage by offering creative solutions to help you fill your vacancies for Solidity experts.

15. LaborX

LaborX is a final option to check out for developers with blockchain and smart contract expertise. What differentiates it from other sites is that it uses cryptocurrency as a payment option. Freelancers who prefer cryptocurrency payment may have more knowledge and experience in blockchain platforms. It also offers a unique feature for freelancers called Job Mining, which gives incentives for task completion.

Guide to hiring great freelance Solidity developers

Solidity is a programming language used most commonly by the cryptocurrency industry for smart contracts. The Ethereum Network Team developed this programming interface for blockchain purposes. Today, some companies that use blockchain for their businesses may need to hire Solidity developers to help improve their bottom line. Here are the best resources to help hiring managers find freelance Solidity developers for their projects.

If you need to hire Solidity developers, it’s important to get the most talented people. Executing smart contracts within your blockchain constraints can help your business model be more efficient with remote Solidity developers.

What Are Solidity Developers?

A Solidity developer is someone who creates the code that runs smart contracts on the second largest blockchain model, Ethereum. The Ethereum network processes more than 1 million transactions per day via its smart contract process. Solidity is the programming language used to create smart contracts, which automate each transaction on the Ethereum network. Companies need to keep up with the demand for remote Solidity developers as blockchain transactions increase throughout the industries.

How To Hire Solidity Developers

The process of hiring Solidity developers is challenging for businesses. Skilled developers are harder to find, so hiring managers need to be creative with how they recruit the top Solidity developers. Companies need to be flexible when looking for talent and consider hiring part-time, temporary or remote Solidity developers to fit their needs. Hiring a freelance employee or outsourcing benefits companies by saving money on employer taxes, benefit packages and other expenses.

What Skills To Look for Before Hiring Solidity Developers

A Solidity developer has to have several key skills in order to be a successful addition to your team. Developers in general need to have specific certifications and tech knowledge in order to get an interview. Soft skills, like the abilities to communicate effectively, work as a team and make deadlines are also important. Here are commonly required skills for the best Solidity developers:

  • Programming - Candidates should have extensive knowledge of Python, C++ and other programming languages.
  • Blockchain - They should also be familiar with blockchain commands and transactions in the Ethereum environment.
  • Smart Contracts - Developers have to know how to code the language in a smart contract on a blockchain platform.

Solidity Developers Salary Guide

According to glassdoor.com, the average base salary for a full-time Solidity developer is $63,525 per year with $26,839 in bonuses and additional pay. Part-time or freelance Solidity developers can make $6,000 or more a month.

Find the Right Site to Hire Solidity developers for your Project

The easiest way to hire Solidity developers for your project is to use one of the sites listed in this guide. Many of these sites have already vetted the candidates, saving you as a hiring manager time and effort from having to sift through resumes and verify credentials. The right site can help make your hiring process much easier and land you the perfect candidate who can start working right away.

Why Hire a Solidity Developer?

Hiring a Solidity developer team can help your business get access to the powerful Ethereum blockchain network. This network gives your business a way to conduct transactions and improve its efficiency. The transactions on this platform operate through smart contracts, which are software-based automated contracts. This means no middlemen and no need to invest in an expensive lawyer to manage a contract for services or products between two parties.

How To Find a Great Freelance Solidity Developer

When you want to hire the very best, you have to spread out your resources and cast a wide net in today’s competitive hiring marketplace. Before moving forward with candidates from a specific site, make sure you understand their vetting process if they have one and how they recruit potential candidates. Here are some other ways you can judge a site for hiring freelance Solidity developers:

  • Costs - Check out the costs that you’ll incur from using a recruiting site for freelance developers. Some sites charge the company and others charge candidates.
  • Number of Users - A quality site for hiring developers should have a large number of potential candidates and users to give you access to as many talented people as possible.
  • References - Review each site’s list of former and current business clients to get an idea of what kind of firms have luck with their services.

Things To Consider Before Hiring

Once you have decided on a few sites to use for recruiting Solidity developers, you can then start reviewing candidates for your project. Some sites help you do this with a dedicated staff member who listens to your needs and matches you to potential talent. Here are other things you’ll need to consider before hiring someone for the role:

  • Contractor or Regular Employee - Hiring independent contractors over a regular employee may be more financially advantageous depending on your company’s structure.
  • Experienced or New - Some businesses choose to only hire experienced Solidity developers while others wouldn’t mind training developers for the job to help save on costs.
  • On-Site or Remote - If you have a physical office location, you may be able to recruit on-site personnel. Hiring a remote team could give you much more flexibility and options for the best and the brightest.

The key to finding the top talent in the IT industry is expanding your network with a guide like this list. Explore it to gain access to the best Solidity developers for your company’s next projects.

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