Best 47 Freelance Programming Sites in 2024



Staying up-to-date with the latest freelance programming sites, as well as trying out a few new ones can help you with your next hire of a successful freelance programmer.

Best 48 Freelance Programming Sites

Job boards, matching sites, and freelance marketplaces are ideal ways for freelance programmers to find their next gig or companies to find their next talent. 

In the list below, you’ll find many of the most popular freelance programming sites for you to try out.

47 Best Freelance Programming Sites:

1. Toptal

Toptal is a curated freelance platform that matches the right developer with clients for their project needs. But this site isn’t for everyone: You will have to take a test and be vetted by Toptal experts before taking on work.

  • Only the best
  • Top-notch projects
  • Recognizable clients


With more than 25,000 freelancers as part of their community, you’ll be in good company with Built to easily pair top-notch developers with interested companies, provides freelancers with the tools they need to be successful for every client. has a growing community of developers over 25,000 strong. Like Toptal, their service is designed to take the tedium out of hiring. hires professional freelancers who show proficiency in their programming languages.

  • Character assessment
  • Technical assessment
  • Must supply references and job history

3. Turing

Turing is a relatively new site named after the famed computer science pioneer, Alan Turing. Turing specializes in long-term remote American jobs for software engineers. There will be freelance and contract jobs available. Freelancers will begin a test right away and then will be ranked. Based on your performance as a programmer, you will be accepted or rejected into Turing.

  • Elite talent
  • Remote workers

4. Hired

Interested in working with local companies? You can do that with Hired, if you’re in a major market. Hired connects freelancers with employers and gives them the option to hire local talent. As a freelancer, you get a programming job with a nearby local company, helping you to expand your network in the process. And Hired takes care of the payments and processing. With opportunities at more than 10,000 companies, there is a good chance that a match is right around the corner.

Interested in remote? Hired can do that too.

  • Local or remote opportunities
  • Free to sign up

5. Upwork

If you have heard of online freelancing, you’ve probably heard of Upwork. As the largest freelancer marketplace, they provide a wide range of services--from design to bookkeeping to legal advice and translation. They have an amazing array of services. However, anyone can sign up and claim to be an expert. As a talented freelance programmer, it may be difficult for you to stand out from the crowd, especially if you are charging what you’re worth.

  • Easy to find projects
  • Lots of competition
  • Different skill levels


As a freelancer, the name says it all. Many of the clients here may be smaller or just starting out, but it’s a great place to build experience and a solid portfolio. also makes it simple to communicate with your client: provide milestones and benchmarks about when and how you will get the work done. As one of the largest marketplaces, there is lots of demand, even though there is lots of competition for programming jobs.

  • Secure payments
  • Easy to get started
  • Wide variety of programming projects

7. FlexJobs

Here as a freelance programmer, you can filter by different job types to find the ones that work best for you. For instance, if you are only interested in part-time or freelance, it is easy to sort for that. All of the desired skills are listed upfront, so you will know immediately what type of programming and software development they will require.

  • Opportunities from around the world
  • Easy filtering
  • Resources to help in your journey

8. WeWorkRemotely

WeWorkRemotely is a job board of only remote opportunities, mostly in the startup and tech space. Top startups like Stripe, Github, HotJar, Close, and more have advertised positions on this site. Job seekers can sort between full-time, part-time, or contract to find positions that they’re interested in.

  • Large pool of startup companies
  • Lots of remote resources
  • Easy for companies to post

9. Working Nomads

Similar to We Work Remotely, Working Nomads has a wide-range of jobs for freelance and contract programmers to find jobs. A header is listed on the main page, followed by more details with a click-through, which allows job seekers to quickly scan their lists and find the companies or skills that are most relevant to them. Each position on Working Nomads is tagged with a category for fast sorting or to find a related job.

  • Trusted network of freelance and contract programming opportunities
  • Easy to search and sort
  • Subscription option for alerts

10. Fiverr

If you’re new to the world of freelancing then Fiverr is a great platform to start. The platform accommodates professionals from various fields including programmers, translators, voice modulators, designers, and more. The platform allows you to showcase your projects and skills; even record an introduction video. It’s free to sign up, however, you’re required to pay 20% commission on every payment you receive.

  • Great place to gain experience
  • Free courses to learn new skills
  • Showcase finished projects to attract clients

11. Simply Hired

This website allows you to find all kinds of jobs--from freelancer to part-time or full-time. Another great feature of the portal is that you can filter your search based on location, skills, and experience in the field. It also has a list of salaries and a tool to help you estimate your fee. The website provides a resume builder and a resourceful blog to help you navigate the world of freelance.

  • Location-based job filter
  • Resourceful blog
  • Tools to help you decide your fee

12. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour is a great platform for freelancers who are into programming or designing. The website boasts of a good reputation amongst businesses for delivering good quality work and among freelancers for providing well-paying jobs. The platform is free for freelancers, however, the competition to find the best gigs can be very challenging. And the only caveat is, to find the best work on the website you’ll need to sign-up for their paid plan.

  • Great for programmers and developers
  • High-paying jobs
  • Need to sign-up for the paid plan to access the best gigs

13. The Creative Group

The Creative Group or TCG gives you access to both freelance as well as full-time work. It is great for professionals who are into web development, creative, digital marketing, advertising, or public relations. TCG’s staffing professionals and their AI-powered process find the best fit between the candidate and the job. You can begin by uploading your resume or connecting your LinkedIn profile to start looking for jobs. They also offer a detailed salary guide to help you negotiate a job offer.

  • Detailed salary guide
  • AI-powered process to find the candidate-job fit
  • Access to freelance, full-time, and contractual work

14. 99Designs

If you have the knack of creating functional and appealing designs, then 99Designs is a great platform for you to find good-quality work. It has gigs that cover the length and breadth of design-related work starting from creating a logo to designing book covers and websites. The website offers two working models--either work one-on-one with someone or participate in contests hosted by the clients. 99Designs reviews your work gives you a rating of either Entry, Mid, or Top level designer. The higher your level, the better your perks.

  • Specialized platform for designers
  • Resourceful blog to improve your creative knowledge
  • Free to join

15. Nexxt

Nexxt allows you to choose your jobs based on four criteria--career focus, local focus, diversity focus, and global focus. The diversity criteria are great for those who want to be part of a more inclusive environment. These specific categories allow you to find jobs that align with your career path and aspirations. It’s free to sign-up. You can create an account, post your resume, and start applying for jobs.

  • Allows you to create a showcase for your career portfolio
  • Find jobs that align with your career aspirations
  • Good client base

16. Indeed

One of the largest and most well-known job sites, Indeed combines job listings from across the web into an easy-to-use, searchable platform. You will find job listings (both full-time and freelance) from across the U.S., along with a smattering of other positions as well. Indeed is a generalist job site, so its results are not limited to only programming or development. The advantage is that companies of all types and sizes post to Indeed, giving you a wide-range of opportunities.

  • Wide range of opportunities
  • Free to search
  • Filter by location, job type, and more

17. Coding Ninjas

The mission of Coding Ninjas was to give developers across the globe access to some of the best career opportunities. However, becoming a part of the platform is a bit of a rigorous process. You have to fill out an application, give an English language test, pass a live interview, complete a project, and if all goes well you get accepted into the community.

  • No extra fees
  • Don’t have to compete for projects
  • Choose your projects and set your schedule

18. Codeable

To join the community of more than 15,000 WordPress developers, you need to pass a rigorous 6-step vetting process. If you deliver top-quality work on a continuous basis, you can build up a portfolio of loyal clients whom you like to work with. The platform handles customer acquisition, billing, and support giving you the freedom to do your best work.

  • $70-$120/hr – guaranteed minimum rate
  • Returning clients
  • Great customer support

19. Guru

Whatever may be your skill, you’ll find a great job that suits your needs on Guru. The platform offers SafePay payment protection and allows you to choose your preferred payment method for financial peace of mind. Once you sign-up the freelance platform will verify your profile and share feedback scores and all-time transaction data to help you get better jobs. You can browse through the jobs, submit your quotes, and get hired immediately. Guru also offers WorkRooms that collaborate and communicate easily with employers.

  • Free to sign-up
  • Access to thousands of jobs
  • SafePay payment protection

20. Hireable

Hireable is similar to a lot of other freelance job portals with one great exception--it allows you to find work outside America or Europe with equal opportunity. The platform has a pretty straightforward interface. You create your profile, get job alerts, and recommendations. You apply for jobs, get work, and thrive.

  • Opportunities outside America and Europe
  • Straightforward and simple interface
  • Access to thousands of jobs

21. Outsourcely

Outsourcely wants their remote developers and software engineers to find longer term projects for their careers. Outsourcely has set up a robust matching platform where employers pay for access. Employers pay for access and the right to message and interact with freelancers of all skills.

Outsourcely’s main goal is to create the most effective platform for connecting talent with employers, even if they live across the world or in a different time zone.

Much of the talent pool is international with a lower hourly rate than most. If your looking for a great place to start your career, or need a few programmers to test out an idea, Outsourcely could be a great option.

  • Perfect for international workers
  • Wide range of hourly rates
  • Multiple platform tiers for hiring

22. Workana

Workana is a freelance job site that specializes in tech and design skills. You can join the portal for free, however, you’ll be charged varying levels of commission each time you get paid by a client. The platform is pretty simple to use wherein you create a detailed profile, search for suitable jobs, and send a bid to the client that fits your requirements. Workana normally takes a deposit from the client for your gig to ensure that you get paid on time.

  • Clients of all shapes and sizes from all sorts of industries
  • Escrow service to ensure on-time payment
  • Multiple money withdrawal methods

23. TopCoder

Just as the name suggests, TopCoder is an excellent platform for those who understand the world of technology. Once you join, you’ll be a part of one of the world’s most diverse technology communities with more than 1.5 million members. From global giants to SMBs, companies use TopCoder to make the most of the “gig economy” and find specialized skills on demand.

  • Great platform for coders, developers, and programmers
  • 100% remote
  • Work with clients of all shapes and sizes

24. Crossover

If you’re looking for long-term contracts and competitive compensation then Crossover is the platform for you. Almost all the jobs listed on the site are location-independent, multi-year in duration, and offer competitive hourly rates as per the U.S. standard. However, before becoming a member, you’ll have to pass Crossover’s rigorous evaluation process that involves a detailed application and multiple steps to prove your skills and expertise.

  • Work with Fortune 1000 clients
  • Long-term projects
  • Competitive compensation

25. Gigster

Gigster is a network of tech enthusiasts comprising of developers, project managers, and designers from around the world. On signing up, you’ll become part of a network of more than 1,000 professionals. You get the freedom to choose the projects that excite you and work from anywhere in the world. Their pay scale is aligned with the Silicon Valley wage irrespective of your location.

  • Perfect for professionals in the tech
  • Silicon Valley wage pay scale
  • Option to work in a team

26. Design Crowd

DesignCrowd is a freelance haven for designers. The website hosts design contests for logos, flyers, web design, and more, in an attempt to connect freelancers with clients. It’s a great platform to find new clients, face new design challenges, build a great portfolio, and get paid in the process. As a freelancer, you can either bid for design projects or take a more competitive route and participate in contests.

  • Perfect for graphic designers
  • Bid on a project or participate in a contest
  • Global reach

27. Expert360

Expert360 is one of the leading marketplace ad management platforms fueling the freelance community. The platform bridges the gap between talented freelancers from various industries and businesses looking for remote/freelance work solution. You can create a profile for free and join the community of over 23,000 approved freelancers used by 4,500 hiring managers across 450+ companies.

  • Careful vetting process to ensure top quality talent
  • Resources to keep you updated with freelancing trends and news
  • Real-time matching between the candidate and the job

28. Dribble

Dribble’s mission is to build the world’s best community for creatives to share, grow, and get hired. The platform has been the go-to resource for some of the top brands and designers in the world to connect with each other. Dribble has helped companies such as Apple, Airbnb, Facebook, Google, Dropbox, Slack, Shopify, and more to hire creatives for their design team.

  • Listed in Inc. 5000 - One of the fastest-growing private companies in America
  • Connect with the world’s top brands
  • Organizes meetups to better connect with other designers

29. Behance Jobs

As a platform, Behance strikes the perfect balance between showcasing your creativity and getting hired for it. It is one of the world’s leading platform for creative professionals across industries. You can showcase your work to millions of companies, recruiters, and editors by creating a multimedia portfolio on the website. Behance is changing the way creative professionals, such as you, manage your careers and find the best opportunity to shine.

  • Global platform for creatives
  • Showcase your work to millions of recruiters
  • Work for some of the world’s biggest brands

30. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the site for every professional. It allows you to create a detailed profile highlighting your work history, education, any additional certifications, volunteer work, and more. You can add a layer of authenticity by receiving testimonials from people you’ve worked with. You can find all sorts of job opportunities on this platform including freelance, remote, full-time, part-time, contractual, and more. You also have the opportunity to directly connect and reach out to people who are hiring.

  • Social media platform for professionals
  • Connect with experts from across the globe
  • Industry agnostic

31. Smashing Jobs

Smashing is a great portal to find programming and designing jobs and connect with great companies across the world. Through their articles and digital books, they are sharing great knowledge and helping designers improve their skills and learn about the latest trends in the industry. They also have a membership program and events to promote active discussion in the community. You can find your next project by browsing through their list of jobs based on remote, freelance, part-time, or full-time.

  • Access to articles and books to enhance knowledge
  • Can apply for jobs without a profile
  • Conferences and workshops to better connect with the community

32. Krop

Krop is an industry job board and portfolio hosting website for creative professionals. The platform helps you build a stellar portfolio that attracts the best kind of gigs. Companies such as Facebook, Tesla, The New York Times, Apple, HBO, Twitter, and more go to Krop to find competent designers for their projects.

  • Platform for creative professionals
  • Portfolio hosting website
  • Access to the world’s biggest companies

33. MeFi Jobs

The interface of MeFi Jobs is a bit unique. The website shows a map with pins that indicate available jobs in that geo-location. There are 25 categories of jobs and you can find work that could be freelance, part-time, full-time, internship, and more. When signing up you can add your geo-location (optional) and the site will tell you how close each job is to you. You also have the option to share a post highlighting your skills for employers to reach out to you for work.

  • Jobs are highlighted on a map
  • Option to share a post asking for jobs
  • 25 categories of jobs

34. Coroflot

Coroflot is a freelance job portal for designers. The companies using the platform to hire designers range from local operations to multinational industry leaders. Some of them include Microsoft, Nokia, Nike, Intel, Sony, and more. To join, you’ll have to fill out an application and share your best professional portfolio for review. Coroflot only accepts a small percentage of the application that meets its platform’s standards.

  • Platform for designers and creative professionals
  • Thorough vetting process
  • Access to some of the world’s top brands

35. Problogger

If you’re a blogging enthusiast then you will love this site. Problogger jobs is one of the leading marketplaces for blog-related and content programming jobs. Applying for a job on this platform is easy--go through the job listing, pick the one that suits your needs, fill out a Google form and if the employer likes your profile then you get the gig.

  • Perfect for blogging enthusiasts
  • Online resume builder
  • Large number of jobs to choose from

36. Dice

Dice is one of the leading technology job portals in the United States managing more than 7 million profiles. It helps technology professionals build their careers by sharing insights, data, and opportunities. You can set the criteria of the kind of jobs you’re looking for and Dice will send alerts every time a job opens up that meets your requirements. They also offer advanced data tools and insights on salary information to help you level up in your careers.

  • Specifically for tech professionals
  • Option to get precise job matches that meet your requirement
  • Advanced tools and salary insights

37. WPHIired

WPHired is one of the first WordPress Job Boards that’s bridging the gap between small to large business and talented WordPress individuals. The platform is free to use and great for those who love to play around with WordPress. You can apply for all kinds of jobs including freelance, full-time, part-time, internship, and more.

  • Specially for WordPress developers
  • Free to use
  • Can find jobs by position, type, and country

38. LocalSolo

LocalSolo offers a curated network of more than 27,000 A-list professionals hired by businesses of all shapes and sizes. It’s free to create a profile and they don’t take any commissions from your gigs. It’s open to freelancers from varied forms of specializations such as design, engineering, copywriting, photography, and even analyst.

  • Free with zero commissions
  • Attractive personal branding
  • Work directly with the client

39. OnSite

OnSite helps you become part of a world-class freelance talent community. It’s a platform where designers, developers, and copywriters can find lucrative opportunities for freelance jobs. OnSite is an invite-only platform and accepts less than 5% of the applications. However, those accepted get an opportunity to work with some of the top clients such as Google, BBC, Collins, and more.

  • Invite-only platform
  • Free with zero commission
  • World-class clients

40. Floyo

Floyo is a newsletter and a community of more than 7,800 subscribers. It sends a curated list for designers looking for jobs. The company monitors places such as Slack communities, LinkedIn, and other job boards to find great opportunities and sends them right into your inbox every day. Signing up for the newsletter is free, however, you will have to pay a subscription fee to get access to the best design gigs.

  • Newsletter with a curated list for designers
  • Access to the best design jobs across the web in your inbox
  • Subscription-based service

41. YunoJuno

YunoJuno is one of London’s elite creative networks whose mission is to unlock the true potential of freelancing. The platform supports the entire engagement lifecycle--starting from finding the perfect freelance job, transparent and direct communication with the employer, to contract, time management, and billing. You can find both short-term and long-term assignments on the platform.

  • Popular for design jobs
  • Find creative jobs with some of the best companies
  • Freelancers in a contract are paid by YunoJuno — not the hirer

42. Crowdsite

Crowdsite offers two key services -- design and brainstorm contest. It is one of the best design contests to try out, especially if you are an established designer or developer. The employer starts a contest where you can share your personalized designs. If selected, you can start a chat and discuss the details with the employer. Additional, you also get the opportunity to negotiate for a private project with clients on Crowdsite.

  • Design and brainstorm contests
  • Great for experienced designers
  • The “guaranteed contest” ensures you get paid even if you don’t win

43. Localancers

Localancers helps you find jobs based on geo-location. It is open to freelancers from all industries such as graphic design, web development, content writing, marketing specialists, SEO experts, and more. It’s the perfect platform for both local cooperation and international outsourcing. You can sort options down to the location, skill, timezone, countries, and the price. To be listed as a freelancer, there is a sign-up cost of about €17.

  • Jobs based on geo-location
  • Sign-up cost of €17
  • Jobs available from various industries

44. Sologig

Sologig is a freelance platform that connects experienced tech and engineering professionals with relevant opportunities. However, it is not limited to tech. You can find jobs in other sectors such as healthcare, retail, management, and more. You can post your resume highlighting your experience, sign up for automatic job alerts, and take advantage of job search management tools. You can find both part-time and full-time contracts as well as consulting opportunities.

  • Popular for tech jobs
  • Tools to help you find the best job
  • Free to join

45. Authentic Jobs

Creative and web professionals can find some of the best full-time as well as freelance opportunities here. As a freelancer on this platform, you’ll get the opportunity to work with well-known names in major industries such as The New York Times, Facebook, Apple, NPR, Tesla, and more.

  • Free to join
  • Create a free profile on their sister site, Authentic Pros
  • Great for web developers

46. Bark

Bark refers to itself as the Amazon of services. Millions of people use the platform to find great work opportunities every day. Bark charges a small fee for each potential introduction that it gives you so you can reach out to them. Moreover, with Bark Pro, you get to build an online profile that boosts your web presence and helps promote your business.

  • Amazon of professional services
  • Charges a small fee for every introduction
  • Allows you to build a great web presence

47. Envato Studio

Envato Studio is a global community of world-class freelancers offering over 3,000 unique services. Whether you are a designer, an online marketing expert, developer, or WordPress expert, there is something for you. You have to apply as a service provider and once accepted you can define your price and services.

  • Industry-wide services
  • Handpicked community of freelancers
  • Meetups and forums to better engage with the community

What is freelance programming?

Freelancing programming means providing services as a developer to various clients for specific tasks while not being employed by them. Most freelancers work independently and aren’t employees of large corporations or companies. In addition, freelancers often pay their own business taxes, choose their own customers, set their own hours, and control their workspace completely. They must also manage multiple relationships, projects and communications. Because of these responsibilities, most freelancer’s incomes vary greatly depending on the amount of work completed. Freelancers work on their own schedule rather than an employer’s schedule. Some freelancers may work from home while others travel throughout the world working remotely.

Some programming professionals work part-time while still maintaining a full-time programming position. Other freelancers earn money through selling their coding skills; however, this means that they do not have full control over the amount of time spent developing each project.

What does a freelance programmer do?

Software developers create the codes for various kinds of apps. They use different programming languages to do so. For instance, Java is one popular coding language used by app developers.

How to use our list of freelance programming sites

Discovering the best destinations to know more about freelance programming is not a simple task. 

Sites like Toptal,, or Hired and the others in this list are incredible answers for freelance developers scanning for work in tech, and for companies who want to leverage tech experts.

On the opposite sidem, there are freelance, general commercial sites like Upwork, People Per Hour, and Freelancer that permit you to cast an extensive search for freelance programming work with businesses and companies of all sizes.

Often, freelance programmers need to do the same amount of screening as employees do—what types of clients and companies are using these sites? Are these individuals or large multi-national conglomerates? 

Thank you for your feedback!

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