The 39 Best Mobile App Development Companies in 2024



Select from the best app development companies for your next project. Compare app development companies by budget needs and choose the right development company for your business.

The Top 41 Mobile App Development Companies

When you look for the best app development company, you are really looking for the right development services for you, your business, and the apps you want to create.

For instance, a software development company specialized in game apps won’t necessarily be the best fit for a major accounting company with new software design.

Or a smartphone app that must function and interact with your core software application will have different requirements, specs, and development solutions than a stand-alone web app.

Mobile development is a lengthy complex process that you want to get right the first time. Each step, from requirements gathering, defining, researching, and wireframing to the final touches of UI/UX, Q&A testing, launch, and addressing any issues. Every step matters in product development and the development process.

As such, you want the best app development company your budget can afford. A mobile app is must-have digital solution that the modern consumer expects.

What is the best mobile app development company for you?

Finding the best iOS and Android mobile app developers will depend on your business needs, the complexity of your app and how it connects to your core software product.

You’ll want the best technology united with your company vision and design. Digital solutions are key, but don’t always come ready out of the box. It will take custom development, transferring your web interface over to new mobile designs and then creating iOS, Android, and cross-platform versions that fit your product.

Our team has created a list of the top app development companies in the world by budget needs. You’ll need to reach out to the companies yourself to determine pricing and timelines, but with the hundreds of mobile app development companies online, we wanted to give you a few places to start your search.

39 Top Mobile App Development Companies

The best, word-class mobile app development companies come at a premium, but with good reason. These are the mobile app developers that the most successful companies in the world trust for their design and digital software development needs. Across this mobile app development companies list, you’ll see companies for the best Android and iOS app development. This tier is for companies that want top software solutions with the most skilled experts with years of experience that perform at a high level.

1. Toptal

Best Service

Toptal is somewhat unique as a mobile app development company. Rather than a single web development firm, Toptal carefully evaluates and selects the best mobile app developers and mobile app designers from across the globe. They match you with the best candidates for your particular business and mobile application. The company will guide you through the best fit.

You can either interview mobile app developers and bring the ones that work onto your development team or, if you don’t have an in-house team of developers, you can work with a Toptal project manager who will help you with the mobile project. The project manager is skilled at walking you through the design steps of the development process and keeping you looped in every step of the way. With Toptal’s unique and thorough hiring process, you know you will be working with some of the best software talent in the world.

Toptal has experience leading you through every step of web development so that your app development process is united from the beginning. Also unique to Toptal, you have two weeks to decide if you’d like to continue the project. If for any reason, you find things are not working, you can leave or switch developers without paying a thing.

When you enlist Toptal for your app design and development, you are going with the very best. Only 3 percent of applicants qualify to be a Toptal member, and their clients include Fortune 500 companies. Notable ones are J.P. Morgan, Artsy, Pfizer, IDEO, and Zendesk among others. Sixty percent of its development services are focused on mobile development and custom software development.

  • Founded in 2010
  • Remote-first company with a global presence
  • Thousands of mobile app developers
  • Front-end and back-end software developers

2. Qburst

QBurst identifies itself as a custom software development and consulting company. They have offices across the globe and have served clients of all types, including e-commerce and machine learning. More than a third of the work they take on is in mobile app development. Their industry verticals include healthcare, manufacturing, education, retail, and engineering. With years of experience, they can also advise on your mobile strategy for developing and launching your mobile app for Android or iOS. Following delivery, QBurst provides 24/7 monitoring as well as regular updates.

QBurst has used a range of different technologies for web design and mobile application development. They work to be agile, transparent, and collaborative on the user experience. They’ve worked with some major companies - including the United Nations, NYU, Rosetta Stone, and National Geographic - to build business-critical applications.

  • Founded 2004
  • Based in India
  • Custom software development company
  • 1300 Employees

3. Gigster

Gigster bills itself as a freelance technology solution, but as far as customer-facing interactions, Gigster functions like a software development firm or mobile app development agency. Where Gigster stands out is their model for hiring top mobile app developers and tech talent, including IT services, front-end, or UI design.

They focus on hiring freelancers that have worked at top companies like Google or attended top schools like MIT. About half of their workforce still works full-time in other businesses and moonlights with Gigster. Gigster’s development process is much more independent than most companies evaluated here. They pride themselves in taking your design idea to fruition themselves with very little work on your end. The project manager will provide clients with regular updates, but the client only interacts with the project manager.

Gigster has worked with some major companies including IBM, Wyndham Hotel Group, USBank and Square. Written up in all of the major tech sites, Gigster has gotten a lot of reviews both for its roster of freelancers and of its early stage funding. The platform has experimented with some novel structures to fund the business.

  • Founded in 2015
  • Based in California, but global presence
  • 800 freelancers

4. Intellectsoft

Intellectsoft is a “boutique digital transformation consultancy” that offers a range of capabilities including mobile app development services. With six offices globally, they put together a team of software engineers to fit your needs. They focus on five main areas: Cognitive Computing, Decentralized Applications (i.e. Blockchain), Internet-of-Things (IOT), Premier Customer Experience (CX), Augmented Reality, and Mixed Reality (AR/VR), with about 40% of business going to apps.

With the investment required, Intellectsoft does provide premium development services with the latest technologies. Intellectsoft begins with a workshop analysis to understand client needs and then dives into research. They can work to integrate solutions or ensure your internal systems respond well to any new developments.

Prior clients include Fortune 500 businesses from across the United States and world like Ernst and Young, Jaguar, Giant Bicycles, Harley-Davidson, Nestle, and Clinique. They’ve been recognized and reviewed by Clutch, Bestfirms and Inc. 5,000. Intellectsoft serves both startup and enterprise design clients.

  • Founded in 2007
  • Based in California
  • 300-500 employees
  • IoT development and AR/VR mobile applications

5. Speak Creative

Based out of Memphis & Nashville, Speak Creative is an award-winning digital agency. They’ve been in business for over 20 years and have experience working with more than 500 clients. The agency was awarded the Clutch Top Creative and Design Agencies Tennessee award in 2009. Their team of experts and the app-building platform makes it easy for them to build high-quality mobile applications that include management for easy content updates. They also offer other services such as digital marketing, video production, website design, and web app development.

  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquartered in Tennessee
  • Team of 42 employees

6. Hedgehog Lab

Hedgehog Lab is a London-based agency that delivers mobile app development to organizations such as Toyota, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Lloyds Bank, and more. With offices in Newcastle upon Tyne, Boston (USA), and India the company is spreading its presence across continents to connect with businesses across borders. Hedgehog Lab’s primary objective is to help companies (small and big) prepare for a future dominated by post-PC technologies. They actively work with their clients on innovation and R&D on mobile and emerging platforms.

  • Founded in 2007
  • Headquartered in Newcastle Upon Tyne, Tyne and Wear
  • Team of almost 200 employees

7. WillowTree

WillowTree started in 2007 with three people building mobile applications. Today, they are a team of 500+ full-time members who have launched hundreds of apps, websites and bots. They’ve been awarded Fast Company's Best Workplaces for Innovators title in 2020 and ClubCorp: Winner - Features-Best Visual Design - Function for Mobile Apps / Sites among other accolades. They have an industry-leading Net Promoter Score of 77% and offices in New York, Ohio, Virginia, and North Carolina. WillowTree has served Fortune 500 clients such as 21st Century Fox, Synchrony Financial, PepsiCo, Wyndham Hotels & Resorts, Regal Cinemas, and National Geographic.

  • Founded in 2007
  • Headquartered in Charlottesville, VA
  • Team of over 500 employees

8. Rightpoint

Based in Chicago, Rightpoint is a digital consultancy agency that has experience working with clients such as Macy’s, Walgreens, Aon, 3M, Grant Thornton LLP, and many more significant brands across various industries. What sets Rightpoint apart is its ability to design and engineer end-to-end digital experiences that help businesses stay up-to-date with the latest trends. With more than 450 employees across offices in 13 cities, Rightpoint offers its expertise to more than 250 Fortune 1000 companies. The company has also been named one of Crain's 50 Fastest Growing Companies in Chicago for four consecutive years.

  • Founded in 2007
  • Headquartered in Chicago
  • Team of almost 500 employees

9. Small Planet

Since its inception in 2009, Small Planet has been designing, developing, and managing mobile digital experiences for some of the world’s biggest brands such as Disney, NPD, Warner Brothers, Meredith Corporation, and more. Their team has built over a hundred mobile apps across 25 app store categories. The company has experience working in multiple industry verticals such as eCommerce, enterprise, media, edtech, health and wellness, and more. They’ve also been graced with multiple awards including the Communication Arts Magazine Award of Excellence in the Interactive Mobile Category, Fast Company Innovation By Design Awards - Winner, Apps Category, New York SmartCEO Corporate Culture Award, and more.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY
  • Team of almost 40-50 employees

10. MobiDev

With offices in the US and the UK, MobiDev delivers some of the best mobile applications that help their clients offer that extra value to their customers. They have built more than 300 software products for businesses ranging from large enterprises to startups including Growth Hackers, Verizon Media, Secure Group, and more. They’ve been awarded numerous titles and certifications including Clutch #1 machine learning development company in the 2019 report. They’re also listed on the TopDeveloper platform and named as a leading company creating cross-platform products with React Native framework.

  • Offices in the US and the UK
  • Experience working with top brands
  • Ukraine-based software development team

11. HubSpire

HubSpire is a New York-based team of management consultants, app developers, designers and digital transformation experts. The company specializes in mobile and web application development, Internet of Things (IoT) development and end-to-end IT strategy and consulting for development projects. Their portfolio primarily includes small businesses and startups, government agencies, and large corporations with brands such as Care Connect, Veterans History Project, and Hamptons Rental.

  • Founded in 2008
  • Headquartered in New York
  • Team of almost 40 employees

12. Metova

Since its inception in 2006, Metova has helped startups and large organizations with everything starting from mobile apps and websites to sensor networks and the Internet of Things. They have experience building on both hardware and software. Metova is an Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services, and Gold Partner of Microsoft which gives the company access to resources and services that empower them to innovate faster, more efficiently – and at a lower cost. Among their work portfolio are some of the top brands such as Yelp, Neptune, WebMD, Dropbox, Netflix, Walmart, and more.

  • Founded in 2006
  • Headquartered in Franklin, Tennessee
  • Team of almost 500 employees

13. Slingshot

Slingshot is a software and a mobile app development agency headquartered in Louisville, Ky. The company was founded in 2005, and today they have a team of more than 25 experts. Some of Slingshot’s core expertise is custom mobile app development, software development, and UX/UI design services. The team has experience working with a variety of industries such as healthcare, NGO, food and beverages, education, and more. Some of their clients include American Press Institute, University Of Louisville, Kenmark Eyewear, and more.

  • Founded in 2005
  • Headquartered in Louisville, KY
  • Team of almost 25 employees

14. PointClear Solutions

PointClear Solutions is a technology consulting company that offers digital strategy, design, development, and management services for clients across the globe. The company has special expertise in the healthcare sector and has experience working for powerhouses such as McKesson / Change Healthcare, Walgreens, Philips, Nuance, and the CDC. With over 12 years of experience, the team has worked on different kinds of projects including enterprise software, mobile app development, web development, and more.

  • Founded in 2006
  • Headquartered in Tennessee
  • Team of almost 50 employees

Midrange Mobile App Development Companies

These options are a little easier on the technology budget when trying to reach the top of the app store. There will likely be fewer long term costs involved, and you can get your app created to your specs by a reasonably priced software development company. It is difficult to determine which companies take on lower-cost digital projects, versus the companies that charge less, but here is our best bet on top mobile app development companies for a mid-range app development project for Android and iOS apps.

15. Nine Hertz

Nine Hertz is a global technology company that offers a range of solutions. In the mobile app space they are dedicated to keeping their services affordable. Nine Hertz works to keep the development process very client focused, incorporating the client at each step. With a presence in 15 different countries, they have experience working on digital web projects across countries and cultures. They also have a presence on Upwork, where you can read client reviews.

Reviewed in TechCrunch and Lifehacker, Nine Hertz clients include Samsung, Pepsi, Air Asia, Jaipur Metro Rail Corporation. Some business apps they’ve developed include Mystorky, Munchright, and Zearch. They can provide a quote quickly to get your app underway. This is a top android and iphone app development company that you can hire affordably.

  • Founded 2008
  • Based in Cincinnati, OH and India.
  • 200-250 Employees
  • Mobile app development services; front-end, and back-end services

16. Algoworks

Algoworks has experience with both mobile app and game software development, so it is a great mobile app company if you’d like to develop a game. With an emphasis on consulting, Algoworks can help you develop the design and flow of your app. Their key industry verticals include healthcare, communications, financial services, gaming, and transportation and logistics. The company emphasizes that all of their software work is done in-house using a comprehensive project management methodology. They keep their clients up-to-date throughout the entire process while building their solution.

Algoworks was featured in the Fast 50 by Deloitte India. Past company clients have included Northstar, Symphony, Coca-Cola, and eBay. While they have served Fortune 500 companies, the majority of their clients are small businesses. With an agile approach to technology development, though, they can tackle all different kinds of projects, whether you need an Android or iOS app development company.

  • Founded in 2006
  • Based in California and India
  • 250 Employees

17. Mindsea

MindSea is a boutique app development firm that has been noted for its design work on the web. The team is proudly quirky, which may contribute to their creativity and unique solutions. After initial research, MindSea produces detailed design wireframes and continues to research and test their technology. After completing user interviews, for instance, they may go back and redesign their iOS and Android apps. Clients have appreciated their honesty and integrity in the process.

Clients include the National Post (Canada), Tinrocket, Clothed, Pocketbook, Prosposify, and Trans Canada Trail. Their app development clients tend to be small and medium-sized businesses. Because of their small size, MindSea may have trouble scaling for larger mobile app and web development projects.

  • Founded in 2007
  • Based in Canada
  • 50 Employees
  • App design and UX design

18. Twin Sun

Twin Sun is a digital agency that was founded in 2017 and is located in Nashville, Tenn. They are a team of about nine experts who specialize in web development, custom software development, and mobile app development. The name Twin Sun comes from a reference to the Star Wars planet Tatooine. They have experience working with small and medium-sized companies.

  • Headquartered in Tennessee
  • Team of almost nine employees
  • Good option for SMB businesses

19. Netsells

Netsells is a digital agency based in the north of England. In the past decade, they’ve developed mobile apps and websites for over 300 businesses from around the globe. Some of their clients include Jaguar Landrover, NHS, Leeds University, Capita, Stihl, Your Parking Space, and many more. They were also awarded the title of Top B2B Companies UK 2020 and Top Developers UK 2019 by Clutch. The team is well-versed with technologies such as Swift, Flutter, and Kotlin when it comes to mobile app development.

  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquartered in UK
  • Team of almost 50 employees

20. STRV

STRV is a software design and engineering company. They’ve had over 25 apps featured in app stores and have won more than 20 design awards. Since its inception in 2004, the company has worked with some of the popular brands such as Boosted Boards, The Athletic and ClassDojo. STRV has also been featured twice in the list of both Deloitte and the Financial Times as the fastest-growing companies. They have offices in Los Angeles, San Francisco, London, Brno and Prague - providing their clients with an international team of more than 200 experts.

  • Founded in 2004
  • Headquartered in Los Angeles, California
  • Team of over 200 employees

21. Droids On Roids

Droids On Roids is a mobile & web development company headquartered in Poland. Established in 2011, the company offers full-stack mobile, web and backend services. With a team of over 50 talented professionals, the company serves clients across the globe, with its primary focus in the US and UK markets. They’ve received the City FDI Strategy of the Year Award in 2018. The team at Droids On Roids promises to offer the first working demo of your mobile app within seven days from the project kick-off.

  • Founded in 2011
  • Headquartered in Poland
  • Team of 59 employees

22. TechAhead

TechAhead is a mobile app development company that has worked with everyone from Fortune 500 companies to startups. Founded in 2009, they are a team of 150 experts that are engineering innovative, robust, and scalable apps at speed. In 2020, they were recognized as the Top 10 Mobile App Development Company by Clutch. GoodFirms acknowledged them as a Top Mobile App Development Company in India. The company has also partnered with Google Developers, IBM, Microsoft, and more. Their portfolio includes clients from across industries such as construction, healthcare, finance, food and beverages, and more.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Offices in India and the US
  • Team of almost 150 employees

23. Y Media Labs

Y Media Labs is a digital product and design agency. In 2009, Y Media Labs started as a team of two and today they are a team of more than 250 experts. Their portfolio includes some of the top brands such as The Home Depot, Credit Karma, PayPal, Mercari and more. Their work has been recognized by Steve Jobs and featured by TED Talks, in The Wall Street Journal, Forbes, Ad Age, ABC, and CNBC. They have offices in the US, India, and Brazil.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in Redwood City, CA
  • Team of 300 employees

24. Ramotion

Ramotion is a digital product design agency with its primary focus on branding, UI/UX design, mobile, and web development. With over a decade of industry experience and a team of more than 30 developers, Ramotion has worked with clients ranging from startups to Fortune 500. Their portfolio boasts of brands such as Netflix, Oppo, Salesforce, Truebill, Justalk, FLYR, 10% Happier, and more.

  • Founded in 2010
  • Headquartered in San Francisco
  • Team of over 30 employees

25. Robosoft Technologies

Robosoft Technologies started as a software development agency in 1996 and by 2008 it transformed into a full-stack digital development agency specializing in mobile app development. They have worked with brands across the globe spread across various industries such as banking & financial services, news, eCommerce, games & entertainment and healthcare to name a few. Their work portfolio boasts of brands such as McDonald’s India, Disney, Viacom18, ESPN, HP, and more. Headquartered in India, it has offices in New York, Chicago, and Boston. Robosoft Technologies was voted as the ‘Mobile App Development Company of the Year’ at the Amazon Mobility Awards in 2009.

  • Founded in 1996
  • Headquartered in India
  • Team of over 500 employees

26. ITRex

ITRex is an IT consulting and software development company based in Santa Monica, CA. They have over a decade of experience working with Fortune 500, enterprises, and startups operating in different industry verticals such as fintech, retail, healthcare and biotech, transportation and logistics, entertainment and media. Some of their top clients include P&G, Universal Electronics, Walmart, Warner Brothers, 21st Century Fox, Dollar Shave Club, and more. They also have offices in New York, Chicago, Minsk, Belarus, Kyiv, Ukraine, and Saint Petersburg, Russia.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in Santa Monica, CA
  • Team of almost 200 employees

27. Fuzz

Fuzz is a technology and design consultancy headquartered in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. The company focuses on android and iOS mobile app development and offers mobile-first solutions to both startups and Fortune 100 clients. Founded in 2001, Fuzz is part of a global network of over 1,100 people working in 26 offices across North America, EMEA, and APAC. They’ve worked with clients such as Survey Monkey, Shake Shack, Otis, The Huffington Post, Disney, New York Post, and more.

  • Founded in 2001
  • Headquartered in Brooklyn, NY
  • Team of over 1000 employees

Budget Options For Mobile App Development

Even if you have a small budget for your new app, there are some options for you. Here are the best mobile app development companies in a low price range.

28. Upwork

Largest in the Market

Upwork is a freelance marketplace where you can hire any sort of freelancer, including mobile app developers and software developers. Technology developers are located around the world, and you may find whole Apple, Android, and cross-platform mobile app development companies rather than just freelancers. They even have wearables contractors! You can post your project needs and budget, and freelancers that come in near your budget will bid on the opportunity to fill the project needs. It will be your responsibility to establish the milestones and method of evaluation for payment. Due to cost of living and skill differences, there are freelancers that can meet just about any budget. Read the reviews to find the best digital solutions for your projects.

Thousands of major companies around the world have used Upwork, although not necessarily for building mobile app solutions. When it comes to hiring internationally, Upwork provides some level of assurance. They have an established payment platform that holds payments in escrow. Keeping a deposit in escrow means mobile developers don’t have to worry about whether they’ll get paid, and you don’t have to worry about the software developers running off with an upfront deposit. Additionally, all bank and currency conversion fees and issues are handled for you. The downside is that they take out a significant portion of the payment, but that may be worth the assurances you receive.

  • Founded 2015, but its predecessor was founded in 1999
  • Remote, worldwide
  • Thousands of available freelancers

29. Appy Pie

Short on money? Appy Pie is a DIY option for building an iOS or Android app. Build your own app using their drag and drop features, or get a quote for having them build it for you. To do it yourself, the platform has dozens of app categories and features that let you build out your technology without a line of code. They’d like to think it's as easy as...well Appy Pie. Subscriptions cost anything from free to $40/month. The level of subscription determines how customized the app is to your business and what marketplaces the app can be launched in.

Appy is a popular app building company. Appy has been used by customers like Nike, Home Depot, Accenture, and Southwest. Their business is a great way to cheaply demo an app as you complete user research. The platform has received lots of press reviews, from Forbes to Inc. to Mashable. Trustpilot gives the site five stars, and Capterra awarded the platform with Best Ease of Use and Best Value badges. The site has been used to build over five million mobile apps.

  • Founded 2014
  • Remote, with offices worldwide
  • Large global team

30. AppMachine

AppMachine is another DIY mobile app company that allows you to build an app in a matter of hours. With AppMachine, you can convert your website content directly to your app for brand coherence and just some time-saving. The software platform uses drag and drop building blocks for your design, but also allows you to change your design down to the pixel, so you can make app just the way you want. Begin paying only when you publish. This model lets you take your time designing, testing, and just generally playing.

AppMachine has a more user-friendly interface than many DIY app companies, perhaps due to its longer history in the business. In 2013, TheNextWeb reviewed AppMachine calling it “the most powerful ‘create your own mobile app’ product we’ve seen.” However, there is not an option to have someone from AppMachine build the app for you, but AppMachine may be used by top mobile app companies. The platform also appears to be structured to allow mobile developers to design apps for clients and then pass the technology on to clients, so you still may be able to hire someone to build the app on AppMachine for you.

  • Founded 2011
  • Global
  • No staff to build out the app

31. OpenXcell

OpenXcell is an affordable way to get your mobile app custom-developed well. They openly share that they outsource much of the software development work so that it can be done more affordably. They can work with your budget to ensure you can still make your iOS or Android app happen, though a lower technology budget may require more time. That said, they still manage to deliver quality products. While OpenXcell has received a couple marks off for quality, they compensate with their quick response time and great customer service. Working with OpenXcell is probably the most affordable way to reliably get a custom app completed.

OpenXcell has worked with some top companies including Orderhive, Pedigree, University of Florida, and Driscoll’s (the berry company). Many of their clients are startups due to the cost structure. You can take a look at their portfolio of app solutions on their website.

  • Founded in 2008
  • Based in India
  • More than 200 employees

32. Nimble AppGenie

With offices in London and Houston, Nimble AppGenie’s core competency lies in mobile app development that includes native, hybrid and cross-platform mobile applications for various industry verticals. Their work portfolio expands over verticals such as eCommerce, beauty, media and entertainment, healthcare, banking, and more. The company has over a decade of industry experience working with over 300 clients on almost 800 projects. They have a customer retention rate of 97%.

  • Specializes in mobile app development
  • 10 years of industry experience
  • Based in the US and the UK

33. Fortunesoft IT Innovations

Fortunesoft IT Innovations is a software product engineer and consulting company that was founded in 2009. They are a 56-person team headquartered in Nashville, Tenn., with offices in Bangalore, India, Singapore, Sydney, and San Francisco. Their specialties lie in developing custom software, eCommerce solutions, and mobile apps for midmarket companies and small businesses. With over a decade in the industry, they have more than 115 clients and have worked on more than 483 projects.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in India
  • Team of over 50 employees

34. ArcTouch

ArcTouch is an app development company based in San Francisco, California. Since its inception in 2008, they have worked with clients ranging from Fortune 500 businesses to well-known brands and influential startups, including NBC, Honeywell, 3M, CBS, Guess, Salesforce, Skyjet, Audi, and many more. In 2016, ArcTouch was acquired by WPP, the world’s largest network of marketing, design and creative technology services companies. Since then, ArcTouch has grown to be a large team of over 200 experts and has been recognized as a top mobile app development company by Clutch in 2020.

  • Founded in 2008
  • Headquartered in San Francisco, California
  • Team of over 200 employees

36. Apadmi

Apadmi is a Manchester-based mobile-first digital agency. Since its inception in 2009, they’ve built mobile apps and solutions for some of the UK’s biggest brands, including the Co-op, BBC, NHS, Land Rover Jaguar, Lexus, The Guardian and Argos. The company has an investment arm called Apadmi Ventures that seeks out new and exciting technology start-ups and offers them the financial investment and technical expertise to help them get off the ground. They have a team of over 100 experts and have won several accolades including the Effective Mobile Marketing Awards in 2019 and the Large UK App Agency Of The Year 2019.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in Salford Quays, Manchester
  • Team of over 100 employees

37. Indus Net Technologies

Indus Net Technologies is a full-service digital agency. The company was established in 1997 and has over two decades of experience working with some of India’s top clients such as Ageas, SBI General, Indusind Bank, Dr. Reddy's, Cipla, Government of India and more. With a team of over 750 experts, they have offered their expertise in various industries such as finance, insurance, real estate, media and entertainment, retail and eCommerce, government, and more. Indus Net Technologies was also acknowledged at Deloitte Technology Fast 500 Asia Pacific in 2010, 2011, 2017.

  • Founded in 1997
  • Headquartered in India
  • Team of over 750 employees

38. Red Foundry

Based in Chicago, Red Foundry is a mobile app development agency. They’ve made mobile apps for brands such as Pearl Jam, Groupon and Kodak. Working with companies of all sizes and in any industry, they build custom software for both iOS and Android devices. So far, they’ve worked in industries that include travel, publishing, sports, healthcare, education, retail, business and finance, and manufacturing. They offer an AppCare Maintenance service that helps you maintain the app after it is developed. The team proactively monitors your app’s health to ensure your customers stay happy.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in Chicago
  • Specialize in mobile app development

39. Chop Dawg

Started in 2009, Chop Dawg has partnered with startups and growing businesses to launch over 350 mobile apps. They have over a decade of experience working on a variety of mobile apps for startups including Village Pledge - an NGO, Slay - a fitness app, PetKey - location tracking, MedSplain - healthcare, and more. Chop Dawg has earned several recognitions including Top App Developers by The Manifest in 2009, Top Mobile App Development Company by GoodFirms, Clutch Top 1000 Companies Global 2019, and more.

  • Founded in 2009
  • Headquartered in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
  • Team of over 25 employees
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Frequently Asked Questions.

Should an app be cross-platform?
An app should be cross-platform as it significantly reduces the effort to develop and build different apps for different platforms. A cross-platform app can run across various devices and platforms and this enables you to reach a large number of people. Cross-platform apps are compatible with different platforms, like Android, iOS, and the web which enable you to increase your market presence without spending too much on resources.
How can I get an app made quickly?
To develop an app quickly, you need to: Decide on your operating system Understand your target audience Build an MVP or proof of concept See what your competitors are doing and what other apps are out there Focus on your UI/UX and overall app security Perform multiple tests Do a soft launch and incorporate feedback from users Launch the app
Why should you build an app for your business?
A major reason why your business needs an App is to provide more value to end users by improving direct communication or solving a grave problem. Mobile applications offer a wealth of functions and value to end users and if executed right they can become a major USP of your organization and also drive up valuation of the company.

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