15 Best Data Science Companies For Your Business


To improve your business’s results and to streamline processes, you need to know how to make sense of the vast size and variety of data. This is why hiring the services of data science companies and consultants is essential to the growth of your business.
15 Best Data Science Companies For Your Business

Data science companies educate organizations on the various aspects of data that is relevant to their business. They further help companies structure the workings of their business by honing their data competencies and imparting necessary analytic skills.

We’ve compiled a list of 15 data science companies that will not only help you make the most of your data but also help make your business smarter.

Here are the 15 Best Data Science Companies:

1. Toptal

Trusted by stalwart brands, seasoned businesses, and fast-paced startups for their mission-critical projects, Toptal is an online platform that helps organizations of all sizes find the right freelancers and consultants. Founded in 2010, Toptal is home to some of the most talented and skilled freelance designers, developers, architects, financial managers, and data science experts.

What makes Toptal a leading platform is its intense hiring process that ensures only 3 percent of its applicants make the cut. This further ensures that Toptal’s data science consultants are some of the best in the industry and are fully capable of delivering quality results efficiently.

  • Top-quality data specialists
  • No-risk trial

2. Freelancer.com

Used by millions of small businesses, Australian-based Freelancer is one of the largest online crowdsourcing marketplaces which enables employers to post jobs that freelancers can then bid to compete. Founded in 2009, and with offices all across the globe, Freelancer connects businesses with some of the most talented freelancers from all over the globe.

Freelancer empowers potential employers to find the right kind of talent.

  • Highly skilled data scientists
  • 24/7 support
  • Pay only when fully satisfied with the work

3. Upwork

Formerly Elance oDesk, Upwork is a global freelance platform that connects individual experts and professionals with well-establish businesses and up and coming startups. Upwork represents some of the most talented freelancers in the field of data analytics, web and mobile development, sales and marketing, engineering and architecture, and so on.

Trusted by millions of businesses such as Microsoft and Airbnb, Upwork’s freelancers are known to help businesses get more done with their top-quality work.

  • Specialized experts for complex projects
  • Flexible payment options and need-based packages

4. Kolabtree

Founded in 2015, Kolabtree is an online marketplace that connects freelance data science experts and researchers with various organizations. Kolabtree represents over 9,000 easy-to-source PhD-qualified scientists and global experts from NASA, MIT, Cambridge and more.

Kolabtree is regarded as one of the world’s largest platform for freelance scientists. Their pool of scientists offers a range of services like scientific consulting, statistical analysis, data science and analytics, scientific writing, research consulting, and more.

  • Easy-to-access global pool of data science experts
  • Flexible and secure payments
  • 100 percent satisfaction guarantee

5. Analytics8

Chicago-based Analytics8 has a vast pool of highly qualified data consultants who have immense experience and knowledge to equip companies with the right set of tools and skillsets to transform their business with the help of data and analytics.

Founded in 2003 and with offices in the US and UK, Analytics8 uses a special 4-step method that helps their bright and efficient data consultants to lay the groundwork to create a data-driven architecture for companies all over the world.

  • Experienced and versatile team of data scientists
  • Personalized services

6. Itransition

Having completed over 1500 projects and with over 800 clients in the likes of IBM, Expedia, Toyota, PayPal, Adidas, and more, Itransition boasts of a 90 percent customer retention rate. Founded in 1998, Itransition is primarily a software development company that provides big data consulting and business intelligence (BI) portals development along with machine learning (ML) technologies.

Itransition caters to large organizations, medium-sized companies, and startups by offering datastore design, data migration, performance optimization, and support services.

  • Highly experienced team
  • Tailored approach


Founded in 1997, California-based SPINS is trusted by thousands of brands. With a clear focus on wellness-related data technology, SPINS helps brands and retailers who work with natural and organic products to transform raw unorganized data into actionable business solutions.

SPINS boasts of a determined and passionate group of professionals who are more than capable of overcoming all data-related obstacles.

  • Offer exclusive access to performance insights
  • Dedicated and passionate data scientists

8. Logic 20/20

Headquartered in Seattle, Washington, Logic 20/20 is a business and technology consulting firm that represents a host of clients from small businesses to startups to Fortune 500 companies. Founded in 2005, Logic 20/20 helps organizations solve business challenges by using data analytics and technology.

Logic 20/20 uses data analytics to give the right insights to help businesses make complicated decisions with ease that will help to enable growth, increase sales, find more customers, and innovate swiftly.

  • Automated & predictive analytics models
  • Award-winning firm

9. Caserta

With an exclusive focus on data and analytics, Caserta combines smart strategy with efficient execution to help its clients meet all their goals and overcome business challenges. From industry veterans like Dominos to The New York Times, this warehouse architect and BI management firm has empowered various businesses to streamline their datasets.

Founded in 2001, Caserta boasts of profound expertise in data architecture, data engineering, and data science and their team of data scientists and data engineers are some of the best in the business.

  • Experienced team led by qualified data scientists
  • Proven track record

10. Appsilon

Appsilon is a Poland-based data science firm that provides end-to-end data science consulting services across a host of business verticals like healthcare, finance, retail, logistics, and more. Through their impressive experience in Machine Learning and predictive analytics, Appsilon helps businesses of all scales to uncover the true potential of their data.

Founded in 2013, Appsilon is led by highly experienced founders who have global experiences working with big players like Microsoft, Google, UBS, and Bank of America.

  • Highly experienced team of data scientists
  • End-to-end data science services

11. Statworx

Germany-based Statworx is a leading consultancy company that specializes in data science, machine learning, and AI. Statworx offers companies a complete and holistic solution for the planning and implementation of data science projects that will enable them to improve their products and processes.

Having worked in over 200 data science projects, Statworx has commendable experience in applying a wide range of data science methods and a vast pool of tech know-how.

  • Data Science & AI project experience
  • Expert methodologies and agile way of working

12. MuSigma

With a clear vision to help businesses to accelerate their journey from data to decisions, MuSigma is a leading big data analytics and decision sciences company that has worked with over 140 Fortune 500 companies. MuSigma’s basic agenda is to seamlessly fuse and bring together people, processes, and platforms.

Headquartered in India and with offices around the globe, MuSigma has created several data analytics software and solutions for companies in retail, risk, supply chain, and marketing.

  • Large global team of 3500 experienced data scientists
  • Focus on problem-solving techniques and software

13. Clavax Technologies

As a prominent big data consultancy company, Clavax offers a wide range of data analytics solutions, services, and resources that helps businesses make smarter decisions. Founded in 2011, Clavax’s clientele includes over 150 businesses in the likes of PWC, Fujitsu, Football.com, and Leadgen, to name a few.

Headquartered in San Jose, California, Clavax uses agile methodologies to overcome complex business data challenges.

  • Experienced team across technologies
  • Agile approach for advanced analytics
  • Offers access to robust big data tools

14. ThirdEye Data

Having worked with industry veterans like Nokia, Ford, GettyImages, and others, ThirdEye Data uses artificial intelligence, deep learning, and machine learning to deliver big data consulting services and analytics solutions. Headquartered in California, ThirdEye Data focuses on finance, Retail, Manufacturing, and IT sectors.

The company has been ranked as the top 3 big data analytics company by Clutch, along with being mentioned under the top 10 big data companies in California.

  • Builds end-to-end big data solutions
  • Offers the full spectrum of data solutions and analytics at competitive prices

15. Data Reply

London-based Data Reply is a big data and analytics consultancy that also offers a broad range of data science and data engineering services. Established in 2015, Data Reply is a network of several highly specialized companies and caters to various industries such as automotive, retail, finance, healthcare, media, commerce and telecommunications.

Data Reply uses data mining, artificial intelligence, deep learning techniques, and natural language processing to build robust frameworks and analytics products.

  • Offers in-house data-related training to businesses
  • Offers bespoke solutions

Which Data Science Consulting Company is Best For You?

The vast landscape of data analytics and the cosmic amount of data can leave you overwhelmed. While all the data science consulting companies mentioned above will help to transform unorganized data into actionable insights, it’s important to choose the right one for your business.

Here are a couple of imperative points to consider before you hire a data science engineer or consulting company to make sense of your data:

1. Reputation of the company. Start by vetting the company’s reputation in the market and asking the right questions. Are their previous clients happy with the services offered? Was the company able to deliver as promised? Is the team of data scientists capable of combating your business’s challenges?

2. Quality of clientele. Study the previous clients and the services offered to them to understand if the quality of services will meet your requirements. Were the clients Fortune 500 companies or new-age businesses? Did the clients benefit from their services? Did the clients have similar challenges like yours?

3. Quality of projects. Deep dive into the projects undertaken and successfully accomplished by the company. Look for past projects that were like your current requirements. Were the projects a success? What is the success to failure ratio for such projects?

4. Cost of services. Evaluate the cost of services being charged by the company for your project. Compare this with other estimates from other companies before zeroing in on your choice. Does the cost fit your estimated budget? Are the returns on investment worth it? Is it cost-friendly to hire an in-house team of data scientists?

5. Problem-Solving Ability. Gauge the ability of the company by checking if they are able to identify and understand your problem or challenge correctly. The wrong formulation of the problem is a clear indication that the company is not right for you.

Take into account the aforementioned points before making your final decision.

Thank you for your feedback!

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