Top 15 Remote Freelance Android Developer Jobs



Today, businesses that are scaling and growing rapidly have real concerns about building strong and functional digital applications. Mobile being key in today’s market, businesses are looking for qualified and experienced Android and iOS developers which opens up a huge market for freelance remote android developer jobs.

Freelance Remote Android Developer Jobs

Remote work was gradually picking up pace but 2020 fast-tracked that revolution forcing companies across the world to adopt remote work culture. What doesn’t come as a surprise is the popularity remote work got over the past few months. This opened up huge opportunities for Android developers to work with companies across borders.

If you build great Android apps and mobile applications and are on the lookout for freelance remote android developer jobs then the freelance platforms listed below are some of the best places that can help you find your next gig.

The Top 15 Platforms to Find Remote Android Development Jobs:

1. Toptal

One of the best out there, Toptal, started with tech talent as its key focus. With a unique approach compared to other platforms, this website is mostly for seasoned and talented professionals.

Toptal is a site where leading brands such as JPMorgan, Zendesk, and Airbnb look for talent. According to the platform, only 3 percent of applicants make it through their technical tests and their thorough vetting process. Toptal encourages learning, ethical values, and professionalism of its employees.

To ensure you get great clients to work with and gigs that help advance your career, then Toptal is probably your best bet.

2. Fiverr

The platform gets its name from its core idea—every gig (as it's called on the platform) starts at $5. However, over the years, Fiverr has grown from people paying $5 to do almost anything to a platform that offers professionals such as freelance android developers a means to expand their horizons and connect with industry leaders. Fiverr highlights the rating and reviews of each individual next to them that businesses look at when hiring.

3. Upwork

One of the oldest, Upwork has dozens of categories and over 12 million professionals giving you enough space to find and build your niche. They have over 5 million clients completing more than 3 million jobs a year. Build a strong profile and you’re sure to get work here. It is one of the best platforms for you to find both small and large businesses or android developer jobs to work on. The platform shares each developer’s job success rating and the hourly rate so you can find businesses that are serious about working with you.

4. Guru

As a platform, the mission of Guru is to connect freelancers and employers both locally and globally. If you’re looking for full-time or part-time software development or mobile app development jobs, then you could consider being on this platform. Your profile on this site highlights your experience and expertise making it convenient for you to find projects that fit your niche. Their dashboard facilitates hassle-free communication between the two parties. You can easily streamline your project by sharing files, payment deals, and more on the platform itself.

5. Dice

Dice specializes in tech talent and connects clients looking for tech-related services with the right developers. So, the chances of you finding freelance remote android developer jobs on this platform are high. This is the right place for tech talents such as yourself to look for relevant remote gigs.

6. Hubstaff Talent

If you’re looking for working with someone on a long-term basis, then Hubstaff Talent is your platform. The platform boasts of freelancers from across the globe which means you’ll get the opportunity to work with businesses across borders. At Hubstaff Talent, you need to build a solid profile and businesses review the available profiles and get in touch with the software engineer or android application developer they want to work with.

7. Simply Hired

Simply Hired is a massive job board that posts millions of jobs listing daily from over 700,000 unique employers. The platform operates job search engines in 24 countries and 12 languages. Simply Hired is similar to a search engine that collects job listings from across the web including job boards, niche job platforms, company career pages, and more. The site boasts of multiple useful resources such as hiring guides and salary recommendations that can help you advance in your android app development career.

8. Upstack

Similar to Simply Hired and Upwork, Upstack is your all-in-one remote talent solution except it’s a little more specialized. It can help you to not only find the right freelance remote android developer jobs but also connect you with companies that like to retain and nurture the talent for the long term.

The way it works is that Upstack has dedicated account managers that discuss projects and expectations with companies. If your profile matches the requirements then they connect you with the company and you can get started risk-free.

9. Borderless Mind

Borderless Mind helps you build your profile and find freelance remote android developer jobs. The platform has a rigorous screening process that gives access to only the top 5 percent of talent with a hoard of frameworks, technologies, software development languages, experiences, and skills.

10. Hired

As a platform, Hired flaunts a massive 60 percent positive response rate of connecting developers with businesses. All the android developers on its platform get vetted ensuring its credibility. To get hired on this platform, you must build a strong profile highlighting all your key skills and experience that a potential client could be looking for. The platform will then connect you with appropriate businesses whom you can interview with and get started immediately.

11. PeoplePerHour

PeoplePerHour has an advanced artificial intelligence system that does most of the hard work of connecting you with an appropriate business. All you’re required to do is build a thorough profile on the platform. To find a job, you need to look at postings and respond to them with your proposals that the businesses review and get in touch with you. You can use their feature “Offers” to set bundles that businesses can choose.

12. Gigster

Gigster is another tech-focused freelance marketplace that serves as a bridge between developers and organizations. This platform hosts talents with the ranks of individuals who have experience working in tech companies. Some of the professionals enlisted on the website are startup founders while many boast of academic degrees from schools such as MIT and Stanford. A lot of them have even won awards from Apple for their creations. If you have strong academic accolades or impressive experience, this might be a great platform for you.

13. LinkedIn

On LinkedIn, you can look up job postings, search for companies you want to work with, share industry information and news, and stay connected with colleagues. Users on LinkedIn build a comprehensive profile highlighting what they do, their work experience, education, professional/social achievements, and more. You can directly reach out to recruiters and companies that you want to work with along with applying for available jobs.

14. Topcoder

Topcoder is a global, crowdsourcing platform for designers and developers. The website started as a community for coders whose primary focus was algorithms. However, today it has turned into a global technology community with people who build amazing digital solutions including mobile and android applications. Topcoder gives you access to global projects, so you get a chance to work with businesses across the globe.

Choosing the right freelance android developer jobs platform

Finding freelance remote android developer jobs can be challenging but these sites and resources give you a good head start. Having precise knowledge of what you’re looking for before you sign-up can help. Moreover, finding the right platform will also depend on the kind of projects you wish to work on:

  • Do you have a specific niche and do you want to stick to it?
  • Does it help advance your career and build your portfolio?
  • Are the businesses that hire you properly vetted?
  • Do you want to work with clients in a specific geography?
  • How much time are you willing to dedicate to a project?
  • Does the platform offer learning and growth opportunities?
  • Are you looking for long-term or short-term projects?
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