Web Developer Job Description and Template to Make Your Next Hire



Understand what a web developer actually does. Reviewing the necessary skills, qualities, and understanding their impact will help set the stage for anyone looking to hire a well-to-do web developer.

Web Developer Job Description and Template to Make Your Next Hire

What Are the Roles and Responsibilities of a Web Developer?

A web developer is expected to play an active role in the creation and upkeep of websites and other internet-accessible applications belonging to their employers.

Oftentimes they'll be working for a company whose business is based on a website or single application. A case in which the web developer becomes central to the smooth functioning of most, if not all departments.

If a web developer joins an agency, they may be required to work on a number of websites at a time. In such a role, they would apply customer-specific requirements to each project.

In all cases above, the end results are functional web applications that address the business objectives of their end-users.

Front-end programming languages

  • Javascript
  • HTML (hyper-text markup language)
  • CSS (cascading style sheets - an appearance enhancing language)

All other front-end languages you may have seen on other web developer job descriptions emerge from more recent builds of these three. As such, every web developer should be proficient in the pure versions/iterations of them to make learning future languages easier.

Back-end programming languages

  • PHP (the language that most websites are built with)
  • Python
  • Ruby
  • C#
  • Java

These five are among the most favored back-end programming languages. Most web developer job descriptions will list these upfronts.

Database scripting languages

  • Structured Query Language (SQL)

There exist various database management systems and languages to choose from. However, SQL played a pivotal role in the design of them all.

What Are the Skills Needed to Be a Web Developer?

Creativity, versatility, and ingenuity when using web development tools are highly regarded attributes when screening candidates for this role. Hands-on experience, complemented by proven project involvement counts just as much (if not more than) as formal education.

Entry positions don't require proven experience as they're in search of a web developer willing to learn on the job. On the contrary, a senior web developer job description is often clear on the expectation to participate in fast-paced coding as soon as they join a project.

A well-rounded web developer comes equipped with project management skills. These guarantee their ability to juggle multiple projects. Also, it makes it certain that they can finish assigned projects before set deadlines.

How Are Web Developers a Part of the Development Team?

Development teams can be large enough to be role-pronounced. In such cases, web developers carry the burden of working with tools classified as “web-technologies.” Long story short, these tools take ideas drawn on paper, and turn them into pages you can access through the internet.

When discussing ideas with the rest of the development team, they are responsible for verifying the feasibility of ideas passed around. As such, they'd also suggest the best tools and frameworks for use on open-tooled projects. Where a customer specifies tools, the web-developers should be prepared to learn them. The other option would be to liaise with outsourced help to get things according to the client's desires.

Web development code

Web Developer Job Description Template

Copy the text below for your own job description. Customize it to make it your own:

Company Description

At [insert company name here] , we're a reputable and fast-scaling company with a dynamic team dotted across the world. Our teams are made of young developers and experienced veterans all working on exciting projects using the latest tools and technologies.

Recently, some vacancies have surfaced among the web development team and we're looking to hire the best candidates from all corners of the Globe. While the majority of our staff work from the comfort of our QH building in [enter location here] , this position is open to applicants looking to work on an entirely remote basis.

We value proven talent and character(capacity), as much as qualifications on paper. However, we will not hold not having either of these against any applicant.

Diversity and inclusion have always been operational themes among our teams. As such, we extend the invitation for resumes to all web developers regardless of their gender, race, and nationality.

Our relaxed yet productive work environment matches our creative company culture. One thing our developers love about working at [insert company name here] is that we think like them. We appreciate the fact that you can't schedule creativity. As such, we have very flexible work hours. This means you are paid to take part in the growth of the company as you shoot down projects assigned to you. Not to turn up for work.

Web Developer Responsibilities & Job Roles

In addition to on-the-fly assignments from senior team members, the roles of the web developers joining us will include the following;

  • Developing web application modules from the translation of business requirements,
  • Design front-end interfaces that speak for each product's unique requirements,
  • Developing web applications using specified technologies,
  • Testing frontend integrity and backend logic of web applications,
  • Suggesting development solutions during brainstorming sessions,
  • Regular presentations of design ideas and outcomes,
  • Collaboration with other developers on assigned projects,
  • Work with graphic design, marketing, and other developers and web designers to complete user-friendly projects
  • Learning and implementing the latest development technologies,
  • Continuous integration, deployment, and optimization to existing web applications
  • Regularly keep senior stakeholders of the team apprised of projects assigned
  • Document your work to improve the scalability of your work.

Web Developer Skills & Framework Experience

We're looking for developers with proven in-depth knowledge of the following programming languages, database scripting and management systems, and frameworks. It should go without saying; the more frameworks you've used the more attention your profile will attract.

  • Angular JS, Vue.js, React.js, or any other Javascript programming language
  • Ruby on Rails
  • ASP.Net
  • Django, Flask, or any MVC framework for Python programming
  • PHP - Laravel, CodeIgniter, Symphony, or Zend
  • CMSs - WordPress, Drupal, Magento, or Joomla
  • MySql, SQLite, PostgreSQL on XAMPP/ MAMP
  • AWS, GCP cloud computing platform experience
  • Containerization platform experience,
  • Kubernetes,
  • CI/CD workflow management with CircleCI or Jenkins

Required Skills/Education:

  • Bachelor’s degree or equivalent experience, such as with coding school or bootcamp
  • Version control platform experience (GitHub, GitLab, or Bitbucket),
  • MVC architecture experience,
  • DBMS experience.

Bonus Qualifications:

  • Project management experience and certification,
  • Security first development etiquette and certification,
  • DevOps and Networking programming certifications and experience.

Personal Attributes:

  • Top communication skills
  • Aptitude for problem-solving
  • Eager to learn new technologies,
  • Team player and willing to help weaker developers become better,
  • Can take constructive criticism and apply new ways of solving problems for the sake of progress.


D.O.E, competitive, and industry-related.

How To Apply

For the best resume processing/onboarding process, please make sure your application answers each of the sections above succinctly. Forward your resume and portfolio to [insert contact details here]

Thank you for your feedback!

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