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Top 15 places to hire a great React developer:

Based on facts publicly available as of 01.01.2021

1. Toptal

If your project demands only the best React experts in the world, Toptal is the place to go. Only 3% of applicants can make it through the rigorous tests required just to post your contact information on the website. Whoever you hire, you're guaranteed raw skill and refined expertise, so it's a great choice for any project.

Toptal's goal is to work with you to find a perfect freelancer for your project, at a lower price compared to similar website. You'll have a chance to work with your React.js developer and make sure they're the right fit before bringing them onto your team -- or even into your company.

2. X-Team

X-Team is a diverse group of motivated developers, ready to join any project. The company puts out an open call to freelancers, allowing the best and brightest minds to become an X-Teamer. React.js is just one of their many specialities at X-Team, and they have React specialists who've worked with companies like Riot Games, Twitter, and Fox.

Discipline, consistency, and responsibility are some of the fundamentals this company is built on, and their basis when hiring developers. Regular communication and stellar work are a hard guarantee.

3. CodementorX

CodementorX, an offshoot of the learning platform Codementor, is a community of over 1.5k expert React freelancers from around the globe. When you need a developer quick, the 72-hour guarantee and risk-free trial make this a great choice.

You receive a project manager and a shortlist of candidates which you're free to interview and trial. From there, you work directly with the developer to get your project done. There are no fees except payment to the person you hire. CodementorX is risk-free, so if you're after senior React freelancers, there's no reason not to try.

4. Stack Overflow

Stack Overflow is a community dedicated to helping fellow programmers answer tough questions, so its job board is a great place to find driven React developers of all skill levels. You can hire locally or remotely, and creating your company page is free. From there you can post a job, have it featured, and watch the applications roll in. Stack Overflow is one of the most reliable job boards on the net.

5. MobilUnity

MobilUnity is a Ukranian company of over one hundred, all experts in the hiring process.  MobilUnity is a little different; rather than acting as a place for developers to sign up, the company looks for them once you put in your application. It completely handles searching for, vetting, and recruiting candidates. All you have to do is interview and choose the React developers you like best.

Easily build or extend your development team by choosing the best fits from the shortlist they produce. The fixed-rate outstaffing services means you won't ever overpay, and it's an inexpensive solution. You're in control of your projects, and won't have to go through a middleman once you've hired your team.

6. Hired

If you want one of the greatest freelancer search engines on the market, Hired is a wonderful platform that seamlessly connects you to developers. Submit interview requests to React specialists that catch your eye, and if you made the best offer, they'll accept and you can begin working with them. The scalable pricing makes Hired suitable for most budgets.

7. Upwork

If you want a diverse pool of applicants of all locations, skill levels, and pricing, Upwork is the place to go. This massive freelancing job board allows anyone to join, so it's filled to the brim with developers. While this means extra time spent interviewing and testing React developers to make sure they have the skills you require, it also means more applicants and more potential for your listing to be found. You also receive an automatically generated shortlist of candidates.

Upwork is suitable for projects of any size, since you can find devs of any skill level. It works best for short projects that need only individuals or a handful of team members. If you're building a large group of React programmers, you may be better off elsewhere. It'd take a skilled manager to interview so many applicants and assemble a team that will work cohesively together.

8. BrainHub

Whether you need one-time React experts for a project, or a group of people ready to join your team, BrainHub's group of Javascript enthusiasts are the people to talk to. Remote projects need a compatible, coordinated team that can get things done fast. Whether you're working with a web or mobile application, BrainHub has that team ready to go.

9. Guru

With over 3 million freelancers waiting for a job, Guru is one of the most popular job posting boards online. While the hiring process is your responsibility, the company helps you create a payment agreement with the people you choose to work with.

Posting a job is entirely free, and you can wait for contacts or seek out a suitable candidate yourself. There's no shortlisting, but with so many people, you'll be swimming in applications anyhow. Guru simplifies everything, making it quick and easy to hire React freelancers and get started on the job.

10. Gigster

How would you like to have the entire hiring and project managing process taken care of for you? Gigster is a professional platform that matches you with top tech talent and handles the most difficult parts of managing. It uses a mix of human and artificial intelligence to speedily put together a team of React experts who can get started immediately.

A possible downside is that Gigster doesn't match you directly with developers. You'll be working and communicating through the company. If you'd rather assemble a team yourself, you'll want to use a different platform.

11. Freelancer

Freelancer uses a bidding system to connect you to candidates. This simplified process allows you to choose a React developer in seconds, cutting out all the extra hassle. You can see samples of freelancers' past work as well as reviews left by past employers, and the site comes with apps such as live chat and time tracking to keep you on schedule and in contact.

12. Dice

Dice is a technology job posting board that connects people to companies. While posting a job is a bit on the pricey side, you may enjoy all the extra features. Social recruiting, email advertising, access to resumes, and a campaign that includes applicant screening so you don't have to. Dice is a high-end recruiting platform that's perfect for large projects requiring only the best.

13. ValueCoders

If you're looking to hire from offshore, ValueCoders is the best place to begin. Their React experts are well-versed in Javascript, so you're guaranteed an experienced team of people who know what they're doing. UI, plugins, websites, and social networking with React.js all fall under their expertise.

The service comes with a money back guarantee if you're not satisfied, but with over 4000 projects under their belt, there's little chance of that. You also get to pick your payment type (fixed-price or monthly) as well as your team, so you can be sure to find candidates who mesh well with your project.

Honorable Mention: Work React Native

React Native is even younger than React.js, but this framework for building mobile apps has a few key differences. The output acts like it's being run on the native code, Android or iOS. You won't need a bundling module; it's all in the package with React Native. If you're building for mobile, you may wish to use React Native for your project.

Because it's even newer than React, it can be difficult to find React Native developers. Work React Native is a simple site by Handlebar Labs that attempts to address this problem. It's free to use whether you're a developer or manager. Just describe your job post and it's advertised in the email list next week. That's all there is to it.

Hopefully you should now have a much clearer idea on where to begin your search for a React specialist. If you're still lost, you could always take our React questionnaire to narrow down your focus a bit more. If you'd rather choose manually from this list, here's a few tips to get you started.First, are you willing to hire remotely? What about offshore? Toptal, Freelancer, and CodementorX offer services that can match you to a local developer or relocate one. You can usually specify local-only on job posting boards. On the other side of the spectrum, ValueCoders and MobilUnity are specifically marketed as offshore companies. The rest of this list offers stellar remote services, and many come with apps such as instant messaging to simplify communication.

What about budget? Toptal, CodementorX, Dice, and Gigster are certainly on the upper end of the price range. These sites have the most talented of the bunch, but are almost definitely out of reach for smaller companies. ThinkMobiles, Crew, and Hired are a few that work well for small- to medium-sized budgets. And, of course, there are always the free services like Upwork, Guru, and Work React Native.

Finally, do you want a team or an individual? And how much control over the hiring process would you like? On one hand, companies like MobilUnity and Gigster take control of the entire process, which may be undesirable, but a cohesive team is ensured. Picking a company like X-Team, ValueCoders, or BrainHub is good compromise; the developers have likely worked together before and you won't need to worry about disputes or lack of management.

On the other hand, if you use sites like Upwork, Dice, Freelancer, or Stack Overflow, you may have more control, but you're also wholly responsible for turning that team of strangers into an integrated unit. Not to mention vetting applications, interviewing, and other timely activities. These job boards are best suited for individual hiring, unless you're up to the challenge.

Ultimately, which sites you employ depends on a multitude of factors, such as:

  • How quickly you need to hire a front-end developer (i.e. your timeline)
  • How much experience you have hiring front-end developers
  • Whether or not you're equipped to test technical skills
  • How many developers you need to bring on
  • What level of experience those front-end developers need
  • Whether or not you're open to remote workers
  • What your budget constraints are
  • How important quality is to your project(s)

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