Mobile App Developer Job Description for Better Hiring



Hire a high-quality mobile app developer with this job description and template. 

Mobile App Developer Job Description for Better Hiring

There has been a huge surge in the number of mobile applications in the last few years. This holds true for both Android, iOS apps — which is a clear sign of the importance of mobile app developers. Also, it's the reason why more mobile app development companies have joined the race.

People simply prefer mobile apps compared to websites. This post will help you pinpoint what a mobile application developer is, along with the roles and job description tagged with the career.

After reading to the last sections, it should be clear what to do if you're either looking to hire a mobile app developer, or even if you're looking to transition into the role yourself.

More companies are coming to terms with how important it is to have a high quality mobile application to enhance user experiences with their brands.

Not only does a company seem more organized if they have a mobile app for their services, but they also get to benefit in the following ways:

  • They get closer to their customers with notifications literally in the palm of their hands
  • Mobile apps provide a more secure (intimate) information exchange opportunity
  • Apps allow a company to offer more personalized services
  • On average, a native mobile application performs faster than a website

Mobile app developers' salaries have seen some appreciation as well. Overall, the growth around the mobile apps industry brought with it new programming languages and skills that make the role particularly interesting.

The average mobile app developer job description is constantly evolving. All thanks to the new frameworks, programming languages, and mobile platforms regularly introduced to the market.

What Are the Roles & Responsibilities of a Mobile App Developer?

Once hired, a mobile app developer will be expected to participate in live coding sessions to create new applications. If they're part of a company's inhouse development team, their main role will be to attain and uphold the peak performance of an already active mobile application.

Both scenarios exert the developer under design and development roles depending on their team's composition.

The competent morden mobile app developer often has to make the decision to create native mobile apps or go the hybrid route. These branches factor in the various technologies applicable for any mobile app development project.

Native vs hybrid app development

When a developer fixates their attention on a single platform, such as iOS, they are said to be making a native app. Hybrid mobile app development, on the other side, is when the developer creates an application that can be packaged for more than one platform.

This way, they can use the same project files and deploy on both the Apple app store and Google Play.

What are the skills needed to be a mobile app developer?

Above all else, a developer needs to be passionate about the way mobile devices operate. A quick learning attitude and appetite to absorb as much knowledge as needed for each project comes in handy.

While it helps to know the various programming languages (more on that below), it is advantageous to know and operate the mobile devices and operating systems as well.

What is the Role of iOS Developers on a Development Team?

The presence and technical prowess of an iOS developer among a group of programmers gives the project outcome a richer finish. Being a native developer, apps created using Swift make full use of Apple devices' capabilities.

In the end apps made by native iOS developers look and perform the same way and with equal functionalities as those that come stock with iOS devices.

Below you'll find an up to date mobile app developer job description draft usable as the starting point for hiring one.

Mobile app developers talking

Mobile App Developer Job Description Template

Note: Please copy and customize this template for your business needs.

[enter company name here] is an upbeat and quickly progressing player in the [insert industry] line of business. We're in search of an equally competent mobile app developer to join our team in [enter location here] but starting on a remote contract until such a time it becomes possible

Role & Responsibilities

The position will see the successful candidate take on a multidimensional role in the pursuit of perfect mobile applications delivery. Your aptitude will be tried and at the same you will be required to take on the role of learning the latest mobile development technologies.

With projects coming from left right and center, chosen candidates will frequently wear the project manager's hat and adhere to deadlines while assisting team members to stay motivated.

Accepting the employment contract and conditions places the creation of all new mobile apps and those already in the company's portfolio in the hands of the mobile developer.

Among others, the roles instantly assumed include the following:

  • Designing mobile applications from briefs
  • Prototyping mobile applications as proof of concept before development stages
  • Picking out and justifying best and latest technologies for mobile app development projects
  • A problem-solving approach when building out new APIs (or using those already available) to bridge functionality across services

Desired Qualifications and Skills

An evolving compilation of skills are prerequisite when starting the position. Among them are the following:

  • Strong command of Java, C#, and Objective-C
  • Experience with a wide array of JavaScript frameworks and web applications
  • Interpersonal skills to make working with teams easier
  • The ability to create technical plans and adhere to them and those you find in place
  • Learning is a skill - you'll need a lot of it when trying out new technology to accomplish complex tasks
  • Knowledge and experience with NoSQL database types such as MongoDb, Firebase RTD, and CouchDb
  • Native app development for both Android and iOS platforms
  • Cross platform development with tools like Unity, Appcelerator Ti, Xamarin, and Unity3D

Requirements for the Mobile App Developer Position

Candidates with a minimum bachelor's degree in computer science, and more than two years of mobile app development are strongly encouraged to apply.

Because we know that talent and skill matter more than attendance, you can present your portfolio of Android and iOS apps in application for the position.

Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted for initial screening processes. Expect technical assignments as part of the hiring process.

Send your cover letter, qualification documents, and app portfolio details to [[email protected]] with the subject Mobile App Developer Vacancy and we'll begin evaluating your application for the position.

We're anticipating a significant volume of applications for this role. As such, please allow for at least [insert time here in weeks] before you hear from the talent acquisition department.

Thank you for your feedback!

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