How to hire freelance Angular developers in 2024

Updated on May 24, 2024
Platforms to find talented Angular developers

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Building dynamic and scalable web applications with Angular? Our comprehensive hiring guide is your go-to resource for finding skilled Angular developers. Gain valuable insights, learn how to assess technical proficiency, and explore a curated list of top talent platforms. From component-based architecture to responsive UI design, our guide will help you navigate the hiring process and assemble a team of Angular developers who can elevate your web applications.

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Here are the top 5 sites to hire freelance Angular developers:

Based on our research among online hiring platforms

1. Toptal

Toptal is a matching service, initially created for web development freelancers. Although it has expanded its talent pool to include designers and finance experts, its focus remains its developer talent, including Angular development. If you want to be sure that an Angular developer is up to the job, hiring a developer from Toptal is likely your best bet.

Why? Development teams can expand their staff with great Angular developers or other front-end and back-end developers with years of experience. Toptal’s trademark system for vetting talent allows only the best applicants with desirable skill sets to become a part of their community. According to Toptal, only 3 percent of applicants make it through their comprehensive screening process.

Key points:

  • Enjoy a risk-free trial for up to 5 days.
  • Completed over 60,000 projects for 25K+ satisfied clients.
  • Trustpilot rating of 4.8 out of 5.

2. Upwork

If recruiting services and job boards aren't your first choice, you might want to consider a freelance marketplace like Upwork.

Upwork has one of the largest marketplaces of registered freelancers, including profiles to hire Angular developers. You can hire contractors for a few simple coding tasks or begin a long-term relationship with a series of complex Angular projects. If you like the idea of finding, interviewing, and managing freelancers, Upwork's marketplace will likely meet your needs.

Key points:

  • Upwork gives Expert-Vetted status to the top 1% of site experts.
  • Consistently positive client feedback earns developers ranked talent badges.
  • Buy projects, browse profiles, or post jobs to hire developers.

3. Hired

Hired helps employers easily find app developers and software developers, including experienced Angular experts. On Hired, you can use their pipeline to find custom matches to work within your development process. You can create a company profile, search for candidates using their search algorithm (which can eliminate gender and racial identifiers for fairer hiring), and request interviews with candidates to review your project requirements.

Why else do we love Hired? It's great for finding specialized Angular developers who are actively searching for new opportunities, have relevant experience, and might even be in your area.

Key points:

  • Candidate profiles detail preferred roles and salaries for effective negotiations.
  • Search profiles, post jobs, or use the optional talent-matching service.
  • Hired shares the scores of developer skill assessment tests.

4. Angular Jobs

While larger job boards can be helpful, smaller job boards focusing on placing Angular experts with businesses can be an incredible resource. Angular Jobs is one such resource.

First and foremost, Angular Jobs is a community. The owners of the popular Angular job board are serious about providing gainful employment to developers and fostering a community founded on mutual benefit and respect.

If you're looking to build your next mobile app or even a single-page application with Angular, think about using Angular Jobs to find the best Angular developers.

Key points:

  • To post a job on this site.
  • Angular Jobs posts your position within 48 hours.
  • The site uses unique strategies to promote your job posts.

5. People Per Hour

People Per Hour is a freelance marketplace akin to Upwork. What makes People Per Hour unique is that it holds contests and allows freelancers to post their job postings called hourlies.

Between millions of registered members, thousands of confirmed hours, and success stories from freelance developers and entrepreneurs alike. The ease of posting jobs, contacting freelancers, and paying for hours worked makes People Per Hour a superb choice for employers interested in searching for and vetting programmers experienced with Angular development.

Additionally, with People Per Hour, you can connect with local freelancers, so you aren't necessarily limited to remote talent.

Key points:

  • Hire developers by the hour or for your entire project.
  • The site’s AI can match qualified talent to your jobs.
  • You can review and compare tailored proposals submitted by applicants.

Guide to hiring great freelance Angular developers

Guide to hiring a great freelance Angular developer

Choosing the best tools for the job is critical to your success. The Angular framework is a versatile tool for building robust web applications, and you need highly skilled Angular developers to make the most of its features.

There are technology breakthroughs almost daily, keeping the demand for Angular development services high. Hiring a team of qualified developers with the right skill sets is vital to producing quality deliverables, but how do you know what to look for and where to find it? We listed top sourcing sites, so we will now discuss other pertinent information to help you make your hiring decisions.

Top 3 freelance talent platforms
Freelance PlatformTrustpilot scoreKey pointVettingGuaranteeFee to post projectsTalent statusRate & Share
1Toptal4.8High-profile clientsTop 3% Talent. Rigorous VettingPay only if satisfied$500 as a credit for the first projectFreelancersYes
2Upwork3.9Large freelancer marketplaceAdditional Expert-Vetted programPayment protectionNone, client pays commissionFreelancersYes
3Hired4.4Connect with top tech talentYesCan try for freeCan try for freeFreelancersYes

Many of today’s advanced applications rely on speed to power real-time interactions and fast results through user interfaces. Single-page applications can refresh specific information without affecting the entire page's contents, making SPAs a popular design choice. Google’s Angular framework makes SPAs possible.

Angular.js is a similar framework with a slightly different approach to solving the same issues. Whichever method you choose for your Angular applications, your development team will likely need additional skills along with a deep understanding of Angular frameworks. For instance, mobile applications require specialized skills. Learn more about the wide range of other skill sets to help you narrow your search.

“A great choice for developing across platforms. Our Angular developers are able to make beautiful and remarkable works through which we can then reach our target simply.” — Verified reviewer , GetApp 

Your project requirements will help you determine essential skills, hiring methods, the level of expertise your team members need, and how quickly you need your team to start working.

Sourcing and identifying the best Angular developers for your project is challenging if you don’t have the right information to guide you. You can confidently build your team using the invaluable resources in this guide.

Angular vs AngularJS: Are They The Same?

One of the first things you should consider before hiring a developer is to understand whether or not he understands what's the difference between Angular and AngularJS. These two are not the same. AngularJS is just one particular version of Angular. They were developed separately, and AngularJS is a subset of Angular's API. AngularJS is primarily used for developing single page applications (SPAs) whereas Angular can be used for any type of application.

What Is The Role of an Angular Developer?

Angular developers use Angular Javascript to design interfaces and interactive applications. They can derive modules and components from Js. The reusability of the code makes it a popular option in businesses and companies.

They develop the complete front-end application and coordinate with back-end developers for the system functionality. In addition, they coordinate the flow and details between the graphics and the HTML departments for an organized system.

Why Hire a Dedicated Angular Developer?

AngularJS.org explains the benefits of using the framework:

“HTML is great for declaring static documents, but it falters when we try to use it for declaring dynamic views in web applications. AngularJS lets you extend HTML vocabulary for your application. The resulting environment is extraordinarily expressive, readable, and quick to develop.”
What is Angular development used for?Angular is used by businesses for developing dynamic, single-page web applications. It is commonly utilized for creating interactive front-end user interfaces for web and mobile applications. It offers a structured framework for building complex, data-driven applications.
Advantages:1. Productivity: Angular provides a robust framework that streamlines development, making it faster and more efficient.
2. Maintainability: The component-based architecture and TypeScript help in creating maintainable code.
3. Cross-platform: Angular supports both web and mobile app development, allowing businesses to target multiple platforms with a single codebase.
Disadvantages:1. Learning Curve: Angular has a steep learning curve, especially for developers new to TypeScript and the Angular ecosystem.
2. Complexity: Angular applications can become complex and large, leading to performance issues if not properly optimized.
3. Size: Angular applications tend to be larger in terms of file size, which can affect load times, especially on slow networks.
Related programming languages:TypeScript, HTML/CSS, JavaScript

Angular developers work on complex applications and systems like games, calculators, or eCommerce websites. They use JavaScript, PHP, and .NET to align the applications and software. High-end companies like Google use Angular scripts in their web development.

How To Hire Angular Developers?

Whether you need a single Angular.js developer or an entire team, the first part of every hiring process should be determining project parameters. Define your:

  • Goals, nature, and scope
  • Budget and probable return on investment
  • Desired timeframes and project duration
  • Hiring method (employee, freelance, or remote developers)
  • Special requirements and job description

You will need one or more project managers, depending on the size of your team.

Your needs will differ according to your goals. For instance, hiring someone for Angular maintenance services or unit testing differs from sourcing a team to build new applications.

Another differentiating factor is skill levels. You will notice designations, such as mid-level, junior, and senior developers.

As you might guess, lower-level developers perform more of the routine tasks, leaving the complicated and advanced procedures to higher-level developers. Although senior developers may possess specialized skill sets, skill levels typically refer to the years of experience someone has.

A talented and driven junior-level developer may outperform those with more experience, so be careful to judge qualifications fairly. Seniors are likely experienced with project management but typically charge more for their services.

Everyone has a definition of the “right candidate,” and they vary. Some qualities and key skills to look for include:

  • Proficiency with JavaScript, TypeScript, HTML, CSS, and other programming languages
  • Exceptional code quality, testing and debugging skills, and attention to details
  • Familiarity with your industry
  • Experience completing projects similar to yours
  • The drive to keep up with current trends and ways to utilize Angular

Any developer needs soft skills in addition to technical skills. A candidate with impeccable credentials who does not possess crucial soft skills may not be your best choice.

Decide which skills and qualities are most important to your project and look for developers accordingly.

What Skills To Look for When Hiring Angular developers?

When hiring an Angular developer, ensure you get an expert who understands your needs and fits your project's purpose.

Look for these technical and soft skills when evaluating Angular developers for front-end development:

  • Experience with JavaScript, Javascript frameworks, REACT, CSS, and HTML5
  • Project management and Agile best practices
  • Comprehensive knowledge of the user experience and intent
  • Proficient with front-end user interfaces, such as using custom wrappers
  • Good communication and people's understanding
  • Keen to detail
  • Teamwork
  • Understands API integration

How Much Does It Cost To Hire an Angular Developer?

In the U.S., Angular developers earn an average of $119,655 annually or $58 per hour. Yearly salaries range from $62,000 to $158,000, depending on location, skill sets, skill levels, and project complexity. Developers may charge more for rush jobs.

How To Find a Great Freelance Angular Programmer For Hire

Use any of the above sites to hire a great freelance Angular programmer.

Finding the best sites to find Angular developers to work on your application development is not necessarily a simple process. Unless you're a battle-worn recruiter, you likely won't know how to navigate the complexities of hiring an Angular developer. That's completely okay—there's plenty of sites and services to help you along the way.

Matching services like Toptal, Hired, and Gun.io, are great solutions for employers searching for tech talent, and for those who are looking to place their trust in experienced recruiters. For those short on time with high-quality developers as a priority, Toptal and Gun.io are superb choices.

On the other end of the spectrum, there are freelance marketplaces like Upwork, People Per Hour, and Freelancer that allow you to cast a much wider net in your hiring process for top-notch web developers.

Employers looking for full-time, front-end developers with years of experience may also benefit from utilizing Stack Overflow and GitHub's job boards, which can provide exposure to the Angular developer community. Specialized job boards with cohesive online communities like AngularJobs.io can also be helpful in your search for qualified developers.

Freelance marketplaces like Upwork, Freelancer, and Guru allow you to instantly connect with developers, and you'll be able to care for the hiring details yourself. If you have ample time to devote to screening candidates and are confident in your ability to interview Angular developers, they are a great, cost-effective choice.

Job boards, marketplaces, and matching services all have their uses. Which site will best serve in hiring dedicated Angular developers will depend on your specific situation.

Tips for Writing an Angular Developer Job Description

Your goals for writing a compelling job description are twofold: You want to attract suitable candidates and convince them that working for your company is desirable. Describe your company in honest but favorable terms, detailing goals, standards, achievements, and culture.

Your job description should provide relevant details about your project and the specific position, including:

  • Project nature, goals, and timeline
  • Role skill requirements and responsibilities
  • Hiring structure

If you’re uncomfortable vetting developer technical skills, you can use sites like Toptal that pre-vet candidates. You may also include technical tests as a step in the application process.

As you approach the interview stage, compile lists of questions to gauge technical and soft skills. Create a scoring model and use it consistently to meet fair hiring standards that consider diversity and inclusion. You might also weigh attributes from most to least desired.

Common Interview Questions To Ask When You Are Looking To Hire an Angular Developer

Remember that you should ask each candidate the same questions to obtain accurate results for comparison. Developers should be comfortable discussing the Angular framework and how they can use it for your benefit.

Even for pre-vetted applicants, ask technical questions to gauge their comfort level with the subject. Examples include:

  • Why is Angular the best choice for my project?
  • What procedures do you suggest?

The answers should exhibit in-depth knowledge of Angular and its capabilities. You can also gauge communication skills and personality traits. You can gain valuable insights from this type of question-and-answer process.

Soft skills are sometimes challenging to judge accurately. A good method is to present each applicant with the same open-ended situational question. Purposefully leave out some vital details. You will learn a lot from the clarifications each candidate asks for, such as:

  • Their attention to detail
  • Listening and communication skills
  • Comfort asking for more details
  • Problem-solving approach

Although “why should I select you over your competitors” may seem cliche, you can appraise each candidate’s confidence, self-worth, team player mentality, and attitude.

Choosing The Right Site To Hire Angular Programmers

Ultimately, your choice will depend on a multitude of factors, such as:

  • How quickly you need to hire a freelancer (i.e., your timeline)
  • How much experience you have hiring Angular developers
  • Whether or not you're equipped to test technical skills
  • How many developers you need to bring on
  • What level of experience those Angular freelancers need
  • Whether or not you're open to remote workers
  • What your budget constraints are
  • How important quality is to your project(s)


What is Angular used for?
Angular is a component-based framework primarily used for building scalable and dynamic web applications. Angular includes a collection of well-integrated libraries that cover a suite of features. Angular is used for building single-page client applications using HTML and TypeScript. Angular is one of the most popular frameworks for creating digital products and web and mobile applications.
What is the difference between Angular and AngularJS?
While there are multiple similarities between AngularJS and Angular since they are both front-end, open-source frameworks used to create dynamic web applications, the main difference is that AngularJS is based on JavaScript, while Angular is based on TypeScript. Furthermore, Angular requires a hierarchy of components, while AngularJS allows for code reusability.
How much do Angular developers make?
The average angular developer salary in the USA is $117,000 per year or $56.25 per hour. Entry-level positions start at $99,545 per year, whereas experienced workers make up to $146,230 per year.
Where can I hire angular developers?
  • Toptal
  • Hired
  • GitHub Jobs
  • Angular Jobs
  • Stack Overflow

See the complete list of sites to hire Angular developer.

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