Top 50 Custom Software Development Companies in 2024


Finish your software project this year with one of the best custom software development companies. Find the best match for your project.
Top 50 Custom Software Development Companies

Custom software development refers to creating software with specific users or organizations in mind. Custom software is meant to serve a single client rather than be repackaged and sold off-the-shelf to customers. For cases where a generic bit of software won’t do the trick, custom software can drive enormous value in a wide variety of applications and contexts including:

  • B2B: billing and invoicing software, contract management systems, vendor or procurement

  • B2C: customer portals, payment systems, eCommerce solutions

  • Internal use: HR, data analytics and business intelligence, financial management systems

Many businesses decide to work with third-party contractors when pursuing custom software development project. This can be for a variety of reasons. Maybe their staff lack the technical know-how in-house, or the project would overload internal development capacity, or simply that extremely talented developers can be contracted out for bargain rates.

The list below will direct you to the very best places to get started developing custom software applications for your business!

The Top 50 Custom Software Development Companies In 2024

We’ve analyzed a wide selection of the very best custom software development companies to provide you with the list below. You’ll find companies suitable for a diverse set of businesses (startups, mid-sized companies, enterprise), budgets, and project types.

1. Toptal

Founded: 2010

Toptal is a global talent marketplace with developers located worldwide. Toptal allows you to flexibly staff the top 3% of talent worldwide on projects ranging from digital transformation to building out full, automated analytics system. Due to the distributed nature of Toptal’s workforce (i.e. developers based all over the world), you’ll be able to find the highest quality engineers at the best rates. With stellar engineers, rapid project start times (always within three weeks, but often shorter), a strong quality guarantee, and no termination rates, Toptal is widely regarded as the industry leader in staffing remote tech talent.

2. Fingent

Founded: 2003

Fingent is a U.S.-based custom software development agency with offices in Australia, the U.A.E., and India. Distinct from some of the startup-focused firms on this list, Fingent focuses primarily on developing web and mobile applications for enterprise and mid-sized businesses. With offices in the United States (Boston and New York), India and the United Arab Emirates, Fingent's team of 230 full-time employees can provide support across Mobile Application Development, Product Development (SaaS) and Enterprise Software Development.

3. Itransition

Founded: 1998

Itransition is a U.S.-based custom software development agency. The firm consists of a comprehensive team of IT professionals who serve everyone from SMB to enterprise clients. Itransition can handle projects ranging from enterprise app development to mobile app development and application security projects.

4. Spire Digital

Founded: 1998

Spire Digital is a U.S.-based custom software development agency. Spire's focus lies in strategic consulting, user experience design, software development, DevOps, and staff augmentation to the world’s top companies. Spire supports startups and enterprises in a variety of industries and across an array of technologies such as web, mobile, IoT, wearables, AR/VR, AI, or blockchain. Check out the firm's work in their public portfolio that you can filter by industry or by service.

5. Eleks

Founded: 1991

Eleks is a Ukraine, U.S., and U.K.-based custom software development agency. With a long track record in the industry (going on 28 years!), Eleks is equipped to provide a range of services including software engineering, technology consulting, QA, R&D, and security services. The firm's team of 1,100+ professionals and international staff means you'll be able to find the right skillset necessary to complete your project at a fraction of the cost when compared against fully U.S.-based firms.

6. Intellectsoft

Founded: 2007

Intellectsoft is a U.S.-based full-service custom software and mobile app development company. Intellectsoft tends to be more enterprise-focused, and has a client roster that features companies like Universal Pictures, Harley-Davidson, Jaguar, Audi, and Land Rover. With offices based in Silicon Valley, New York, London, Oslo and Minsk, they'll be able to provide a premium development experience to large-budget customers.

7. Konstant Infosolutions

Founded: 2003

Konstant Infosolutions is a U.S.-, India-, and U.A.E.-based development firm. Konstant Infosolutions'  team of 170+ highly qualified and experienced IT professionals provides a range of web and mobile solutions that includes: Custom Web Development, UI/UX Design Solutions, E-Commerce Solutions, Database Programming, CMS Development, Native Mobile Apps Development, Cross-Platform Mobile App Development, Enterprise Mobility Solutions and IT Consulting.

8. iTechArt

Founded: 2002

iTechArt is a U.S.-based custom software development company. iTechArt works with VC-backed startups and fast-growing tech companies to build successful, scalable products meant for web, mobile, and the cloud. Their in-house team of over 1600 engineers brings a startup mentality to tackling challenging problems with the newest technologies. The firm prides itself on speed, promising to return potential engineers' CVs within 24 hours of receiving your project description.

9. Codiant Software Technologies

Founded: 2010

Codiant Software Technologies is a custom software development company with offices in the U.S., U.K., India, and Australia. With a massive roster of engineers located in offshore development centers, Codiant Software offers mobile app development, web design & development, enterprise mobility, eCommerce development, blockchain and cloud solutions, and wearable app development.

10. Zco

Founded: 1989

Zco is a U.S.-based full-stack app development firm. With offices in New Hampshire and Boston, Zco's team of 200+ specialists provides web, mobile, and animation services to a wide range of client types. While the company's roots are in desktop and backend software, they've shifted to become primarily a mobile app development company and have serviced clients ranging from startups to entrepreneurial app creators to Fortune 500 companies.

11. Rademade

Founded: 2010

Rademade is a Ukraine and U.S.-based custom software development company. Rademade provides a full cycle of offshore services including the creation of custom software solutions, architecture, UX/UI design, QA, testing, remote administration, maintenance, and ongoing support. Their development team makes use of the Scrum methodology to rapidly supply your business with high-quality software at an attractive price. Check out the firm's portfolio page to see examples of past work.

12. VironIT

Founded: 2004

VironIT is a Belarus- and U.S.-based custom software development company. VironIT focuses on mobile apps, web-oriented solutions, and business software, and operates across a variety of technologies including Android, iOS, C++, Angular JS, Node.JS, PHP, .NET, Java, and Python, among others. The company's blog offers illustrative case studies and discussions of hot topics in the industry.

13. Atomic Object

Founded: 2001

Atomic Object is a U.S.-based custom software development company. Atomic specializes in web apps, mobile, Internet of Things/device software, desktop apps, and cloud capabilities to provide software that's secure, stable, and scalable. The firm puts an emphasis on Agile development and continuous testing to minimize buggy code and make sure deadlines are met. Check out some of their team's past work in the portfolio section of their site.

14. 10Pearls

Founded: 2004

10Pearls is a global custom software development firm with offices located worldwide (in cities ranging from Washington, DC and SF to Medellin and Dubai). 10Pearls originally began as a tiny dev shop catering to small business but quickly grew to a firm of 400+ employees with a deep roster of Fortune 500 enterprise clients. The firm handles a wide range of development services including product development, continuous security, team (or staff) augmentation, and quality assurance, among others. With deep experience in various industry verticals (including healthcare & life sciences, technology, communications & media, transportation and financial services), 10Pearls is another great option for large-budget customers.

15. Praxent

Founded: 2000

Praxent is a U.S.-based digital innovation agency. Praxent brings a sprint-based approach to software development that allows the firm's developers to pivot or course-correct per new needs or learnings. The firm selectively works with large-budget clients (think a range of $200k to $1mm) and works primarily with service-based businesses.

16. MojoTech

Founded: 2007

MojoTech is a U.S.-based custom software development company. MojoTech helps transform businesses with cloud-native software solutions. With a client base ranges from early-stage start-ups to Fortune 100 companies (including such heavy hitters as Blue Cross Blue Shield and Aetna), this originally engineering-only consultancy promises to transform complex business problems into elegant, scalable solutions.

17. DCSL Software

Founded: 1994

DCSL Software is a U.K.-based custom software development firm. DCSL Software is one of the U.K.’s leading custom software development companies that focuses on designing intelligent, cost-effective and intuitive web applications, desktop applications and mobile apps to streamline processes for businesses and create new revenue streams for start-ups and established businesses. DCSL does not outsource any development work, meaning you'll be guaranteed a level of quality that other firms can't guarantee (this also means you'll likely see a higher price point compared to other firms–quality isn't cheap!).

18. The Software House

Founded: 2013

The Software House is a Poland-based custom software development company. The Software House aims to support CTOs and Product Owners who need a long-term software development partner. Check out the case studies section on the firm's website to see over 150 applications designed and developed by the Software house across a variety of industries, and offers a Resource section where you can find open-source tools, tech webinars, guides and e-books. The firm has received recognition from Deloitte and ComputerWorld for their development.

19. Merixstudio

Founded: 1999

Merixstudio is a Poland-based custom software development company. Merix is a full-stack agile team that designs and develops web applications & digital products. The firm has serviced a good mixture of enterprise, mid-size, and startup clients, with a typical development budget of around $30k and design budget of $12k. Merix offers standalone product development in addition to staff augmentation services.

20. Sidebench

Founded: 2012

Sidebench is a U.S.-based custom software development agency. Sidebench focuses on UX design and product development. The firm has an impressive roster of past clients ranging from Facebook and Microsoft to Andreessen Horowitz and NBC. The firm specializes in HIPAA compliant products, UI/UX design, mobile and web apps, user research, and systems integration. Check out some of their past work in the case studies section of their site.

21. Caxy Interactive

Founded: 1999

Caxy Interactive is a U.S.-based custom software development company. Caxy prides itself on being filled with open source specialists who have expertise in user-centered design, content management systems, e-commerce, mobile application development, database development and custom web applications. Check out the case study section of their site to see past work, or their Insights section to read about the latest dev topics.

22. Trigent Software

Founded: 1995

Trigent Software is a U.S.-based custom software development company with offshore developers based in India. Trigent enables organizations to adopt digital processes and customer engagement models with an emphasis on results and end-user experience. The firm offers end-to-end consulting services, design, development and managed services across cloud, mobile, business intelligence, product engineering, QA & testing, Internet of Things, Big Data, and Artificial Intelligence. The firm's IT and Professional Services offices in India means you'll get U.S.-quality work at a fraction of the cost.

23. Spiria

Founded: 2003

Spiria is a U.S. and Canada-based custom software development company. Spiria's 150 experts have worked to design and engineer multiplatform software, Web, Mobile and IoT solutions for businesses across a wide variety of industries. The firm's specialties include digital transformation, web design, embedded systems and Internet of Things, UX/UI design, and mobile app development. Check out Spiria's case studies for examples of their work with past clients ranging from Shutterstock to Autodesk.

24. Orases

Founded: 2010

Orases, founded in 2000, is a U.S.-based full-service, digital technology agency. Orases offers custom software, website and application development services and solutions aimed at driving efficiency and providing measurable cost savings and revenue gains to their client partners. In addition to product design and strategy services, Orases provides content management services, a strength that helps differentiate them from the other firms listed here. See examples of their past work on their site.

25. Intellias

Founded: 2002

Intellias is a Ukraine-based custom software development company with additional offices in Berlin and Krakow.. The firm prides itself on maintaining a flat, flexible, and transparent structure that enables them to scale quickly based on client demand. With four offices and more than 1600 engineers, Intellias maintains this promise of transparency by providing clients with two points of contact: their CEO/Co-Founder for strategic questions and executive supervision, and their Delivery Director for operations. You can sort through case studies of their past work by expertise, industry, and technology on their site.

26. SimbirSoft

Founded: 2001

SimbirSoft is a Russia-based custom software development company with a satellite office in Berlin. SimbirSoft offers end-to-end IT product development, quality assurance services, and data based software solutions. Their work in data is particularly impressive, with experience creating IT solutions for banks, telecoms, retail and service companies. Since 2012, the firm's  been focused on big data: developing comprehensive systems for analysis of customer needs, competitor actions and risk management. Check out their portfolio of past work online.

27. Table XI

Founded: 2003

Table XI is a U.S.-based custom software development company that combines product strategy with design and development to make products that transform businesses. Table XI is a firm of software engineers and consultants that values long-term relationships with clients (some going back 15 years to the firm's founding). Services include digital strategy and project management, product and user experience design, mobile development, and custom web development.

28. Spiral Scout

Founded: 2010

Spiral Scout is a U.S.-based custom software development company. Spiral Sprout puts an emphasis on reliable communication and partnership with clients as much as they do expertise and speed. The firm offers web design and development services and has years of experience developing applications in PHP, JS/TypeScript, Golang, Java, Python, Node.js, and AWS. Their ideal client type is in the small- to medium-sized business range that have a budget or funding for software development or design projects; most of these clients are in e-commerce, e-learning and educational space, or companies looking to build digital asset management systems. See examples of their past work online.

29. STX Next

Founded: 2005

STX Next is a Poland-based custom software development company. STX Next is Europe's largest Python and JavaScript development company with 14 years of experience in the field and a staff of over 170 developers. The firm offers services including product design, DevOps and mobile.

30. Softeq

Founded: 1997

Softeq is a U.S.-, Germany-, and Belarus-based custom software development company. The firm offers hardware, software, and app development under one roof, servicing everyone from startups to enterprise clients. With over 300 employees and specializations across wearables / Internet of Things, embedded solutions, mobile, desktop software, web systems, and Cloud solutions, Softeq is a particularly great solution for companies in need of hardware solutions. Check out their portfolio to see examples of past work.

31. 10Clouds

Founded: 2009

10Clouds is a Poland-based custom software development company. 10Clouds is a full-service software development firm focused on web applications, mobile apps, and digital product design. 10Clouds offers a free estimate for your project, so it could be a good place to get your project started to determine a benchmark before checking out other options.

32. PSL Corp

Founded: 1986

PSL Corp. is a Medellin-based custom software development company. PSL seeks to provide the highest quality agile development services from nearshore centers in Latin America, with services ranging from blockchain development and Internet of Things to machine learning and chatbots. The firm seeks to strike a balance between CMMi5, agile, and DevOps, allowing their team to maintain process discipline yet remain fully agile. See examples of their past work online.

33. Highland Solutions

Founded: 1999

Highland Solutions is a U.S.-based digital experience agency. Highland Solutions specifically serves mission-driven organizations and customer-centric companies in and around Chicago, IL, making it unique among firms listed here in that they have a specific geographic focus. Their services include CX strategy, product design, custom software, and CRM implementation.

34. Vincit California

Founded: 2007

Vincit California is a U.S.- and Finland-based custom software development company. Services include mobile app development, software development, web development and UI/UX. The firm takes a full-service mindset to each project to ensure client satisfaction. Goji Labs ( Goji Labs, founded in 2004, is a U.S.-based software consultancy. Goji helps bring products to market. Goji offers services in strategy (product workshops, discovery sprints, branding, and storytelling), design (UX research, UX/UI design, design sprints), and software development (Ruby on Rails, Python/Django, Javascript, iOS, among others) to help their impressive roster of clients, including WWF and Kitchen Table.

35. Brainvire Infotech Inc.

Founded: 2000

Brainvire Infotech Inc. is a U.S.-based custom software development company with offices in the U.A.E. and India. Brainvire leverages functional insights, end-to-end capabilities, and data-powered analytics to provide web and mobile app development, game development, and ERP and CRM integration. Specializing in e-commerce development but working across a wide variety of industry verticals, Brainvire promises to get the job done at a reasonable rate. Check out their past work online.

36. Lookfar Labs

Founded: 2014

Lookfar Labs is a U.S.-based software and startup studio. Lookfar offers services across software development, UX design, strategy, and planning to help turn innovative ideas into apps and other technical products. The firm is based in New Orleans, and takes pride in working closely with many startups based in the American southeast.

37. DePalma Studios

Founded: 2012

DePalma Studios is a U.S.-based custom software development company. Based in Nashville, DePalma Studios specializes in UX design and a human-centered process. DePalma is a veteran-owned business with experience in industries including finance, electronics manufacturing, oil & gas, government, healthcare, insurance, entertainment, utilities, telecomm, and transportation. Examples of the firm's past work is available online.

38. Brainhub

Founded: 2014

Brainhub is a Poland-based custom software development company. Brainhub focuses on building highly scalable web, mobile and desktop applications with JavaScript (with additional expertise in React, Node.js, React VR, and Electron). With past clients including National Geographic and PwC, Brainhub will efficiently transform your ideas and experience into a digital product with their remote dev team.

39. Diceus

Founded: 2011

Diceus is a Ukraine-based custom software development company with additional offices in Dubai, New York, and Lithuania. Diceus' 119 employees provide web and custom software development to a client base of small and midmarket businesses in real estate, healthcare, financial services, and marketing sectors. To see past work, check out the case studies available on their site.

40. Dockyard

Founded: 2010

Dockyard is a U.S.-based digital product agency. DockYard focuses on custom software, mobile and web app design and development, servicing a client base of startups, mid-market, and enterprise clients through the U.S. In addition to these core services, Dockyard offers UX, staff augmentation, and training. Read about how Dockyard has plugged in to help previous clients on the case studies page of their site.

41. SingleMind

Founded: 2005

SingleMind is a U.S.-based design and development agency. SingleMind team of ~20 offers mobile and web app development, user experience (UX) design, and systems engineering across a range of technological capabilities including e-commerce, and custom software development. See their past work online.

42. Curotec

Founded: 2010

Curotec is a U.S.-based web and e-commerce development company. Curotec provides SEO, consulting, and marketing services to clients in the telecommunications, healthcare, and fintech industries. The firm seeks to leverage their expert knowledge to transform their clients digitally, integrate back-end systems, improve customer experience, and grow the bottom line. See examples of success stories on their website.

43. Baytech Consulting

Founded: 2007

Baytech Consulting is a U.S.-based custom software development company. Baytech provides custom software development and web development services, bringing a deep knowledge of business applications and enterprise-grade software to support a wide range of client types. Check out their past client testimonials from happy customers across a wide range of industries to get a better sense of this firm's work.

44. Experion Technologies

Founded: 2006

Experion Technologies is a U.S.-based custom software development firm. Experion's team of 350+ experts develop software solutions, mobile apps, cloud services, and Internet of Things platforms for clients in industries including finance, retail, supply chain, and health. The firm's 130 customers across 26 countries range from some of the world’s largest corporations to fast-growing early stage companies.

45. DOOR3

Founded: 2002

DOOR3 is a U.S.-based custom software development company. DOOR3's 60 employees offer software, web, and mobile app development, UX/UI design, and enterprise app modernization services to a client base of mostly enterprise and mid-market business. Check out their past work through their case studies.

46. Segue Technologies

Founded: 1997

Segue Technologies is a U.S.-based custom software development agency. Segue Technologies offers services including application development, enterprise mobility, and data management to government and commercial clients including the Gates Millennium Scholars Foundation and the U.S. Air Force. The firm places great emphasis on helping clients with the discovery phase of a project, where their domain experts will engage with your functional users and requirements to fully understand the project needs.

47. FreshWorks Studio

Founded: 2016

FreshWorks Studio is a Canada-based custom software development company with an office in Seattle. FreshWorks provides nearshore design and development services (via their offices in Victoria, Vancouver, and Seattle). Their team of over 60 provides UX/UI design and custom software development to clients such as AIG, Morgan Stanley, and HP. Case studies of past work are available online.

48. Miquido

Founded: 2011

Miquido is a Poland-based custom software development company. Miquido excels at building data-driven apps and web services. They have delivered 100+ digital products for music & video streaming, m-commerce, FinTech, and other industries. Their team is equipped to handle Web and Mobile Development, UX/UI Design, R&D, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science and Digital Transformation of Businesses. A portfolio of their past work is available online.

49. Net Solutions

Founded: 2000

Net Solutions is a Canada- and India-based digital product development agency. Net Solutions focuses on blending design thinking with powerful engineering and data science to create digital experiences across web, mobile and social channels. With past clients including Unilever, Harvard Business Review, and IMG, their team has experience in business analysis, design, UI, UX, engineering and development, QA, testing and data science. Check out their past work online.

50. Dotsquares

Founded: 2000

Dotsquares is a U.K.-based custom software development company with offices worldwide. Dotsquares' team of 650+ in-house experts has worked on 10,000+ projects for Fortune 500 companies, SMBs, and start-ups across a wide selection of industries and business models. Past clients include Kenwood, Bose, NHS (National Health Service), Ericsson, Daily-News, and Travelsoon.

Choosing The Right Custom Software Development Company

There’s enormous variety in the types of custom software development companies out there, so how do you pick the best company for your specific project?

Below, we’ve provided a quick checklist to help you select the best possible development company for your business’s needs.

Determine your budget & timeline

An easy way to screen through a big list like the one above is to check off companies based on whether or not they’d be a budget fit.

If you’re a bootstrapped startup, maybe avoid companies that tout their history of working with Fortune 100 companies. Development companies will often advertise the type of client they work with, so it’s worth checking out their site to see if you can determine the nature of their client base.

If you need an application developed very quickly, focus on those dev shops that leverage Agile methodology to create software in short sprints. If the company doesn’t publicly list pricing information, try emailing them a short project description and asking for a quote.

Leverage case studies

Review the firm’s past work and projects by seeing if they have any case studies publicly available online. Many firms will even let you sort through past case studies by client type, industry, or technology.

Does the type of work they’ve done match what you have in mind? Looking closely at past work will let you quickly decide for yourself rather than relying on the assurances of their salespeople.

Look at years in the industry

How long has the development company been in business for? While not infallible, looking at a company’s founding year is a good proxy for reputation and quality.

As a general rule of thumb, dev shops that have been around for 10+ years must have some history of satisfied employees and talented engineers, and are probably more trustworthy than those founded a year or two ago.

Check out online reviews

What do past clients say about the company? Use third-party sites like Trustpilot and Clutch to read through reviews of a company’s past work. Dissatisfied clients are generally pretty good at expressing their frustration over a botched dev job!

Use Developers For Hire to receive an estimate

Unsure where to start? Use Developers For Hire’s quick questionnaire to receive a set of personalized recommendations based on your specific project needs. Get started on your custom software development journey through a short, 10-question quiz powered by years of industry insight.

Thank you for your feedback!

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