The 15 Best Machine Learning Development Companies in 2024


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Hiring machine development companies can be an involved endeavor; more than simply a matter of finding a nearby company, there are numerous considerations you might take — such as ensuring that developers are well-versed in the specific needs of your organization, finding a company whose offerings align broadly with your needs, and more.

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That’s why we’ve put together this guide to hire machine learning development companies. We’ll discuss some of the most popular machine learning development companies, what they do, why an organization might hire them, and how to choose the right machine learning development companies, including important questions you might ask.

Top 15 Machine Learning Development Companies in 2024

In 2024, there are a number of popular machine learning development companies. In order to find ML development companies that will help you complete a project successfully, your specific needs may be more important than which companies are popular; however, with a broad range of offerings, it can be helpful to review a few of the best machine learning companies in 2024.

1. Toptal

Toptal is a platform designed specifically to provide organizations with top talent through a robust and highly selective vetting process. As a result, top organizations can rely on Toptal to connect them with highly skilled individuals, more than capable of handling complex and vital tasks. If your goal is to hire machine learning development companies that offer top talent, Toptal is an excellent choice, with a range of candidates that excel in their field — as niche or difficult to find as they may be.


Toptal’s pricing system is simple and lends itself to a process largely devoid of unexpected costs. This can be a major draw, as companies can hire top talent on an hourly, part time, or full time basis with fixed pricing.

Key Points:

  • Toptal offers a risk-free trial for up to five days.
  • Toptal professionals have completed over 60,000 projects for more than 25,000 satisfied clients.
  • Toptal has a Trustpilot rating of 4.7 out of 5 stars.


Ryan Rockefeller, CEO of Radeeus, says: “The developers I was paired with were incredible -- smart, driven, and responsive. It used to be hard to find quality engineers and consultants. Now it isn't.”

2. is a tech hiring platform that takes a somewhat novel approach to recruiting.’s vetting and matching process is overseen by a team of senior developers, who can lean into their technical insight.


Rather than a fixed pricing system, at the time of writing,’s website explains that, for hiring machine learning engineers, they offer flexible retainers that start at $5,000 per month.

Key Points

  • offers a range of services — including contract hiring, direct hiring, consulting, and enterprise solutions.
  •’s vetting process is run by senior developers who are likely familiar with key considerations in development.
  • offers a workstyle assessment, designed to help with hiring, managing, and job searching.

3. is a hiring platform for developers and companies that employs an AI-powered matching tool, called HireAI to connect organizations with vetted talent. Arc helps organizations connect with full-time, part-time, and freelance developers, depending on their needs.


Arc’s pricing models vary spending on how you opt to hire. For contract and freelance developers, Arc offers two models — one being a retainer, the other being hourly.

Key Points

  • With an AI matching system, organizations can quickly find a list of potential candidates.
  • Arc’s vetting process involves verifying English communication skills.
  • Arc allows organizations to interview candidates.

4. Upwork

While not exclusively a developer hiring or contracting platform, Upwork offers a large roster of professionals, including machine learning developers. Upwork connects professional freelancers with organizations who need their skills and talents.


As a freelancer platform, Upwork professionals will typically set their own rates based on factors such as their expertise or the scope of the requested project.

Key Points

  • Upwork is primarily for freelancers.
  • Upwork offers an extensive roster of not only machine learning professionals, but potentially, also, adjacent professionals with relevant skillsets.
  • Pricing can vary widely, as freelancers can adjust their own pricing.

5. is a platform designed to help connect developers with organizations in search of their talents. boasts a rapid matching framework, connecting you with a professional in as little as 2-3 business days.


Pricing is set hourly, but can vary based on the experience level of professionals. collects a 20% commission fee, according to their website.

Key Points

  • is a relatively small company and can often quickly connect you with a professional.
  • hires only experienced developers, offering a roster of well-versed candidates.
  • Many of’s developers are in eastern Europe, though has strict vetting for English proficiency.

6. Flexiple

Flexiple is a hiring platform for tech that offers vetting services and a wide roster of professionals. Flexiple allows you to create your own job listing, tailored to your needs. From there, they can recommend a shortlist of vetted candidates that they believe may be good fits.


Flexiple’s pricing can vary, and contractors can set their own rates.

Key Points

  • Flexiple offers both contract hiring service and full time hiring services.
  • Flexiple can connect you with talent in as little as 72 hours for contract work once you’ve shared your talent requirements.
  • Flexiple does not offer project managers, though they do have senior engineers who can act as tech leads.

7. Fiverr

Like some other freelance platforms, Fiverr is not exclusively a platform for hiring machine learning specialists or even tech professionals. However, with an extensive roster of professional freelancers, Fiverr can help connect organizations with machine learning professionals.


Freelancers on Fiverr can set their own pricing, so pricing can vary greatly.

Key Points

  • Fiverr pricing is based on projects, rather than hourly.
  • Fiverr has a refund process if you’re not satisfied with the work that you receive.
  • The experience level and expertise of professionals on Fiverr can vary greatly.

8. Supersourcing

Supersourcing is a hiring platform that offers software development hiring services, including for machine learning engineers. Supersourcing utilizes an AI matching system to connect organizations with talent, and offers both contract hiring and full time hiring, as well as contract-to-full-time hiring when applicable.

Key Points

  • Supersourcing vets candidates using technical assessments and helps match them using AI.
  • Supersourcing offers a dedicated account manager, accessible via email or Whatsapp.
  • Supersourcing offers a two week trial period.

9. Scalable Path

Scalable Path is a platform for finding remote developers that takes a hands-on approach to vetting and matching candidates. Scalable Path boasts a team of senior developers who personally vet candidates.


Salable Path has a minimum engagement amount of 150 hours or $7,500.

Key Points

  • Scalable Path’s vetting system has a high degree of human touch, with senior developers personally vetting candidates.
  • Scalable Path’s vetting system includes live video testing to ensure that candidates are highly skilled in their domains.
  • Scalable Path offers a two-week trial period to ensure satisfaction with your project.

10. Andela

Andela is a global job placement network with a highly extensive roster of potential candidates, including machine learning and AI professionals. Andela utilizes AI to match candidates with potential employers based on their fit. With a global talent pool, Andela has a massive professional network.

Key Points

  • Andela offers a unified platform, through which you can find and hire candidates.
  • Andela boasts fast hiring, with matches as soon as within 48 hours.
  • Andela has a vast network of professionals spread throughout 6 continents.


RemoteOK, as its name implies, is a remote work platform with a vast range of professionals. While RemoteOK isn’t exclusively a tech hiring platform, their roster includes machine learning professionals. Here, organizations can find freelancers and professionals looking for full time positions in machine learning.


RemoteOK’s pricing model consists of charging for job postings, which start at $299 for 30 days if you buy a single posting. However, they also offer discounted bundles, depending on how many postings you purchase.

Key Points

  • Organizations can get discounted postings when they bundle.
  • While not exclusively a tech hiring platform, RemoteOK has a large pool of candidates.
  • RemoteOK has a strong emphasis on remote work, with many candidates who are digital nomads.

12. UpStack

UpStack is a talent platform that connects organizations like yours with senior-level talent, making it potentially advantageous for companies looking for expertise, especially in complex or challenging projects. UpStack offers a very hands-on approach so that you can take a more hands-off approach to hiring.


UpStack developers charge hourly rates, according to their website, between $65 and $75 per hour.

Key Points

  • UpStack’s talent pool consists of senior level talent, making it suitable for advanced projects.
  • Client success experts are available to help ensure a smooth process.
  • UpStack boasts a hasty turnaround time to help companies quickly find talent.

13. Newxel

Newxel offers IT recruitment services, including for finding machine learning developers. Newxel boasts both global hiring practices, and recruiting automation services. Newxel can also help you build a development team quickly, which can be important if you’re taking on a larger project.


Newxel charges a percentage of the talent’s gross annual salary, according to their website, often between 10% and 20%.

Key Points

  • Newxel boasts a fast turnaround, with the first candidate being presented in as little as 3 days.
  • Newxel offers dedicated development teams for larger projects or ventures.
  • Newxel offers recruiting services, rather than keeping a talent pool at all times.

14. HopHR

HopHR is a recruiting company that offers machine learning recruiting services. HopHR offers recruiting services that cater to a wide range of specialist roles within machine learning, including machine learning engineers, ML researchers, ML QA specialists, and more.

Key Points

  • HopHR offers candidate vetting, helping companies find suitable candidates for their needs.
  • HopHR works with an active pool of potential candidates for a fast turnaround.
  • HopHR utilizes AI for sourcing candidates.

Machine Learning Development Company Hiring Guide

Machine Learning Development Company Hiring Guide

Finding the right machine learning company to work with isn’t just important — it can also be a challenge, and for good reason; machine learning, and more broadly, AI, are fields that are rapidly evolving, with new standards, languages, and frameworks being implemented often. As such, finding the right machine learning company is more than just a matter of finding a company that is within your budget; it can also be critical to find a company that is actively vetting candidates to ensure that their skillsets are well-suited for emerging technologies and complex systems.

Amid a rapidly shifting technological landscape, and — indeed — professional landscape, retaining talent can be a challenge, as well. In fact, according to Daniel Shapero of Linkedin, in 2024, nearly 85% of workers in the U.S. are thinking about switching jobs. This underscores the vital importance of cultural fit, but it also may point to the importance of finding talent with the right skills for the job, and the challenges that can arise in attracting talent for the long term.

What’s more, as AI and ML systems advance, the utilization of machine learning has become an important trend, enabling companies to more effectively make data driven decisions, better understand their customers, and even more accurately predict and automate. Several prominent companies have implemented machine learning in recent years, often with promising results.

That’s why a comprehensive understanding of machine learning talent and hiring can become critical in the search for long term success when hiring machine learning development companies. As such, we’ll explore some of the key considerations you might take when looking for the perfect machine learning development company to work with your team — including what machine learning development companies are and what they do, why companies might hire machine learning development companies, key benefits of machine learning development companies, how to choose the right one, and even what factors you might consider when it comes to asking the right questions.

What is a Machine Learning Development Company?

A machine learning development company is a business that helps other companies build machine learning models. They likely employ a variety of professionals, including data scientists, AI engineers, and machine learning engineers. These professionals are able to serve companies on a fractional basis as they are needed to build machine learning models for specific use cases.

What do Machine Learning Development Companies Do?

Machine learning development companies specialize in creating machine learning models that can predict data and perform repetitive tasks that require high speed and precise accuracy. This may include natural language processing, chatbot building, and predictive algorithms.

Why Hire a Machine Learning Development Company?

Hiring a machine learning development company can help you automate time-consuming tasks and predict how certain scenarios are likely to turn out. This can reduce the time your team spends on repetitive tasks and help your business target specific leads or projects that have the highest likelihood of delivering a return on investment.

Key Benefits of Hiring a Machine Learning Development Company

Machine learning development is a challenging skill to learn. While you could have your internal team try to learn how to do it, it will likely be more efficient in terms of both time and money to outsource those tasks to people who are experts in this field. Benefits of outsourcing machine learning development services can include increased scalability, flexibility, and even more optimal time to deploy.

Aligning your needs to ML Development company offerings

How to Choose the Right Machine Learning Development Company?

When it comes to how to choose the right machine learning development company, it’s often a matter of aligning your needs with the offerings of a potential company. As simple as that sounds, there can be a bit more to that.

Often, it’s critical to first identify your needs in a manner conducive to comparing different offerings: This might mean identifying success metrics for your project, consulting with technical experts who can determine the skills required to meet those needs, and even establishing culture fit requirements that will help you connect with talent that fits well in your team. By establishing your needs, you can often better analyze potential companies in terms of how well they can meet them.

With established criteria, you can compare how well different companies and talent stack up specific to your needs. Some of the factors you might consider include:

  • Experience level: Especially for complex and demanding projects, the experience level of talent can become critical. As with other criteria, however, this can vary depending on your needs; if you’re looking for inexperienced but skilled and eager developers, junior level developers may be ideal candidates, while if you’re looking for more experienced developers capable of handling challenging tasks through years of wisdom and experience, you may be looking for mid-level developers or senior developers.

  • The company’s track record: Hiring platforms, consulting firms, and agencies with a solid track record of success with high satisfaction rates and plentiful positive reviews and testimonials can often help you find great talent.

Communication: If you’re urgently hiring, or you need to fill a position quickly, it may be important to find machine learning development companies that offer prompt and robust communication. Even if you’re not urgently trying to find talent, clear communication is often important to the process, in many cases better enabling you to find a good fit for your project or team.
Choosing The Right Machine Learning Development Company
Your NeedsYour Ideal TalentComparing Offerings
The scope of the projectConsider the length of time you’ll need to work with developers to successfully carry this project out.Consider for how long companies can outsource talent, or if you’re hiring permanently, whether retention will be a challenge, given the offerings of a potential company.
The complexity of the projectConsider the seniority of developers or the experience level you might require for your project.What does this company’s technical vetting process look like? Do they help connect you with senior developers? What framework do they rely on to determine the level of developers?
Internal CultureConsider what your ideal employee looks like. How do they fit in with your company’s culture – and why?What does this company’s soft skills vetting process look like? Do they have one?
BudgetWhat is your budget, both short term, and long term?What does this company charge? Are pricing models transparent?

Questions to Ask Before Hiring a Machine Learning Development Company

If you’ve created a shortlist of potential machine learning development companies that you might like to work with, the next step may be to ask the right questions. Some of the factors you might consider include, naturally, technical skills — but, also, collaborative skills, and even cultural fit. Each organization has its own internal culture, and it can be important to find team members who will thrive in yours.

Top Skills Needed

Some of the skills that are important for machine learning development might include:

  • Coding and programming proficiency: Depending on the programming language your project will use, it can be important to find candidates that are well versed in that language.

  • Machine learning knowledge: While coding is critical, so is a holistic understanding of machine learning environments and frameworks.

  • Analytical skills: in machine learning, analytics can be critical, and strong mathematical and statistical skills combined with the ability to reliably interpret outputs can be vital.

In addition to technical skills, there are some soft skills that may be important for not only your project but for your team. These include:

  • Strong collaborative skills: More than just a matter of communication, collaborative skills can include the ability to meaningfully process feedback, understand broader goals, and work around different schedules.

  • Communication skills: Communication skills are both an important subset of collaborative skills and distinctly important for being able to effectively convey critical concepts to stakeholders and project managers.

Attentiveness: When working with complex models and systems, strict attention to detail is more than just a matter of catching small mistakes; it’s often vital to the success of the project.

How Much Do Machine Learning Development Services Cost?

The cost of machine learning development services varies. It often depends not only on the company that you’re choosing, but also on the complexity of your project, the scope of work that you need completed, and how challenging the project is in a broad sense. Prices can range, from hourly costs of freelancers to the costs associated with an entire project. Often, both are impacted by the size and ambition of a project.

How to Find the Best Machine Learning Development Company for Hire

While the best sites to hire machine learning development companies can differ depending on your specific needs, finding machine learning development companies to meet those needs doesn’t need to be a headache. As we discussed, the importance of identifying or establishing not only success criteria, but your ideal candidate is difficult to overstate. This will enable you to better communicate your needs with project managers or liaisons if applicable, as well as more accurately vet companies based on your specifications.

For example, if primary requirements include speed of implementation, or a hands-off process that allows you to focus on your core responsibilities while resting assured that you’ll be able to build a world class team, Toptal, with an excellent Trustpilot rating, a robust vetting system, and an impressive 3% acceptance rate for talent may be a top contender. Here are some factors to consider as you embark on your journey:

  • How fast a ML development company can find you talent.

  • How strictly they vet their talent.

  • What skill and experience level they focus on (E.G. Senior level, entry level).

  • What their pricing model looks like.

  • Their track record with past clients.

Wrapping Up

We’ve discussed not only why machine learning development companies can help drive success, but also some of the primary considerations for finding the right machine learning development company for your team. More than just a matter of checking your budget, this can involve a holistic understanding of what machine learning development companies do and how they work, establishing important criteria upon which you can gauge different options, and even asking the right questions.

By utilizing careful analysis that takes into account not only what your team’s needs are, but how various offerings can fit in with those needs, and what factors you will need to consider to find the right talent, you can position yourself for success now and in the long term as you continue to leverage emerging technologies such as machine learning.

Thank you for your feedback!

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