15 Best Wordpress Development Services



Companies offering Wordpress development services are well-versed in integrations and customization, and can build a website that makes sense to users and fulfills your business goals.

15 Best Wordpress Development Services

When it comes to building scalable sites and driving conversions, usability is important--you likely won’t convert a user if they don’t understand how to navigate your website.

If you are looking to improve the Wordpress development on your site, there are plenty of services out there to use. You can choose to hire a freelancer from a marketplace site or go with an agency — this depends on the scale of your project, timeline, and budget.

The benefit in hiring Wordpress development services (as opposed to generic development services) is expertise: a Wordpress specialist can build a site that flows and grows seamlessly. 

Consider these top Wordpress development services:

1. Toptal

Toptal is a freelance marketplace that matches designers and developers with companies wishing to hire individuals to provide Wordpress development solutions. Toptal heavily vets their developers, so only the best of the best make it into their database. When you use Toptal to find experts to build your site, the only thing you’re worried about is finding the matching skillset — and they do that for you. Consider Toptal if you have a project that needs a fast turnaround, or a specific project like adding a page to your existing site.

  • Access talent across the world
  • Only top 3% accepted

2. Freelancer.com

Freelancer.com is a marketplace that handles the expert search a little differently. Post your project on the site, and reviewed professionals will bid on it near immediately. Use this site for your Wordpress development solutions if you want more control in the selection process of your hires — view portfolios and read reviews of your bidders.

Once you’ve begun development, chat with your developer for updates, track progress via their website or their mobile app, and pay after the job is completed. You’ll also get 24/7 support, and your payments are guaranteed secure.

  • Live chat with freelancer
  • Track progress via site or mobile app
  • 24/7 support

3. Hired.com

Hired.com offers a database of vetted professionals for your Wordpress development solutions. Their users save, on average, 45 sourcing hours per hire. The company boasts markets in Toronto, London, Paris and major U.S. cities, as well as remote positions.

Choose to pay a fixed fee for unlimited use of their database, or pay per hire. Post your job and the company automatically matches the best candidates (you can also use the advanced search if you don’t see what you’re looking for). After you’ve met your match, send interview requests, then hire!

  • Great for hiring full time employees
  • Match with designers and developers

4. Upwork.com

Upwork.com matches you with agency and freelance Wordpress development services. Here’s how it works: Add your job, with a description of what you need done. Then freelancers and agencies bid on your project.

The site offers Wordpress development solutions for both small businesses and enterprise companies. You can hire specialized experts for long-term or short-term projects, and choose between an hourly or fixed price payment. The site also has a membership plan, so you can upgrade to include a project manager and project tracking; Enterprise level users get custom contracts, a tailored onboarding process, and their own account executive.

  • Basic membership is free; upgrade for additional services
  • Verified work history
  • Track project and chat with your hire via the app or website

5. Crafton

Crafton is the top Wordpress development company in Poland, offering services worldwide. Rates start at $10,000/project or $25-$49 per hour. They serve mostly enterprise clients, and focus on consumer product Wordpress sites and IT.

The company boasts “UX-driven” development, meaning they build websites that make sense to users. You’ll have direct contact with the team working on your project: the process includes research and analytics, wireframing, UX testing, design and implementation.

  • SEO-focused
  • Hosting available
  • Can deliver copy and other content

6. WDG

WDG (Web Development Group) is based in Arlington, VA and offers Wordpress development services including content strategy, design, brand updates, technical platform development and 3rd party integrations.

Their rates start at $50,000 per project or $150-$199 per hour. WDG offers full-stack Wordpress development services and user-centric designs for mobile, tablet, and desktop.

  • 3rd party integrations
  • Process includes QA
  • Every project stays within scope and timeline

7. Noble Studios

The Reno-base company Noble studios offers Wordpress development services with a portfolio including Adobe, Wikipedia, Google, and Ford. The team specializes in out-of-the-box thinking (as demonstrated by their albeit wordy website) and full-stack development with multiple data-driven iterations. Projects start at $10,000 or $150-$199 per hour.

  • UX wireframing
  • 3rd party integrations

8. Urban Insight

Urban Insight, based in LA, specializes in the higher education, urban planning, cultural arts, and legal aid industries. They market project management and experienced developers at the price of a boutique agency, with rates starting at $25,000 for Wordpress development solutions or $100-$149 per hour. Urban Insights strategizes, designs, builds, launches, and provides post-launch support for your site.

  • Portfolio includes Kaiser Permanente, UCLA, and the American Library Association
  • Company focused on social responsibility

9. P2H Inc.

P2H Inc is one of the more budget-friendly Wordpress development companies on the list (likely due to their employee roster of 400+). With a starting rate of $1,000 per project and $25-$49 per hour, it’s a great option for startups and small businesses.

Work with a team of developers (trained in house) on retainer, or hire on a per-project basis. Once you submit your project, the team analyzes it, then assigns a Project Manager who builds your team, which then develops and QA’s your Wordpress site. You’ll review the project before signing off.

  • Ready-made email templates that work with most ESPs
  • Offer ASAP front end development

10. Saucal

Saucal, located in Calgary, Alberta, specializes in Woocommerce for Wordpress, and also offers full-stack Wordpress development services and system integrations. Their pricing structure is unique: pay for the week, participate in weekly sprint meetings, and cancel anytime.

After your website is complete, you can opt for subscription-based maintenance that you can easily request via Slack. Top off your hours anytime.

  • Initial consultation is with the cofounder
  • E-commerce focus

11. Devrix

Devrix specializes in large, scaleable, SAAS Wordpress sites (healthcare industry, take note). Custom Wordpress development services start at $10,000, or $220 per hour, but the hourly rate is adjusted for projects over $25,000.

Devrix builds all website strategies with growth in mind, and also offers marketing services including content production, newsletters, social media, and analytics. Retainers and maintenance plans are also available, or hire a consultant on a per hour or per day basis if you have a small problem to solve or simply want to build an extension.

  • Additional marketing services
  • Retainers or hourly consultants

12. Modern Tribe

Modern Tribe is a team of Wordpress coding geniuses. Go to them if you want Wordpress development services like live streaming for your website, galleries, event management, SSO (single sign-on), community groups/forums, or e-commerce. They serve a wide clientele from startups and government organizations to Fortune 500 companies; Modern Tribe’s portfolio includes Ebay, Harvard Law, and MTV. Services include strategy, UX, design, mobile, and Research and Development.

  • Extensive expertise
  • Advanced capabilities like SSO and live streaming

13. Iron to Iron

Iron to Iron is a two man operation: Kevin and Jon. They work on a one-project basis because they want to work directly with the clients themselves (eliminating the gap between the sales and development teams). They strategize, design, develop and launch your site using a comprehensive strategic plan. Their clients include PaaS companies, ecommerce, datta solutions, and more.

  • Site launch includes iterations
  • Personalized attention

14. Whole Grain Digital

Whole Grain Digital, located in The Strand, London, is a sustainability focused organization. They work with mission-driven companies (Unicef is on the list) and offer Wordpress development, audits, and maintenance. Whole Grain Digital can work with any project scope: They develop multi-language sites (and multi-sites), have API and marketing integration, and offer performance optimization and security.

  • Great for nonprofits and companies with a mission
  • API and marketing integration
  • Maintenance and security

15. Human Made

Human Made offers scale-able Wordpress development solutions for enterprise companies and big publishers. Go to them for priced per project custom development, including secure code, themes, plugins, APIs, integrations, and platform development, strategy and consulting, and infrastructure.

  • Can build large sites or sites ready to scale
  • Theme developer
  • APIs & integrations

Conclusion: How Do You Decide Which Company Is Best For You?

Consider your budget, the scale of your project, and what you want your website to do. Start by reviewing the company estimates and services offered, and make a list of which ones offer the solutions you need that are in your price range.

If your website needs design, development, and quality assurance, look at companies that offer full-stack Wordpress development services. If you just need an add-on to an existing site, try searching for and outsourcing your development to an expert from a marketplace site.

You may want to hire a freelancer if you have a smaller project or gap to fill in your Wordpress development solutions. For example, if you already have a dedicated development team, hire a designer from Toptal’s database to design your Wordpress site, and your in-house developers can do the rest.

When choosing between companies, look at the quality of their clients and past projects. You can usually find this information in their portfolio on the company website. For example, if you’re building an enterprise-level e-commerce site available in Canada, Europe and the USA, choose a company that specializes in Woo-commerce and scalable sites, and view a comparable website they’ve already built. Do you love it or hate it? If you hire this company, reference the project you love when explaining the site you’d like them to build for your business.

To further narrow down companies, research their reputations. In short, read the reviews. How does the company respond to negative reviews? Do reviewers express similar grievances? Take note of this.

Ultimately, choose the Wordpress development service whose cost, reputation and expertise most align with your budget and business goals.

Thank you for your feedback!

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